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Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe CD Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$14.30+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 11, 2016
I have a new high quality record player (hooked up a week). I have played two other new albums both sides with no issues. I purchased one copy of IV and on side B (Misty Mt. Top) it skipped. I thought it may have been due to a slight warp. I sent it back for a replacement and had the same thing happen (same side and same song) again. Looking closely at the record it appears that the grooves are very fine (not deep) on this song. I played another album (had no problems) confirming for me it is a problem with the pressing of this record. No scratches on either copy of the album I ordered.
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on December 10, 2014
Bought this two disc set primarily to upgrade the sonic presentation and audio quality of the originally mastered CD version of this classic bit of Zepp's recorded works. Mission accomplished. Buy it for that reason alone.

But you can also get a true "alternative" version of a classic. This "bonus" disc is not the radical Plus One of Disc Two in the Led Zeppelin package (aka, LZ One), but it is worthy of more than icing or side dish status. Both discs should be played at solid volumes through studio-quality headphones, a pumping vehicle audio system, or real Hi-Fi speakers (modern units may be precise but classic boxes, e.g., KLH, Bose 901s, Advents, Klipsch Horns, etc.) give as good as they get.

For under $15, you get two solid discs of the epitome of dinosaur rock. Turn it up, tune in, and Rock out!
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on February 12, 2015
I knew I wanted this. And I knew I wanted all of these, and I knew I wanted Super Deluxe Editions. If you're going to do it go for the gold.
I received a $100.00 gift certificate for Christmas so I purchased it. It arrived very quickly. And the packaging was quite sufficient to withstand any shipping abuses. And the download card, which was included worked just fine.

We all know this album so I won't get into the song list. I will say this though...Well, first, I don't own a turntable right now. I'll have to purchase one to listen to the albums. However after the very first seconds of hearing Black Dog I was brought back to the days of getting high and listening to this album in a dark living room with headphones. You know the ritual. But not because of the music. Because of the sound.

The CDs sounded like an album. That warmth that only albums have. It's a case of you're so used to listening to CDs that you forget. And when you hear it again, all those memories come flooding in.
Now, maybe you had to have bought the album the first day it came out like I did and played it, played it, played it, played it, and played it. So you can hear and appreciate all the subtle nuances of this remastered epic. But they are there and you can spot them a mile away. If you were born too late, I'm sure sorry.

The second album for me was a real treat. I'm so glad Jimmy did this. I must say I love Four Sticks in this album better than the original as well as When The Levee Breaks. But my favorites are the versions of Battle of Evermore and Going To California which have no vocals.
I loved the book. I tried to look through it when I played the CDs, but I couldn't. I just wanted to close my eyes and listen. And remember.

Is it worth the price? That's a very subjective issue. For me there's no debate. Do I recommend it? Yes, with no equivocation. Based on this purchase would I buy all the other Super Deluxe Editions? It's not a question of if, or would I, but when. Next up is going to be Physical Graffiti.
I better save my money.
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on November 14, 2014
It's hard not give this perfect album 5 stars. After all it perfectly walks the line between blistering, howling heavy metal thunder and quiet, almost medieval sounding acoustic numbers. Sometimes in the same song. Four Sticks is the most underrated song in the entire Zeppelin canon. The time switching is reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Money". The only criticism I have for the deluxe edition is the the lack of any relevant bonus material. Sure it is interesting to hear a version of Battle of Evermore with no vocals, but wouldn't a straight demo version be a lot more interesting. Maybe all of the vaults had already been raided of all bonus material and that is the reason, but it would have been nice to have something special for the fans who no doubt already have at least one version of this album in their collection. The sound quality of the vinyl is first rate however. Play this one loud and often, who cares what the neighbors think.
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on August 27, 2015
The vendor got me this CD FAST, and in better condition than I probably paid for it. Thank you, and I will order from yall again!!

Every person who was young during the late 60's to the mid 80's MUST have this album in their repertoire, and my version this vendor sent me was better than my original 33 record I still own but never play, having no turntable!! HAHAHA

I'm pushing 60 and a grandmother times 2, but everybody of my generation LIVED with this album as our soundtrack to our lives, so thanks for keeping the fun going for all us Baby Boomers. Nothing motivates me to clean my house like rocking out to this priceless set of Led Zeppelin tunes!! I might even make Stairway to Heaven the theme song for my funeral in my will!! HAHAHAHA!! I know, too much information!!!
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on January 24, 2015
As note this is for the vinyl version.

