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on January 17, 2016
I've had this computer for over a year now. It works, but it's definetly a budget laptop. It has served it's purpose but it's been less than one year and I'm looking for a replacement.

Pros: 1TB storage, good touchscreen, physical button on touchpad (personal preferance?), manages heat well, does computer things

I have problems with software pretty often. Mostly windows audio and sound crackling. I usually have to restart winaudio from services. Easy enough fix, but it when it happens it likes to happen 3 times in a row. (This could be a windows thing, but I'm including it as something that happens on this computer)

Also, as an open letter to any laptop manufacturer, who thinks it's a good idea to make a rough touchpad?? Sandpaper off my fingers??? I hate the touchpad more than myself in 8th grade chrissakes

Don't put usb's into usb ports. They don't like to come out. I actually broke a tiny 16gb usb trying to pry it out with pliers. I have no idea why these ports hate me.

Life tip: Don't buy a plastic computer. Just don't. Not unless it's some magnificent carbon fiber hybrid forged from the depths of Hephaestus's laptop plant. Be prepared for the actual plastic chassis to break. For me, it started with the power cord. The actual physical inside-port for the charger got pushed into the machine. Don't ask me how I managed this, the laptop sits on my desk all day. I fixed it, and as long as I didn't unplug the laptop, I was safe.
*I would also like to mention at this point all of the screws from underneath the laptop had fallen out, leaving my lazy self to tape the entire underside to the laptop*
I'm a terrible person and fell asleep with the laptop on my bed once. It fell, 1.5ft onto carpet. The plastic aroud the power cord split. The actual chassis broke. Again, I can live with this, as long as I don't adjust the screen or unplug the charger.

^tl;dr you can accidentally break this laptop so hard you'll regret ever being born. This laptop is like a fragile babychild. Treat it like you're a glass blower holding a stick with molten glass on the end.

Acceptable purchase if you aren't butterfingers-mcgee (me) and break the chassis, and if you understand this is a budget laptop (won't game ((obviously)) and isn't cutting edge) and that build quality is -0.
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on August 25, 2014
This is a great machine for the price. I am used to high end computers, last year I bought an ASUS G75 series, it broke 3 times for burned wires, software problems and component issues. I deployed with my ASUS and I was heavily reliant on it to talk to family and what not. It died...again. so I bought this, I wanted something cheap that would get me by until I upgraded, but honestly, I love this laptop, the touchscreen is good and a must have for windows 8. It comes with bloatware out of the box, as do most brands, but a few minutes to uninstall and its good to go. It powers up quick. Its got decent battery, about 3 hours of light use (Way better than my ASUS). This $600 computer would beat out the $1300 ASUS any day in my opinion. If ASUS is your brand i'm sorry. My only complaint is the different power input. It works, I just prefer the standard for backups.
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Everything was perfect during the first year, and I use the computer everyday from 8am to 12md (literally), as I am doing a full time MBA.
However, the screws that hold the case began to be unscrewed and released. It seems that the plastic of the case is not the best quality, or the screws are not appropriate for the size of the laptop; then, the screws got detached and the case began to open. I lost a few screws, then, I had to replace them, and make my artisan work to attach the plastic case the insert the screws again to hold it. It was repetitive, because the hole for the screws got worn and grounded, so, I had to find bigger screws to hold the plastic case. Right now, I cannot close the lid of the laptop smoothly, because the plastic case is not well hold by the screws, so, it would literally slip and open the case (showing all the circuits inside) if I don't manually hold the plastic from the keyboard side, while closing the lid. It is annoying, but anyway, the laptop works ok. I can use Windows and all my applications, however, it is a little bit stressful that its lid cannot easily be closed, because the whole computer may be spoiled.
Also, after one year, the Touchscreen stopped working. I don't know if it is related with the screws/plastic case issues. I read that it is a common/known issue, and there're several workarounds, but I never tried to fix it yet.

I am a Computer Engineer, and I just wanted to have a functional laptop, so, I don't worry too much about the circuits being potentially exposed if I don't take enough precautions to close the lid. However, it is not satisfying and it makes me think that the quality of the design is not the best. However, the processing performance is good, and that's what I wanted for the cheap price that I paid. So, overall, although I am not completely satisfied, I still could say that the laptop is ok and functions fine, for the price that I paid.
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on February 27, 2016
Lenovo disappoints again. This laptop sounds great in the description, but in reality this is a cheaply-built computer. My two biggest problems are the body/casing and the terrible customer service.

Within a month of unboxing, the screws on the underside of the body started falling out. I found two of them, two others were just gone. As the screws fell out, the body began separating, especially when I opened and closed the screen. I contacted Lenovo and shipped it in for warranty service. They told me that I waited too long to send it in- if I had sent it earlier they could have fixed the screw issue without replacing the entire casing. So, even under warranty I was out another $300 or so. I get the laptop back. It looks fine but now the mousepad doesn't have all the functionality (no more two-finger scrolling). Again, within 30 days or so, two more screws fall out (two of the same screws as before). By this time the machine is no longer under warranty and Lenovo wants nothing to do with it, even though it's the exact same problem that they apparently just fixed. Now I've got a laptop that's less than two years old that is being held together by duct tape, the charger barely stays in because of the body splitting, and I'm afraid to take it anywhere because opening and closing the screen seems to pull the body apart a little more each time.

