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on January 17, 2011
I purchased this scope for my RWS 350 Magnum Feuercraft Compact air rifle. This is a powerful, spring powered, .177 caliber gun. Most scopes are not appropriate for high power air guns due to the "double recoil" effect. This particular scope IS air gun rated.

My gun came with RWS brand 3-9 x 40 scope which has not had the greatest of reviews. After a few hundred rounds of testing and getting what I felt was very inconsistent shooting results, I decided to try a different scope. So after some research I decided on this one.

To zero the scope you must unlock the turrets with the supplied allen wrench. The spring loaded turrets sort of pop up when released. The cliks are a bit fiddly at first, and takes a little time to get the feel of how they work.

Once you adjust them a couple of times you'll get the feel of it. The allen lock-downs are great to hold the settings but are a bit of a pain to re-adjust for different ammo or shooting situations.

It didn't take long to zero the scope and so far it seems to be shooting well. The mil dot reticle works fine for me. The included illuminated reticle (red or green light) feature is not useful to me but it's there and it seems to work fine. Two batteries are included.

The construction seems solid and the cosmetic appearance is very nice. Flip-up lens caps are included along with an extended sunshade and lens cleaning cloth. The flip up lens covers seem like a good idea, but for me they are not very useful and are hard to take off and on and to re-position. I'd rather have slide on caps.

It comes packaged in a solid manufacturers box but the shipping packing from Amazon could have been a lot better. I didn't think it was protected very well for transit. Luckily it arrived OK.

Looking through this scope is clearer than the RWS scope and the adjustable optic focuses the target very nicely. Minimum focus on this scope is 5 yards. Both the AO and the magnification adjusters have turning resistance that seems just about right. They are easy enough to adjust but still have enough resistance to stay where you put them.

So far I've shot about 200 - 250 rounds and my shots are definitely more consistent in their placement.

If you need a scope of this type, I'd say give this one a try. At $60 I think it's a decent value. You can pay a lot more for a scope to be sure. Obviously, I have had this for a relatively short time and need more time to fully test it out. I will update in a few weeks.
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on July 14, 2012
I have been shooting in one form or the other for over 15yrs and I can say without a doubt this is the best scope I have ever owned. I have it mounted to a Gamo Silent Stalker IGT .22 and, when combined with "H&N Field Target Trophy .22 Cal, 14.66 Grains" ammo, the results are incredible. I am making shots that I didn't think were possible with a pellet gun, I managed to shoot the stalk of a small plant in half at close to 30 yards. One of the shots I made was near dusk directly facing the sun, 15yds away and another 10yds up, nothing but maybe a dime sized part of the silhouette of my target showing through the trees and branches; dropped it with a single shot. One of my hobbies now is shooting 10yds away through a chainlink fence to targets 15yrds away on the other side.

When small game hunting, from 10yds out to about 30yds this combo is lethal. I have no doubt this gun and scope combo can outshoot my capabilities and since owning this scope I've been putting a lot of work into stepping up my own accuracy and consistency. I do have to stress that only with the right ammo will you get these kinds of results. I couldn't hit the side of a barn with Crossman ammo and the same scope.

This is my first AO scope and it makes a huge difference. No more blurriness at the higher magnifications, no more estimating whether to shoot slightly high or low to make up for the shift, this is the type of scope you wish you had 10yrs ago.

The optics are crystal clear; in low light conditions if you can see it with your naked eye, you can see it through the scope. However, even this scope is not perfect, I do have two minor complaints:

1) When adjusting the magnification the eyepiece turns also, so its too easy in my opinion to accidentally loosen the eyepiece when turning the adjustment ring. My fix for this was to leave it at a fixed 6x magnification and tighten down both pieces.

2) I wish Leapers had dropped the RG crosshairs illumination which I think is pretty useless and instead mounted the AO adjustment knob on the side instead of the front. It is hard to look through the scope and adjust the AO at the same time, so first you have to estimate the distance, then adjust the AO then look through the scope to see if it looks clearer. In the meantime you are moving around too much and potentially chasing off your target if you are small game hunting.

Besides those two minor complaints, for this price point you simply will not find a better scope. To make it even better, if you have a Gamo rifle and stock scope, you can use the mounting rings from the Gamo scope since the diameter is the same. I did not use the Leaper's rings, the stock Gamo mounting rings are better than Leaper's.
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on February 26, 2011
Purchased Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x40 AO for air rifle (.177). The primary purpose was for varmint control in my backyard.

Unit received was defective: up/down adjustment was not responsive. Although left/right adjustment work just fine. I am shipping the item back to Amazon (very hassle free and quick transaction for another try at the Leapers scope). Amazon offered either refund or replacement, I opted for the replacement, and the replacement will arrive within a week. Very impressive customer support.

