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on January 2, 2012
I will only show educational video's to my kids and I love almost all of the Leap Frog video's and this is one of the best ones yet. I used to be the typical parent and play Shrek, Tangled and all those video's in the car cuz the kids love them and keeps them quite for long rides. In preschool, my 3 year old and was having alot of difficulty learning and memorizing the alphabet, colors and numbers. He was one of the lucky ones who got into the town preschool via the lottery. I was told that she would suggest holding him back from kindergarten until he was 6. I got rid of all those worthless DVD's and invested a ton on money on these DVD as well as Rock to Learn and many others. I would only show these video's in the car, every day, and my now 4 year old knows more than most kids his age and going to kindergarten at age 5. He knows upper case, lower case, numbers, all shapes, sizes, and have been working on phonics cuz he is ready. My favorite DVD's for those on a budget are anything by Leap Frog & Rock to Learn are Letter Sounds, Colors Shapes & Counting (age group says 4 but all appropriate for every age). For those with younger kids, I showed these video's to my now just turned 3 year old, and he knows everything backwards and forwards from just watching them in the car. I started my collection of DVD's in April of last year when he was just over 2, and he knew everything by summer. He is also doing sight words and this is all from just watching these awsome video's in the car. His preschool teacher would be shocked and so excited to tell me when I picked him up, that he knows his colors, oh, he knows all his letters, and I sent him to preschool when he was 2 & half cuz his birthday. I cannot emphasize how valuable these DVD's are in your childs learning. I have a 1 year old and he now is watching them too, and he is starting to say colors, some alphabet. Love them. Other good ones that are worth every penny are all the Preschool prep DVD's, I just purchased the phonics series, all very good. Munchkin Math ones are good, but expensive and short. Fundamentals DVD (2) are good, but fast paced. My kids did not care for the Baby Genius series, Brainy baby, Galloping Minds (all for younger 1-2 years old) Cedarmount Kids but all get excellent reviews. I just purchased Baby Bumblebee, and they don't care for those, but the opposites one is good. The Hooked on Phonics learn to read by HOB, not good. Also great show on PBS is Word World. My kids love it and we DVR it, and now that we are learning phonics, I have learned how valuable this show is. I hope this review is helpful to you. I cannot tell you how these DVDs have changed my kids lives, and how I look at other kids and watch how much they know, and how much better my kids are and its all cuz of these DVD's. Its worth your hard earned money.
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on September 9, 2014
I have 2 kids, a 1.5-year and a 3-years-old. I'm not open to the idea of letting them watch TV but my 3-year-old has a classmate who already knows the alphabet and each letter's phonics. The classmate's mother told me it was all due to this DVD. I thought, why not give it a try, so I ordered it and started letting my kids watch it.

My 1.5-year-old is not interested in it at all but my 3-years-old loves watching it again and again. I think it is the mixture of animals talking and frequently breaking into song that makes this interesting to her. She doesn't remember all the letters but she is starting to associate each letter with a specific sound. Most important of all, I feel like she's watching something beneficial.

As for that classmate of my 3-year-old, he is so advanced in his phonics that he is already starting to read. For example, if I write the words "purple", "red", and "yellow" on a piece of paper, he can guess which word is which, by looking at the first letter of each word and sounding out its phonics. All due to this DVD.
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on February 19, 2014
I have written a few reviews related to the Leap Frog videos out there. I have yet to come across one that I didn't like - this one included. I feel that Leap Frog does an excellent job putting these videos together. They seem to genuinely care about finding the best way to teach young children different lessons.

That being said, I still think Letter Factory is the best one, followed by Words Factory. They just seem to really click with my son.

Phonics Farm is very similar in terms of the lesson being taught when compared to Letter Factory, but Phonics farm doesn't do as good of a job in my opinion. Both videos are aimed at teach children their letter sounds. The one advantage that Phonics farm does have is that it acknowledges both the short and long vowel sounds. There is also an actually point made about vowels which was nice.

All that being said, you probably won't be disappointed with many of the Leap Frog purchases. My son genuinely learns from them and enjoys them as well.
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on January 28, 2015
I personally think the Scout series is a bit boring compared to the Tad/frog family series. It's hard to have my boy watch them through. The story is repetitive without enough break/refreshing elements, and the selection of words (animals in the phonics farm in this case) could be much better.
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on May 15, 2014
These Leap frog movies are awesome! I can't say enough good things about these movies. It really focuses on what they are learning in the movie. All of these are exceptional movies and my daughter loves them, sings them and is really learning from them! I would suggest these to anyone with small children.
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on February 9, 2012
I have a confession to make. When my six year old son is at school, my two and a half year old daughter and I sometimes fire up his Kindle Fire without his knowledge. One of the videos I have downloaded on the Kindle for my daughter to watch is "Leap Frog Phonics Farm". I think it is mind-numbingly boring, but my daughter likes it a lot. It covers the same topics as "Leap Frog's Letter Factory," but in a less entertaining way. The upper and lower case letters are introduced along with their corresponding sounds, and there is also a song about vowels. It is probably good for my daughter to learn the same information in a different format. But if you were only going to choose one video, "Letter Factory" would be a better pick.
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on May 26, 2014
While I may not love this DVD as much as I love Letter Factory, my 26 month old does and asks to watch it several times a day. I don't feel that it matches up to Letter Factory in its repetition of letter sounds or musical content of either Letter Factory or Numberland- another one he really likes. This DVD mainly features one scenario for the entire length of the program- the friends being introduced to animals according to the letters in the alphabet. It's pretty boring to me but then again, I'm not the target audience and like I said, our son likes it a lot. I just wish it matched up to the other DVDs in it's educational value.
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on June 26, 2015
This by far our favorite go to movie for the kiddos! The songs are catchy the screen play is great and the kids really get into it! First purchased this for my daughter for her first birthday and she just loved to watch it and started to sing along next thing we knew she was proficient with her alphabet and so much more! Great buy for the little ones!
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on April 9, 2012
I'm the type of dad that buys his son toys & learning items that are just above the recommended age. It has paid off in spades. My son grows into learning the toys or videos. His ability to master them is above average. That is not said to boast. That is said to promoted Leapfrog's DVD's.

My son just turned two. He is growing up in a Bi-Lingual family which can cause a delay in actual speaking of words (not speech recognition). So I purchased this DVD and others to replace the Pixar movies he spent time watching. I have to say they are a classroom @ home. He sits, transfixed and is attempting his best to speak what he hears & sees in Leapfrog's DVD's. When he knows a Leapfrog DVD is coming on, he rushes to 'his seat' to watch (bottle in hand). When it ends, he hands me the remote to re-start the DVD.

I would highly recommend these products.
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on May 26, 2014
If you're looking for videos to teach your child the letter names and sound, get The Letter Factory and the Talking Word Factory. Much better for that. However, this is a great companion video that reinforces concepts in a fun way. My two-year-old really enjoys it. My only drawback is the previews that go on and on and on and on and on. They didn't have any previews in the first Leapfrog videos I bought and these previews make it really hard to get to the main movie in the car where my daughter watches these. It is sooo annoying to me that I'm tempted to give it only one star. Really.
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