This is the album that put Led Zeppelin into the stratosphere. Yes they were already very popular when this was released but this bumped them up to a new level. Not a bad track on this album and Stairway to Heaven is arguably the best rock song of all time. All the members were in great form and simply put a great album.

Now the vinyl:
Commenting on the playback is pointless without knowing what it was played on, my system:
1999 Technics SL1200-M3D with KAB fluid damper, RCA jacks and cardas tonearm wire, Audio Technica AT120e cartridge with ATN150mlx stylus
Hagerman Cornet 2 phono stage
Yaqin MS-20L integrated amp
1981 Klipsch La Scala speakers with ALK crossovers

First of all the vinyl was perfectly flat and spotless, shipped in the appropriate mailer. No seam splits, no marks or scratches.

It plays perfectly, dead quiet so the opening of Stairway to Heaven is not ruined by pops and ticks.

The mastering is superb. I have a lot of reissues of classic rack and jazz albums, quite often the remastering screws up the sound making it not worth buying, usually from over compression. Not the case here, this is probably the best remastering job I have heard in the past couple of years. The bass is strong with plenty of detail from the other instruments. A lot of people attribute the Led Zeppelin sound to Jimmy Page's guitar sound but to me Bonzo's drum sound is among the most distinctive in rock n roll and that comes through loud and clear in this reissue. It pops out of my La Scalas like Bonzo is in the room.

The final verdict:
One of the top albums of all time regardless of genre, one of the best remasterings, a great pressing. Buy it!!
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on December 10, 2014
These newly remastered Zeppelin releases are just beautifully packaged and sonically outstanding. Pricey...yes! Are they worth it? Yes!! I know there are a lot of older consumers like me that feel as if we've been gouged to death over the years with the constant repackaging of some of our favorite artists we grew up with. For me, it is the love of the music and whoever the artist is that is the purveyor of said music that makes me keep shelling out the big bucks. I only bought the first four Zeppelin remastered sets because after Led Zeppelin IV, I was no longer interested in where they were going musically. I love these box sets and, yep, this must be the the fourth or fifth configuration of some of these songs I've purchased. But, hey hey what can I say, it's Led Zeppelin!
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on October 25, 2016
This review is for the vinyl release. A very good pressing and quiet as well. This album is probably in every Led Zeppelin fans library, but having it on this format makes it even better. When I was a kid in the 80's, I bought this on vinyl. Playing it again on the turntable brought back memories. This is the way it was meant to sound.
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on August 7, 2016
The second side is definetly defective.skips and just doesn't sound right. Unfortunately my return window is up.I don't know if I just got a bad copy. Wondering if anyone else had this problem. What a shame to a album that has 5 star songs
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on October 13, 2003
So, what shall we call Led Zeppelin's fourth album? "Zoso"? "Four Symbols"? "Runes"? "Untitled"? Heck, let's just call it "Led Zeppelin IV"! Zeppelin's classic 1971 release is understandably named by most fans as their definitive album. It's got "Stairway To Heaven" on it, so need I say more? No doubt about it, "Led Zeppelin IV" is one of THE greatest rock albums of all-time. Not only do the band totally rock out on Zeppelin classics like "Black Dog," "Rock 'N' Roll," "Misty Mountain Hop," "Four Sticks" and "When The Levee Breaks," but they also display moments of tremendous musical beauty, not only "Stairway" but also the mandolin-fused "The Battle Of Evermore," and the acoustic showcase "Going To California." The band's songwriting and musical interplay throughout is nothing short of outstanding. It's as if the group *knew* they were on a rock 'n' roll mission in making this album. And about "Stairway To Heaven"---what makes it such an enduring, all-time FM radio favorite? Well, besides the fact that it's simply a magnificent song, I think it's because it's got *everything* Led Zeppelin were all about in a single tune: some truly hypnotic guitar-playing from Jimmy Page, Robert Plant's powerful lead vocals, awesome keyboard-playing and basslines from John Paul Jones, and John Bonham's legendary thunder behind the drumkit. The poetic lyrics, the beautiful build-up, the hard rocking second-half & conclusion, it's all there in "Stairway." And although "Stairway To Heaven" is by-and-large the album's main attraction, *every single song* on "Led Zeppelin IV" stands mightily tall next to it. It's no wonder this album remains the band's biggest seller---Led Zeppelin totally outdid themselves with "Led Zeppelin IV," unquestionably a brilliant every-home-should-have-one rock masterwork.
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