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on June 13, 2017
i ordered the deluxe edition with the live performances n only was giving the single cd.. No Live Cd? ive asked for a refund n happpy to say im getting 1 , n that ive reordered the deluxe cd edition again .. I just Hope n Pray that its the one ive ordered n not th e same original pressing ...
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on June 3, 2014
In the last few years I've reassembled my audiophile (at the time) mid 70's Marantz + JBL stereo setup and began restocking my long lost vinyl collection with analog reissues, only buying 180 gram, quality reissues of original albums.
Pink Floyd, Allman Bros, Clapton, Elton John, Eagles, Frampton, Boston etc etc easy to find, and not too expensive...
... No Led Zep... Why?
The few Vinyl reissues there were seemed to be in very short supply, and very expensive.. I broke my own rule and bought Mothership, but it was not the same....
When I heard Jimmy Page was going to reissue all the studio albums, a year or so back, I was so thrilled..... It's been a long wait...
I went ahead and bought the Super Deluxe Sets, and while a little pricey, are very solidly put together, and chock full of goodies to look at while reclining in your bean bag in front of the stereo...
The records sound surprisingly good, and remarkably noise free, and definitely warmer than any of the digital copies I listen to so much...I just finished a marathon session of listening to every piece of vinyl in order, and I'm left ready to do it again....
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on June 13, 2014
Prior to receiving this newly remastered 2014 version of Led Zeppelin I, I spent the past few weeks listening to the previous edition, which I've had for years. I do not have tremendous audio equipment, but I can say the original always sounded muddy. This remaster sounds fantastic. While the whole thing is just a superior product, the drums and harmonica really sound great. Much better high end, and the bass/ low end sound full. This is just listening to the original album, and obviously the bonus CD is just that, a huge bonus. For all Led Zep fans out there, who are just music lovers and not particularly audiophiles, this remaster sounds fantastic. It is well worth the upgrade to your library, as this is a momumental release, which ultimately changed rock 'n roll. Get it.
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on April 3, 2016
II really just love listening to these older songs. They really do bring back so many memories. Memory lane as they say. Some of these songs can really bring you back to a certain times of your life. Often times I remember things that I had long forgotten, or so I thought. It is just great to listen and relax and enjoy these great songs. I grow up with so many of them. I love that I have my music on Amazon, this way I have them every where I go that I can excess my Amazon Music. I do often listen on my laptop when I am travel and staying in hotels. Nice to have some thing familiar with me. I love that I will never ever lose them or scratch them ever again. No more finding the wrong CD in the case either! That really was aggravating. Will have them forever if you are buying your music in mp3 form from Amazon.
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on June 12, 2014
“Part of the challenge and excitement of revisiting a record upon reissue is trying to hear the music again with fresh ears, seeing if you can tap into that feeling of discovery that came from hearing it the first time. When (one is) able to mentally put oneself into this place— the kid who got his driver’s license a month ago, driving around listening to (Album X) on tape—the reissue sounds as thrilling as ever.”

Let's get one thing straight: These are all 5-star worthy albums, and if you do not own these in any form, start here. The 4-star rating I gave above is explained below.

The thoughtful prose above came, surprisingly, from Pitchfork, at the beginning of their review for the new Led Zeppelin reissues (I, II & III). I rag on Pitchfork quite a bit, and damn it most of the time I’m right to do so. This was one of those rare Pitchfork reviews devoid of pretension and overflowing with sensitive insight into why Led Zeppelin and these expanded reissues still matter. Yeah, I know. Wow.

I buy a lot of these Expanded/Anniversary/Deluxe/Remastered/Legacy Editions, and the bottom line is simple: some of them are worth it, and some of them aren’t. I have a little over 250 of these, so I thought I’d start to review a few, and I might as well start with these new Led Zep deals. I won’t get into commentary on the original album itself, trying to stick to the following qualities, instead:

1. Packaging (30%)
2. Bonus Disc(s) (40%)
3. Sound quality (20%)
4. Overall Impression (10%)

The packaging of all three are similar, a slim digi-pack design with faithful representations of the original covers on the front, including III’s die-cut and wheel (if any of you know the official term for that kind of thing, please let me know in the comments section). The back covers are sort of a photographic negative version of the originals, meant to represent the bonus disk content, which for the most part are alternate versions of the original songs. The tri-fold digi-pack is nice, but the disks are in their cardboard pockets a little too tight for my comfort. The booklet could have been better, too. No essays, no commentary, just the bare bones facts about the music and players within, complete with a few nice photos. For its faults, I’ll take off 10 points. 20/30

