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on September 5, 2016
I purchased the Skeleton for my job (I work for a construction company in the shop) and perform a lot of maintenance when I just need something at hand immediately to get the job done.
The skeletool fits my needs perfectly, weighing a light 5.1 ounces. The knife can be accessed from the outside of the tool (a must have for me), and the tools on the Skeletool are paired down to be the essentials of what you need for everyday use. The pliers are strong, the wire cutters function flawlessly. It feels good in the hand and looks elegant (to me).

I made the mistake of not doing my research at first and buying a multi tool called the Crucial by Gerber before I bought my Skeletool. While similar in function, the form factor, ergonomics, weight, and quality were just...lacking in the Crucial. It was heavier, the pliers were weak, and really the only plus was that I could access the two (non swap-able) drivers with one hand.

Back to the Skeletool. The only complaint I have, and the reason for four stars is the locking system for the driver heads. There is a small tab that rocks in and out to tighten/loosen the drivers. I have had it come loose in me a few times, but since I became aware of how it functions, it hasn't given me any issues.

Bottom line: If you want a quality multi tool for edc, small repairs around house, shop, and that simply WORKS, you will not be disappointed with the Skeletool.
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on June 27, 2016
I recently purchased (RE-Purchased?) the leatherman skeletool and am so glad i did. I have had one of these (a skeletool cx) since around 2010. I carried it with me everyday, at work, as a U.S. Marine, or at home as a dad and all around regular guy. It came in handy so many times that i began to take it for granted. I had 2 of them and gave each one away to a Marine that worked for me when one got promoted and when one left Active duty. just as a thank you to how much i appreciated them. I gave the last one away around June/july 2014 and i just havent been the same since. I was always constantly looking for it before i left the house, realizing i gave it away and vowing to go buy another, but something always came up. (Plus i tore both achilles tendons 6 months apart from each other so i didnt really think i needed one around that time as i wouldnt be up and around fixing things) Being retired brings its own challenges, one of them is that with so much spare time on my hands, i have time to find things that need to be fixed or adjusted. I kept thinking, if i only had my leatherman i would fix that right now and not worry about it. I finally had enough and ordered one recently. I got the cheaper version because...ehh, its not that different, and with it being all silver theres less chance of misplacing it. WOW. what a difference. Theres more pep in my step, more junk in my trunk, (insert your own saying here) You get what im saying. I definitely dont have that "am i forgetting something" feeling when i leave the house as much as i used to. because i have my security blanket back. Now let me go find a project thats way more than i should even think of tackling, like replacing an engine or or adjusting a satellite booster to get it back into geosynchrous orbit, because its not that i have the knowledge or know how to fix these things, but with my leatherman skeletool, i always think i can. So, theres my review. I guess i should break it down practically.
PROS- I use this thing @ least once a day. even if its just opening mail.
-I hardly have to run to the toolbox to fix something because i have all of the tools in my pocket.
-Its compact enough to fit in my pocket, but sturdy and tough enough for the job. (Disclaimer- I have broken one of the skeletool cx models. but i had had it for 3 years and had put it through the wringer. Afghanistan and back kind of wringer. Which leads me to my next pro
-Customer service is awesome. After i stopped crying due to breaking my skeletool, I called leatherman and pleaded with them to help. they obliged and had me mail back my fatally injured skeletool and sent me out a brand new one. ( I hear the injured one made a full recovery and now works @ an assisted living home for seniors.)
CONS-umm, its....let me think....Oh yeah, you dont have one.......yet.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 29, 2015
Quite nice, has everything I need for small jobs around the house.

