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on September 30, 2010
I am writing this review having completed about 80 lessons so I'm near completing the third dvd. Maybe I haven't done enough lessons to be able to judge accurately both the Fluenz Spanish program and the Rosetta Stone, but I've had a lot more experience than those writing reviews having finished 4 lessons! I've read all the reviews on here, and frankly, I can't believe what I am reading. I just have to put in MHO. But it's not going to be humble, and I'll probably make a lot of people mad. Too bad.

I decided to learn Spanish for something to do, being retired and not wanting to go completely brain-dead. So I started with the Rosetta Stone program. It started out well enough but gradually I started to get more and more bored to the point of distraction. By the time I had finished about 2 1/2 dvd's, I could stand no more of matching pictures with Spanish words time and time and time again. I will say this for RS; I learned a decent amount of vocabulary. But the grammar instruction was non-existent, so I ended up supplementing the program with a couple Spanish grammar books. The best was 'Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish', a very well written book -- 5 stars all the way. Another book which continues to keep my interest up but isn't 'grammatical' is 'Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish' by Joseph Keenan, which is pure fun (and potentially hazardous to your health).

Having sent RS back, I got the Fluenz Spanish 1 -- 5. It's taught in English by Sonia Gil who apparently has captured the sexual imaginations of some of the reviewers. For my tastes, she's not that 'hot' (appearing to be an 'almost A'), but regardless, whether or not she is sexy does not seem to be a good reason to buy an expensive language course. Let me start with what is good about the program.

The other reviewers who have said Fluenz has excellent support are right on. It has the best support staff I've come across in my many years on the Internet.

That's it; that's the end of what's good about the program.

I thought it would be strong on grammar, and it is better than the Stone, which by using the immersion technique has no grammar instruction. However, I expected more. (Incidentally saying that the RS system is immersion is a joke -- but I guess people being people, many buy into it.)

Now for the bad.

If you think you will be fluent in Spanish when you finish EITHER program, think again. You will be at most maybe 5% fluent. How could I possibly know this not having finished the programs? I cheated. I downloaded and looked at every level with special interest given to the last. It shocked me to see how little Spanish had been taught. I couldn't get Fluenz back in time to get a refund (a very good reason to mark your date of purchase), or else I would have. Why does Sonia's program end up teaching so little in 5 dvds?

Actually the reason is pretty simple. Sonia is teaching at a grade school or middle school level. She is incredibly slow going from one subject to the next. She is ponderous! By the time a lesson is finished, you may have learned three nouns and three verbs with a little grammar. She will go over 'ser' vs 'estar' -- to be versus to be; or 'ese' vs 'esa' -- that vs that, until you think she will never move on. Another reviewer had it right when he said Sonia uses teaching time as practice time. The program would have been so much better than Rosetta Stone if she just moved it along. She could have easily gotten twice the information on five dvd's with room to spare.

She had an excellent idea in creating a language program to go up against Rosetta Stone. The company had its chance. I predict it will survive for a year or two, and unless radical changes are made, it will crash. If I am wrong in anything I've said, when I finish the program, I will apologize to everyone.


This additional flaw was found by the end of disc 2. The program is sexist, leaning heavily towards women's interests. The best example I can give of this is that MANY of the lessons are on shopping. To counterbalance this, there was ONE lesson on sports. Another example is that the teacher will very often use 'la' instead of 'el' throughout the lessons. The feminine pronouns are used almost exclusively. This is so pronounced by end of the second disc that I have to call the program feminist, and if the shoe were on the other foot, the female population would be outraged. I would lower the program's rating another star if I could. Sonia herself says it is difficult to stick with a language self-learning program, but she seems to be making it a hell of a lot easier for women to maintain their interest in it than men. Personally I am tired of hearing whether a red or blue necklace is prettier.


And Ms Gil is stilted and corny, two characteristics I despise. Add a third; Ms Gil aggrandizes Ms Gil.


And she's going to live a hell of a lot longer than me, another characteristic I hate more than any of the others.