Bottom line, don't take the risk with Lenovo. Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks for a quality-built machine.
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on June 5, 2016
I bought this laptop because I wanted a Lenovo laptop and I desperately needed one within a few days. The Lenovo site was offering me a better one at a lower price but I couldn't wait for 3 weeks. My particular piece was not perfect since the 'F' key does not work very well. Anyway, some of the pros and cons.

1. Fairly large screen.
2. Has a VGA and HDMI as well.
3. Has a CD drive (has come in handy quite a few times)
4. One key reboot button is quite useful for getting into the boot menu.
5. Good rendering of HD videos (720p and 1080p).

1. Screen does not block glare very well. Difficult to view in bright sunlight.
2. RAM is 6GB instead of 8GB. Usually not a problem, but if you want to run Eclipse + Chrome with more than a hundred tabs, then it might be a problem.
3. Inbuilt Qualcomm wireless network interface card does not catch 5GHz fast internet. Some wireless routers transmit a high speed internet signal at a different 5GHz band as opposed to the standard band. This laptop will not catch that signal, and hence that network will not show up in the available networks. Major con in my opinion.
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on September 11, 2014
I've had about three weeks to play with this laptop now and I don't regret the purchase one bit. I didn't need or want (or have the money for) some super fancy machine, I wanted something to learn on so I could get up to speed on coding, Linux, and other things I want to learn. I'm an IT guy, I just don't get the opportunity to expand on my skills at work, so I'm taking it into my own hands.

Shortly after getting it, I backed everything up as if it was fresh from the factory, wiped it, and reinstalled Windows 8.1 on it without any of the Lenovo extras. I've been working on getting Linux Mint 17 or CentOS7 installed but they're being problematic; I attribute that more to the software since Ubuntu works fine. It's as fast as I need it to be so far, though I'll probably upgrade the RAM later to an even 8GB. The Novo button is a great little feature for getting to the BIOS settings without having to worry about hitting the right key at the right time at startup.

The only negative thing I've noticed is the flimsy optical drive faceplate. Some people complain the machine feels cheap, it flexes, etc. Well yeah, you're going to see some of that in a lower cost machine like this. Would you be disappointed if you bought a Chevy Cruze and it wasn't magically a Tahoe with all the trimmings? Always take occasional negative reviews with a grain of salt. This laptop was a pretty good deal for me and because I handle my things with care I expect it will last a while. My other laptop is 7 years old and still in great shape, I just wanted something thinner and more modern.

Overall, I would recommend this laptop. Take care of it and it will be there for you.
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on June 5, 2015
Great laptop except for one issue...the touchpad is not sensitive enough to taps and the touchpad button requires more pressure to click than I am accustomed. I do not use this laptop for extended periods of time (2 hours max) but even so, my finger gets fatigued from surfing the web. It is rather annoying really. I have even set the touchpad sensitivity to most sensitive.

Other than the touchpad, everything else seems to work well. I love the solid feel of the keyboard as Lenovo is well-known for. It seems to be durable. The touchscreen is great! This is my first full size laptop that has a touchscreen. Because of the hard touchpad, I find myself navigating a lot with the touchscreen instead.
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on September 15, 2014
I bought this laptop for my daughter who needed it for school - she is technology savvy and has used various computers, laptops before. Delivery was very efficient . Unfortunately after she used it for two days the laptop ceased to function and would neither turn on nor would the battery charge. It is now with a Lenovo agent who has had to order necessary parts for this brand new laptop - my daughter has been unable to use the laptop for two weeks and it will be a further two weeks before we know whether the laptop will work. Depending on how the issue is resolved I will re-submit the review; sadly for now I cannot give it a better rating as the item is not working.
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on September 3, 2014
Purchased this unit for my son to go to college. Right out of the box the power cord was for a different country than USA. Called Amazon and was referred to Lenovo. They did offer to send replacement unit but no guarantee the power cord was different with another unit. Called Lenovo and had to explain to someone with heavy foreign accent my issue. Three days later received the cord portion from the unit to the adapter box but no US compatible plug! Another call to Lenovo and a request to overnight since college was two days away. They did make it before leaving for school. Another concern was the unit documentation was all foreign. Lenovo referred me to their website to download manual-but what if unit down and cannot access file????
Now onto the unit. My son likes the touch screen, so much he returned the Bluetooth mouse we purchase.(but that return is another story!!)
Boots well, he is learning WIndows 8, but as a heavy iPhone users, the tiles and such all work well for him. I think this is good value for college student, just need to see how it holds up after a couple years.

I hope no one else gets the foreign version of this unit from Amazon, (unless you are going to Europe!!! :))
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on August 22, 2014
It was great. Though i have some troubles understanding why the protecting plastic was off, since i know that it comes with the computer, but anyways...
I think the touch screen is really cool as a matter of fact.
I use graphic apps, and by far the seem to respond very well, but i was expecting that their start up would change with the performance of the computer. Apparently it did not. Still have to say, that working with Adobe Illustrator and touch screen can be a very interesting experience, though its still in the early stages.
I really have to congratulate the touchscreen and the hdd. They are very boosted for showing that the computer is nothing like anything else.

I have to rate this like this without going into many technical details:

Capability with software windows 8 really great experience,
Start up at start very confident but then it need to take its time,
Handling to much operations, well 6g of ram make quite a difference i must say.
Graphic and touch screen, i think its a bit rough at looks weird but with time you learn to love it
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