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Left 4 Dead - Game of the Year Edition -Xbox 360
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Game of the Year|Change
Price:$19.80+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 6, 2016
Game of the year edition never seems to let you put it down and get some rest. The excitement and challenge builds on each play. No one game is the same as the attack strategy is very random. Spooky feel as with the Resident Evil and F.E.A.R. games. Weapon selections are as if what would be available to the average person during an apocalypse. Elements from various zombie culture characteristics makes it fun.
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on August 27, 2011
If you've seen the star rating, then you know what I think of this game; I F@#$ING LOVE IT!!!!!!! Valve has made another masterpiece game! Then again, you know what to expect from the makers of "Half Life", "Team Fortress 2", and the mega-hit "Portal". This game was made for lovers of all things zombie. Basically, if "Zombieland" was a game, this would be it...times four (you'll see why later in the review). The basic premise of the game is this; a highly-evolved version of the rabies virus breaks out and turns everyone into zombies. You play as one of four survivors who are immune to the virus playing through one of four campaigns (hence the "times four, not to mention the "4" in the title). You play as either "Bill": a 'nam veteran who has been waiting for the next good war, "Francis": a biker/1%er, "Louis": a man who has worked a dead-end job all his life and was just about to quit when the breakout happened, and "Zoey": a college freshman who spent all her time loked in her dorm watching old zombie movies. All four characters play the same, but the big deciding factor is you. The game changes depending on your skill level, and trust me! NO TWO GAMES PLAY ALIKE!!!! This is in part due to the "AI Director" which changes the spawn locations of the enemies and "Specials" (I'll get to those later as well). There are four different campaigns, and while each one is different in it's own way, they all pretty much play out the same and have the same premise; Zombies have infested the town and there is a person waiting on the other end to pick up survivors. Each campaign has 3-4 "safe houses" to let you re-stock on ammo and first-aid (oh btw, ther is NO REGENERATING HEALTH!!!! you get hit enough times, you fall to the ground and someone has to save you [and you can only do that a maximum of two times]). These places are mainly used to load the next part of the level. Now there are 5 different types of special infected; "Smokers" which can grab you with their 50 ft long tounge and slash you to death, "Boomers" which are morbidly obese zombies full of bile which attracts a horde of zombies. They will either vomit on you, or explode on you if shot, "Hunters" which are like Tigger, but if he was hopped up on meth, "Witches" which are girl zombies who cry. Doesn't sound like much, but AVOID THEM IF YOU CAN!!!! If you get to close to them, they will tear you to pieces; if you shoot them and DON'T KILL THEM, they will tear you to pieces; if (and this is a BIG one!) you shine your flashlight on them, they will TEAR YOU TO BLOODY RIBBONS!!!!!!!! And then there is the "Tank"; an massive zombie which is pretty much a walking tank. You have to team up and take it down. Now anout the horde; the main thing that you have to worry about is that zombies HATE LOUD, ANNOYING, HIGH-PITCHED NOISES!!! (insert Justin Beiber joke here) Stay away from cars with flashing lights and DON'T SHOOT THEM!!!!! if you attract a horde, just unload on them. 'Nuff said. Now for the visual style. This game is beautiful in it's own way. It's not photo-realistic, but it has a wonderful dark and gritty art-style with gorgeous lighting effects. One gripe I do have is that 1) it doesn't always runn at a smooth 60FPS and 2) it's a bit too brown. But it is beautifull in it's own right and has some wonderful facial animations. The sound design is also brilliant as well. The voice acting is wonderful and the zombies really sound crazed. This game really relies on directional sound so I recommend playing with either a 5.1 channel audio system or good headphones. The gameplay is excellent. It plays pretty good by yourself, but this game trully shines in it's multiplayer. I HIGHLY recommend playing this with a friend either split-screen (a maximum of 2 players), LAN (with 4 people) or over Xbox Live. This game also has a versus mode, where one team of four playes as survivors, and one team playes as infected; and alternates from there. You can also play "survival" which is "Nazi-Zombies", times 50. The controlls are good, but CoD or Halo players will have to take some time getting used to them. So, all in all, do I reccomend this game? ABSO-F@!#N-LOUTLEY!!!! If you love zombies or FPS games in general, BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s., if you comment "tl;dr", BAD things will happen to you).
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on December 16, 2017
This is one of my favorite games ever. It came out almost 10 years ago and it's still enjoyable. I wish Valve would make a third one.
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on March 19, 2014
I don't know if I really need to review this but I will anyway. Left 4 Dead is an incredible FPS game. It is scary, challenging, and has huge replay value through the different co-op modes and the way the campaigns can vary in terms of which zombies spawn and when. It's not an adventure game, it is a horror FPS and like others have said, it isn't story driven. I'm okay with that, there are plenty of survival-horror games out there that fill that role. I enjoy it so much that when I lost my copy in a move, I repurchased it even though I'd played the game through dozens and dozens of times.
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on April 14, 2017
Bought as a replacementl. Husband loves it, especially multiplayer
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on July 13, 2011
Left 4 Dead has got to be the most fun zombie game I have ever played. I play with a friend online and we just have hours of fun! I don't remember laughing as much as I do playing this game. The game is better playing with actual people, since the AI can be stupid at times. But there are less zombies if you play the single player part.

There are many types of guns to use. My friend uses an automatic weapon while I use a shotgun.

The zombies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are really easy to kill and others are difficult. Sometimes zombies can sneak up behind you without you knowing. Zombies can come in drips and drags or as a horde. There are certain areas in the game where you can accidentally cause a horde to come and places where you have to cause hordes to come to continue. Hordes can be easily dealt with if you use a pipe bomb, which attracts the zombies. The end part of a level is where hordes of zombies of all types come until the rescue vehicle arrives.

A great game to add to your collection if you love FPS and want something different.
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on December 9, 2017
Good game quick delivery
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on June 1, 2017
Kids love it so i'm happy
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on January 28, 2017
Awesome game!
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on July 19, 2012
I just got this from the ups truck yesterday, and I opened it the second I got it unpackaged. When I first started the game, there was a very cool mini-movie type thing. When the video ended, it took me to the menu. There you can select the types of playing and lots of other cool stuff.
The graphics on the game are wonderful, and the sound is very good. This game is a very good game, worth the money, and I would recommend it to anybody who loves zombies, or shooting things.
*One thing I didn't understand though was that the normal version of the game was $29.99, and the Game of the Year Edition was only $19.99.*
Does anybody know why the Game of the year edition is cheaper than the normal one?

I give it a solid 4/5 stars.
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