This program is geared to people who are going to visit Spanish-speaking countries, particularly for men who are going to take their women along (as well as all their credit cards -- Sonia will tell you repeatedly it's 'tarjetas de crédito'). I would give it five stars if that is your purpose. However, if you are planning to pick up your muchachas when you get to those countries, the program has nothing to offer you. It does not address how to pick up or bargain with a prostitute. It does not tell you how to explain to the cuchi what you want done in a Spanish way. And worst of all it does not include the most useful of Spanish words, the c-word, in its vocabulary. Incidentally, the c-word aside from being used liberally on the streets (and even Robin Williams' HBO Comedy Special) of spanish-speaking countries, does not have quite the rudeness factor that American women give it. I would not expect Sonia to teach it. She could have added, however, a few useful words like damn, hell or even golly gee whiz!


I've found another major flaw, and this one is on dvd 3. Sonja uses the grouping-of-letters "funnest". Well, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, is there such a word as funnest?? Of course not! But she slips this non-word into the disc to infest your children's and your ears! God help us when this 'funnest' gets to your brains. I predict we will live in a world of zombies, yes, zombies who spend their days and nights doing nothing but listening to discs 1 through 5 and even so, not attaining greater than 5% fluency. Obviously this finding is the most dangerous of those I've come across so far ... but I plan to keep looking.

Meanwhile, whereas I have given Fluenz 2 gold stars, I've given Rosetta Stone 1 gold star for being atrocious.

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on January 30, 2010
I went on a vacation to Costa Rica, and resolved to learn Spanish. I studied French in high school and college, and I enjoyed it for the most part. I've NEVER had an opportunity to actually use my French, as I've found that everyone who speaks French usually speaks English. So, I thought I would try to learn Spanish, and maybe I could actually use it.

I found a website which reviewed many Spanish Learning Software packages, and many of them are only PC compatible. The two highest rated Mac compatibles were Fluenz and Rosetta Stone, #2 & #3, respectively. I had seen the Rosetta Stone commercials ad nauseum, so I thought it would be a good starting point. The "no drills" and "no memorization" aspects sounded great, so RS was my starting point.

I started out with Rosetta Stone 1, 2, & 3. RS is a beautiful program, with lovely pictures, and an intuitive interface. There were many, many times when I was clueless as to what to do, so I would just click until I got it right. RS would sense this, and would present the material again until I scored 90% or better. However, there WERE times when I would figure out the answer through the process off elimination, without truly understanding what I was saying/doing. For example, "comprar": did it mean "to shop" or "to buy"? I couldn't tell. Also, the speech recognition on Rosetta Stone could prove to be very temperamental. There were some words, some ONE-SYLLABLE words, that RS simply couldn't accept. I would record them with my iPhone, and play it back into the microphone, and it STILL wouldn't work. These occasions were rare, but troublesome. There were multi-syllable words or phrases that I had to use the iPhone trick for. I could repeat it one hundred times into the microphone, and it would NEVER NEVER accept what I said. After a while, I felt like I was getting great practice on how to record phrases with my iPhone, but for learning Spanish, my progress was slow. Also, I wasn't learning anything practical for use as a tourist. I want to learn how to bargain a little bit: "I will give you fifty, OK?" I wasn't getting that with Rosetta Stone. I think I completed Disc 2 of RS. Again, it was good, but there were many things that I wasn't sure about.

I heard about Fluenz from that website, and decided to give it a try. I ordered 1+2+3+4+5. A bit ambitious, but, like anything, the unit price goes down when you buy in bulk. I just finished up the first disc, so I'm not at any kind of expert level, but I liked what I've seen so far. I feel like I've really nailed the present tense conjugations of the following words: To Be (both Estar and Ser), To Go (very useful for meatball future tense), To Want, To Need, To Eat, To Drink. These words will get a tourist through a great many situations.

Fluenz's approach is different than Rosetta Stone. They start with Sonia Gil giving an intro, then a simple conversation between two or more people. You can listen to it without subtitles, with Spanish subtitles, or with English and Spanish subtitles. You should listen to it three times, once with each subtitle option. Sonia comes back, and breaks down the dialog, explaining what each word means, and how they relate to each other. There are then various drills, many of which involve typing down what you hear. These are challenging, and fun for me. I pride myself on my spelling, and these can be hard but satisfying to complete.