- The driver is decent, and can be used with only one side lf the plier handle unfolded. The 2d Philips works surprisingly well, even on small screws. It locks in, and there is a spring release lever.
- A serrated knife is good to have for cutting rope or other coarse objects, so I like having a serrated/combo blade. The blade locks and, and while the liner is a bit thin, it seems to be solid. There is a metal (brass/composite?) washer in the knife pivot on the far side, which is usually better than teflon long term as it wears better. However, there is a teflon washer on the other side. It looks like leatherman sells replacement blades.. combo 420hc for 20$ as well as a non serrated for 25$ with higher grade steel (cx version). All blades are interchangeable between models.
- The pliers and cutters are a bit small, but should be good enough for bending weak metals, tightening nuts, etc. They add to most of the weight on the tool. The only real downside here is that they are not spring loaded. In hand, the pliers feel pretty good as the outside of the handle is rounded and does not dig in.
- Most of the tool is stainless. There is an aluminum insert on the handle, on the clip side which becomes part of the plier grip. Using the pocket clip works well, and the bottom of the tool is rounded so it won't dig into your leg.
- The bottle opener probably works, so it's there when you need it. The combined carabiner is OK... it is a little bent on mine. I like that I can clip/unclip my keys to it, as the pocket clip is on the other side. This let's me clip the tool to my jeans pocket, and hold my keys suspended in pocket.
- The ergonomics are designed for right handed people. The knife opens/closes easily with one hand (thumb to open, index to close), but only in the right. To open it in the left hand, it must be reversed, which causes the pocket clip to get in the way, and requires two fingers to open/close.
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on May 17, 2017
Got this to replace my handy Gerber Multi-tool I've had for years after losing it. This one is way simpler, only a screwdriver, pliers and knife, but really that's about all I use anyway.

- Feels good in the hand, and I really like the belt clip rather than keeping it in my pocket or in a case.
- The knife is also much more substantial than most multi-tools. Also you can open it with one hand which I couldn't do with my Gerber.
- The hard wire cutter is handy if you're like me and cut a lot of copper and/or steel wire.

- It would be nice if the screwdriver bits were standard sized, if I lose one, I have to go to Leatherman instead of just picking some up at the hardware store.
- The screwdriver bit isn't centered well, so it's a little hard to use if you have a long screw, but this is for 'in a pinch' type of situations, so not-ideal isn't a dealbreaker.. just seems like if they thought a little more about it, it could work really well as a screwdriver.
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on February 7, 2016
As I walk and my farm every day I complete this sentence, multiple times a day, as follows: I'd better walk back and get my...
wire snipper

Never once have I said: I'd better walk back and get my...
nail file
teeny tiny scissors.

This multi-tool has exactly what I need and use, and nothing else. As a result it's lightweight and not bulky. I put it on a lanyard (through a hole in the handle, not the carabiner clip) secured to the zipper of an inside pocket of my farm jacket so it is always on hand. I've had it a week and it's saved me about an hour just in walking back and forth for tools. Most of what I do doesn't require anything tougher than this.

The knife was plenty sharp out of the box. Mine has serrations at the base. I've used it to cut straps off hay bales, slice open a foot of 1/8" diameter poly tubing, cut various strings, and it's as sharp as any pocket knife I've had. The blade opens easily and locks in place. I love that I can open and use the knife without opening anything else - it feels like a regular pocket knife, not a blade sticking out of a wad of metal. The reversible screwdriver bit is in a firm slip fit with a detent lever to hold it in place. It's enclosed when the tool is closed, so there's no danger it will drop out unless you're using the pliers. Mine came with a reversible (2 sizes) Phillips bit in position and another reversible flat head bit stored in a clever space in the handle. There is a bottle opener, for the 1 in a million chance I wander a cross a non-screw top beer for which I had not previously prepared; I'm more likely to use that to pry out staples, and it looks sturdy enough for that.

The pliers look as sturdy as the design allows. I use pliers to twist wire, including tough high tensile wire. If the pliers aren't up to that task I'll amend my review. That said, they're light to medium duty pliers at best and if the job calls for a heavy duty tool I should go get one.

So my farm jacket now has this multi-tool, 10' of paracord and a few pieces of wire. I'm hard pressed to think of an emergency I couldn't deal with with that.
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on January 31, 2015
I have had a host of Leatherman Multi Tools.

I started off with a Wave, to see if I'd actually use it enough to invest more money into it (about 8 years ago)

Well I liked it so much I bought the Surge. I then gave my Wave to a fellow engineer only to realize how cumbersome the Surge truly is to carry around all day in a sheath. But I dealt with it until I finally started to not carry it with me due to the sheer size and weight of it.

