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on January 6, 2014
Purchase date May 1, 2013. Complete failure date December 19, 2013. Local IT resource looked at error code, said hard drive failure. Contacted Lenovo, returned the unit via their shipping/handling protocols. As I tracked the repair on their website, I saw they were waiting for customer authorization, although I had not been contacted.

My surprise when I reached them? Not a repair under warranty as expected. They diagnosed a foreign substance spill, with total hard drive failure.

Most surprising? They quoted $950 (yes, $950!) to repair a 7 1/2 month product that originally cost $740.

What's wrong with this picture? I asked to escalate the complaint, and am still waiting for a response.

Not a happy camper. A big FAIL on customer service. Contrast this with a similar experience with a Dell Inspiron with next day, on site, zero cost to repair service.

I truly regret this purchase.
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on January 11, 2013
Not bad for a dual core. Do not upgrade to windows 8 pro it will screw all software up. Did this to get media center and had to do a recovery to revert back to windows 8. Recommend creating a recovery drive right from the start. I did mine with an 8 gig USB memory stick and it paid off. Works great now after doing all Lenovo software updates that pro would not support. Windows 8 leaves alot to be desired, They just threw this operating system together to try to copy Android and left the users to figure it out, which takes a little time. Andriod ice cream sandwich with a drive this big would have been the perfect marriage for this machine. Do not believe the battery life, I get about 2.5 hours using display brightness at about one half max. Screen resolution is nothing to brag about but good enough to surf the net or watch a movie on, which is fine for a screen this size. Screen rotation is very sluggish about 5 seconds. This book also gets warm but not hot when sitting on your lap or any type of fabric than can block the air intake that later down the road could cause hardware failure. Some of the pro's however are it is very comfortable and very light weight for a bigger screen compared to tablet size.The sound on this machine is extremely loud campared to any tablet or small laptop that I have seen, with a built in equalizer.A little tinny but loud. Also the two full size usb 3 ports are good for transfer rate, 350 gigs transfered in about 1 hour with this processor. Very flexable viewing configuration,Startup was about 7-8 seconds. Bluetooth also works great and no pairing required(Windows 8 did improve this from 7)nice size on screen keyboard,SD card reader port,Flash reader port,Ethernet port,Mini hdmi port,Headphone jack,Kensington lock. Had this for 1 week and am going to see if I am going to send it back or keep it. After 1.5 weeks, I am sending it back. Like other reveiws here the screen brightness goes dim then bright for no reason, even with the power management set at full. Also the touch screen is very eratic. Sometimes it is responsive other times it will not even detect untill you have to screw around with it. This is a great concept, but I don't think it is worth the money spent. Lenovo support was not impressive either. Out of 4 calls there was only one tech who was friendly and helpful. Good volume, Great concept, But very lacking in stability and longevity.
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on October 2, 2013
While this is a fairly stylish computer, the swivel screen has big issues. For example, the screen orientation does not consistently change when the screen is turned in a different way, and the swivel screen itself is very delicate. If you don't change the screen position by touching only the top part of the monitor, the display may or may not change to the right orientation. In addition, my unit would not download MS Office 365 (Microsoft said that it had a corrupted operating system), even though it was brand new. Lenovo Support was horrible, and instructed me to send it back for replacement; when I did, I was socked with a 15% restocking fee even though the OS was defective. I instead bought a Lenovo Yoga, which is slightly more expensive, but much easier to use. It has consistent and reliable screen orientation technology, is less delicate (e.g., less chance of breakage); and the touch screen is very easy to use and efficient.
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on April 13, 2013
I've been tracking Windows 8 since the Consumer Preview of 2012. In fact, I installed the CP and the final EOM version on a prior ThinkPad (SL410) shortly after in came out. In a nutshell, Win8 is great once you learn how to mouse to the corners. Why Microsoft felt the need to essentially hide its basic features in corner-spotted contextual menus, I don't know; they have way too much faith in the average user. However, Win8 runs fast, is secure, and the Metro interface is pretty great -- especially for apps like Solitaire, MahJohng, ESPN, Netflix, and KEXP. There's some really cool stuff in the store, much of it that doesn't require a touchscreen.

That said, a touchscreen (like the one in the Twist) brings the whole experience alive. Windows 8 is the OS of the future, especially when you see how smoothly you can switch between app-heavy Metro and the traditional desktop experience. Again, I think it takes a bit of an advanced user to understand how to make it all work, but once you do, it's pretty slick. Touching your screen to launch tasks, browse files, and so on, seems so natural that you wonder why it took so long. Combine that with a traditional keyboard (like the Twist) and you've really good a good thing going.

So, that's a quick overview of Win8. What about the Twist? Here's a look at the good and bad.

The good:

* The build quality. The rubberized feel is premium, the screen looks great, the keyboard is amazing, and the whole deal feels nice. It's ThinkPad; you know you're getting quality.

