Customer Reviews: Leave it to Beaver, Season Four: Kite Day
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on May 26, 2010
This is not the best season, but it has arguably the best episode - "In the Soup" - and let us thank Shout Factory for continuing to issue the series season by season.

This season includes:

"Beaver Won't Eat" Original air date October 1, 1960

"Beaver's House Guest" October 8, 1960

"Beaver Becomes a Hero" October 15, 1960

"Wally, the Lifeguard" October 22, 1960

"Beaver's Freckles" October 29, 1960

"Beaver's Big Contest" November 5, 1960

"Miss Landers' Fiance" November 12, 1960

"Eddie's Double-Cross" November 19, 1960

"Beaver's I.Q." November 26, 1960

"Wally's Glamor Girl" December 3, 1960

"Chuckie's New Shoes" December 10, 1960

"Beaver and Kenneth" December 17, 1960

"Beaver's Accordion" December 24, 1960

"Uncle Billy" December 31, 1960

"Teacher's Daughter" January 7, 1961

"Ward's Millions" January 14, 1961

"Beaver's Secret Life" January 21, 1961

"Wally's Track Meet" January 28, 1961

"Beaver's Old Buddy" February 4, 1961

"Beaver's Tonsils" February 11, 1961

"The Big Fish Count" February 18, 1961

"Beaver's Poster" February 25, 1961

"Mother's Helper" March 4, 1961

"The Dramatic Club" March 11, 1961

"Wally and Dudley" March 18, 1961

"Eddie Spends the Night" March 25, 1961

"Beaver's Report Card" April 1, 1961

"Mistaken Identity" April 8, 1961

"Wally's Dream Girl" April 15, 1961

"The School Picture" April 22, 1961

"Beaver's Rat" April 29, 1961

"In the Soup" May 6, 1961

"Community Chest" May 13, 1961

"Junior Fire Chief" May 20, 1961

"Beaver's Frogs" May 27, 1961

"Beaver Goes in Business" June 3, 1961

"Kite Day" June 10, 1961

"Beaver's Doll Buggy" June 17, 1961

"Substitute Father" June 24, 1961

For a better episode guide, see wallyandthebeav DOT blogspot DOT com
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on October 16, 2013
I have bought the first four Seasons of Leave It To Beaver & watch usually two episodes a day for comfort in taking me back to a safer & care~free time in our USA History & fondly remembering watching this show with my baby brother & parents, now deceased from 1982 (Mom) & 1995 (Dad). I have ordered Seasons Five & Six & expect them any day!
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on March 31, 2015
Leave It to Beaver has always been one of my favorite re-run shows to watch on TV, so I decided to buy some of the DVD season sets. So far I've purchased seasons 1 through 4, and purchased them in order. I loved the first two seasons. By the third season, some of the humor was beginning to wear a little thin. And now, by the fourth season, that is definitely the case. Though I still like the show, I have begun to have some issues with how it is developing, or rather, not developing.

I guess the main problem I have with it is that Beaver (played by Jerry Mathers) has aged three years beyond the first season, but he's still acting like a "dumb little kid". He has not progressed in maturity one iota. Another thing, is that when I was growing up, I would simply not have anything to do with kids like Beaver, i.e., kids that lie to you, constantly get in trouble, fill you full of baloney, etc. I only kept friends that I could rely upon. Perhaps this would have been okay in some other kind of show or in a secondary character, but LITB is supposed to be one of those comedies that gives a humorous look at real family life. I've also never liked kids that smelled. His uncleanliness was funny the first two years, but now in the fourth season is not. I therefore cannot identify with Beaver, but that is not the case with other characters on the show. I still find it interesting, though, how the other characters play off of the Beaver character and his shenanigans.

Now for the other characters. Beaver's mother June drives me batty. I suppose Barbara Billingsley is just following the script, and she acts believably and well, but June has all the stereotypical mother qualities I dislkie, such as using the words "cute" and "sweet" in situations that drive the male of the species crazy. She is totally clueless as to what little boys are like, and has the often typical female "helpless" persona about some things—for instance, she is unable to even change a light bulb. When I do really like her character is when she uses the subtle indirect approach to get Beaver or Wally to do the right thing, and she does dote on her kids, which is a quality trait. I suppose June is sort of a product of her era. If LITB were being filmed today, I'm sure the June character would be a little more assertive. I have to think that Barbara sometimes cringed inside with some of the things she had to speak or act out in the role.