That's what led me to this. I looked between the Skeletool and Wingman (Since I already have the Surge in my truck/toolbox when needed) The Wingman has more tools along with spring loaded pliers and scissors but doesn't have replaceable bits, or the carabiner/bottle opener combo to hook it on a beltloop.

Anyway the blade, pliers, screw driver (plus bits), bottle opener is all that is needed for me on a daily basis. If you don't have a larger multi tool then I could see getting one with more features. Just pay attention to the listed weight.
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on March 4, 2016
No useless saw
Inexpensive for a leather man
Only the tools you need

Very stiff
No straight blade

I bought this tool about 2 weeks ago on the recommendation of some fellow techs on r/sysadmin. It's truly the perfect tool for a computer guy. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. I've found the pliers to be great and fine tipped enough for some occasions when I'd normally be reaching for needle nose pliers. The wire cutters work great for zip ties. The bit driver is the best of any multi tool I've used. Putting one arm of the tool at a 90° angle for some extra torque; I've been able to mount things to drywall and even plywood.

The knife is sharp and despite its futuristic look it is very comfortable in the hand.

I will be purchasing more bits for the driver in the future.

My only complaints are the lack of a straight edge blade (what the hell do people need serrated blades for?) and the fact that it has been almost painfully stiff to open the pliers. That being said, I'd much rather have it too stiff than loosey-goosey.

The Leatherman Skeletool, the official multi-tool of "did you try turning it off and back on again?"
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on October 29, 2015
I've always heard good things about Leatherman and bought this multi-tool for a trip to Maine where I'd be doing a number of outdoors activity. As far as the tools go, they came in handy. Unfortunately, the little spring/tension clip that allows you to slide this onto a pocket (similar to a pen clip) started to lose its tension after only a few days of wearing on a thin pair of cargo paints. After contacting Leatherman, they did send me a couple of extra tension springs (free of charge) but it seems this should last longer than a few days. It's probably a result of using lightweight materials to keep this as a lightweight multi-tool. If I were to do it all over again, I'd probably look for other options and not worry about the weight. And I'd probably still consider Leatherman as they did provide decent customer service.
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on October 15, 2015
I love this knife. Perfect combination of size and functionality. I found that most leathermans (full size) are too heavy to walk with everywhere I go and there are times when a simple pocket knife isn't enough. This brings the best of both worlds together. Just about the size and weight of a standard knife but much, much more useful. I walk with this everywhere I go and sometimes the biggest problem I have is forgetting I have it on me.


After carrying this tool every day for a few months I ended up carrying one fishing (I own 3) and afterwards I did my standard washdown with freshwater and dried as best as I could with a towel. The next day the tool was filled with rust! I then thought maybe I did something wrong so I allocated that one to be my saltwater tool and only used the others for dry carry.

Lo and behold I ended up fishing again with a different one and this time it got very bloody. I held my breath and left it to soak in some soap water overnight, thinking rust forms when mixed with oxygen, right? WRONG! I checked it today and the whole thing was filled with rust. Starting from the screwdriver heads all the way through the tool was filled with rust. I have never seen anything like it. 30 minutes later with a wire brush I got most of it off.

I have owned many leathermans in the past, never seen this level of corrosion. Then again the last one I bought was many years ago and the bulky old boy is still going strong. Not sure what Leatherman has done with their metallurgy but something has gone horribly wrong.

Still a great tool but had to go from 5 to 3 stars because of the rust issue.

My only regret is that I didn't take a picture before I cleaned it. I was so shocked this review was an afterthought. Sea goers beware.
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on January 15, 2017
I am a maintenance technician and I wanted something that would always be at my side. I've purchased multi tools that needed to be loaded onto my belt. The problem was that I would be fully dressed before realizing I still didn't have the multi tool on me. This tool has solved that problem. It can hang on a sturdy beltloop. Barring that, there is a handy side clip that keeps this Leatherman tool at the top of a pocket.
I can recommend the Leatherman tool and the seller for prompt shipping.
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