Fluenz does NOT use voice-recognition, which simply and effectively eliminates the frustrations I had with RS. My accent may not be as polished as it might be with RS, but at least I'm not fretting about getting stuck on a certain passage, wondering if it is me or the computer that is at fault. However, Fluenz DOES make use of the microphone. The aforementioned conversations are repeated, with you taking the role of one of the characters. You say the line that is shown, and click 'stop', and the conversation continues. You then play back the conversation, so you can hear your own voice. At that point in the lesson, you can tell if your accent is crap or not. And this works for me. I want to be a tourist, not a Telemundo newscaster. If I can crack a joke in Spanish, and make a senorita laugh, then this whole language thing will have paid off.

One thing I've found to be kind of humorous: Sonia Gil is very attractive. Sometimes my mind goes blank, as I'm just staring at her face, and I miss what she said completely. Doh!

MacBook users: Both Rosetta Stone and Fluenz work beautifully with my 2009 MacBook. No external microphones needed. RS adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone automatically, Fluenz does not. You will have to go System Preferences/Sound to adjust it. Once you do, it is done. No problem.

I recommend Fluenz over Rosetta Stone, especially if you are an adult who wants to 'speak tourist'. Rosetta Stone is good, but the little snags proved to be frustrating for me. Fluenz is more real world oriented, with expressions like: "We are going to the store together, would you like to come?", whereas Rosetta Stone had expressions like: "The car is in front of the house" or "the dog wants meat"

The people at Fluenz are great as well. I ordered 1+2+3+4+5, but I only received 1+2+3. I contacted Amazon, who said "Because Fluenz's inventory is constantly changing, we can't replace items sold by them that are Fulfilled by Amazon." I could either return the whole thing, or they could refund part of the money. I let Fluenz know about this, and they promptly sent me the missing discs 4+5. So Fluenz's customer service is great. Over educated young college grads.

Follow Up: 5/17/10: I've been using Fluenz, off and on, (it's hard to remain focused), but to address my previous statement: "For example, "comprar": did it mean "to shop" or "to buy"? I couldn't tell. " Comprar means both "to shop for" and "to buy". Doh!

I trade comments with Sonia on Facebook, she's the best! Nothing wrong with Rosetta Stone, but Fluenz is the real deal, in my opinion.
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on May 31, 2010
I'm learning Spanish as my third language, while English is my second

When I started Level 1, I'm (almost complete) new to Spanish, now I finished level 5

If you ask me how is this program, my answer is, not as effective as I expected from a program at THIS price tag, it should be much better

1) the exercises are stupid
i) too much repetitions in "type what you read" and "type what you hear" section.
ii) "match the sentences in English and Spanish", "match the pictures with the word" are just too easy
iii) the speaking exercise is not well designed, but considering this is a computer program, no me puedo quejar
My suggestion for these exercises are:
i) Skip "type what you read" section or do "type what you hear" section first then go back
ii) when doing "match the sentences" section, treat it like speaking, do not look at Spanish, read the English sentence once and build your Spanish sentences until you can say this sentence as a whole sentence(not piece by piece), then check your answer
iii) turn "read the sentences", which is the last exercise, into listening exercise, listen to the recording until you can tell every word in it and understand its meaning, and say it, if possible
(be aware of the translation exercise, it will turn you into translation machine, and it will not help you to think in Spanish if you do these exercises passively)

2) no transcript, no word list off the program, at least for me, these are essential parts of language learning, I wish there's a companion book so I can review and carry with me anytime

3) you can not even listen to the whole dialogue, you have to listen piece by piece(or I missed something here? If there's whole dialogue recording, let me know how to use that, I will update the review later), this is the most stupid thing, do you not know how different it is between listening to the whole dialogue and listening to the pieces?

