Customer Reviews: Let the Right One In [Blu-ray]
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on March 25, 2009
Do not buy this movie yet. Magnolia butchered the subtitles and will be releasing a version with the theatrical subtitles in the near future. Magnolia will not replace this disc with the fixed one, so hold off on your purchase. You will know the correct version when you see "subtitles: English (theatrical release)" in the specs on the back.
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on March 24, 2009
I was very disappointed with this DVD. So much so that I'm returning my copy of it. I saw the movie in theatres, and found it masterful. The amazing tone is part of the beauty of the film, and the subtitles on the US DVD release are a travesty. They remove most of the subtlety from the tone and characters (see [...] for examples). The movie I saw in theatres was a masterpiece; the movie on this DVD (using subtitles) is a mediocrity. If you are going to buy this DVD, either download and use the theatrical subtitles or use the mediocre dubbing track. As for me, I'm going to look for another region's copy or wait for a re-release.

In the end, this DVD is a masterclass on why good subtitle translations are critical in foreign films.
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on March 23, 2009
Magnolia/MAGNET refused to pay for the original translations and hired there own in order to cut costs. I encourage you to write Magnolia/MAGNET and demand a re-issue with the correct subtitles, and a refund for your defective DVDs and Blu-rays
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 7, 2008
Let the Right One In is poignant, sad, weird, different, elusive, as well as being a fine movie. Oskar is a blond 12-year-old who lives with his divorced mother in an apartment complex in Stockholm. He's bullied incessantly at school. Neither his mother nor his father seems to have much time for him. He's a quiet kid who dreams of getting back at his tormentors. He doesn't seem to have any friends. Then an older man and a child move into the apartment building. Her name, we learn, is Eli. She's 12 years old, too, pale, and at times looks haggard. Oskar meets her one evening in the playground in front of the apartment complex. Snow is deep on the ground. The weather is freezing. The cold doesn't bother Eli. By now we know Eli is a vampire. Oskar realizes this later.

Let The Right One In is a strange fusion of coming-of-age and horror, but the result is something else. Don't ask me what. It doesn't fit in any film genre I'm familiar with. Calling it `horror" is too facile. Calling it "coming of age" is too shallow. In the course of the movie people will die, drained of their blood. Eli's...what?...protector?...partner?...the older man named Hakan she lives with...will kill for the blood he and Eli must have to survive. He'll die a terrible death himself. Eli will tell Oskar that they can't be friends, yet Oskar yearns for friendship. He asks Eli to be his girl friend before he knows she is a vampire and she asks him if he would like her if she weren't a girl. When he asks her age, she tells him she is 12 and has been for a long time. Oskar's innocence may be part of his protection. Eli is not innocent, but at times she seems as fragile as Oskar. Like the man she lives with, Eli will kill for blood. She must.

Kare Hedebrant plays Oskar and Lina Leandersson plays Eli. I understand that at the time of filming Hedebrant was 12 and Leandersson was 11. Both were nonprofessionals. They are unnervingly natural. Neither makes a single false step. Hedebrant is exactly what a lonely, bullied 12-year-old could be. Leandersson is able to imply things we may not want to know just be being still. I wound up hoping for the best for both Oskar and Eli...but what the best might be could go in a number of directions.

This is a film, adapted from his novel by John Ajvide Linqvist, which invites discussion and interpretation. Not everything is kept clear, and, for me, that increases the sense of elusiveness. Lat Den Ratte Komma is a wonderful film.

Excuse me, however, if I reach for a barf bag. The director of Cloverfield, Mat Reeves, has evidently signed to make an English language version for Overture Films and Hammer Films. The chance that something unusual, unsettling and restrained will be turned into butcher shop leftovers is just about, I'd guess, one hundred per cent. See this movie while you can. Since it probably will be shown in only a handful of American theaters, I recommend you buy it sight unseen when it comes out on DVD. It's that good.
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on February 12, 2010
Finally, I can confirm (with a picture, see my image above) that the Blu-ray version of Let the Right One In has the theatrical subtitles. I purchased this from Amazon on 2/5/10, and it was shipped from the Coffeville, KS distribution center. I hope this info is helpful to all of you who love the movie, but were hesitant to purchase the blu-ray for this reason.
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on October 9, 2010
An important note about the customer ratings/reviews (for those who make their decision to buy or not strictly on the number of 4 and 5 star versus 1 and 2 star ratings) - the vast majority (> 90%) of 1 and 2 "Star" ratings are from people who LOVE the movie, but were angry about the poor subtitles of the initial DVD release. That problem has been fixed, so the actual percentage of very high ratings is actually much higher than appears - which is still very high.