I like the father Ward. Hugh Beaumont does a fine job with his character. This is kind of curious, though, because when I was a kid, I didn't like the Ward character so much. I thought he was a bit too strict and authoritative. Still, when he accepts Beaver's promise that he will "never do anything like that again", I want to drill some sense into the guy. And why is he so clumsy in a kitchen? Everybody has a certain level of expertise in the kitchen, but he has absolutely none. Still, I do find that lack of expertise funny, even though it is as much a stereotype as June's light bulb aversion.

Wally is my favorite of the main characters. Tony Dow really does a fine job in his role. I have no quibbles about his character at all. I generally find the Wally character the most humorous of the main characters, and wish it was the main character. I can identify with this guy. Every now and then, there is a scene where Tony Dow is just barely able to keep a straight face, or maybe not, as the situation is so ridiculously funny. I treasure those.

Now for the lesser characters. First off, the ones no longer in the show. I really miss Larry, acted by Rusty Stevens. He was even a worse kid than Beaver, but for some reason I liked him better. His facial expressions were sometimes the funniest of any of the regular characters. I understand he was let go because of issues with his real life mother. I'm not sure who acted as his mother on the show, but she was a real trip. She was even more helpless than June Cleaver, but I found her hilarious, not frustrating. I also miss Judy Hensler. I don't know why she was replaced with another character. She was so perfectly obnoxious in her role. Perhaps she was maturing too fast. I also miss the little boy Benjie across the street who eats snails, even though he was supposedly only in three episodes. I think he was probably dropped because at his age, he would have aged too much in a year or two for the type of little kid humor he provided.

I like the Eddie Haskell character, played by Ken Osmond, better now than I did in the first two seasons. Unlike Beaver, the writers and directors have allowed him to mature and develop. Now we sometimes see glimpses of what Wally must see in him. After all, there must be some reason Wally keeps him as his best friend, because Eddie is usually a real "creep".

The Whitey character is also very funny. I like the way he has of smiling after he says something perhaps a little awkwardly or stupid, or when the teacher is pleased with him about something.

Gus, played by Burt Mustin, the fireman at the reserve fire station, is a great character I'd like to see more of. I like the way he always pays attention to Beaver, whereas most adults would probably just want Beaver to get out of their hair. Gus only appeared in fifteen episodes total through 1962, but I guess they couldn't have the Cleaver kids spending that much time down at a fire station.

In conclusion, I still find the series enjoyable to watch, and it is good family entertainment, something that does not really exist anymore on today's television. Beaver does need to grow up a little bit. When I get season 5 on DVD, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised in that regard. Sometimes I get tired of the weekly lessons the show tries to teach, but then, that is probably a good quality for a show to provide for much younger viewers. All things considered, you can't go wrong with buying this DVD, unless you are looking to get your periodic doses of vulgarity and other forms of "adult" humor.
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on January 26, 2010
Finally! According to TVShowsOnDVD Shout Factory has licensed Leave It To Beaver from Universal and will release a season 3 set on June 15, 2010 and a Complete Series set on June 29, 2010. The fourth season is set to be released on September 14, 2010, with the final 2 seasons to follow in individual sets thereafter. They are remastering all episodes and are producing bonus material too! This is the best news possible for this series, Shout Factory always does a great job on the shows they rescue.
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on January 19, 2016
Great Season of a great show at a great price. You really can't go wrong with that! This is a classic show that every kid should be exposed to. Why only let them watch the modern shows of today that is chalk full of compromising situations. inuendo and bad language? Life was so different back in these old 'black and white' days, but the eisodes are still relevant today. I did not grow up watching the original airings on tv, but I am glad to have grown up with reruns on TVLand.
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on November 27, 2015
This review is for the actual item not the series
I bought all seasons and at least 1 disk out of all 6 seasons has some kinda manufacture defect on it, looks like smudges on the disk. B items sold here
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on September 16, 2015
Leave it to Beaver, use to watch this as a kid and still remember watching. i grew up in a middle class area well if you look at Beavers neighborhood it looks upperclass to me. but anyhow, Now my grandchildren can watch and enjoy.
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on February 6, 2014
Watched this SITCOM growing up and remember the lessons taught in it. Got a couple seasons for the grandsons, just hope the lessons in the shows will one day click in their minds. My wife and I still watch "the Beaver".
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on June 19, 2014
This is another of my very favorite old shows. I watch it everyday on TV and dvr it as well as having the dvd's. It's clean, fun and cursing, sexual inuendos, etc.

Love it! Love it! Love it!! :)
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on July 8, 2013
I already had season 1 & 2 and read info and reviews about more recent seasons. TV shows Leave it to Beaver still on some channels but when they aren't on, and you want to watch a show, it's great to ave a DVD.
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