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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 9, 2015
I just realized that after two years of owning this item, I hadn't written a review. I need to change that, because this is a seriously great multitool.

Since March 2013 I have carried the Letterman Skeletool in my left pocket nearly every day, Approximately 900 days. I use it all the time. A knife, Pliers, and Screw driver are my three "essential" tools, and this one combined those three items, with the added benefit that the knife is easy to access. I also use the bottle opener from time to time, but not nearly as frequently.

Over the last ~900 days the skeletool has held up remarkably well. I oil the hinges as needed (only a couple times), and keep the blade sharp, but other than that it has needed no maintenance. As is expected (and personally reasonable) the clip that sits exposed to the outside of my pants has experienced a little wear, but nothing that I care about (I don't want a tool that looks brand new anyway) and the blade guard also has a little but of wear. The tool looks like it has been used, but all the wear is cosmetic, with some minor maintenance it performs as good as new.

The blade: The only reason I bought the Carbon fiber version of this knife was for the better blade. The carbon fiber doesn't really save a noticeable amount of weight, but it's worth the extra price for the better blade. I keep the blade sharp, and with frequent use, the blade holds an edge well. I bought the 830850 specifically because I didn't want a serrated blade. Keep your knife sharp enough and you shouldn't need to saw.

Not only do I carry this thing every day, but I use it pretty much daily too. Just today I've used it to open an amazon package, and I also used the pliers to open a window at my office that is missing the hand crank.

The thing that I love about this tool is that it is small enough that I don't notice it unless I need it. It sits flat in my pocket and doesn't get in the way.

I have two minor complaints, but I feel that they aren't a big enough deal to warrant deducting a star.

The first is my main complaint, the wire strippers are not fantastic. They will do if you are really, really desperate but most of the time I'm in a scenario where I need to strip wire it is easier for me to go grab a pair of strippers, because if I'm stripping wire I'm in our server room, where we have seemingly dozens of pairs of strippers, or at home where I have some. The other leatherman I own (a very, *very* old Supertool 200) also has bad strippers.

My other little nagging point is that they way you store the excess bit head isn't the best. If you keep your fingernails trimmed close like I do the spare bit is difficult to remove.

Other than those two minor sticking points I have no complaints about this thing. It has come in super handy, and I can't imagine life without it.
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on September 23, 2013
A little background - I used to have an older Gerber multi-tool that I liked, but it was a little too big and heavy to carry in my pocket, and I wasn't going to wear it on my belt in the sheath everyday. I've tried a bunch of other little tools without much luck. About a year ago I bought the Leatherman Style CS, and that his lived on my keychain since, and I use it quite often.

While I like the CS, I was looking for a little bit of a bigger tool and a better blade when I saw this. I really like the look of the this family of tools, and the reviews were excellent.

I've had this for about a week now, and my initial review is that it's the best multi-tool I've ever had. It looks great, and feels great.

The blade is a nice quality, and the bit driver is awesome. I do wish that it came with a combined phillips/flathead bit, and it could free up the extra bit holder for a hex or something else that gets used often. I've seen that the smaller bit set has one, but oddly not the bigger, nicer bit set.

Comfort is the big thing that will keep me carrying this. I carry it in my front right picket with the clip outside, and I don't even feel it. And once in hand, it just fits my hand well. I like the little groove for your index finger with the knife blade out, and holding the pliers feel natural. I was a little worried about the ergonomics of the drive, but I haven't had any issues at all.
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on March 7, 2015
This is my first multi-tool, but I did a lot of research before buying it. I wanted something that could replace my single purpose assisted-open Kershaw that I've been carrying in my pocket for years. I love that knife, but I wanted something a bit more practical. It's easy to look at all the multi-tools out there and think that you want one with tons and tons of tools on it so you can be prepared for anything, but in reality how often are you going to need most of the stuff on some of these tools? I really wasn't sure at first, so I bought a Leatherman Charge TTI at the same time. I tried it out for a few days and the bulk and weight really started to get to me so I returned it.

Same size and weight as my knife.
Higher quality steel than my knife
Great little pliers, useful driver bits, and a handy bottle opener.
Seems very well made, and backed by Leatherman's awesome warranty if it does break.

