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Out of the box, it was the nicest laptop I have held. It was fast and that made multitasking extremely easy for work and just casually surfing the web. However, after owning it for 1.5 years, the system definitely showed signs of wear and things just started slowing down... significantly. I have owned and HP brand in the past. And I thought Lenovo was one of the better brands out there, however, I think I will be looking for a different company next. The Lenovo solution center program that occasionally pops up is another thing I do not like about it. Also, there has been multiple times where I would restart my computer because it is going slow, only to have an update occur. And guess what? The update takes forever... I mean it takes at least 30 minutes now. I have waited even 2 hours one time. It is possible this happened because I haven't logged into the computer for about a month, but if it was faster, I can assure you I would use it daily. The graphics card is also weak, so if you are trying to play any video games, only expect the simpler ones to play smoothly.
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on March 16, 2014
I'm going to write an honest review. First of all laptops and computers cost a lot these days. Mostly it's because most of them have a touch screen which makes the price go up. I've bought many laptops and computers in my life. I've even have a custom built desktop that I use for playing video games and streaming. With that in mind I didn't need a "fancy" laptop. I needed something that I could use for "work" which includes writing, editing videos, designing graphics, etc. and this laptop works for me.

What this computer has:
-1 TB (terabyte) hard drive
-Windows 8.1
-DVD/CD writer/player
-3 USB Ports (1 for 2.0, 2 for 3.0)
-6 GB Ram (5.2 useable)
-2.5 GHZ processor (Yes the official listing on Amazon says 3.5 but I'm looking at my computer specs right now and it says 2.5)
-15.6 inches screen (I used to have a 17.3 inch laptop and honestly after using this laptop for a little bit now the size difference doesn't bother me anymore)
-5.3 pounds (Lightest laptop I've ever owned)
-lithium ion battery (standard battery most laptops have)

-This laptop at times feels "cheap" and if you pick it up by the back it sometimes sounds like you are breaking the DVD drive so be careful on how you pick it up.
-The keyboard feels a little on the cheap side as well.
-Comes with a lot of things you NEED to uninstall right away. (for an example get rid of internet explorer and the Skype app. Actually I uninstalled most of the apps on the laptop and only use the "desktop". It's like using Windows 7 for the most part.

-You can basically ignore the app screen and download the full programs instead of using the apps.
-There's actually a "start" button. On here's it's a image of a house but it acts just like the start button you see on Windows 7.
-Energy Star! Means saving energy means saving money! :D
-BIOS button on keyboard. This could be a con too if a child is using this laptop and hits that button though.
-Easiest Windows 8 computer I've used. This is my third Windows 8 laptop I've used and for some reason this one is the easiest and actually doesn't make me want to throw it out of the window.
-DVD and CD drive! You'd be surprised how many laptops these days DON'T come with this! I'm so happy this one does because I play many DVD/CD based video games and also enjoy watching DVDs.
-Can play League of Legends! Now I stated before I do have a gaming computer as well so I didn't buy this to play video games but it's nice to know it could run it if I wanted to play it on it.
-Can lift with one hand. I used to have really toned arms back in high school, I think it's because my laptop back then was 20 pounds. It's nice having a laptop that doesn't make my legs fall asleep anymore since it's super light.
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on June 29, 2014
I think that I have had this notebook long enough to right an honest review about it. I will start off by saying that this is the best laptop computer that I have ever owned. I have had friends to tell me that I should try the AMD processor, because they are faster and cheaper than the Intels. I was looking for a new notebook when I came across this one on Amazon. I had decided on a Lenovo, because of experiences that people that I know that own them had. This one has the AMD A10 processor, which is an 8 core processor, and it runs at 3.5 GHz. That's fast. It came with 6 GB of RAM, but I have upgraded that to 16 GB. This thing is quick, and I have yet to find a time when I had too many applications running at one time. At a list price of over $800, I found this to be a bargain at $525. It weighs less than half of what my old laptop did, and is easy to tote around in the backpack that I bought for it. You cannot go wrong with this one.
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on July 28, 2015
I have owned this laptop for about a year now, and can honestly say this was my fist and last Lenovo. The specifications on this machine are quite reasonable, and it's pretty fast. You can even play some moderately advanced games on it, thanks to the graphics card (though this is by no means a die-hard gaming machine). Thanks to 3.2ghz dual core (with hyper threading, so 4 threads) it's 6GB's of RAM (that I upgraded to 8 GB's) and it's 1 Terabyte hard drive, this machine can do some advanced video-editing as well. It's not the fastest machine, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anything faster for this price.
So why then am I only giving this machine two stars, when the machine specifications are quite reasonable? Because the build quality of this Lenovo laptop is awful. It's a shoddily build, cheap and low quality laptop. I've had to send mine in for repairs twice within a year.

