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on April 4, 2012
This DVD contains an indoor walking plan for five days, from Monday to Friday. For example, on Monday, you walk for about 46 minutes (the warm up, the 3 miles, and the cool down) and you do abdominal work for about 4 minutes, for a total workout time of just over 50 minutes.

Here's the "5 Day Walk Plan".

Monday (50:05)
3 mile walk (46:04)
Abs session (4:01)

Tuesday (1:02.24)
4 mile walk (59:01)
Arms session (3:23)

Wednesday (24:44)
1 mile walk (21:27)
Legs session (3:17)

Thursday (37:12)
2 mile walk (34:19)
Chest and back session (2:53)

Friday (1:14.18) This is the longest at over 1 hour and 14 minutes.
5 mile walk (1:10.45)
Full body stretch (3:33)

For long walks like on Friday, the flow is not as smooth as it should be because each mile begins slowly and then speeds up so that when you put them together, the long walks are a little choppy. But, I still enjoyed Ms. Sansone's personality and exuberance.


If you don't want to follow the 5 day plan, you may customize your own workouts from the 10 segments which are the foundation for the program.

Here is a time outline for the 10 segments.

Blue mile (1 mile, 12:34) Blue is the most intense of all the 1 mile workouts.
Yellow mile (1 mile, 12:21) This color & the remaining colors are of somewhat similar intensity.
Red mile (1 mile, 11:44) Each mile is roughly about 12 minutes each.
Green mile (1 mile, 12:15)
Purple mile (1 mile, 12:09) This is probably the easiest mile segment.

Abs (4:01) For me and for many others, these are very short and very easy sessions.
Arms (3:23)
Legs (3:17)
Chest/back (2:53)
Full body stretch (3:33)

All workouts have the same warm up (4:13) and the same cool down (5:29).


For those who have never done a Leslie Sansone DVD, here are the basic steps and moves.

Walking in place
Side step
Knee lift

Arm reach to the front
Arm reach to the ceiling or the sky
Arm reach to the side
Arm reach combos
Hand claps

Here are moves with a little more steps. Many moves are familiar if have other Leslie Sansone workouts.

Hand tap to opposing leg/knee lift
Grapevine, with kick back
Mambo (easy)
Fast or power walk
Side tap, with turn, with punch
Kick back, with arm pull
Leg + foot shift, with punch
Walk to front and back
Kick with arm reach variations
Walk and tap

The blue mile includes two high impact moves.

Jump rope (rope not needed)
Half jacks (a modified version of jumping jacks)


I found the exercises in the non-walking segments very easy and quite basic. Each segment lasts about 3 to 4 minutes. You may combine them to do a longer workout which may still be very easy for many people. (But, I assume that Ms. Sansone is trying to help people who do not strength train, but need to do it.)

1. Abs: At four minutes and one second, this is the longest segment.
Single leg raise
Curl up
The hundred
Single leg raise
Criss cross

