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on January 10, 2018
This is a great concert made up of some of the best actors who played the rolls. The singing is great. But although the cast dress in costumes, this is a concert, not a play. I also own a DVD of the 10th Anniversary Concert. The quality of the singing is the same. The biggest differences are (1) the Blu-ray version has a sharper picture (2) unlike the Blu-ray version, the 10th Anniversary Concert DVD has some short clips of the play. I like both version.
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on April 14, 2011
I was flipping through channels and caught this show on PBS from the third song. My attention was completely captured for the next several hours. Now, I couldnt talk myself into buying it on PBS for a pledge of $125, but I had bought it from Amazon before the end of the intermission. The performers are all fantastic with the exception of the Jonas who was not bad, but not stellar either. Alfie Boe is also gracing my Ipod after seeing his performance. It is a great DVD to throw on when you are working around the house or cleaning as the music is great even without the visual performance. The only sad thing is that this is not available on CD to listen to it in the car. This performance is absolutely worth the money if you are a fan of musicals.
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on December 2, 2011
Many of the reviews have already gone over the casting and performances in this concert, so my review will concentrate SOLELY on the motion artifacts inherent in this BluRay.

Though I haven't read all the reviews on Amazon for Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert Blu Ray, I haven't seen anyone mentioning the odd (and to me, very distracting) video motion artifacts in this BluRay presentation.

There is a motion artifact that severely blurs the image (most obvious with movement) at regular intervals throughout this BluRay. It occurs at regular periodic intervals of approximately 1/3 - 1/2 of a second. Most of the time, the video quality is quite pristine with good clarity and sharpness, especially in close-ups and when the performers are relatively still/stationary. Unfortunately, there are lots of panning shots in this production, and of course, the performers aren't completely stationary. When there is movement, the motion artifacts are noticeable and it blurs the image so much as to present a doubled image.

After reviewing it again and again, I've determined that the artifact is not caused by the display chain but is inherent in the BluRay. To dispel any doubts, my display chain accepts and displays 1080/24p, and has no problems with any of the other 100+ 24p BluRays in my collection. The motion artifact is not caused by the display chain. A simple test to determine that it is not an artifact of telecine 3:2 pulldown judder in the display chain (as from a display chain incapable of reproducing 1080/24p)is to pause the movie and advance it frame-by-frame.

I can see the image go from clear and sharp frames as I advance frame-by-frame, to blurry and doubled at the exact same specific frames in paused images, and it's possible to see the transition in panning shots, going from clear (with only the normal very slight inherent blurring due to the exposure times) to the double imaged, blurry mess at regular intervals as I advance frame-by-frame. Obviously, the sharper and larger the display, the more obvious these artifacts are.

One of the scenes in which this can be seen quite obviously is at 45:00 during 'Master Of The House'. Beginning exactly at that time, there is a panning shot centered on Thenardier. Because he is centered in the shot, the motion artifacts are not as immediately obvious on him, however I can see them quite obviously on the performers sitting on the benches in the background to the left of him on the screen. Watch them as the camera pans past him and you can see the people on the bench blur into doubled images at regular intervals of about 1/2 a second.

Unfortunately, the motion artifacts are not restricted solely to the background. Another example is in the scene where the bishop has just given Jean Valjean the candlesticks, as the camera pans up Valjean, he blurs visibly three times in the short time it takes to pan up from his waist to his face.

It appears to be some sort of conversion artifact. It would appear that Soho Transfer (the company that converted the footage from the HD master to 24p) is responsible for this screw up.

