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Size: 8|Color: Premium Light|Change
Price:$14.99 - $50.99
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on February 14, 2012
I had been looking for a pair of jeans that would be appropriate for a 45+year old woman. These fit the bill beautifully!!!
I have donated more pants over the last year than I care to think about. Why? Because most of today's women's casual pants are low riders. I wanted a pair of pants that fit at the waist and these do. They are incredibly durable and comfortable. The supplier was prompt in delivery. I was so happy with these jeans I ordered another pair. My only wish is that they came in a khaki shade. I opted for black. They wash and hang out beautifully. I highly recommend this product.
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on October 28, 2016
Request: ladies please review your pants with this level of detail. Help us all out. Pants online are hard to fit!
This review is for Lee relaxed fit flexible comfort waistband "(sits) at the waist". Size "6Short". 98%cotton. 2%spandex. RN 130273.
The RN is the topmost number on the inner tag which identifies this specific cut. Other numbers on the inner tag designate size and color differences for this RN.
First part of review does NOT apply to NOMAD. See end of this review for NOMAD.

The "Authentic Dark" has a barely detectable undertone of white or lighter blue. It is virtually solid blue-black. It is marked "made in Mexico " and is 98% cotton and 2% spandex.
The "Authentic Nordic" is a nice dark blue-lighter than the "Auth Dark" but still a dressy dark. Also "Authentic Nordic" has that traditional white undertone-contrast. HOWEVER, what is not apparent in the online ad, for the Nordic, is that the fronts of the thighs are sandblasted lighter. Totally ruins the dressy look. Authentic Nordic is marked "made in Mexico of US fabric". Also 98%cotton 2% spandex.
Both Nordic 6S and Dark 6S have a 30 inch inseam as do all of my prior RN 130273's.
Rise on all my colors : 10.5 from "crotch Seam joint" to top of front waistband. Hits me below belly button.
Rise from "crotch seam joint" up to the BACK of the waistband is 15".
So the back of the pant has room for "booty round out" and puts the back waistband a bit higher (1" or so) than the front. The waistband does not gap-even without a belt. A blessing for me!
I am 5'4" and weigh 144lbs.
I have the "hourglass shape".
My waist just below belly button where waistband hits is 31".
My hipbone circumference is 37".
My "biggest booty around" is 41.5.
My max thigh is 21".
My Leg Inseam is 29". (I buy 30"inseam)
I have the RN 130273 in 4 other colors and all ft me fabulous and have the 30" inseam.
On the jeans: (measured laying "flat x 2" and does not take any "stretch" into account.)
The calf width on the 6S is 15.5 inches.
The bottom leg opening on this pant is 15.5".
There is a traditional 1/2 inch 3-layer sewn hem. Not an "inch wide" like some other styles.
The max thigh width on the 6S is 22 inches.
Waistband is 30" but there is about 1-1.5" of available stretch. I measure 31" where the waistband hits.
30" waistband (and other pant measurements) calculated by laying the pants flat and measuring from side seam to side seam, then "times two...15x2=30".
So, the 6S fits me perfectly. Nice curve skimming but not "tight-glued-SNUG". No sausage looks, and not too loose at end of the day. Some pants with spandex are a baggy mess at the end of the day. I have not found that with this style/cut/brand.
There is no room for letting this pant out.
5 belt loops. Button waist with zipper. 5 pockets. Back pockets are external patch pockets. They sit high enough to not be on the biggest bum area.
Front pockets are traditional curve-not those straight "slash" pockets. All pockets are usable, not just for decoration".
I wash all jeans/pants inside out, in cold gentle, and line dry.
Since I do not use a heated dryer for jeans (or anything else but towels) I don't know if there is any heat shrinkage. I have not noticed any shrinkage with line drying.
During the First wash, I "fix" the colors by adding two cups of vinegar. Google it. It works.

Very disappointed in "Nomad" . Tight and way short -back they go.
NOMAD marked made in Indonesia.
Same RN 130273, but fit and size are very different.
Flat waist is 28".
Inseam only 27.5 (if that)!
Very uncomfortably skintight and very very short. Even after wearing a while, there wouldn't be enough "relax" with the spandex that they will ever be comfortable.
Tag style is also noticeably different (see photos) for the inside tag and the paper sales tags.
The NOMAD is marked "made in Indonesia"
98%cotton 2% spandex.
Only color (to date) marked "Indonesia"
All others "made in Mexico"

Ok new color received. Premium Dark. Different fabric like a stretch pant-not like a Jean! Fabric is 70% cotton, 29%polyester, and 1%spandex. The color is more towards "sky" blue. Brighter and more vibrant.
Waist and thighs in the Premium Dark color are more snug. Uncomfortably so and hello muffin tops. Back they go.

So two colors fitting like "in-store" purchases and, for me, norm to date are the
Authentic Nordic and Authentic Dark. I ordered Authentic Nike and hope it is same color as "Authentic Nordic" but without sandblasted thigh fronts.
I added a photo with the leg of the "premium Dark" across the "Authentic Nordic-middle with lighter thigh area peeking through" and "Authentic Dark" the Blue-Black color on far right
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 19, 2015
Meh, these are not at all the same as they used to be. I should've listened to the other reviews. They are too big around the waist, and as I wear them the waist stretches more and more, and after a few hours, they are way too big on me. If I was wearing these to work or on a date, I'd be miserable. The only reason I'm not returning them, is I'm in desperate need of a pair of jeans. They fit me in the hips, but not in the waist. That's nothing new, but for them to keep stretching out as the day/night goes on, is NOT good.