4) too much filler sessions, the result is that not a lot grammars and sentence builders are introduced, no perfect tense, no conditional tense, no subjunctive(yes, you can guess the meaning when others using subjunctive or conditional tense, but still, you have to use that in yours, or your sentences will be grammatically wrong. At least, subjunctive is more widely used in Spanish than in English, while preterite tense is more strictly used)which, based on my experience, are quite important. (Some might say, in language learning, review and regular practice are very important. You are absolutely right, but I think this is the learner's job off the program, we are not paying Fluenz to help us review what we have learned, right?)If you don't believe my suggestion on subjunctive or conditional tense, just find some dialogues in daily situation

5) the dialogue speed is not very suitable for beginner, some of the sentences in the dialogue are just too fast. Some might say, this is how Spanish is from native speaker. This is true, but from my experience, this is not very helpful for learner. The goal of learning language is to think in a Spanish way, or say, say a sentence in a way you build it (during which you will decide where there will be a pause in your sentence and where will not). But if the speed is too fast, sometime it might be misleading for the learner.

I gave this 2.5 stars because Sonia's explanation is really good, which makes things quite easy to understand. And the program does introduce some useful sentence builders that are useful in daily communication, like "parece que" or "¿Qué opinas tú?"

I read some review saying after finishing level 5, you can understand a large amount of the material in news or tv drama, I can tell you, this is impossible. Try BBC mundo, you will know how little you have learned

My suggestion to the future release of Fluenz: 1) Reduce the number of review-like sessions, too many sessions on direction and restaurante, on este, ese. 2) Redesign all exercises 3) Introduce more things like conditional tense and perfect tense 4) provide complete recording of dialogue for mp3 listening and provide word list and transcript as companion book

I'm not sure if Fluenz spent too much time on these fancy UI or videos, I agree that they look good, but that does not help you to learn Spanish better.

Turn all the videos into audio, put all the exercises and the summary of the explanations of Sonia into companion book, it would be much better for me, at least for my eyes
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on June 20, 2017
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I don't normally write reviews on Amazon but I feel compelled to write an outstanding recommendation for Fluenz because it has been the language learning tool that I have been trying to find for a long time. Fluenz is, by far, the best language learning program to use to cement your understanding of the grammatical foundations of a language. This program has cleared up many questions that I had regarding how Spanish grammar works and it serves as an excellent tool for furthering your study of Spanish if you wish to do so.

The method that Fluenz uses works because it is based on the idea that in order for you to understand a language, you have to first understand how its grammar and syntax works---an idea that I'm sure Sonia and the other developers at Fluenz thought deeply about when creating their programs. Sonia, the personal tutor that guides you through each session of the program, incrementally gets you to expand your range of expression each time you do a lesson by explaining the reasoning behind why the grammar works the way it does. Her explanations are very clear, concise, and based on sound reasoning, thereby enabling you to use your new found knowledge in new and innovative ways outside the scope of the program. Through this method, and by completing the very comprehensive workouts at the end of each tutorial, your range of expression increases dramatically every time you complete a full Level of the program. In addition, I found Sonia's persona throughout the entirety of the program as a great addition, because she encourages you to constantly practice, to look up additional resources as you progress in your language learning, and her optimistic attitude, at least to me, is very soothing and light hearted, giving off the impression that you can actually conquer a language with time and patience.

This idea of language learning, something that I have meditated on and questioned alot as well, especially regarding how languages are taught in school, is really based on just common sense thinking. Some critical reviews on Amazon have said that the program focuses too much on tourist vocabulary and does not include a wide enough variety of situations that prepares them to have a wide scope of vocabulary and verbs at the end of the program. This, they feel, is a weakness of Fluenz, since they believe that the overemphasis on tourist situations doesn't adequately prepare them for every encounter that they might face when interacting with others in Spanish. However, what one must understand, is that no program, by itself, can adequately prepare you for every possible scenario that you will face, and it is quite unrealistic to believe that this is somehow possible. Although it is true that much of the Fluenz Spanish program is set in tourist situations, and that much of the vocabulary that Sonia teaches is tourist-based, the philosophy underlying the program is not for you to learn a bunch of vocabulary words and not be able to communicate a coherent sentence, but for you to understand the grammar and syntax very well first in order for you to learn and input vocabulary and verbs as you learn and apply them in written and spoken communication through other forms of study. This, to me, is the best way to learn any language, and I'm glad that Sonia and the others at Fluenz who've spent quite alot of time, energy, and resources in producing this very high quality program saw it that way as well.