I just thought it might help some folks considering this purchase to avoid disappointment by being aware of this ahead of time. The music of Les Miserables is of course, one of the main draws and reasons for purchasing this, but if it were the sole reason, I could have just stuck with the soundtrack on CD (not considering the differences in audio quality between CD and BluRay formats).
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on December 10, 2012
This is an excellent rendition of Victor Hugo's novel as a musical presentation. It captures the spirit and imagination of this beautiful story of courage and commitment. It is a 25th anniversary celebration at London's O2 facility and all of the music is included; performers are in costume and the sets are very well done. Be aware that this is not the "full Broadway show", but I was transported while watching the DVD; one important advantage is that you can view the performers "close-up" which reveals the emotion and passion on their faces as they perform. Alfie Boe is magnificent and is perhaps the consumate Jean Valjean among the four actors who have embraced this role. The 25th anniversary edition also features all four after the end of the performance and includes other principals who made the Les Miserables stage production possible. If you are a fan of Les Mis, don't miss this production!
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on May 6, 2013
I eagerly anticipated viewing this concert and I was not disappointed, except in two aspects [see below]. Alfie Boe, trained as an opera singer, gave a powerful, passionate, emotional performance as "Jean ValJean." Norm Lewis, also a highly-trained and experienced performer, was strong, masterful, articulate as "Javert" and played the part with great dignity and authority. Lea Salonga was exquisite and convincing as the tragic "Fantine." If you saw the 2012 Les Mis Film, you will recognize Samatha Barks in the role of Eponine; she was as confident, powerful, and perfect in her role in this concert as she was in the film. Ramin Karimloo portrayed "Enjolras" and gave a powerful performance; he confidently carried the lead in many of the most rousing ensemble songs. "Cosette," portrayed by Katie Hall was lovely, articulate, strong, and confident but the love story was not realistic because her counterpart, Nick Jonas, who portrayed "Marius," was younger than she and was a less experienced performer. Robert Madge, as the gamin, "Gavroche" was perfect as the young, impish, brave street-wise orphan.

The reason I did not give this recording five stars was for two deficits: 1] the casting of Nick Jonas in the role of 'Marius" was a disaster: he was obviously the weak link in the production and was clearly unseasoned, compared to all the superb, experienced opera and musical theater professionals. 2] the casting of Jenny Gallaway, in the role of "Madame Thenardier" was a mistake because she was, in fact, twenty years older than Matt Lucas, the performer who portrayed "Monsieur Thenardier."

However, the merits of this recording far outweigh the deficits. I will watch this recording every year and enjoy it each time. Be sure and watch the performance past the "curtain calls" because they the production will include some delightful special guest stars.
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on April 1, 2013
I caught the second act of this concert on P.B.S a while back and I liked it so I bought it. Unfortunatley I wish I had seen the first act. I was very unhappy with the Vulgarity and Raunchy-ness of Lovely Ladies and Master of the House. Also the excessive use a certain swear word was Very unnecessary. But despite this it is a beautiful story with a gloriouse score and I enjoyed it Immensly so here is my character by character review.

Jean Valjean- The main charcter in the story of les Miserables and let me tell you Alfie Bow was PERFECT!! His voice is AWESOME and he puts sooo much into his performance. His Bring him home was GORGEOUS and a definite highlight of the show.

Javert- Norm Lewis is fantastic in this role his Star actually had me crying. He may be an unconventional Javert to most of you Philip Quast fans but no one can deny that he should have been in the movie instead of YOU KNOW WHO. Norm Lewis is great as Javert and shall forever be THE Javert in my mind.

Fantine- In the role of fantine wwe have another Huge name Lea Salonga. Her facial emotions were spot on and her voice is beautiful. I literally cried when she became a prostitute. I was like "POOR FANTINE" Her I dreamed a dream was also another tear jerker (In case you haven't guess I cried a WHOLE LOT while watching this)

Marius- Now there has been a lot of angry word about Nick Jonas in the role of Marius and I will admit I was Horrified when I saw he was in this but I still watched it and Nobody kill me but I really liked his Marius. He brought a softness to the character that I feel was laking in Michael Balls Legendary performance in the 10th anniversary concert. Overall he did a great job and his voice is very smooth. But I can never forgive Marius for not loving Eponine :).

Cosette- Oh Cosette as beautiful as you are I can never forgive you for stealing Marius from Eponine. but Katie Hall I can forgive because her voice is lovely and she captures all of the innocence sweetness a cosette must have.