2. Arms: This is the only segment in which you need a light pair of weights.
Biceps curl
Triceps extension

3. Legs
Back lunge
Back lunge/squat combo

4. Chest/back
Push up on knees
Modified plank with opposing leg and arm hold

5. Easy and short stretches


This DVD features four new and pleasant young ladies who walk with Ms. Sansone.
I thought the overall DVD was fine, although I do miss Linda, Jo Ann and the other walkers from the previous DVDs. It's like missing old friends.
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on March 20, 2017
I've had this for months, and thought vaguley I was "using it" on the theory that if it's in my house, I must be accomplishing something. Uh, no. But about a month ago, when I decided to get serious about once again incorporating aerobic exercise into my Pilates routine, I tried Sansone because I hate exercising in the unpredictable, too hot, too cold St. Louis weather. When I tried her method, I was delighted to find that she includes dumbed-down versions of steps from aerobic dance when it was wonderful, like dance, and the step hadn't yet been invented. I worked for two years with a professional dancer, so I feel strongly about steps and combinations. The simple combinations and a variety of steps -- and ramping up the pace halfway through -- will make this my go-to for the foreseeable future. I like customizing my workout by choosing warm-up, one of the miles (not up to 2 yet), and cool-down, although some may prefer to do the daily routines instead. I wish I'd given this a good try sooner. But I'm doing it now almost every day, and feel virtuous -- except when Sansone's grating voice and especially her laugh make me momentarily want to reach through the screen and throttle her. But that's a small point: focusing on the movements is the point.
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on September 7, 2016
Having lost nearly 60 lbs using Leslie's DVDs for fitness and diet (of course), I must give credit where credit is due. This is my favorite of the 10 Leslie Sansone DVDs I have purchased over the last 2 years. Here's why it works for me:
-I can program walks, up to 10 miles at a time (I skipped the blue mile because it was higher intensity at first)
-It doesn't require fancy foot work (I consider myself pretty sure-footed but most aerobic DVDs leave me frustrated with dancy-dance footwork)
-It gets my heart pumping
-It doesn't contain burpees, lunges, or any other grueling type moves that make me wanna: a) cry b) give up c) throw DVD at nearest wall
-I can use my pedometer and count towards my 12k daily goal
-Leslie is so peppy and motivating, she makes me want to exercise and get off my butt
-The production quality is high, the set is professional, the lighting good, the music is spot-on
-Leslie and the other instructors are not ripped, they are just normal fit people, like me
-Don't laugh, but I especially liked the outfits to match the mile: blue, purple, red, etc... FUN!
-The moves are low impact (except BLUE mile), I am 43 years old with tentative knees
When I started on my fitness journey, I would take this DVD when I traveled- my friends would snicker and laugh while I walked with Leslie, but pretty soon everyone joined in and we had a great time together. I started doing 2 miles a day, then 3, on some days I would have extra time and knock out 4 or even all 5 miles. These are definitely "aerobic" but not crazy. I would highly recommend to anyone, male or female looking to lose weight thru fitness and diet, mostly because Leslie Sansone makes fitness as easy as it comes. I have shopped around looking for high intensity training type DVDs, but always come back to Leslie in the end.
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on March 1, 2016
This is the best walking plan, by far, for me. Leslie is a great teacher and it is easy to follow. The music is improved and I sweat more with this series. I recommend this DVD for the beginning to the avid walker. You will benefit and see results.
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on April 1, 2014
I came across this because I used youtube videos before I decided to get the DVD . I thought it was a joke and did the workout and it made me sweat after 2 months using youtube videos for the fast speed 4 mile walking as that one had a timer and the 3rd mile one did too which sometimes I use youtube to watch the 3 mile walk for days on my weekend workouts .Cons of this DVD : It has no timer and you have no idea how long workout is going to take and doesn't say on the DVD how long is each workout in each day which is my only issue and driving me crazy okay . I am still timing the workouts of each day of the week because I pause a lot and have a toddler . But, I love this simple workout that does make me sweat and her energy daily has made me in better mood when I dread working out. I enjoy her talking thru other people say she's annoying . I still haven't memorized all of the moves since she added new ones and the harder day that I did workout was FRIDAY AND it was 1:10 mins and I can say FRIDAY is long workout and I didn't pause during it . The others still waiting to see which days are shorter and more aggressive as I think Tuesday is and Friday so far . she's not fake like the turbo jam lady ( sorry forgot her name ) have her DVD but I don't do that video no more .I do this video and slim in six video . I plan order something else in near future from Leslie Sansone . I did lose 5 inches last 2 weeks because doing this 6 days a week and eating clean diet of fruits and veggies and water and green tea . No white bread, just grain and little bit bigger breakfast and it has helped a lot . I hope everyone does great on there weight goals or keeping track or in shape .
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on December 17, 2014
This is my favorite walking DVD ... Leslie's personality is zany, entertaining and upbeat ... some people think she laughs too much, but I couldn't agree less ... exercise can be a "strange" phenonmenon, and your mind can play some mean tricks on you ... a "too serious, perfectionistic approach" to exercise can turn off "your inner child" and result in you somehow "never getting around" to doing it ... zany laughter can actually be the impetus that may "get you off your butt" when all you want to do is "sit around", make excuses, and wallow in self-pity ... as an ex-aerobics instructor myself, I can safely say that (in between that lilt in her voice) Leslie is an instructor who knows what she is doing ... her workouts are extremely informative and safe ... on this particular DVD, one can EASILY ( and I mean easily!) design a personal walking workout or follow Leslie's pre-designed programs (she has one for every day of the week) ... whatever you choose to do, you will have a wonderful experience, and you will love the results!
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on July 19, 2012
I get bored very easily with workout videos and I hate doing the same thing over and over. But I also don't want to invest a lot of money in buying several different videos. What's great about this video is that you can create several different workout combos from this. It's set up as a 5-day walk plan - ex. Monday is a 3 Mile Walk w/ Ab Session, Tues is 4 Mile Walk with arm session, etc., but you can create your own as well. I like to do 4-5 Miles and then add at least 2 toning sessions. Some days when I don't have much time, I'll do a quick mile and 1 toning session. The miles are all different - the Green and Yellow ones seem easier, the Blue one is more challenging w/ the jump rope and jumping jack type exercises added. Also, with the walking and toning sessions, I love that I'm getting an all over body workout. My husband has said how tone my body is now and that my arms have that "ripped" look. I was so excited when I was able to fit into a size 5/6 jeans! Since I've started using the Leslie Sansone videos 6 months ago, I have lost 33 pounds. (This of course is in combo with monitoring what I eat on To review:

