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on February 18, 2012
I have several LEGO video games, and while they're repetitive buy and large, each still comes with it's own taste, special weapons and puzzles. Pirates of the Caribbean had probably mean the most fun I had alongside Star Wars. It's better however in how it sticks to the true story of the four films, spicing it up with humor. Using the original music keeps the theme of the movie, and you feel yourself taking the steps of Jack Sparrow along the way. He runs funny like the movie as well. Best thing about the game is the family fun time, where you can literally enjoy hours of co-op multi-player with your kid. The smooth screen split when players move apart makes it less annoying when your kid is clueless, and there is almost always something your kid can get the hangs of and help you move along.

The kid got addicted to buying all the characters you can unlock through the game, and that becomes another challenge and added fun. Compared to Star Wars, this game has less machinery operation, and doesn't have many different game styles. Star Wars came with varying stages from operating a spaceship, building an army in a strategy-like level.

On the plus side, the game is less confusing than Star Wars, it's more straight forward, and there is sometimes an indicator that points where you should go/do next. At few times, the indicator was misleading though, but that was minor. Game is also relatively short compared to others I've played.

The biggest fun spoiler was the sudden crash. It happened few times during our game play, but we always managed to restart and move on. Until we reached the final boss. Just like it's been planted there to piss you off and take out all the fun. The game froze 3 times in a raw during final battle. There obviously is something wrong with the game, and we had to quit. Kid had to do with watching final boss battle video on YouTube and move on. Really sad how they failed to be little more careful towards the end, and spoil the whole game.
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on February 14, 2017
They dont talk like they do in the movie they just make noise which takes away the fun a little compared to other lego games
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on May 3, 2017
Ugh...glitches in the game forcing us to restart some levels we almost just finished. I'm so glad I read the reviews of these LEGO games or we'd be confused and way more frustrated than we already's still frustrating though.
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on July 24, 2011
Bought this game since i own lego batman, starwars, and harrypotter (years 1-5), also purchased from amazon..

I enjoy the sound effects and the movie'esque set creations such as tortuga and the black pearl, but i find these puzzles difficult for an adult, nevermind an adolescent. As this seems to be the case for all lego brand video games, a Teenager will have no problems, but younger kids may get stumped and ask you for help numerous times, so get ready to pick up the controller to help them out.

regardless, the game is fun and i'm half way through with my girlfriend (it causes many fights between us!) but its fun being Captain Jack Sparrow!
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on April 7, 2017
The game had a few annoying glitches. It would give me characters that I didn't ask for and sometimes wouldn't let a character walk over small ledges. As annoying as these were, it wasn't enough to take the fun away from the game. I still highly recommend it to Lego game lovers.
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on July 26, 2014
I love all the Lego games, and can play them for hours at a time. However, this game (and maybe it's just my copy) is so glitchy that it takes a lot of the fun out of it. I had to shut my system off about 10 times because the game completely froze. This is pretty frustrating when you've been playing a level for 20 minutes and then everything is wiped out. There was also at least one level where no matter how many times I hit the bad guy, she wouldn't drop below 4 stars. I started over and it worked fine. I had to google a couple levels to find out how to deal with certain glitches. I'm at 85% and have decided to stop playing because it's no fun anymore. Trying to get through a level and find the remaining items, to have it suddenly freeze and destroy everything is extremely frustrating, and not at all fun. I did not have this problem with any other PS3 Lego games.
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on July 13, 2011
First, I love the Lego games and this is another great addition. I would say I love Lego Indy 1, Lego Star Wars Clone Wars, and this Lego Pirate game the most of the series so far. But this game has some extra flaws that previous games did not have on the PS3.

I own almost every lego game made for the PS3. And I love the new split screen style they added recently. But there are at least 3 flaws with this game. Minor and/or rare. But they have happened to me and my PS3 is always online and they have not released any patches to fix the issues.

1. Title sequence is long and the skip button option seems to only appear if I press Start. This is out of character with other Lego games. And it took me forever to figure out that if I press Start the Skip button will appear and I can then press Triangle to skip. But without pressing Start first, pressing Triangle does nothing. Personally, if I press Start, it should instantly skip the sequence and give me the title screen like other Lego games. Or it should show the Skip button icon as soon as that is an option without having to press Start first.

2. The Split screen function can malfunction. I have had it happen 2 times now. Where the screen stays split even if you are together and the 2nd screen doesn't follow the 2nd player. So they are off the screen unless they walk into the other players' view and if you drop the 2nd player out of the game it does go to 1 full screen, but then when the 2nd player joins, the flaw is still there. And if you leave the level, the Port continues the flaw and you literally have to quit the entire game and reload the whole game to fix the bug.

3. Using the Canon's, I forgot this everytime I play almost. If you get the torch to use the Cannon, you use Circle to activate the cannon, just like you use to "Activate" anything in this game. It then goes into it's own view. BUT, then my brain always thinks that I should press "Activate" again to fire. Which is Circle on the PS3. But when you are in the cannon view, Circle is EXIT. So almost everytime I have to activate the cannon multiple times and remember to press Square to fire. This isn't really a flaw I guess. But it throws me off all the time since Circle is used as an object action button in the whole game.

The first 2 are really annoying. I don't know what causes the split screen malfunction to happen and it's only happened twice.

Last negative point, is that in Lego Star Wars Clone Wars, you can lock the split screen and choose dynamic, horizontal, or vertical. In this game it is dynamic the whole time and no choice to force it. So it can be annoying to have it flipping around ALL the time.

And lastly, I love the animated cut scenes of the Lego series. BUT, this game will jump in and out of the traditional animated cutscenes and use the flat paper puppet style they use in the loading screens, in the cut scenes. It's inconsistent and feels like they ran out of time. Still, I love the game and in the process of playing it all in free play with the kids right now. Oh, the kids... yes they love it too.
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on November 19, 2017
If you love the Pirates franchise and like Legos? You'll love this game
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on June 10, 2011
Well you can say they have done it again. I for one am sick of paying $50, $60 for games that you play through once, or you beat them in a day and then you go to sell them back and you get $5 a broken Sega genesis controller and pocket lint. LEGO Pirates is less than $50, you can beat the game but then have to go through and get all the characters. They played it smart with no cheat codes for the red hats (red bricks). This game is fun for all ages, and it's funny.
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on July 10, 2012
i have always enjoyed the lego games. they're a nice diversion for any age group. this one seemed to miss the mark, however. it was still fun, but going through the story seemed more tedious than past games. for the price, you're still going to get value, as you're going to easily put in 25-30 hours of gameplay if collecting every piece of memoribilia and/or collecting trophies/achievements. the most annoying part of hunting down collectibles was the search for the compass objects and the litany of sometimes TOO well hidden areas. this combination had me playing through some levels four times, but this is certainly not a deal breaker.

out of all of the lego games, this, right now, ranks as my least favorite. it doesn't mean it's a bad game, whatsoever. it is still fun to play and will give you hours of entertainment, but the overall game seems to be lacking something. much better than many games coming out, but go with lego batman or lego harry potter.
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