Smaller knife than my dedicated knife
Slower deploying than my spring assisted knife (but still pretty quick)
A bit stiff, but breaking in more every day

The main two competitors I found were the SOG Powerduo and the Gerber Crucial F.A.S.T., both are paired down multi-tools that are really only giving you the essentials. None of them are perfect, and honestly the Leatherman doesn't win out on the spec sheet. The SOG has the highly thought of leveraged pliers which I really wanted, and the Gerber has a spring assisted blade which I really didn't want to give up. Unfortunately both of them have quite a few negative reviews about quality control which isn't that shocking considering their origin. The Leatherman also has some negative reviews about the pliers breaking, but half the people admitted using them in ways they weren't intended, and I would wager that a fair portion of the other half just won't admit doing the same. I really like Leatherman as a company and wanted to support them despite having the less featured tool (although the Leatherman definitely has the highest quality knife of the three and it's the lightest!)
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on May 17, 2017
More useful than a pocket knife but just as unintrusive to carry. This tool is not for heavy duty work but having the screw driver and pliers have come in handy more than a few times. The blade is sharp, stays sharp and great for all the tasks that one might as a pocket knife to do. If you carry for selfdefense, this isn't for you, but if you carry for utility you will be happy to have this in your pocket.
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on July 26, 2016
I have been carrying the Skeletool CX for a couple of weeks now and I am loving it. I have never really carried multitools much because of the extra bulk and they are not convenient to carry in a pocket. For me they have unnecessary tools that I would never use. The Skeletool CX is a perfect fit for me.
First it is lightweight and compact, it is lighter and than some of my larger pocket knives, it is slightly thicker than a pocket knife but only about 1/16-1/8" and it isn't noticeable. As far as the tools it has the necessities, plier with wire cutters, knife, 2 phillips and 2 flathead screwdriver bits. The fit and finish on the pliers is top notch, when the pliers closed you have to look very closely to see the line where they meet, very good for small objects. The blade came sharp, not quite hair shaving sharp, but had a good edge. 154cm is a good steel that holds its edge very well and is a nice touch. The screwdriver bits are held in securely in the bit driver and in the handle where the extra one is carried. The bits work well and have had any issues with them or anything on this tool. The pocketclip is a little thin and doesn't grip as well as I would like, but with that said I have had no issues with it falling out or sliding around.
I would definitely recommend this if you want to carry a multitool but don't want to carry larger ones on your belt or don't like the bulk of the smaller ones in your pocket.
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on December 5, 2014
I purchased my Skeletool CX in August of 2008 and have carried it in my front right pocket nearly every single day since, before I knew or cared what "EDC" meant.

The main thing to take away from this review is that it is still my knife/multi-tool of choice. I have dozens of pocket knives and three other multi-tools, but this, just like my keys and wallet, is what I check my pocket for every morning before heading out the door.

The Skeletool CX is light, not bulky like other "full-featured" multi-tools, keeps an edge for a decent amount of time (I sharpen it every 3 months or so), and the pocket clip keeps it in place and easily accessible. I use the knife every day for things like opening boxes or mail, cutting rope, and a number of other things you would expect. I use the pliers a few times a week on average, sometimes alone and other times in tandem with another set of pliers. They have performed admirably, although I have never used them on something that would have required I squeeze enough to hurt my hand or twist enough to think they might actually break. The bottle opener even comes in handy from time to time.

My only real complaint, and the reason I deducted a star from my review, is the bit driver. It works fine while your using it. I even own the Leatherman Bit Kit and keep it in a small Maxpedition pouch (along with other items), but I can't keep a bit in the driver while in my pocket and expect it to still be there the next time I reach for the Skeletool CX. I've lost three bits over 5 years because they fell out at some point. I've found a bit the fell out of the driver and into my pocket literally dozens of other times. It's not like they cost a ton of money, but if I could keep a bit in the driver, the Skeletool CX would simply be a better multitool.

