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on November 24, 2013
THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We moved into an upstairs apartment and our downstairs neighbors have 3 barking dogs. They let the dogs out in the front patio area at about 6 am. Every time someone walks by, a bird tweets or an ant crawls these dogs go into barking hysteria. We did everything to talk to management to even bordering up our bedroom window with sheet rock!!! Yes it got that bad! And nothing worked. Two pieces of sheet rock and we heard the dogs clear as day. We had lost all hope at this point and began waiting out our year sentence until we could move. I decided to look into a noise machine to see if something could minimize the sound at least until we moved. During my research I found a bunch of machines with sound descriptions such as 'Ocean', 'Nature', 'Waterfalls' etc. I knew these 'calming' sounds would never block out the three terrorists that lived beneath us. I knew when we had the AC it on it helped somewhat (but you still heard the dogs) but since it was cold the AC was of no use. I read the reviews on this little machine and I loved the fact that is had 'various FAN sounds' and volume control. So I said what the hey lets give it a try. Let me tell you, this machine was sent from the G-O-D himself. This machine blocked out every single solitary noise. My husband and I have slept like babies. It's the best thing ever. I was so shocked the first few mornings I thought the dogs weren't outside. I thought there is no way this machine has completely blocked out these dogs. But lo and behold, one morning I got up from a great night sleep and walked in the living room and the dogs were barking at there normal level and not a peep was heard in the bedroom. This is the best investment I've made in a long time. BTW I have been purchasing items on Amazon for years, this is my first review. I felt compelled to share my new found glory with others :-)
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on August 4, 2015
 I call the Lectrofan my "Little Cone of silence." I already own another sound machine which I enjoy quite a bit, it's got really nice sounds that relax me and help me to get to sleep. I thought that it worked pretty well until I had a house guest that snored like a "Freight Train" and had a tendency to watch action adventure movies until late at night. I turned up the volume on my fancy sound machine but it didn't seem to make any difference. I did some research to find a machine that had better sound blocking characteristics and the Lectrofan was highly recommended. I'm happy to say that the Lectrofan has lived up to its reputation as an excellent sound blocking machine. I just turn up the volume until I don't hear the offending sounds anymore and the timer shuts off the machine when I am fast asleep. I'm a sound-sensitive light sleeper and this is the best noise blocker that I've ever used!
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on October 31, 2013
Moved into brand spanking new office space that is so quiet you can hear every flatulence, chip crunch, carrot bite, soup slurp, (boorish) conversation, whisper or otherwise, every phone call (if I concentrate hard enough, both sides), keyboard click, mouse movement, tummy rumble, foot step (nicknamed a couple new clod hoppers), sniff, sneeze, coffee slurp, burp, soda can opening, staple punch, paper printed, knuckle cracking annoyance from every inch of the 4000 square foot expedient path to nightmarish hell ...

Then the LectroFan arrived.

Peace came.

Will to live returned.

Murderous thoughts dissipated.

Does exactly as is says on the tin.

You should buy it. You should buy two.

Countless co-workers owe you their lives.

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on September 5, 2015
With BOSE like sound quality, this is by far the best sound machine I've literally ever "heard" of.
The sound quality is crystal clear and unmatched. It truly does live up to its name as a "sound machine".
Seeing it was highly rated, I thought everyone was simply following suit. But this is the best sound machine.
Has 20 different sounds, 10 fans and 10 white noise. Watching a review online, it only seemed like 8 total.
But this has a variety of sounds, especially the fan selection. Fans range from industrial, ventilation, house, air purifier, oscillating and a few others I can't pin point.
The white noise simply starts at a low frequency, then goes higher through each selection. I think the highest can block out annoying birds with high pitched sounds, or even noisy household members.
There is no fan inside and the entire unit is closed. All sounds are fully electronic without anyone ever noticing a loop or the sound is repetitious.
Compared to a video review I watched about a sound machine that uses a fan, this has more variety.
Even the volume is louder than other sound machines, and without an actual fan, it uses less electricity.
The only CON I have about this unit, is if our house power goes out from an electrical storm, when this powers back up it automatically comes on.
When entering the house, I sometimes hear the machine on. It tells me the power went out. But also makes me think I left the fan on.