In conclusion, if you consider yourself an autodidact, homeschooling your children, or are just interested in learning languages, I highly recommend this program as an excellent tool in forming your grammatical foundation in Spanish. For the price, it is very reasonable, and it is money very well spent. You will not be disappointed.
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on October 5, 2010
I have completed 4 of the 5 levels of Fluenz Spanish and am on lesson 3 of level 5. Before investing in this great language learning program, I tried RS, Rocket Spanish and Tell Me More Spanish. Fluenz is by far the best language learning software out there if you are serious about LEARNING the Spanish language.

My background...Never studied a language before. I'm retired and was looking to something to keep the brain hoping along. I liked the Spanish language so much that I decided to work towards an oral proficiency rating so I enrolled in a Spanish certificate program at the University of Wisconsin (7 semesters of Spanish required). I tested out of Spanish 1. I'm currently taking Spanish 2, and outside of additional vocabulary, I found that I knew all of grammar and sentence construction required for Spanish 2 and should have enrolled in Spanish 3. So, I'm at least at a 3rd semester university level of Spanish. My Spanish professor continually praises my pronunciation, knowledge of grammar and sentence construction. Where did I learn all of this? Using the Fluenz program!

As I stated at the start, I have tried Rosetta Stone (fell asleep), Rocket Spanish (very little grammar)and Tell Me More Spanish (not bad but only for those who are at an intermediate level). By far, Fluenz Spanish offers the most grammar instruction of any of the others and will provide you with a solid foundation in the Spanish language. Some have posted reviews here after only completing 1 - 2 levels. If your goal is 'fluency' I suggest that you finish all of the lessons before judging how much fluency you will acquire using this program. How do you measure fluency anyway? What does that mean? I will say that Fluenz's main focus is not on building a huge vocabulary but on building a strong foundation. What good is it to know a lot of Spanish words if you don't know how to construct a sentence or conjugate classes of verbs or know when to use ser vs estar or pasear vs cominar or para vs por? You will not be understood if you can't put the words you know together to communicate with a Spanish speaker. That is the main goal of the Fluenz program....teaching you to communicate!

Learning a new language, may initially seem fairly simple, but it is not. Learning a new language requires lots and lots of hard work. If you are only looking to parrot some touristy phrases then maybe this is not the program for you because you will learn far more. At first glance, it may seem that the conversations revolve around touristy type things but everything you learn is applicable to everyday situations. I know. It's what I've been doing in my UWM class. All communications are in Spanish using Skype, voice boards and e-mail. The professor lives in Spain! We write about the economy in Spain, our dogs, cultural things, different sites in Madrid, etc.

Any language learning program is, by nature, scripted. It helps to use supplemental materials such as a grammar workbook for extra practice, listening and listening and listening to lots of Spanish even if you don't understand it verbatim, finding a Spanish speaking partner to communicate with, etc. Fluenz will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your fluency, but, in the end it's up to the student to reach out and explore additional learning opportunities. Most of us didn't learn English in 6 months!

The top 6 reasons to invest in yourself and buy this program:
1. The onscreen tutor - nothing on the market comes close to the benefits of having a real person explain, what can be, complex grammar and sentence constructions.

2. Emphasis on correct pronunciation - It's not so much how fast someone speaks, it's how clearly they enunciate each word. All of the Spanish speakers enunciate each word very clearly. Also, the speech speed starts out slower in the early lessons and increases to a speed you will hear, say, watching Spanish language television.

3. Each lesson builds on previous lessons. It may seem a bit repetive, however, the goal is to move the student from a translational phase to an instinctual phase where not much thought is needed to communicate in Spanish.