The plus on getting this video:
- Good for beginners to intermediates
- Offers a lot of combo workout routines
- Includes toning exercises (hand weights, abs, legs, arms, stretches)
- Uses 12 minute miles which keeps you on a good pace
- Music is not too bad
- Leslie explains everything very well

My criticisms:
- I wish the toning sessions were longer. They are only 3 - 4 minutes.
- On 3 of the miles, she uses a punch sequence and on 2 of them - the punch count isn't even. For example - you punch 10 times w/ a right arm and then 12 times on the other. I always add more to keep it even.

Overall, I would give this video an A-. It's my favorite out of all of the Leslie Sansone videos I have. I would definitely recommend adding this one to your collection! Happy walking!
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on May 30, 2013
I have several Sansone DVDs, which I just started doing last year, but this easily my favorite and for several reasons. It's perfect for the motivationally challenged, people who are short or time, as well as for those who want to control their workout--whether they're relatively in shape or not. One of the things that I didn't like with her other DVDs was that I couldn't choose what I wanted to do, and this sometimes discouraged or bored me. Some days I only wanted to do a mile, while other days I wanted to more than that, or perhaps add in some muscle toning, since it's the heart of losing weight and getting in shape. I am also the kind of person who needs to psyche themselves out a bit to do something, and stopping to change DVDs or what not tends to stop me from exercising. I am not one for baby steps, nope! I also appreciate it because I live in the foothills and love to walk, but doing a good walk here feels more like a strenuous hike, and/or it's close to 100 degrees out. No thanks!

While I was more consistent with her workouts when compared to my other DVDS, such as The Firm or Zumba, I was still struggling with staying on top of it and it would sometimes worsen joint issues. This is why I found this particular DVD perfect for my needs. I've been doing it several times a week and fairly consistently, but not religiously, ever since mid-March. I try to do a minimum of 5 miles a week, but I sometimes don't get to and sometimes I'll do more. There was a week or two where I didn't hardly do anything since I had exams to take and had gone out of town (going back to school in my 30s). I also do not diet, but try to be somewhat smart about what I eat and watch my portions to a degree. I've so far lost close to 12 pounds since mid-March just doing this DVD, gentle/stretching yoga and the occasional (i.e. rare) 10-minute Pilates, and it's now currently the end of May. Not bad for not being overly consistent and mostly doing 2 miles each time, I'd say, especially since it feels so effortless due to the easy movements when compared to other things that are high impact.