* Battery. Others have said it's poor, but I haven't had that experience. Dial down the screen brightness, and you can get a good 4, nearly 5 hours out of this. It's enough for a plane ride; not sure where else you'd go without access to a power cord. Because the screen is so good, you can lower the brightness and still have a good experience.

* The hybrid functionality. It's so good! Flipping the screen around and using the Twist as a tablet is a revelation. I use it mostly as a comic book reader, and it's really perfect for that application. (Next step is for Marvel to bring its Marvel Universe app to the Windows Store.) Playing simple games, navigating Metro apps, etc., is really smooth. The weight of the device is such that, for me, it's a pretty good tablet. And when you need to type something long-form, you simply turn the screen around and go at it. It's pretty good.

* The weight. Coming from a fivish-pound device, I'm surprised how light this is.

Now the not-so-good:

* Screen rotation can be iffy. Maybe a driver update can help this out?

* Sound is good and loud, but sometimes distorted. Can't tell if this is a source or playback issue. You're not getting premium sound out of this device, to be sure.

* The screen is a fingerprint magnet. Nothing that can be done about that, and it's really only noticeable when the screen is off, but there you are.

* It'd be nice for a traditional HDMI and more USB ports, but oh well.

If you're on the fence, I say go for it. You're not finding a Windows 8 hybrid device anywhere near this price class, and you'll be surprised just how capable this device is. I'm not a gamer, so the 720p and lower specs don't bug me. For what I need to do -- basic browsing, Office, etc. -- this is a really great device.
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on January 31, 2013
This baby is pretty much a hybrid of a tablet, laptop and ultrabook. Its more powerful than a lot of ultrabooks (get the i5 cpu or higher).

People complain about all types of things when it comes to electronics and expect a flawless product for the first of its kind. That's not the case with anything that's even remotely complex that is brand new and revolutionary. Yes, there have been tablets that can run windows OSes before but not full fledged versions with this stability. I didn't have any of the issues ppl have mentioned, I guess there was just a few bugs in some of the Twists Lenovo shipped out.

Don't expect to play intense video games on here or to run a home music studio out of this thing. It can handle some music production programs (i5) but it takes it about three tries; in other words the music program will freeze 2-3 times before it runs fine. This is not what you want when trying to produce professional sound tracks, video, photos etc. Know what you are buying (the specs) and what they can do for you. The CPU is great and from the best chip maker. The ram, though not upgradeable, is enough to run just about everything. I would avoid streaming more than 5-6 videos at once but only youtube maniacs do that.

The sound is ok, tiny little speakers on a tiny computer. The touch screen works great, just tilt it a little farther so it changes orientation when you want it to. The ambient light sensor can be turned off. I figured this out myself. After that, the computer works great. I am even running another Windows system inside of it (Virtual machine). I can play my android games on there too with Bluestacks android emulator :D Make sure you have it on the higher power consuming setting if youre not plugged in to AC to run those goodies. Buy it and enjoy the awesome deal you are getting compared to the Yoga and what Asus is offering!
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on January 24, 2013
I'd been looking for a good, convertable laptop for a while. I was leaning towards the Dell Ultrabook, but when I saw the price of this one, I went for it.

It's light, but it feels really sturdy (owning up to its ThinkPad name). The rotating screen is a nice touch, but I find myself using it less and less in tablet mode. I've owned two iPads, a Kindle Fire, and various e-readers, and I still haven't completely accepted tablet use.

Things I love:

The keyboard: The keys are spaced perfectly for my hands and I rarely, if ever, make typing errors on it.
The trackpad: I have yet to learn all the gestures, and it's been a bit of a struggle to unlearn all of the Apple gestures I've mastered using a Macbook Pro. But the more I use it, the more I like it.
The screen: The Gorilla Glass screen is pretty. What can I say, I like shiny, pretty things.

Things I don't love:

Windows 8: Yes, I suppose this should be a separate review, but I have some issues with the OS. In theory it's a great product, but in practice, I find it to be a little sluggish and temperamental.
The battery: Others have said it better than I could. It's just not long enough for a tablet.

Overall, it's a great little Ultrabook. I resolve to use it in tablet mode more often.

Update 4/16/2013

I wanted to love this, but after several months, I hardly ever use it anymore. I go right back to my tried and true Macbook Pro.

I had many of the same issues mentioned in other reviews: slow or not-at-all screen rotation, poor performance, repeated crashing, etc.

The device itself is great, but when combined with Windows 8, it just doesn't work.

Sadly, I think I'll be looking to unload this one soon.
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on January 28, 2014
First thing: My laptop was left on the porch in freezing temperatures for hours. The delivery person did not even ring the doorbell.
Issues: The screen frequently goes from light to dark. It seems like it's trying to adjust to the room's lighting but the lighting in the room doesn't change. It makes it very hard to read.

The fan is extremely loud. I can't believe how loud it is. It doesn't come on often but when it does, watch out! It will take you by surprise.

The touch screen is not very responsive. It works but I find it either being too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I know this may sound crazy but it is true. I don't use the touchscreen often. Perhaps, it's because of this.