They also attract A LOT of lint or pet hair! So be warned.....if you are just going to a restaurant you're probably fine. If you are going somewhere, where there are pets, or they let their pets on the furniture......forget it!! OR bring a pet lint roller with you, cause you are going to need it....guaranteed! I purchased the black, and I have a white dog. My other jeans do not attract pet hair at all, so it's never been an issue regardless of the color of jeans. These have spandex in them, so they attract it like the plague. My last pair had spandex as well, but only 1%. Who knew that one more percent was going to ruin these jeans so badly. Not bad to have the extra bit of stretchiness in the legs, and hips, but it is a nightmare to have in the waist. I actually should've purchased another size down because of this.

These are also too long in the legs. The last 2-3 inches fit right under my feet if I am wearing flip flops. Inevitably, I end up walking directly on the jeans inside of my flip flops! Annoying! I am 5'3", and my other Lee Original jeans are a 15R or 16R's faded so it's hard to read, and they fit me perfectly. I just wish I could buy them again, but I can't find them anywhere.

I am 35" in the waist, and 45" in the hips. If this is your measurements, go down one size. They might be a tad tighter in the hips, but they stretch, and they will fit a lot better in the waist. HOWEVER, I still don't recommend them as the whole lint thing is extremely annoying!

Edited to update 1/31/16:
I HATE THESE JEANS! The whole attracting pet hair has made these just literally impossible to wear. I can't touch my dog, he can't get near me, or they get his hair all over me. These are a magnet for pet hair. I had no idea how much I had on me, til my brother started laughing uncontrollably, and finally got it out that I had more hair on my rear, than our dog has!!! AWFUL! I wish I had returned them, because I can't wear them anywhere. :(

*These jeans were a regular purchase, not promotional. They might have been on sale at the time. I paid $26.35 plus tax.
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on August 10, 2014
I was looking for the old Lee Riders that were made out of cotton...these were those damn skinny jeans with the "stretch" spandex. I have switched to Wranglers, LL Bean and a couple of other brands because they sill make their jeans out of cotton...Dang it Lee, why did you have to sell us out to the "skinny" crowd..You had a loyal consumer, but I guess that did not matter.
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on November 26, 2015
Lee item number is 3051893, 98% cotton 2% spandex, in "authentic azul."

In comparison to the relaxed fit, straight leg Lee's of ten years ago (for example):

For years, I lived in Lee's relaxed fit jeans. I am short and wide, and I liked the way that the jeans were cut curvy. However, when the Lee jeans found in stores dropped in cotton content, I stopped buying them.

These jeans, with 98% cotton, had my hopes up. However, this fabric is definitely stretchier, and does not offer support for those of us who don't want to show every jiggle. I am not looking for a control panel, but I don't want to feel like I'm baring everything in lycra tights, either.

The cut is not the same, either. These feel as if they are cut straighter (more of a man's fit?). The jeans are a bit tighter in the upper thigh, and do not curve inwards as much at the waist. Also, the waist is higher... I purchased a "short" size, and still might need to fold the waist band over. I would have tried exchanging for a size lower, if there had been more room in the thigh of this pair.

So, why two stars rather than one? I do approve of the higher cotton content, and hope Lee jeans goes back up to 99% or even 100%. Also, while the pants do not fit well, the fit is a tad better than the lower cotton content Lee's that I tried at the local stores.
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on May 13, 2016
I have bought these Lee Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans for years and they have been wonderful and fit me perfectly. In my most recent purchase, I bought two pairs but each a different color. What I discovered is that the cut of the jeans have changed drastically! The darker pair of jeans fit as all my other purchased jeans fit, but the lighter pair (Azur) fit awful! The new cut dips down significantly in the back/butt and so literally will not stay up in the back and are embarrassingly almost showing my butt! The waist used to fit high up at the natural waist in the back and the front, but no longer! The labeling on both pairs was identical, the only difference was the color, but in actuality these two pairs were not anything alike and fit totally different. Why is Lee altering a classic fit that has been in production for YEARS, and selling this new cut/style as if they are the old style? This new fit is terrible. Oh and don't even get me started on the difference of the stretchy fabric Lee is now using! So disappointed!
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on March 2, 2015
Very Happy with them.
review image
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on November 25, 2013
I actually ordered the 14 size thinking they might work if the 12 size did not work. Well the 12 size were too short and so was the 14 size. These would be great if they were actually long like they are supposed to be. Lee Jeans clearly has a shortcoming when it comes to quality control these days. Once upon a time if they said they were long they were, but now most all of the pants Lee makes are not long enough. It seems their actual blue jeans are long like they are supposed to be, but the other colors in jeans or slacks are never long enough anymore. And, I can assure you I'm not getting taller:-) I can hold a size 12 pair of denim jeans up to these in the exact same size and these are drastically shorter. Makes no sense and is very frustrating for us tall gals.
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on January 2, 2016
I really wanted to like these jeans,but they are more stretchy fabric than denim.I recently purchased a pair of Lee Riders at Walmart which is NOT where I go to purchase clothing, but was desperate for a new pair of casual jeans. All their stock was too low for me on the waist so I bought thru Amazon instead. Size 14 could be better labelled as 16 or 18 with all the stretchy. Or better yet, be called pajama mama jeans.
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on February 21, 2017
These used to be my favorite brand and style of jeans but something in the past year or so changed. They changed the fabric and fit. I'm a pretty big person, so it's rare that my clothes are too big. These jeans are HUGE. They are so big that I can pull them off without unbuttoning them. I thought I could shrink them in the wash but since there is now a great deal more spandex in them, they quickly stretch out to a ridiculous degree. I don't dare wear them outside the house. I'm very disappointed.
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