Update 09112015: Excellent customer support. Was explained how to keep machine off. In that case, the automatic power on feature is great for those who never want the machine to turn off with lost of power.
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on July 9, 2016
 I've been using the LectroFan for a couple of months now and I love it. I need the noise of a fan or I can't sleep at all. I hear every little sound and get zero sleep. I used to use an actual fan, and always had to find one that was loud enough to block out noises from outside and within the house. I liked my last fan, it was nice and loud, but as it got older it started to rattle and vibrate which does the opposite of helping me sleep! It was also bulky and impossible to travel with. I need to have just a smooth but loud fan sound and that's exactly what this LectroFan gives me.

I figured a bonus to switching to an electronic sound machine would be that it would be much easier to travel with. I was correct, as this fan packs easily in a suitcase. I had tried some phone apps first, but they all had bad sound quality and breaks in the sound loop were very distracting. I did my research on table top sound machines and listened to as many videos as I could find online and decided on the LectroFan. I knew I didn't want a machine with sound loops, and from what I read this one would not have that. Again, correct. I cannot detect any sound looping or breaks.

This little machine is like magic. You have 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds. I prefer the fan sounds, and there are so many to choose from that you will definitely find one that you like. Given that the speaker covers the top of the unit and points up the sound is somehow magically spread out over the room and is much more realistic than a tiny little phone speaker or front facing electronic speaker.

The biggest feature for me is the volume I can achieve with this machine. If I can't get my fan sound loud enough it won't help me sleep, so my #1 priority is that it can get loud enough. This machine CAN get loud enough. My daughter has the more "popular" Marpac, which I was tempted to get, but when she said "I just wish it was a little bit louder" I knew that was not going to be my choice. I'm thrilled with the LectroFan volume. It can get so loud that I don't even need to put it on full volume!

I love all the fan choices you get with LectroFan. I'm not one to use birds, or the ocean, or rain, or any sounds like that, so this unit is perfect for me. I've added a video for you to hear the volume and sounds. I'm not sure it captures just how loud this machine gets since I don't have another one to compare it to. But trust me, it works!! I am totally happy with my choice and recommend the LectroFan highly if you like fan or white noise sounds and want them good and loud!
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on September 24, 2016
I must be Dreaming!!! I have tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears. Along with tinnitus I have something called Hyperacusis, which is when someone can here a very low sound, emanate extremely loud. I live in a high rise in NYC, on the 24th floor, someone in my building is playing music, at a low volume all night long. I've been dealing with this for 2 years now, I hear the low end, a bass sound at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, in the morning. I had gone four floors above and four floors below, and could not find the culprit. I realized the problem was my tinnitus, and I would have to find a solution. The Marpac never cut it, it only has one real sound, and it doesn't cut low frequency noises. To say that I am overjoyed, thrilled would be an understatement. Last night, I used one of the Fan settings, which I sensed would cut the low frequency sound I was hearing, it worked. I can't put into words how important this Lectrofan is for me, I've been searching for years for a solution and now I've found it. For those of you who have any such issue with noise, or sound disturbance, the Lectrofan is sincerely the only way to go, for it is the only sound/noise machine that "cuts low frequency noises", as well as all other types of disturbing sounds. In addition, the speaker is on top of the device, allowing for greater coverage, and a fuller sound. I rarely find a product unlike any other, and this Lectrofan is without question, unlike, and far better than any sound/noise machine I've come across, and I've tried plenty of machines. As someone who suffers from Tinnitus, I've done my homework,and this is the only device to consider. Don't think twice, like I did, it took me three days to purchase this Lectrofan, three nights of sleep I could have enjoyed.
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on January 28, 2014
I have had a very difficult time finding a white noise machine/sound generator that doesn't loop its sounds. I can pick up auditory patterns very easily and as soon as I find one I can't help but hear it which is very distracting. All the previous devices I've tried all had obvious audio loops that they used. Lectrofan is the first one which truly has absolutely no sound loop to it. I've even tried to consciously find an audio loop but there just isn't one.

Another issue I ran into when looking for a white noise machine/sound generator is that it seems many of them play sounds which are rather high pitched in nature and are somewhat annoying when listened to for an extended period of time. With all the sounds to pick from on the Lectrofan I was able to find one that is lower pitched, more of a "brown" noise, which is perfect for me.