I love that I can choose to do one of the pre-programmed selections, but I often just pick the ones I like the most. I can do it sick, tired, or aching from certain health problems and having a desk job, and I can make it more challenging when necessary. Basically, short of popping the DVD, I have virtually no excuses not to do it. I usually wind up feeling better when I do them, too. I sometimes tell myself I am going to do the warm-up along with a mile and a cool down, but will often toss in an extra mile or so, just in case. If I don't feel like doing that extra mile later, I don't do it and will skip to the next part, but I'm usually having such a good time with it that I always wind up doing more. Somehow, picking out segments also doesn't feel so time consuming, but that is obviously all psychological. I also love the fact that I can add more miles than the usual 3-5 found on some DVDs if I want to, plus add in the muscle toning or stretching if I want to do that as well. This makes it useful well into the future, especially for those who want to intensify their workout later. I believe you can choose up to 10 different selections, including duplicates of the same segment.

I love the film set on this DVD for some reason, which looks fresh and energizing. Even the clothes they wear are cute and not as distracting as some of the ones in the other DVD. I appreciate the color coordination based on miles, too, and feel that was a good touch. The four women, while slender, are healthy looking and there aren't so many people to distract me or put me off, unlike some of her other DVDs, yet they give me something to look at. Some people have mentioned how they don't sweat. They do sweat, but these are also broken up--meaning, they do it different times. I kind of use their healthy bodies as inspiration to get back into shape, rather than hating on them. They're realistically fit. I also really like the music in this one, much more than some of the other ones I have, which is great for motivation.

So far, my favorite miles are red, purple and blue, which I tend to do the most, but I will also mix-and-match them with green or yellow. I believe two workouts--I think yellow and blue--have some very modified jumping jacks and jump rope, which I'm really not into. Sometimes I'll do them and sometimes I will just do something else. There are pauses between tracks/segments that last several seconds, but I just walk in place or keep moving. Yes, the pace can vary at the start of each segment, which may not be ideal for people who want high intensity, but I kind of consider this interval training, where you raise and lower your heart rate/muscle usage to challenge your body more--kind of like the P90x theory, just mellower and less insane tut. I also like the fact that I can make the most of what I'm doing by making bigger movements, and I later plan to incorporate leg and wrist weights.

All in all, this is great for all around muscle toning and calorie burning, but without the jarring, bootcamp-style repetitiveness found in other workouts. It feels good to do and I never have a moment where I'm wishing we could just finish with a certain move, like arms, because she mixes it up perfectly. It's mellow and easy enough to feel natural while you're doing it, making it good for motivation purposes, but i find it's far more effective than walking or using my treadbeast. The customization of this DVD is also great for those who want control or to vary their routines. It really gives you more bang for you buck. Highly recommend.
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on January 31, 2017
I love this video. It's exactly what I had in mind. Even though I've only done the exercises for Monday and Tuesday, I was amazed at how much was packed into each one (everything is on just one disc). The exercises are easy to do, but it's the pace that makes it a good cardio routine. Leslie has just the right personality for this - cheerful and encouraging without being unduly chatty. At the end of each segment, there's a little something extra. For instance, for Monday, there is a brief period of ab work. At the end of Tuesday, she includes some work with weights. I have joint issues, so walking is an excellent exercise for me. I always feel great after doing these.
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on February 3, 2015
This is my favorite Leslie Sansone DVD. There are 5 1-mile workouts, all 12 minutes each. The first 6 minutes of each mile are low impact aerobics, and the last 6 are high impact. When you do more than one in a row, it's sort of like doing interval training. It is such a fantastic workout.

There are suggested workouts for Monday-Friday, or you can create your own workout by stringing together your favorite miles, as well as the warm-up and cool down segments. There are also short segments (3-5 minutes or so) on stretching and toning different muscle groups, but I don't really use them.

I've been using this DVD for about four months now, and I haven't gotten bored with it, which has happened for me with other Leslie Sansone DVDs. She uses many similar moves in the miles (gravevines, knee lifts, kicks, side-steps, kick-backs, arm exercises, etc.), but each mile has a distinct flavor, and I choose them based on what I'm in the mood for. For example, I love grapevines, so I may do the purple and green miles on night, and different miles the next. I also like that on days when I am tired, I can just pop in one mile and do it with light weights, and feel very satisfied at the end of the 12-minute workout.

This DVD is definitely more intense than other DVDs I've done by Leslie Sansone.
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