After a month of ownership I noticed that two screws on the bottom had come out. They just fell out, and I wasn't able to screw them back in as the plastic threads on the case were stripped. I never touched those screws, so I have no idea how that happened.
After two months of ownership the hard drive died. It happened as I was using the laptop on my desk. There was a popping sound, Windows froze and the hard drive was dead after that. All my data was lost, but luckily I make frequent full-system backups. So I send it in to get the hard drive replaced, as Lenovo didn't just want to send me a new hard drive. No biggie, hard drive's can fail sometimes when they are new, so I wasn't too upset.
A few months later however, suddenly the USB ports stopped working. I had to send it in a again, and Lenovo had to replace the mother board, as the USB chip apparently failed.

And now, just a little over a year of ownership, the case has cracked and seperated on the left side where the screen attaches. Due to the design of the laptop, opening and closing the screen puts a lot of stress on the bottom half of the case. There's a little screw right next to the hinge, but on the left side the screw has stripped through the plastic threads on the case, and now the two half of the laptop have separated.

With the warranty that just expired I can't send this laptop in for a third repaird, and so I am expecting this thing to die pretty quickly now. The motherboard flexes now every time I open and close the screen, so it'll probably just crack in the next few days and that will be the end of it.

Count in the mediocre screen and the truly awful keyboard, and I can only give this machine two stars.

TL;DR, the specifications of this machine are very nice for the price, but the build quality of this laptop is awful and so it would be better to spend a bit more cash and buy a better quality laptop. This thing will fall apart within a year.
I will never again buy another Lenovo IdeaPad. I can't speak for their other lines of laptops - those might be a lot nicer and better - but Lenovo's IdeaPad laptops are badly build and won't stand up to daily use.

As they say: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
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on July 29, 2014
As a re seller and PC technician, this laptop has been nothing but headaches. I have sold approx. 6 of these exact laptops to customers and have had several of them come back with problems.

One unit was returned after 6 months and would not boot, I ran a diagnostic on the PC and it returned with a bad hard drive. After only 6 months, I was very surprised to see a failure in such a seemingly nice laptop, clearly cheap hardware was used in the production of this PC.
I spent an hour on the phone with Lenovo going through the steps only to have them tell me that they are sending a recovery disk that will allow me to re install the OS and recovery partition. That's all fine and such but on to WHAT? The drive is bad and why am I not issued proper warranty service. Very poor customer service, and the guys on the other end do not have the ability to override their "process" which is a huge waste of time. They are only allowed to send a service repair request after the recovery disk has been sent and then I am going to spend another hour on the phone with them.

This laptop does not come updated, I had to do BIOS updates out of the box just to get the processor to run at the correct speeds, the laptop comes with an enormous amount of bloatware installed and takes time to remove. The colors on the screen seem washed out and generally has a strange look to it. I have tested with several games and it does perform well but not until proper setup is complete.

After this experience with Lenovo, we will no longer stock or sell their products and I do not look forward to dealing with Lenovo support in the future. (I know its coming).
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on December 11, 2014
ok, here goes. I always wait until owning items for a minimum of 3 months before I feel I can review it with any accuracy. This laptop, however, I have owned for 9 months at the time if this review. That being said, this is one of the smoothest running laptops I have ever owned. It's fast and capable of handling anything throw at it.

My primary uses are:
Work- Power Point, photo editing, reports,document manipulation etc...

Play- Online Video Streaming via Netflix, and Amazon. (side note, the native windows Netflix app shows better HD quality then viewing through the browser with silverlight) I also do some light gaming, nothing too intensive like COD, but more like action adventure, Tarzan and the like.

There are tons of truly intensive detailed reviews here with specks and data, but for the person short on time (like myself). This is what you need to know.

Speed is 2.5 GHz, I don't care what the listing says, it just is.
Streaming video kills your battery up to 40% FASTER than just browsing the web and working. (best to be plugged in or near an outlet)
Gaming is absolutely possible but with newer more intense games you will need to adjust the frame rate.
Some of the bloatware is actually useful....go figure.
Windows 8.1 is very useful and easy to navigate. The start button is basically a second menu but gets very familiar over time. (Just play with it and check out the tutorial for a few minutes, IT's WELL WORTH IT!)
Sound quality is superb, no need for external speakers unless you just want it even louder for some reason, or some type of bass.
keyboard feels cheap but is functional and there are no operational complaints.

Overall I love this laptop. Aside from the keyboard it feels very solid and well built. Check for deals as this model can range from $500 to nearly $800.
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on July 14, 2014
I have spent about a week and half with this laptop and have been overall disappointed in the quality and experience, but I'm also realistic enough to know that you can't get a much better machine at this price point.

I was looking for a computer that would allow me to do the usual word processing and research tools for work, some light photoshop use (I like to tweak pictures I take, but nothing too extreme), some gaming (COD, Battlefield 4, etc), and web surfing. It does all of these things fine. I'm actually playing Battlefield 4 on high settings with no real hiccups, and have tested and confirmed high settings on Skyrim.

