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on March 4, 2013
Unfortunately, I purchased this book, believing it was an introduction to cocos2d. Unfortunately it is actually an introduction to Kobold2D, which is the author's particular distribution of cocos2d. I don't inherently have a problem with this except for the fact that the author spends a lot of time saying that Kobold2D is better and convenient, but never takes the time to really cover the basics or illustrate exactly why its more convenient.

Kobold2D seems to add a lot of boiler plate code that seems unfamiliar to a typical iOS app programmer, and that tends to obfuscate how the programmer works with cocos2d, and how they work with Kobold2D. It's disorienting for a beginner.

He tends to explain the code using hypotheticals ("Say you wanted to schedule multiple actions for one sprite, you'd use this code:"). As a new-comer to cocos2d, throwing out hypothetical situations that I haven't encountered and have a hard time imagining aren't really that helpful in the learning process.

I hope the author can take a step back and perhaps revise the book to be more considerate of beginners, or relabel the book to "working with cocos2d" rather than "learn cocos2d." It actually could be called "Working with Kobold2D" if it were being honest.
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on July 22, 2013
I'm in the process of learning to develop iOS games (over 10 years developing applications in non-apple platforms). I'll begin by saying that upon doing a quick read of the "sample text" provided for the kindle, I liked the fact that the author showed quite a bit knowledge about the nuances of iOS, Cocos2d and Kobold2d (that is usually a good sign of overall knowledge on the subject matter). That was what made me buy the book. What I did not look deeply into was how he was going to present the examples that went with the knowledge he possesses. It wasn't until chapter 5 when I read the following sentence

"Because this chapter contains lots of reference material, I concentrate on the relevant code and omit the details of creating new cocos2d classes as shown in earlier chapters"

that I realized he was going to present the info in the manner that irks me the most. He takes the approach of "omitting" previous explanations, I'm assuming, throughout the whole book. I say I'm "assuming" because although I've attempted to finish the book three times, I've never been able to get past chapter 6.

The reason for my thrice failure to get past chapter 6, other than perhaps not being super smart, is because while the author explains in detail new code as it comes in, he "omits" to re-emphazise what the "other" code is for; one has to constantly be "flipping" pages and screens and scour through previous projects to copy and paste and remember what the other code that sits besides the new code is for.

For me, that is the worst way to show someone how to do something because in the amount of time spent "re-finding" the code that he is omiting, one could have read it, applied it and understood it along with its place and relationship with the new code he is explaining (if the previous code were next to the text of the new code). The author makes sure to let you know early on that the accompanying code to the book is available for download; that's great but all that does is make it easy for one to end up copying and pasting the whole code in frustration because of not being able to follow the logic from the text itself.

Ranting aside, if the author would make a new edition of this book without "omiting" previous explanations or previous code and instead re-explaining purpose of previous explained code while maybe bolding new code to differentiate it from the previous code, I would buy that version in a heart beat.
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on January 31, 2013
I thought, I bought a book on learning Cocos2d v2 game development on iOS... but seemingly every fourth paragraph the author instead self promotes his competing lateral game engine code Kobold 2d (which I don't care about learning).

He should've self promoted to his publisher Apress for his own Kobold 2d book instead of detracting focus on the supposed title's topic (the cover never mentions Kobold 2d). I don't want to learn Lua or Kobold.... I want to learn Cocos2d v2 for game develpment on iOS like the title of the book I paid for says.

Not cool, disappointed...
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on November 20, 2012
The author clearly has a great mastery of his subject, the very popular Cocos2D game programming framework for iPhone (and Mac). He also does a good job of communicating it in a logical order and supplying all the information needed to get going with making basic games in Cocos2D. Note that this book does not cover the C++ or Javascript versions of Cocos, nor the older Python version.

If you want to write games in Objective-C for the iPhone and iOS devices, this is the right book. The book is also up to the minute with version 2.x of Cocos2D and does a good job of being relevant in this fast moving area.