Overall, before this purchase, I can't remember the last time I bought a product for a specific purpose where I was happy with how it well it worked right out of the box with no need to make an inordinate amount of adjustments to it.
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on December 13, 2016
I am going to base this review against the Marpac Dohm white noise machine. I have been using a Marpac Dohm white noise machine for over ten years. It is still working just fine, but noticed one night when we weren't also running a fan that that it didn't seem to sound as loud as it used to. It still works great, but I was looking for something to be a bit louder. I was looking around for another fan but my searches also led me to look up other white noise machines.

Enter LectroFan... now I'm leery of electronically generated sounds, I can always hear the loop and then I spend all night concentrating on when the loop happens.But LectroFan uses some sort of algorithm to mask the sounds so they sound natural. Normally I'd be skeptical, but saw many reviews touting its performances and how they'll never sleep without it and that it masks the loudest distractions.

Listed below are comparisons between the Marpac Dohm and LectroFan:

Size - It is smaller in circumference and height. They sell a mini version for travel, but you could easily use this for travelling too.

Power - LectroFan uses a USB port for power. It comes with an adapter for the wall, but you can also use a USB port to power it from your computer. Marpac is a standard wall outlet. Again, this option may be good for travelers and provides more options for power.

Sound generation - LectroFan uses electronic sounds with computer algorithms to keep sounds from sounding looped. Marpac uses a mechanical fan in an enclosure with holes that can be opened or closed to cause the volume and pitch to vary.

Choices - LectroFan gives you 20 total sound choices. 10 varying types of fan sounds (that actually sound like real fans) and 10 types of white noise (that vary in pitch from low to high). Marpac gives you a varying range of pitch by adjusting the baffles along the side and volume can be controlled by way of baffles along top and a power toggle switch in low and high speed.

Volume - LectroFan can get quite a bit louder than Marpac by my observation. Additionally, the speaker for LectroFan is located at the top of the unit which focuses the sound waves to the ceiling to be reflected off of. The Marpac emits sound from both top and sides but is more spread out exiting the unit.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm still trying to find the "right" sound for sleeping, but right now I tend to use the lower pitch white noise at somewhat louder level than what I find possible with the Marpac. The bass response seems to be quite noticeable as well.
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on April 30, 2017
Currently, there is a recall for power adaptor. There seems to be no mention on Amazon, so I'm adding to the review. Amazon won't let url on their reviews, so goto ASTI company site for more info.

Sold exclusively at: Online at Amazon.com from November 2016 through February 2017.

Description: This recall involves power adapters sold with LectroFan sound machines. The adapter has “ASTI AC Adapter” and model number XHY050050UCC printed on the side. The LectroFans were black or white with a matching black or white power adapter. The LectroFan machines have a serial number between 3 551615 528640 and 3 551615 618639 or between 3 551636 000010 and 3 551636 285179. The serial number is printed on a label on the bottom of the machine and “LectroFan” is printed on the front. The LectroFan Sound Machine has 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds.
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on June 5, 2017
This is an updated review of this sound machine. I can't find my original review, but I continue to give this little but very powerful sound machine 5 stars. In my original review I explained how I was forced to look into getting a sound machine because of my very rude, selfish, inconsiderate, self absorbed upstairs neighbors who are constantly making tons of noise in the wee hours of the morning (usually it starts at 2am and doesn't end till 4am) their noise making was constantly waking up my my 2 yr old. Both of us were literally getting no sleep. I bought my first machine 1 yr ago and what a difference it made!! This machine is able to cancel out the unbelievable noise these ppl make. I now own 3 of these machines. I got 2 additional, 1 for my sons room and the other for ours. It's helped me keep my sanity because things have gotten worse with the people upstairs to the point where they are now being evicted, the cops have been called on numerous occasions. Who in their right mind thinks and finds it appropriate to throw constant parties with loud music, stomping, yelling, during the weekdays knowing there are people who live beneath them???? Oh yea the people who live above me. Anyway sorry for my mini rant. Get this machine if you want to sleep a whole night through. The volume can go really up. I highly recommend this to anyone!!!
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