4. Customer support - best in the business. Most language learning software companies only provide technical support. The Fluenz team is ready, willing and able to provide all the language support you could ever want. Stuck on a concept? Just ask. You'll get an easily understandable answer complete with examples.

5. Provides a strong foundation on which to continue to build your fluency. After only 4 levels, I feel that I can pretty much figure out something new when I see it because my foundation is so strong. My Spanish professor does not restrict her use of the language to what we have already learned but I have been able to understand what she is communicating whether she's using a verb tense that I've not seen, words I don't know or Spanish idioms and sayings.

6. Supplemental CDs and podcasts - Hearing spoken Spanish w/o subtitles forces you to focus on what is being said overall. You may not understand what is being said verbatim, but if you can pick up key words, you will know what the speaker is communicating. Great for practicing what you will experience in the real world.

And, one last thing, the interface is simple and beautiful! The program is for adults, taught by adults.
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on June 19, 2017
I came across Fluenz several years ago while looking for a Spanish program. At the time Rosetta Stone was the name on everyone's lips, however their methodology did not work with everyone (I owned both programs). I would like to comment on Fluenz both as a product and as a Company.

Initially I purchased the Levels 1-3 then 4-5 (11-21-2008) when they were made available, this was F1. Then they updated and upgraded their program to F2 to fix some of the bugs and clean up some of the editing. This showed me that there was dedication and commitment to making something good into something great. In going through some of the material, just in CD 1 alone, I was able to understand and make sense of Spanish phrases, words and even songs (I was heavily into Latin Dancing). What I mean, is that sometimes I would pick up without even trying, words and sentences that would be in Close captioning or on ingredients, etc. Something was beginning to change and quickly in the way I was thinking. Their method really makes you think about what you are doing and then leaves you with enough to the next step without easily forgetting what was learned. Verb conjugation, gender, pronunciation, grammar and English correlation and of course vocabulary all flowing beautifully to create this wonderful masterpiece of Language and Technology.

Fast forward to 2017, I am older and looking to do a refresher of this course, however, with the changes in Windows to 8 and then 10, Adobe and and just peoples mobile habits influenced by Android and iOS, the F2 CDs were going to have issues especially with Adobe. I am usually on the road so Android is my daily driver platform. Seeing this, Fluenz F3 was born, again showing commitment to the product. Fluenz listens and cares about their customers by making this course easily accessible and still maintain the high quality. I was Grandfathered into the F3 program and did not know, so to my surprise their Customer Support walked me through an absolutely painless process to getting up and running nearly a whole decade later. I am in love with their service, product, fairness and customer support. This is a great Company, being a business owner myself, I can appreciate the hard work, diligence and Love that has gone into this Company and Product. Well done Fluenz and well done Sonia Gil!
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on September 11, 2017
I am 70 years old and travel independly to to spanish speaking countries with my wife. Because we travel independelty to generally one and two star areas I need to be able to communicate in spanish, if only rudimentarily. I tried Rosetta Stone and was very disappointed. I then tried Fluenz and completed all 5 sections. With that I was able to communicate my needs and understand responses. I have recently gone through the 5 sections a second time. This time I knew my weaknesses and was able to overcome them the second time. I now feel very confident in reading Latin American spanish. Listening is a different skill. This will take some additional work. I am searching for a good source that will allow me be to simply listen to various stories with subtitles. The bottom line is that I recommend Fluenz without reservation.
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on January 2, 2016
I have not used this yet and will update once I have used it for a few months. I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that this program does not have 3 user licenses in the sense that 3 individuals can use the program individually (i.e. Windows OS or Office). The disc in the box only provides an app style piece of software for a PC that simply opens and has you log into your online account exactly as you can do in a browser. What you are buying is ONE online account that allows access to multiple devices (3 PCs, 1 iphone, 1 ipad, and 1 android). I feel this is not only misleading but more accurately, a false statement. When accounting for the price typically the amount of licenses is part of the cost deciding factor. For the price, I feel that there should be 3 accounts which can be accessed on 2 devices or one account that allows 3 individual profiles to be set up. I brought this to their attention and here is the response that I received. I just wanted to clarify what is actually being purchased.