There were a significant number of irritating niggles however, and the book was also marred in my opinion by the author's promotion of his own flavour of Cocos2D, called Kobold2D.

I really wanted to just start off with plain vanilla Cocos2D for iPhone, because I'm planning to expand later after I get things working on iOS, and port my game to Cocos2Dx, which is a C++ version of Cocos, that provides access to Android and other platforms. Because of this I wanted Cocos2D, warts and all - without any helpful wrappers.

I'm sure that Kobold2D provides a lot of great value, and the author certainly does cover a number of issues such as converting your Cocos2D library & project to use ARC manually - whereas Kobold2D does all that for you. That's just one example - there are a number of places where Kobold2D fixes up the pain-points in Cocos2D. So you do learn from the book how to do the things you need to do when you don't have Kobold2D's helping hand.

But this is "Learn Cocos2D" not "Learn Kobold2D", and I really think putting a whole chapter in about Kobold2D was starting to stray over the line between useful information and handy promotion of one's own project.

The niggles - I kept coming across typos and strange grammar in the book. Not a huge amount and not enough to actually detract from the informational value of the book. For example in one place the word "certificate" had been spelled "cerjpgicate", and in another the word "beautiful" had been spelled "beaujpgul". So it looks as though someone has done a search and replace in the book text, finding instances of "tif" and replacing them with "jpg". Very strange.

I have the Kindle edition, so maybe whomever transcribed it for Kindle made some mistakes. I don't have the print edition to compare.

The niggles were just that - nothing that you could not easily work out from context. Also the technical content - code and other references - were spot on and error free as far as I could tell. Even though the book comes with some downloadable companion content to save typing in manually, I like to learn by typing in what is provided in the book and playing with it as I go. So as far as I can tell the niggles did not extend to technical areas as such.

The actual content is very good. The first few chapters follow the model of the Big Nerd Ranch books (which I recommend to get in addition to this if you're serious about iOS programming) in that you get a setup chapter or so at the beginning and then straight into building a basic game. From there you are taken through how to use CCNode to build game logic (instead of sub-classing CCSprite), and also complexities of the CCSprite class for example and how to use it efficiently with sprite sheets, and texture packing.

Itterheim's experience in the industry shows through as he catalogues a lot of essential tools such as TexturePacker, and traces a path around the foibles of Cocos2D giving you the techniques that work. References like the links to his own version of the API documentation on his website are valuable as the Cocos2D doco is at times a bit difficult to use.

The last chapter is a bonus read, ranging over a lot of topics, including tools and references - I particularly liked the section on publishing your games.

Good book, but please fix the niggles. And now we just need Mr Itterheim to please write "Advanced Cocos2D". :-)
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on October 8, 2012
The author seems to know his material, although the Kindle version is full of typos and feels like it may have been rushed out the door.
Concepts are explained well and Steffen's willingness to clarify and provide help on his forums at [...] was a big selling point for me.

Good material but I'm giving it 3/5 stars for the typos and the book's non polished feeling
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on October 11, 2012
This book has been a great help in coming up to speed on the new cocos 2 features.
Also shows what tools to use and how to use them to make your day go faster!

Using with Xcode 4.5.1

Kolbold2D rocks! Don't know what that is? Buy the book!

Best $$ spent to get 2D Down!
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on August 11, 2013
Probably the best iPhone programming book I've read so far. You don't need to be a genius to understand this book. It would be nice if the book went over UiKit and building regular Apps more, but I guess that's a bit of a different subject. This book is more about game programming. It does have a good chapter for cocos2d and UiKit integration but you will need more study material to fully understand UIKit
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on March 26, 2013
If you want to develop game with Cocos2d this is the wright book for you. You can download exercise application with source code and run code on Mac while reading. This is the best way to learn a software.
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on December 22, 2012
This is a great book if you want to learn Cocos2d. They really do cover everything very well. It shows that they took a lot of time to make this book good.
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