Eponine- Now we are onto my favorite female Character in the show. Samantha Barks IS Eponine she has crazy awesome vocals and she can belt like insanity. Her on my own is Great and I weeped when she and Nick sang a little fall of rain.

Enjolras- I will tell you straight off Enjolras is my favorite person in the show he has all the best songs and he is awesome. But the best thing about this Enjolras is RAMIN KARIMLOO IS HIM!!!!! Ramin Karimloo is my favorite singer ever so this Enjolras obviously is AMAZING he can sing like.... I can't even explain how Awesome he is! Just look him up on youtube or something.

The Thenardians- I will tell you right off the bat I don't like these characters. I just don't but I will admit I laughed once or twice so I guess they did there job.

This is the end of my review so I hope it helps. If you do buy this movie I would caution you on the Raunchy-ness of certain parts and the over-usage of swear words. But overall it is a heartwarming story with great music and....RAMIN KARIMLOO. He makes everything better :)!
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on October 11, 2017
I believe this to be the best way to view Les Miserable... The multiple cast appearances make it a jewel to own. This is the favorite of the four generation women in my family. It is clear, the sound is crisp, and a bargain.
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on December 24, 2012
Well, although I enjoyed this 25th Anniversary DVD, it was not up to the level of the 10th Anniversary Dream Cast. Nick Jonas, as numerous other reviewers have pointed out, is out of his league when compared to the other cast members. His forlorn look didn't bother me as much as his lack of vocal training. Again, not a bad voice, just out of his league.
Although Alfie Boe is not Colm Wilkerson, I enjoy his Valjean, and enjoy the contrast to Wilkerson's portrayal.
I do miss the "Little People" that Gavroche sings that was not included in this DVD--it would only have added a few seconds to the running time, but it added a certain poignancy to the barricade scene.
Many other reviewers have complained about Lea Salonga's Fantine--I liked her portrayal, and didn't find her voice or interpretation lacking.
The technical aspects of this production are excellent, as other have noted. Unless you only want one version of Les Miserables, this is a useful addition to one's video collection. Now I am waiting for either a fully recorded performance with all the acting, scenery, and props, or the forthcoming movie, or both, to have a version which allows me to not just enjoy the music, but also get lost in the story.
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on January 13, 2015
If I could give it 10 stars I would. What an amazing cast and the music with the huge orchestra was so powerful. I was able to be in a production of Les Miserables recently with 3 of my daughters, one of which was 6 and starred as young cosette. What an experience. If you haven't see this production you are missing out. By far the best one out there. I'm not a huge fan of the theatrical versions. At the end of this since it is the 25th anniversary they bring back all the main leads from all the previous productions. My absolute favorite that moves me to tears every time is when all the characters who play Val Jean sing together, "Bring Him Home". Wow!!!! I can't say enough. If there is one musical you are going to watch let it be this one, such an amazing story of redemption and love. Read the book as well(abridged version) to see the whole story and background.
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on December 16, 2013
I caught this version on "On Demand" without fundraising ads, etc. Wow! Didn't think I'd like anyone other than Colm Wilkinson in the lead role. As the product description states, "comparing the 1995 concert and the 2010, the newer one has superior audio and video, but the earlier one has the stronger cast top to bottom." The 2010 version also includes many scenes omitted from the 1995 version (but included in the 2012 movie). The 4 Valeans singing "Bring Him Home" brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. So, while the 1995 version will stay in my car as my favorite audio version, this 25th Anniversary version is now my favorite visual and "complete play" version. (Previously, I favored the 2012 movie for its more complete story telling and photography, but compared to the 25th Anniversary version, the singing is horrendous. Even Nick Jonas is tolerable, although he looks nauseous most of the time.)

Like the 25th Anniversary "Phantom of the Opera," this CD does not come with ANY literature. I had to Google to find more information about the cast and production. I wish a brochure with information had been included.
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