As far as optic was concerned, it seemed flawless in all magnification from 3 to 9. Optic was bright and contrast better than other similarly priced scope.

Zeroing-in requires use of allen-wrench to loosen the up.down & left/right adjustment. On my unit the up/down adjustment did make clicking sounds but did not change the up/down center location on the scope. The right/left adjustment worked as expected. I am not sold on this idea of allen wrench for ajustments. As you release the screw via allen wrench the adjustment knob pops up (via spring), the amount of looseness of the the screw determine whether you get the "click" or not. Too much of loosening made the "clicking" to disappear. It seems that the screw has to be loosen just right. However, once you lock it down, the adjustment is rock solid. I guess you cannot have everything (ease of setup versus stability of zero set).

As soon as I get the replacement, I'll give it another try.

4-10-2011 (additional comments on the new unit)

I promptly received the replacement unit from Amazon (within a week of request).
Replacement is not defective and is working so far after 1 month of use.
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on January 2, 2012
Attached this scope to my Marlin 60 .22 using the "Instapark One Piece High Power Magnum Airgun Scope Mount Stop Pin" and am very happy with this combination.

Reading and following the included instructions made zeroing the scope a snap.

Optics are clear and every feature works just fine.

Highly recommended - features/quality/affordable.

I emailed Leapers and they emailed me PDFs of the instructions and mil-dot chart, so I can print them out if I misplace the originals from the box.

Added a Blackhawk Mountain Sling (nylon/black) with attached swivels, a Spee-D-Loader, and MidwayUSA Pro Series Scoped Rifle Gun Case (40").

Pictures included on Amazon.
review image review image review image
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on March 15, 2012
I bought this scope for a 22 LR rifle and over all am pleased with it. The scope seems generally well constructed and up to the (low) recoil of my rifle. Up to now I have only been using it indoors at a range of 25 yards but I am able to shoot groups of 1" or less. In this regard the scope is better than my ability to shoot. Getting the scope sighted in was easy and it has stayed zeroed over three trips to the range and more than 500 rounds shot.

Things I don't like:
- The R/G illumination is terrible. Pointless really. The illumination makes it harder to view your target and creates an annoying glow inside the scope's tube. I took the battery back out and have no plans to ever put it back in.
- The flip up covers on the scope are a bit of pain. They rotate with parallax adjustment in front and diopter in the rear. If you need to do a fair amount of adjusting you will want to take them off.

Like I said overall I am pleased. For $64 I don't think that the scope is a bad deal.
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on August 5, 2011
I have bought plenty of scopes for my various air rifles, I have to say this is the one I would recommend
1, it has great clarity
2, outstanding illumination . The cross hairs and mil dots are as bright as you want them, in red or green.
3, the locking adjustment knobs. I love the fact that the scope stays in sight after unlimited number of rounds

I have this scope on a Gamo rocket 177 it is dead on and reliable put the cross hairs on the target and bullseye.
Please buy this scope. You will be very pleased. I have purchased an additional scope for my silent cat. The dial in time was less than 10 rounds. I cant say enough about how pleased I am with this scope.
review image
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on June 20, 2011
My Wife purchased this scope for my birthday and I could not be happier!!! Out of the box this thing looks dangerous, and ready to do work! After fitting the high mount scope rail with recoil pin (not supplied with the scope) to my crosman G1 extreme this thing was way off. after about 10 shots this thing was in tune @ 35 yards (recomended airgun sighting range) and my gun was the most consistent it has ever been! clarity, magnification, and r/g illumination are on point and are all very functional! I definately recommend this scope for any high power air rifle!
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on November 3, 2011
Well ill start off by saying something that's been repeated in almost every review. You can't beat this scope for the $$$. Construction seems to be pretty decent. The illuminated mil dot is nice actually exceeded my expectations. The sun shade and flip up scope covers work good and the focus and windage and elevation knobs are pretty easy to operate. Well that's pretty much it good scope for my air rifle maybe a .22 also but not really made to drive nails with a .308 sorry that's gonna cost ya some more money I'd buy it again.
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on December 4, 2011
I was looking for a low end scope for my 308 bolt action. Had no problem with mounting, but did have problem zeroing in. Main reason is windage and elevation dials are backwards. In fact same problem happened on another Leapers I purchased. Once you get use to the adjustments, it is pretty good on holding zero. Clarity of lens was good. Just wish Leapers would address dial problem with their source.
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on March 18, 2011
I read great reviews on this scope on several airgun websites. It did not disappoint. Hard to believe all the features for the price! They even include an extra battery, extra screws and other scope accessories, like a lens cleaner. I will probably but another one for use on a future airgun purchase (I believe these will eventually go up in price once the word gets out). For a rimfire or airgun, this won't disappoint!
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