Hi Jake,

You can create 1 unique Fluenz ID with the program. It can be installed on 3 computers, 1 iPhone, 1 iPad, and 1 Android Phone as well.

Your entire family could still use the program - the program remembers where you last left off. What this means is there is a bookmark integrated in the program, so next time you open the program you can click in that bookmark and go exactly where you last left off before closing the program.

If you are sharing, you'll just need to jot down where you individually left off and you can easily navigate back and forth within the program as much as needed. We have many people using Fluenz in the same household who are able to use the program without any issues this way.

Our apologies for the confusion. If you look at the answer on Amazon to the question, you'll see that in October 2015 we updated a note that the license system changed. (see below)

Let us know if we can help with anything else.


Andy, User Support


'Hi. We wanted to update this answer to reflect our current policies. We can only provide three activations for three desktop computers, one activation per iPhone, one activation per Android phone, and one activation per iPad. Additionally, a single user can use the online version at any time and this does not affect the three desktop or laptop activations which are actually installed in those machines. Hope this helps.
By Fluenz on 05 October 2015"

Original message
I recently purchased the Latin Spanish Red Box through Amazon. I was under the impression that the program I purchased came with 3 licenses for 3 individuals to use (this was answered by your staff in the Q&A section on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Learn-Spanish-Fluenz-Latin-America/dp/B002ZF31NQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451755777&sr=8-1&keywords=fluenz+spanish+latin+america+1+2+3+4+5). After installing the program on my computer and setting up a login ID, I realized that every PC, tablet, and phone program requires that account login. I also didn’t notice where I can set up multiple profiles for others to learn the program at their own pace. I was hoping you could explain how this qualifies as 3 licenses and what I have to do to use the program this way (someone else in my household would like to learn Spanish as well). Or please send me another serial number so I can set up another account for the other person.

Thank you,
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on July 10, 2015
Fluenz is the best Spanish program we have used. We are homeschoolers, and over the years I tried several different programs with our children, including Rosetta stone, Berlitz, and Learnables. All of them fell short of our expectations. Fluenz is absolutely amazing compared to those other programs.

(Rosetta Stone was very confusing to my daughter, because they never explained anything, and expected her to learn through "immersion." I did the Rosetta Stone program myself up to level/year 4, and I think I only gained about 1-2 years of high school level Spanish )

The Fluenz program is highly superior to all the other programs. It provides a teacher who speaks in English, and who teaches the lesson and explains anything that is confusing. The practices are very thorough, and my daughter's accent is extremely good. Many people have commented that she sounds like a native speaker.

You can repeat or skip any sections that you want to. You learn through pictures and video, conversations, and also through extensive writing/grammar exercises. The entire program can be done on the computer.

As a mom who homeschools 5 children, and who has only a basic knowledge of Spanish, I really appreciated the fact that my daughter could do her entire Spanish program on her own. That freed up my time to help her with some of her other classwork. With Fluenz, I know my children could learn any language, regardless of my own person knowledge.

The only negative to this program is that there is a lot of repetition. So if you have a child who highly dislikes repetition, they may not like it. But honestly, without the repetition, you probably will not retain much of what you learned.

Soon, when my daughter is done with this program, she is going to test out of college Spanish through the CLEP program. You can get up to 14 college credits that way.

I tend to be very picky about curriculum, but I have to say that I cannot be more pleased with Fluenz.
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on February 7, 2010
UPDATE: 12/5/2012

I removed my negative comments about this product because I was definitely "reactive" to minor issues that would not prevent somebody from benefitting from this product ....

Previously, I had commented on the pronounciation of certain words .... and honestly, after considering why I wrote what I wrote ... I was fairly ignorant in my comments, and I wanted to apologize for that. I was comparing what I "learned" to what I was "re-learning" and was thrown off by some of the pronounciations ...

I still think it's high-priced .... but ... from what I remember, I did enjoy going through it and would consider re-purchasing it and not being such a hard-nosed idiot about it.... It's definitely worth it ....
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