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on April 11, 2012
I had forgotten just how much I had enjoyed this show the first time around. I started watching this again on Amazon Prime because my best friend had never seen the show, and I had a feeling she would like it. She did! This show is super fast-paced, and it is absolutely hilarious in sarcasm, irony and subtly. You have to pay attention, because it blows over the jokes fast, but there is a lot of humor in this drama. I'm not a political person, and you really don't have to be politically savvy to enjoy the show--in fact, someone who is really into politics might not really like the show as much. It does require people to not take things too seriously to watch it for the entertainment value. It's also sort of neat to go back in time to see the 'headline' crises going on in the world when the show originally aired.

Definitely worth watching or re-watching again... I'm planning to slowly go through all the episodes, catching up on some that I missed first time around. Enjoying the series quite a bit.

In this second episode of the first season, we get to know the main characters a bit more, diving deeper into their interworkings, friendships and associations, learning who is on whose side, who works for whom, and more. The humor still stands out strong, but the serious headlines of the time are dealt with in a respectful way, without degrading it to slapstick. Sarcasm and irony are strong throughout this episode, which is one of my favorite parts of the entire series.
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on July 17, 2017
Loving this show. Was unable to watch it when it aired in the late 1990s but certainly enjoying the kinder/gentler politics. Fabulous cast and script. Have purchased and watched the entire series now and enjoyed every bit of it. The picture and sound is nice and clear. This season 1 has two-sided disks but the set I received is perfectly fine - has nice menus and subtitles. No complaints at all.
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on March 20, 2017
If you like West Wing, this is a must have.
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on September 3, 2012
I have the whole series on DVD and have watched it (the entire series!) 3 times. This is the most intelligent, best written show I have ever seen. When I see the actors today I can't help but refer to them by the names of the characters from this show: CJ, Toby, Josh, Charlie, Donna, Margaret, Will, President Bartlett and the rest. And I miss the late John Spencer, our beloved Leo. This series, a spin off of "The American President", is nothing less than superb. The political issues addressed in the series are the same issues being addressed in politics today. This keeps the episodes relevant but is also a sad reminder that we continue to argue about the same thing over and over without resolving anything. Regardless, this series is a treasure of outstanding writing and wonderful acting. I say "Yea to thee Aaron Sorkin and yea to thee, the entire cast of The West Wing".
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on December 3, 2012
I did not watch this show when it aired but heard good things about it (from a friend who is very conservative!) Finally ordered season 1, and it is my new favorite drama. I've already ordered the next three seasons so that I don't have to go through withdrawal when I finish the first one. The characters are first rate, and the actors, mostly not that well known, are very good in their parts.

The story lines hold your attention and seem plausible, and make me glad I never became President.

There's a bit too much of the "too cutesy" dialog where two characters repeat the same lines several times...same problem that happened with Sorkin's "Sports Night," but they toned that down in that series, so I'm hoping it will slowly fade away in this one also. Otherwise, the best indication of how I like that series is that I watch one a day unless I am away from home.

MAY 2013 UPDATE: I'm now making my way through Season 6, with one more season to go, and I'm already feeling "pre-withdrawal" symptoms knowing that I won't have new episodes to watch in a few weeks. I'll watch it all again in four or five years (at my age I can forget a LOT in that amount of time).

Season six has a sequence of episodes that deal with the next presidential campaign, following three Democrats and one Republican, none of them Jed Barlett of course. I'm finding this "campaign trail" stuff less captivating than the usual day to day White House operations, but I'm sure we'll get back there soon. And they DID in fact tone down the "cutesy dialog."