As far as the movie itself - this is a wonderful, almost perfect film! If all you want in your vampire/horror movies is frantic action and buckets of blood, this is not your movie. However, if you want a movie where the pacing of the film fits the story perfectly and where the horror (both physical and emotional) is one component in a complex (both heartbreaking and uplifting) story of loneliness and growing up, this is a movie for you. Special kudos to the acting of the two young leads - both show a range of emotion that most Hollywood "stars" can only dream about.
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on March 25, 2009
I too bought this film from amazon and wish that Magnolia had disclosed a change in the subtitles from original release of the film. This change completely worsens a great foreign film.

Buyers beware of this problem with the release. Hopefully we can expect Magnolia to own up to their decision and replace what i consider defective copies.

MY thoughts echo another commenter:

Unbelievable. Just read the comment saying that they WILL REISSUE the disc but that they WILL NOT HAVE AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM for those who purchased their DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. So let me get this straight; those of us who love this film, preordered it, then pointed out their mistake, thereby saving others from a mutilated film end up being PUNISHED because of it? Magnolia, you're a real class act.
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Vampire movies tend to come in two flavours -- either they're gory bloodsucker actionfests, or celebrations of goth hotties tortured by their immortality.

But "Let The Right One In" is neither kind or story. Instead this haunting, atmospheric Swedish movie is a poignant look at a very unique friendship between a young boy and a vampire child. Brilliant acting and a sort of pale, ghostly directorial style make this a vivid experience, but the brilliance is in the story itself.

One winter night, Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) sees a car drop off his two new neighbors. He doesn't pay much attention at first, since he's always either ignored or bullied.

But as he vents his frustrations by stabbing a tree, he sees the ghostly, rumpled Eli (Lina Leandersson), who informs him, "Just so you know, I can't be your friend." She turns out to be as much of an oddball as Oskar -- especially since she only ventures out at night, smells a bit funny, and is unaffected by the winter cold. But despite her odd greeting, the two strike up a friendship.

At the same time, a series of brutal murders are taking place all around town -- and it's no great shock that Eli's companion Hakan (Per Ragnar) is harvesting blood for Eli. Being no idiot, Oskar realizes that Eli is a bona fide vampire, and doesn't intend to let that get in the way of their puppy love. Yet when Hakan's errands go horribly awry, Oskar finds himself to be the only person Eli can rely on.

It's no great exaggeration to say that "Let the Right One In" is undoubtedly the best vampire movie made in many years. While the movie has plenty of more violent moments and a snowy backdrop, director Tomas Alfredson is far more focused on the sweet, eerie relationship between two lonely, otherworldly young children. And actually, one of them is young in appearance only.

Alfredson paints the movie in white, scarlet and black -- pale, wintry light and snow that covers the world, occasional splatters of blood and deep shadows that seem to swallow everything up. And he handles the entire storyline gracefully. Every part of the movie has the same matter-of-fact, unflinching treatment, including the nastier parts -- such as a gruesome blood-harvesting murder by Hakan, or when Eli attempts to enter a house without being invited. Trust me, it's bad.

The most loving attention is devoted to the children's friendship, which manages to be as strange and beautiful as a rare dragonfly. Their nighttime meetings almost have the quality of a dream ("I might not be here tomorrow") and Alfredson keeps their blossoming relationship from ever seeming cutesy or contrived. And it has an innocent quality that transcends the sometimes bloody, disturbing storyline.

And trust me, "Let the Right One In" has no sentimental ideas about children (even vampiric ones). They can be more violent than anyone, because they are more vulnerable than anyone.

The stars of this movie are undeniably Hedebrant and Leandersson, and it's nothing short of amazing that they have never once acted before this movie. Both have the ice-pale faces and deep eyes of otherworldly creatures, making their friendship seem almost inevitable. Leandersson in particular is brilliant at showing the different sides of Eli -- one minute she's shyly asking about a Rubik's cube, the next she's bellowing at her creepy familiar.

"Let the Right One In" is a hauntingly beautiful story of children's friendship and love, wrapped in the most unique vampire stories in many years. A must-see.
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on March 26, 2009
I love this movie. I've watch this movie eleven times at theatres including festival screenings. I couldn't hear the swedish language but I liked to hear them, and the subtitles were more than good enough to understand the meanings of the lines as well as the subtle diffence of the original language.

BUT, this dvd has totally different subtitles. Problem is that the translation is terrible. The worst. Totally Irrelevant to the lines or situations. This ruined the beauty of this movie.

The theatrical translations are dubbed into English voice. What the hell is matter with Magnolia? Why didn't they just put the same translations into subtitles? Magnolia Home Entertainment, You disappointed lots of fans of this movie.
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on March 24, 2009
1) the translated English subtitles are changed and do greatly mutilate the experience that the theatrical subtitles provided. Magnet films has acknowledged this but will offer no exchange program and has refused to stop distributing this defective disc.
2) the disc is defective in that there is a subtitle selection other than English called, "narrative English" and it is completely blank. There is not a single subtitle on that track. Magnet released a defective product then said it wasn't defective just creatively manipulated because they didn't want to pay for the very well done theatrical subtitles. If you must own this movie now go buy the region free Swedish release. it has the theactrical subs intact.
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