However, I can confirm several complaints on these reviews that it gets HOT. The left bottom side, especially, gets ridiculously hot after about 1 hour of use.

The battery life is atrocious. They say 5 hours, it's more like 3 hours (this isn't a deal breaker for me because I'm always near a plug).

Also, the keys are either cheaply made or cheaply put together. The right shift key has already come unglued or unattached, and the rest feel pretty flimsy.

The touchpad on this is terrible. Very wonky. I had to buy a separate mouse and now I avoid the touchpad like the plague.

I actually initiated a return on this thing, but then I couldn't find anything with the same speed, cores, hard drive, etc. that would beat the price or at least be in the same ballpark. I thought about exchanging it for a new machine, but I can't be without a computer for a few days because of work.

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed but I'm also somewhat backed into a corner and will have to just stick with it. But since I have til August 1 to return, I'm going to keep looking and see if I can get something better without paying too much more.

UPDATE: 7/15/14
I can't handle this anymore. The shift key is completely off, held on only by repeatedly typing onto it. The heat is unbearable.

This is getting returned and I already ordered an HP Envy machine that is unfortunately $300 more but it's worth it just to get rid of this thing.
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on February 10, 2015
I got this laptop because the specs (i.e. RAM, size of hard drive, processor speed, etc) seemed like a great value. But I started with minor problems which escalated over the 8 months I've owned it. The first problem was that the WiFi disabled by itself and I had to manually download the most recent driver. This was easy to fix, but I had only been using the computer for 2 days when this happened. The computer would then restart by itself for no reason (1-2 times per week). Once I upgraded to Windows 8.1 I started getting error messages because the Lenovo Power Management System is not compatible with 8.1 and there was no version to upgrade to. If I disabled this application I would get an error because of it. Over the last 2 months the computer started restarting more and more frequently (several times per day). Thinking the problem might be an application that I installed I decided to reset the computer to its original factory settings. Within 5 minutes the computer restarted again for no reason. At this point it must be a hardware problem as there are no files or programs in the computer aside from what was pre-installed. I'm sure this is fixable and I'm assuming that Lenovo will either replace or repair the laptop, but these are too many headaches from a PC that is just used for websurfing, Skype and watching movies (and is relatively new).

UPDATE: Lenovo customer service was very helpful. Contacting them was also very easy as I was on hold for less than 2 minutes. I mailed them the laptop (I had to pay for the shipping) and they fixed it as it had a faulty processor. I got the laptop back within a few days but as soon as I turned it on I had the same problem. Less than a minute after I turned it on the computer restarted by itself. Obviosuly the problem is not (or is more than) the processor. Kudos to Lenovo customer service but I really think I got a lemon. Lenovo asked me to mail them the laptop again but I'm asking if I can just get my money back (or a replacement).
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on July 7, 2014
Overall Performance
This laptop, for the price, does exactly everything I needed it to, which isn't too extensive... except I'm playing a lot of low-to-mid end games on it. The terabyte of space is wonderful because I've downloaded my whole Steam library on to it. For example CIV5 and TF2 run smoothly. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Windows 8
Everyone hates Windows 8, but as long as you turn off the Start screen it's like running 7. I have absolutely no problem with it and I'm use to XP, 7, and Apple OS. Go to the taskbar, right click, select properties, go to Navigation and turn off whatever the hell you want, even the "charms" that pop up when you go to the upper right hand corner. Sure, you have to go to the Start screen instead of the usually taskbar menu, but you can customize it to whatever you need it for. So devote a few hours during set-up (after you let your updates run, because there are a lot of changes already) to making your setup work for you.

The Keyboard
The only issue I have with it is the keyboard. I love having the number pad, but it took me a long time to stop hitting Num Lock instead of Backspace, which is 2/3 the size of a regular backspace key. IF YOU ARE A WRITER DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP. The feel of the keyboard, which kind of dips down under pressure of keystrokes and then bounces back will annoy you to no end, unless you're already used to typing with weird spongy keyboards. This is not for starting your novel, Hemingway, go write your one true sentence standing up at a typewriter.

The Trackpad
Once you turn off all the features of the trackpad, it's just a little... hyper when the fleshy thumb-side of your hand comes into contact with it. I highly recommend a mouse.

All and All I love this laptop and I'm very happy, but I haven't taken it on a conference trip yet, so the battery life is yet to be put to the final test.
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on October 9, 2015
It's worked for me for 1 1/2 years, but I wouldn't buy Lenovo again. The battery doesn't last as long as they said, 3-4 hours at best. It was loaded with programs, but you had to buy them separately, price was not included in computer purchase. I hated windows 8, but I'm getting used to it. The windows 8 start button is some kind of online deal. Even though I've disabled or made manual the zillions of auto apps (which I don't know what they do), my desktop still takes too long to load. Windows 8 doesn't have any onboard solitaire. You have to go online to play, which is gross when our ISP is down! I really liked windows XP, but seems like they are getting worse.
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