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on June 11, 2014
This album continues the band into the direction of finding their niche and it sounds good. This go around Joel and Ahren's vocals have defiantly improved in a good way on this album. Especially in Joel's Unclean/Harsh vocal performance. Below I have broken out my review on a track by track bases.

1. Pittsburgh - 10/10 - Starts off with a very slow ambient intro that I did not expect but sounds good. The intro then leads into the all so familiar voice of Joel Birch. The song structure include the routine back and forth between Harsh/Clean vocals, with a very melodic chorus with possibly the most memorable lyrics in a chorus I have heard from them. Then finally leading into a youth choir singing the chorus which is a nice touch.
2. Lost and Fading - 8/10 - This also has another notably catchy chorus, with an ambient break down the leads into some techno/electronic instrumental support but not enough to take anything away from the track.
3. Don't Lean On Me - 9/10 - This song starts off with a very beautiful classic piano intro. The song structure after this is very well standard to the genre but in a good way. The song also calls upon violin and piano for the entirety of the track.
4. The Weigh Down - 8/10 - This intro also rely on a piano intro but in a much different way. The intro could be straight out of the 90's pop hand book. Some vocal break ups and electronic beats and breakdowns can be noted on this song, but again in a very small portion as to not feel over bearing.
5. Never Alone - 8/10 - Another piano intro but this time assisted by the rest of the band. Some special effects assist this song throughout. This song has a very uplifting and soft feeling/flow to it with Ahrens's clean vocals defiantly outshining here. The end of the song however closes with a voice mail message with a much darker message about self-destruction and the cries of someone not heard than the message the song had with an ambient backdrop.
6. Death Hands - 10/10 - Starts off with a simple but catchy distorted guitar sections that has a very 80's action movie feeling to it, that lead into some awesome drumming from Ryan with violin in the back drop. This is one of my favorite songs on this album for its switches and incorporation of so many different instruments and sound affects but in a really neat way. Joel and Ahrens's vocals again shine with another very strong set of lyrics
7. F.M.L - 8/10 - Simple song that doesn't really veer away from the song structure and techniques before it but still a solid song. Much heavier intro that waste no time getting into some strong vocals from Joel. The message more or less following
8. My Father's Son - 7/10 - Very familiar song structure as the track before as they waste no time getting right into it. This song reminds me of some of their older stuff the most with a slightly different twist on it.
9. Forest Fire - 8/10 - Another awesomely melodic intro and song in general. The only thing that keeps this song from being a hard rock ballad is Joel's voice which again complement this track very well. Less electronic assistance in this song then the previous offerings.
10. Give It All - 8/10 - This song a very good way to end this album. The song starts off with some ambient/piano work but again not in a way that you could group this with the tracks before it. The lyrics, guitar, drum, bass and vocals are really good on this track. Less assistance in the electronic section as well.

All in all the most solid record I have gotten from these guys. For a band that puts out an album every 2 years they always seem to offer something that others would take 4+ years creating which is great for the existing fans or anyone just getting into them. Their ability to experiment in newer directions musically servers them well as they have not missed their mark yet.
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on June 16, 2014
... but most of the singles (excluding Pittsburgh) do this album no justice. The best pieces are scattered throughout the album so listen through it all. Anyways, I thought, overall, the album was a very solid release, but the first half of the album was a little lacking to me. Don't let that deter you, though, because I hold this band to pretty high standards considering how much I enjoyed the past two albums. The latter half picks up fine, so I do not believe this album was a flop at all. Personally, I liked Chasing Ghosts a little more, especially the digital special edition tracks, and I like to see the band has not changed much. They rock the hoarse-verse/clean-chorus combo better than any band I can think of. This is not groundbreaking work (thus only 4 stars), but absolutely worth a listen.
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on August 5, 2017
This is a great buy for anyone into metal, hardcore, post hard core, punk etc. Lots of blended singing and screaming with unique music. Very catchy stuff.
This is my first album by them, but you can bet I will be getting more of their stuff.
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on June 11, 2014
'Let the Ocean Take Me" is a great record that follows the heart and soul of past albums while exploring them in new ways, both lyrically and musically. Each track has a special sense of emotion and heart, while most maintain the hard rocking metalcore style that has made the Amity Affliction so famous. If you're looking for comparison, I would say that the album sounds more like Chasing Ghosts than Youngbloods, but in no way is that disappointing. The first track, "Pittsburgh" is among my favorites on the album as well as the "Death Hands","Don't Lean on Me" and the final track, "Give it All" which adds in some gang vocals. While i still think Youngbloods is their best work, this album is excellent throughout and definitely worth listening to for any fan of the band's previous work.
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on January 7, 2015
To be honest: not a bad performance from the band(pretty standard continuation of the progression/evolution of "their" style)
Rather heavy handed yet somehow both well thought out and catchy lyrics and songwriting. The band really played around to find new grooves to stray out of that apparently weakening "chug" concept that is apparently being shed in favor of a lighter pop brand which, is not necessarily a bad thing in this situation.
Where I think the album suffered is primarily in the mixing and mastering. The problem with adapting that pop sound is that the inspiration used when mastering is also adopted from current mainstream pop. Current mainstream pop favors the use of compression as a way of increasing the "perceived" loudness of the music or more specifically the instruments, the vocals, and my god the drums...oh dear the drums were the most compressed of all. BEWARE OF EARBUDS when listening to this album as listening to it too loud may cause hearing loss. I assure you, it's louder than you think it is.
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on February 16, 2017
Love this band! I've struggle with depression for a long time and Joel's lyrics are so personal and they have real meaning. It's like darkness with a glimmer of hope at the end. Every song is awesome but my favorites are Pittsburgh, Don't Lean on Me, Weigh Down and Gave it All. Buy this album
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on January 15, 2017
For someone struggling with Depression and PTSD, this CD helps me feel not so alone. This is the perfect album to listen to on the road and scream along with.
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on January 9, 2017
Fell in love with TAA while listening to XM Octane. Then checked them out on YouTube and wow what awesome performers, what great videos! Had to purchase this album from Amazon and also their latest album, This Could Be Heartbreak, also 5 stars in my book. Yeah, this album really delivers if you like TAA. I don't have to skip over any songs, they're all awesome, hence the 5 stars. In fact, these 2 albums are the only ones I've been listening to since downloading them days ago LOL. If you like TAA, you'll love Let the Ocean Take Me.
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on November 8, 2016
I loved this album so much I listened to it everyday for a few months.
The lyrics are a total hit and the messages they're sending out are powerful as always. Didn't expect any less from Amity Affliction!
A much recommended band in my eyes.
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on July 12, 2014
I usually don't like this genre of music but these guys are incredible and really standout from all other metalcore bands. The screams are extremely killer while the clean parts are very powerful. Great album it's a must have.
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