The bonus discs for #2 and 3 are stellar, as I said mostly alternate takes of the originals, but they are better than average and I certainly wouldn’t rate any of these unworthy. The alternate version of Whole Lotta Love, for instance, sounds even more dangerous and vital than the original. The bonus disc on Led Zeppelin I, a live concert from around the time of release, is s***. I mean, it sounds like s***. Terribly recorded, I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Just awful, not even worth having as a curio. That said, I’d rate II and III perfect scores, and a big fat zero for Zep I’s bonus “material”. 27/40

The sound quality is brilliant. Not much different to the most recent remasters (on, say, the Mothership collection), and certainly not too loud. To my ears this is the best I have ever heard Led Zeppelin. 20/20

My overall impression? I’m impressed, and I have to say it’s about time this bands individual albums got the respect they deserved, even if they could have been a little better. In the end it’s really all about the music, and what’s here, apart from the live disc, is untouchable. 8/10

Overall score: 75/100
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on October 23, 2015
Professionally packaged and delivered on time.

Great CD, all remastered sound as of 2014. I don't see any reason to bother with MP3 downloads, especially with Apple including your iTunes account information in the digital download.

I also like that these CDs are packed only with paper/cardboard, as opposed to plastic. The plastic jewel cases always or usually break anyway. It's just not necessary to use plastic to store CDs in. This cover is made well enough that it will store just fine, using less space, and without all that plastic.
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on February 14, 2014
If you know this music, you know you want it; it'll be our dirty little secret. And the disc you want is this one: ASIN: B00005J8JK The UK remastered classic 1969 album in a miniature LP cardboard sleeve, with the original artwork front & back. The sleeve is great but the best part is the disc has been properly remastered without all the ham-fisted, brickwalled compression, distortion, and EQ that's all too common in the current market. Trust me, zep is loud enough, they don't need any help. This disc sounds crisp and clear, or as much so as Led Zep ever did.
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on June 23, 2014
This was the last, and by far, the favorite of the three LZ reissues. I purchased all three from Amazon, not due to price, but for the free autorip which was well worth it. There is a distinct, but subtle difference between the MP3 and vinyl versions but difficult to quantify given the vast differences between the playback equipment.

The packaging from Amazon had the three records showing up in pristine condition. The center holes were precise and labels affixed properly. Cueing up the original album after the first minute I knew that this was a well made version. The remastering and cutting the vinyl was top notch. A beautiful and wonderful sound came from it - much better then some older copies of LZ1 that I had. I thought the bass was well define (along with the drums) and no real part of the album sounded bloated or over accented.

The real gem in my eyes was the two live albums of the 1969 Paris concert. Wow. Jimmy was on fire, this was some of the fastest playing I've heard. Not always the cleanest, but there was a real soul lacking from later years with LZ. This was a band on fire and clicking on all cylinders. Just to be clear, the sound quality of the live albums are not on the same level as the LZ1 included. I believe they were sourced from a mono bootleg copy that Jimmy Page found. The energy and playing more than makes up for the sound quality.
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on February 19, 2016
I purchased this Deluxe Edition in 2014. Led Zeppelin was a great band but my gripe is with the cd itself. I also have zep lll Deluxe Edition. Just the other day I noticed ,while zep l was playing in my computer that only disc 2 of this edition displays the words deluxe edition. Disc 1 does not. So I got zep lll deluxe edition out and played that cd on the computer. Both cd disc 1 and disc 2 on led zep lll display the word deluxe edition, which is what I would think is correct cause that`s what I payed for. Now I`m wondering if somehow I got the wrong cd. Of course at Amazon you can`t talk to anybody to see what went wrong. Does anybody else have the same issue?
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on June 28, 2014
An absolute must own if you are a fan of timeless music. To have the master himself, Mr. Page, oversee this project you know you will be getting 1st class everything. The book that is included is spectacular. The sound is amazing and it is hard to believe that it was produced some 45 years ago! Jimmy Page is an absolute genius and this box set is a must have!
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