I have had to remove the pocket clip 3 or 4 times and bend it back into place so that it would stay secured at the top of my front right pocket, but this is not too serious an issue. Just be sure to have a small Torx screwdriver in order to remove the clip. I have a small Kershaw Torx Tool keychain I keep with my Leatherman Bit Kit that has three bits, one of which works perfectly for removing the pocket clip. The same bit can also be used to disassemble the knife enough to do a serious cleaning, which I do maybe once a year or so.
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on April 17, 2016
Good simple multi-tool for everyday carry. I have bought two of these, the first lasted a year of very hard and heavy usage and the second I still have and use today (2009-2016). The knife opens without having to open the pliers which is great but I find the blade to be made of a softer steel, compared to some of my fixed blade knives, so it needs to be sharped on a regular basis with hard usage. Both of mine had smooth blades and I haven't ever used the half serrated version. It is very easy to keep this blade razor sharp with weekly runs over a butcher's steel and any nicks can be repaired with a fine file. It comes with two screw driver bits, one is held at the end of the handle ready to use and the other is held in by a magnet. On both of my knives I quickly lost the bit held in by the magnet. But the bit held in the end of the handle has never fallen out. Oh yeah this also has I bottle opener on one of the plier handles. It's a little hard to use at first but with practice it will pop tops without any trouble. The pliers work good for small, low torque usage because of their small size, think more needle nose pliers. I used my first pair mostly to remove the locking link on roller chain, a job at which these pliers excel. The down side to the pliers is they are weak when used in any hard twisting motion. That is the manner in which I broke my first pair. When you stay within the limitations of this tool it is excellent but don't think this could replace a pair of bigger stronger pliers.
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on November 23, 2014
I have very few complaints about this multitool. I've had it for about a year now and I use the Skeletool everyday on the job for cutting open packaging, rope, and plastic bags. The knife is super sharp out of the box, but I'm sure it can get a hell of a lot sharper if I send it out to a knife sharpener or do it myself. It's pretty light, and very comfortable to have clipped inside my pocket or on a belt loop. The carabiner is amazing, as well as the clip. The carabiner allows me to attach it to a belt loop if I'm wearing jeans, and the clip allows it to securely attach to either the waist of my sweatpants or to the inside of a pocket without me worrying if it's going to fall out.

Note that this multitool has very few actual tools on it. The pliers assembly, the knife, and the screwdrivers. However, upon closer inspection there is also a bottle opener on the carabiner (works perfectly) and wire cutters on the pliers (also flawless). I've heard stories about the top of the pliers breaking, but that hasn't been a problem for me. I'm constantly using them to tighten down large shackles as tightly as my arms would allow, and they don't show wear and tear yet. Plus, Leatherman has a huge warranty on their tools, so I'm not too worried.

My only complaint is the comfortablility of using this thing for long periods of time, especially the screwdriver function. The blade is great, I can easily open and close it quickly with one hand. But the comfort issues come up when using the screwdriver. With such an unusual shape, it's kind of hard to get a good rotation going when the tool is opened up and straight. But it still works, just a little uncomfortable. The pliers also take some getting used to, but with after a little getting used to and some WD40, they're great, too.

Altogether, this thing is very functional, looks fantastic, and is pretty durable. There are very few signs of wear and tear, no scratches on the paint, but a little rust around the hinge of the pliers. Only buy it if you are sure you can get by with the 3 major tools on this guy, because it's not gonna give you any more. It doesn't do a whole lot, but the few things it does are executed perfectly.
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on June 20, 2016
The Leatherman Skeletool CX goes with me everywhere. It was quite humorous as my friend and I both shared the same story the first week we owned this multi-tool. We both searched for excuses to use our tools, such as cutting up fruit or putting a table together from IKEA. After the hype wore off, I surprisingly found myself using this tool quite often. The blade does get worn and requires maintenance along with sharpening. The pliers have given me no issues thus far but I've only been using them with light-duty work. There is a bit set that compliments the Skeletool CX quite well. All of the bits can fit and be replaced onto the head of the tool. Lovely tool. Best I've owned.
review image review image review image review image
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on February 14, 2016
I'm a tool freak apparently. I didn't know it until I purchased this Skeletool from Leatherman. I keep this in my jacket pocket when doing outdoor activities like skiing or hiking and in my tail bag when mountain biking. It's very light, the lightest of the available tools from Leatherman, and very functional. While it's not the same as having a full tool kit, I also don't want to carry around a bunch or other specific tools for these activities. This is a compromise tool, to be sure, but if something breaks or comes loose, then I have a decent chance of not having to immediately end what I'm doing. It has a sharp knife, decent pliers and a multifunction screwdriver (Philips and flat blades included)

The quality of this tool is great, on par with the larger multi-tools from Leatherman and the visible carbon fiber makes it look cool too! Having a replaceable main locking blade and the interchangeable bits for the drivers are important features for long term use. Unless you lose this, it should be around for a long time. The 25 year warranty just adds to the peace of mind that this tool will be used for many years.

If you get this multitool (and you should if you need a small tool to take with with you), be sure to consider getting the bit assortment here: as this option includes many more options and sizes for the drivers.
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