I'm doing basic internet browsing and the security software says that the browser is "high usage". It still works fine.

Pros: I upgraded to Windows 8.1. There are a few bugs but the system runs really fast.
I like the twist component. It makes it easier to share the screen. It seems pretty sturdy. I just have a feeling that one day, this thing is going to break.

It is lighter than I expected. I thought it was going to be too heavy but it is surprisingly lightweight. It's not as light as a tablet, of course, but a lot lighter than my laptop. It's similar in weight to the Samsung Chromebook.

I'm not sure if anything got damaged as a result of being in the cold. I gave it a week but I will contact Amazon if anything happens. I hope this review was helpful in some way.
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on April 28, 2013
I've had this about 3 weeks now. I don't have a tablet and thought that perhaps this would kill two birds. It is not as light as a tablet but it is still not too bad on my lap or on a table. I have been getting used to the touch screen having only owned one on my smartphone before. I use it mostly in the laptop mode for email as I like to write on the keyboard since I touch type. I don't find it a problem to reach the 3" from the keyboard or mouse pad to the screen, which has become my habit for scrolling pages or using swipe gestures.

When I first got the Twist I went to the Lenovo site and updated everything so I haven't had any issues some reviewers have mentioned.

It took me awhile to get used to Win8 but I am liking it more and more. It is a good match to a touch screen.

I once had an IBM laptop, 13-14 years ago, with the red mouse button thingy in the middle of the keyboard. But since then have used just touch pads and mice. I've tried using it again but find it hard to control the cursor speed and direction so revert to the mouse or touch pad. Or just use my finger on the screen. So I think I could do without that feature, but it doesn't hurt to have it there. There are so many ways to interact with this computer that I see new habits forming.

I have one complaint/frustration with this laptop so far, which I hope to resolve in the future. Although the screen scrolling and swiping seems flawless, I have had trouble with tapping, often needing to tap an icon 3 or 4 times to get an action. The manual says to calibrate the screen frequently but I could not find directions for how to do it. I went online and downloaded a calibration tool for Lenovo even though it said it was for Win7. (Couldn't find one for Win8) When I went to install it a pop up said I already had it on my computer so I did not install and override what I supposedly had. Well, I have not been able to locate it on my computer. But right after downloading it, it popped up on the screen and when I touched the red button in the center it said, "No device found", with no directions about what to do about it. I haven't seen it since. Since then I have not put any effort into pursuing this and often find I use the mouse and keyboard buttons for clicking. It does seem like it is getting better though, which may just be my technique improving. Some time in the future I will work on figuring out screen calibration again as it is somewhat frustrating to have to go back and forth from the screen to buttons or touch pad, and I cannot do that when it is in tablet mode..

One other tiny quibble: I bought a mini hdmi to regular hdmi adapter, which works fine. I always hook up to a 32" monitor when I am at home. But the usb port next to it is so close that the swelled shape of the adapter pushes against my usb tethering hookup and I have my wireless mouse in the other usb port. Hopefully the pressure between them won't damage anything. So next time I would get an hdmi adapter with a little wire on it. Some usb plugs would probably not fit next to it at all.
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on April 1, 2013
The product works as advertised, aside from the battery life. Battery life is listed at 7 hours but 3 is the number I usually get. 3 hours is plenty for me as I'm rarely away from an outlet that long.
Other reviews also mention problems with screen orientation and it can be difficult to get the screen to orient into portrait mode for tablet use.

I bought this primarily for use as a laptop and sometimes use tablet mode for web browsing and news consumption.
The start up time is snappy but there is still plenty of storage with a 500 gig hdd. The device is also capable of running some taxing computer games such as civilization 5.

The screen is responsive and easy to use. I only wish there was the ability to use a digitizer. Its ability for creating notes and doing research is admirable as a result of the ThinkPad hardware and Microsoft 365 office suite which is included on a 30 day trial (which I plan to purchase).

Overall I have used this device every day since I purchased it. Windows 8 is intuitive to use on the product and I have no issue with it. It has nearly eliminated my need of my desktop and I find myself doing most of my computing (school work & gaming) on my couch. I would recommend this to anyone who needs the capabilities of a laptop but is intrigued by the form factor of a tablet. The tablet use is serviceable for a secondary feature.
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on October 4, 2013
So I opened up my package, started up the laptop and set it up the way i wanted.

I had to look at tutorials for win 8 since it's way different then win 7 and I'm used to win 7.

Anyways Laptop works great for everything i need it for, like my schoolwork purposes and my artwork purposes.

Some people said this laptop has a bad sound card or speakers. To me it sounds fine, it's louder then my old laptop. So i'm not sure why they said that.

Some people have also said the screen dims out once and while. Which it does but it's not so bad of an issue.

The only thing i have an issue with is how overly sensitive it is with touch, which is irritating, I'm not sure if it's just a thinkpad thing or just a general touchscreen laptop thing. Because i never had a laptop like this one.

The only thing I wish it did have was a tablet pen or was able to use tablet pens on the screen.

I may update it later if i see other issues.
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