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on February 14, 2010
There seems to be a problem with the game. Each time the game you close the game and then later restart the game it automatically resets to new game and it does not save the previous the game level, rewards, or purchases. My son has been so frustrated with the game that he does not play it any more. This seems to be common problem with this game. There is a rumor that the initial release version of the game has this problem and subsequent games this problem has been corrected. But short of buying another game this is difficult to determine.
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on January 22, 2013
it may have had all the indiana jones lego gameplay but i just didnt like it. something always felt off about this game.
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on February 6, 2010
Grandson wanted this game - he lost interest quickly - not as challenging as he thought.
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on March 17, 2014
We've played all of the Lego games and this one is my least favorite. Too many of the levels involve an insane demolition derby. Drive around in circles with a vehicle that's really hard to steer. Smack into obstacles and get suck. Smash into the bad guys and nothing happens, either because you didn't smash into the CORRECT bad guy or because you weren't driving the CORRECT vehicle to complete the task. And when you've finally destroyed all 4 bad guys? Well, there are four more you have to smash. Then six more. Then eight more. All going round and round in a circle. My left thumb was sore from all of the steering.

As others have mentioned, there's no central hub. It has the "playable scenery" like Harry Potter and Batman 2. It's cool but I prefer the hub.

In addition to Crystal Skull, there are new versions of the previous movies to play. So far, they are wildly inferior to the original ones.
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on January 13, 2010
Let me first say that we have played every "lego" game for the Wii. My 4 and 6 year olds love to play them. This game still intrigues my 4 year old, but my 6 year old refuses to play because it is "boring." I have to agree to a point. The bad news is that the game play lacks any kind of cohesiveness and seems to be kind of arbitrary in its play and to complete it. There are way to many racing quests, and it is often a guess as to where you have to drive the vehicle/planes, etc. They are not difficult, per se, just more of an annoyance. Some level challenges are misleading because it will say you need a character when you do not: e.g. you need a character with explosives, and you really a character with a bazooka. This is annoying when you have not opened every character and think there is one with explosives. This is also a very buggy game and freezes and characters and vehicles often get "stuck" or frozen and cannot be used, making you restart and lose whatever you have done. The entire game just doesn't feel like it was put together well, or with any kind of thought to make it a smooth transition. This is mostly a game of destroy as many lego things as possible and hope you find it all, then follow the arrows into the caves, etc., and solve the puzzles and then go back in because some of them have second quests (it's just a guess which one to go into as some turn colors and some do not). That is pretty bad news. and the only real reason I gave it two stars instead of one was because of the split screen. This is a great idea and allows the characters to go off on their own, and when you have young children playing, it is useful, as my youngest just like to drive the vehicles around and around until I find somethine interesting or unlock/open a quest. If I had it to do over, I do not think I would buy this, even if it went on sale (it would have to be really cheap). It just doesn't have the fun of any of the other games, nor does it have the challenges. It's too bad, because there certainly was a lot of word, Pass and hope that the Lego Harry Potter is better (due out in March I think).
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on July 8, 2012
I had been contemplating about getting this game for quite some time and when I did get, I was pretty dissappointed.

The Story
First off, the movies are all seperated into their own hub, instead of all of them being in one big one. so to play the levels you have to go back and forth between hubs to play the levels from different movies. The story of the levels are almost entirely different from the movies, as apposed to all the others where the story was the same but with little humorous twists.

The Levels
The levels are strangely designed. In the first game, the levels have several rooms and usually took about 20-30 minutes each, whereas this game is basically a one-room level area and take about 5 minutes if you know waht you're doing.

The Free-Play
The plainest way to put it: there isn't any. At least not like the other games. After you complete a level, a new level unlocks and you only have the two people you entered the room with to your disposal. There are also bonus levels that are very difficult to get to most of the time. And again, these are both one-room areas with one goal in mind: get to the treasure chest. Yes, they didn't even include getting 10 treasure chests in a level. Since the levels are so short, I'm not really surprised.

The Characters
This is probably the most annoying feature. As you go through each hub, you have a small amount of people to start with and then you can go around and find others to buy. This wouldn't be so bad if every hub didn't have their own set of characters and you had to buy them at each one. What makes it worse is that it's basically the same people, just different names and looks. Not to mention how you must first complete a race with a vehicle to unlock most of the characters.

The Hubs
The hubs are the area you go to the levels, find red, green, and blue bricks(yes, they are colored now), and do bonus levels to create the object to take you to a lego city to collect a million coins. They are all the same, just different templates.

To sum it up, between the very short levels, the cheap story line, the non-existent free-play, and the unfair ways of unlocking characters and levels, this is the worst Lego game to date. I would not recommend it.


Story 2
Gameplay 5
Graphics 8

Overall 5
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on July 21, 2011
After experiencing Lego Star Wars this was a disappointment. The hub worlds are very confusing, and huge. There's no clear locations where you purchase most of the vehicles or characters, and the "bonus" levels you have to complete to unlock certain characters aren't accessible without some pretty complex figuring out how to get into them. Since only certain characters have certain inate weapons to use it's frustrating to wander across a huge hub world just to find a new level and discover you don't have the right character equipped to even open the front door to it.

Also, for young children this game will be very hard to play. Most of the instructions on how to manipulate all the different equipment is written on the screen, and much of the equipment requires pointing with the Wii remote laser pointer feature to aim at the person you're targeting.
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on February 27, 2011
I've almost beaten Lego Batman and have loved it, so I thought I'd get another Lego game. As I've been playing IJ2, I've been getting frustrated by the brevity of the levels and how little there is do in them. You just walk through a level, smash some things (it may just be me, but it's not often clear what you can smash and what you can't), and occasionally fight one of the bad guys. There aren't many build its, or things to figure out- they seem to tell you what needs to be done a lot, too. I agree with many of the commenters who have mentioned the vehicle levels. I am stuck at the first one, and I do not have the patience to smash the vehicles in whatever order it is I need to in order to unlock the next level. I'll keep playing Batman...
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on March 1, 2010
I played and loved the Original Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Batman, so I was thrilled when this game came out! Unfortunately, they changed the format and not for the better. It just isn't as fun with the new "hub world" format. There is no longer a central area to buy characters and extras, see treasures you have collected, and replay the levels to get more stuff. The hub world in each section is confusing and boring. I played the story levels and quit - the bonus levels are short and not fun. I just hope they return to the original format for the Harry Potter game.
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on July 17, 2010
This game is not as fun as the first version for my 5 year old son. Much more difficult to navigate. Whip function much more frustrating. AND to top it off the game keeps deleting any progress made. So when he goes back to play he is at zero. Glad we did not buy this when it first came out. Still feel upset paying $20 for a game that starts at 0 progress every time he plays. Going to call Lego. OVERALL - FRUSTRATING for both child and parents.
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