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on October 28, 2016
This is an amazing product! Wish I could give it 10 stars! My four year old is learning so fast with it! It requires correct writing from your child (start and end points) then sounds out the letter sound at the end of each completed letter your child traces. It also has encouraging words at the end of each correctly traced letter or number to make them feel proud. I know my daughter can play on hey own and still be learning.
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on August 28, 2016
My 2 years toddler Begin to write with this together, its amazing! I just attach it with velcro, because he was confusing himself upside down
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on March 16, 2017
Fun writing tool for our 4 year old. The writing stylus is attached at the bottom center of the writing surface, so our left handed son didn't have issues with using it.

The leveled games are good for the most part, although the screen doesn't really detect if a child has correctly written a letter form after the child presses "Enter". The only mode that somewhat provides corrective feedback is where the child follows along with the form lines and is stopped if they go off track. Minor issue, as if your child is already recognizing letters and writing some, this tool will still serve as a nice alternative to iPad/tablet apps that essentially do the same thing.

Another pro is our son loves the clap and count game and stomp and count game.

Best recommended for children who are already writing but need to build on the letters they are able to write and children who attend to writing activities for a little bit of time. I wouldn't necessarily start with this if my child were new to writing. There are better pre writing tools available where kids don't need requisite skills.
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on February 16, 2015
I purchased this in an attempt to interest my daughter (she's 3.5) in learning and writing her letters and numbers. Some days she really tries to write the letter, and some days she just wants to scribble. One level 1, it cheers you on no matter what you write, on level 2 it is more challenging and she's not ready for that. I think it would be better if the level 1 recognized she wasn't even trying to write a letter and said something like, "that's okay, try again". Or something along those lines. But this is a really neat toy and has helped with her interest in learning. We also practice writing on paper. I like that the stylus has places to grip to teach proper pencil holding. I think when she's 4 she will use this more and hopefully be more ready to actually try to write.


It's been 4 months of play and I wanted to update.

The original batteries are still going strong. My daughter is writing letters more and more and really trying, but she gets frustrated and just scribbles sometimes. She can do Level 2 now but when she gets frustrated she switches back to Level 1. Right now she is focusing on the 'easy' letters and numbers and doesn't attempt the more difficult ones. But she has come a long way in 4 months! This toy has really helped her learn to hold her pencils, crayons, etc properly and helping her hand-eye coordination.

This is great to take to places where you might normally let your child play with your tablet or phone. The sound is loud but probably would not bother people someplace like Target or in a doctor's waiting room.
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on December 3, 2013
I am disappointed with this product... the idea of it is fantastic but its function is horrific. Trace the letter or number incorrect - trace a letter 'D' for a letter 'A' and Leapfrop Scribble and write still tells the child that he/she is correct. I think that is awful!
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on April 18, 2017
The pad that you trace the letters on just bubbles and fills everywhere, so it's not accurate to what is actually traced. To me, this makes the pad useless to teach a child to draw letters and numbers because they can't see how what they wrote compares to what it should be.
There is also awful and annoying music that plays and even the lower volume level is loud. I could handle the music if it worked the way it is advertised.
I have always loved leap frog products which is why I got this, but I'm incredibly disappointed in this.
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on November 13, 2016
Bought this based on a 4.3 rating from over a thousand reviews. Some people have complained that there's no feedback if the kid actually wrote the letter right. That's totally incorrect. There are two modes selected by a switch; Mode 1 is free draw. Push a letter or number, and it lights up LED's in sequence, as well as verbal instructions. Mode 2 actually requires that the pen follow those LED's. There is a sensor in the tip of the pen, and the LED's light up as the pen is drawn over them. So, there is actually feedback to the kid that they're following the LED's to draw the letter, and it would seem that this product is awesome because it does this. Problem is, the pen needs to follow those LED's very, very closely, and the pen can't be lifted as you're following the LED's, not even a little, or it makes you start over. I myself have a hard time getting it to work as expected - it even frustrates me! While this type of letter drawing is a little too advanced for my kids, I can't see this thing being useful even when it is age appropriate. So, in mode 1, it's a noisy curiosity that they pick up every once in a while. Great idea, but the implementation failed.
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on October 15, 2016
The 4 year old I got this for already knew his alphabet, but needed practice writing letters. It took several sessions before he understood why it kept telling him to try again (you can't lift the stylus mid-letter, which is tempting when you are trying to see where the light path is). But once he got the hang of it, he was addicted! We kept it in the car most of the time so car-time wasn't boring or wasted time. He still enjoys using it (tracing letters and counting the sparkling dots that show up after each successful trace) even though he's in Kindergarten now.
I wish the cord to the stylus were a little longer.
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on June 22, 2016
My 3 year old gets so frustrated with this thing. My 5 year old does too because he knows how to write and the thing keeps making him start over which makes him put it down. My kids hate this thing!
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on August 17, 2015
My son gets really frustrated with this. He just turned four and is working a lot on his letters but there's not much room for error on this piece. The pen is awkward for him to hold as well and the short piece that attaches it to the pad is not long enough to give him free range of motion. His lines aren't exactly straight when he traces letters and he never seems to be able to get to the last dot. He then has to start completely over and that's what frustrates him the most. Since he gets the concept of the letter he gets excited and thinks he'll get to go to a new letter and gets upset when the same letter pops back up for him to trace again. I feel the repetition is good for him but he hates it so it's sitting in his toy drawer.
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