I have to say I miss Rob Lowe, who was excellent in his part. His departure is balanced by my discovery of two actors I was not familiar with, John Spencer and Allison Janney. (Janney fans can see her in a sitcom coming in the fall of 2013, but of course, she won't be equal to CJ Craig.)
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on March 15, 2015
As I revisit this series I’m reminded of just how excellent it truly was (and remains). Aaron Sorkin’s writing features fast-paced dialogue replete with whip-cracking humor, truly intelligent banter, and always engrossing drama. As my own writing style is very dialogue driven, it’s hard not to fall in love with him as a writer, and even harder to avoid studying him as homework for my own endeavors. Experiencing the tracking camera as they “walk and talk”—just one of the many devices to accommodate this much dialogue—is part of the fun. But truly everything about this series is first rate and stellar, not the least of which is the casting and acting. Highly recommended (although I appear to be just another voice in the chorus on that score.)
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on June 16, 2013
When WW came out I was a SportsNight viewed. Loved the cast, characterizations and stories. I then heard that Aaron Sorken was developing another show and let this one drift off course. I resented the heck out of WW for just that. A few summers ago I caught the last of a run on cable but only got to see about a week's worth. That was more than enough to get me hooked. It truly spoke to me. My mission was to search for the Dvds for all the seasons which I did through Amazon. The Dvds all came quickly and in great condition. Then the fun began. I went through 3 viewings immediately. Everything I loved about SportsNight was quickly surpassed by the WW. These well used Dvds were viewed at least 3 to 5 more times until I purchased my Kindle Fire a year ago. Naturally I bought a subscription to Prime and saw that they offered the WW FREE! I was in hog heaven for now I could watch it anywhere and any time at my own convenience. What a bargain Prime is! The quality is as good as the Dvds and they download quickly. I can truly say I have NO complaints about either format or their prices. BTW by using Amazon I saved a lot o
n the Dvds by buying used and new from their independent sellers. I encourage you all to do the same. You won't be disappointed.
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on August 12, 2012
The West Wing is one of the best shows to have aired in the past 20 years, and probably in all of television. It is an hour long drama that focuses on the inner workings of the White House. The pilot finds the White House's staff still adjusting to their newly won roles: a deputy chief of staff makes a gaffe on television, the president injures himself in an accident, and most pressing, over 1000 Cuba refugees are currently making their way to Miami, Florida. Viewers can expect similar plot lines packed into each episode.

Creator Aaron Sorkin (who writes almost every episode in the first four seasons of the show) does a fantastic job keeping the drama interesting and realistic. The characters are well developed, and the dialogue is spectacular. It's hard to keep up with what it is exactly everyone does here in this first episode, but it quickly comes together in subsequent episodes. There is political rhetoric here, and while the administration featured here is Democrat, much of the sensibilities here are populist rather than partisan. Republicans won't be angered, etc... Sorkin does a great job straddling the line and giving both sides great platforms.

The first season ends with a pretty massive cliff hanger that will leave viewers scrambling to watch the next season. The ending isn't completely unexpected -- there are hints to it earlier in the season, but it is shocking nonetheless.

The West Wing is essential viewing for anyone who enjoys television dramas.
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on September 22, 2012
After watching "The Kennedy's Miniseries" on DVD, I needed to watch a more in-depth view of the Presidency and how it functions for our country. So I read many reviews and decided the "West Wing" was worth purchasing. I loved the emphasis on the President's daughter so that the viewer could get a feel for how the Presidential family is impacted by the Presidency. Also, Rob Lowe was such a refreshing part of the mix that I really missed him when he left. The fact that the Republican female character who resided in the basement in the White House kept getting replaced made the show a little choppy for me, especially the character from the Deep South, who was intelligent, witty and a great asset to the show.

Through about Season 4, I was pretty fascinated and pleased with the series. So I purchased the remaining DVD sets of "The West Wing." Unfortunately after Season 4, I realized I was burnt out and had gotten tired of the constantly clipped language of the players and bored with the show in general. I'll probably finish it in this next year.

All the actors are excellent, especially the President and the First Lady. With 4 stars, I definitely recommend the series--just don't purchase too many DVD sets ahead as you are watching it.
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on September 2, 2016
This is the BEST series I've ever seen on how government works. Not only do you see the interactions between "those in charge" close up but it makes you realize that they are people too. Not only do you view people but divisions and departments of government relating to each other, giving and taking, accommodating each other to reach a goal. Inspiring and leaving hope that someday maybe we'll have a government that actually works like this one.
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