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on October 2, 2011
Excellent story, grabs your interest at the beginning. The "bad" guy is almost likeable from the start and the likeability grows. The main characters were all interesting and seemed well rounded, but beyond that you get dumped into a new chapter or section with another person and might not get back to the main characters for a while. There are a lot of extras in the book. Lots of surprises. I would have preferred a little more romance, but I wasn't upset about how little we got -- maybe because there was so much of Lee's thinking to take your mind off of it. However, I was so disappointed in the ending. All I can say is I need another book with either these characters or a book where they are prominent so that I can have the ending I would have expected. I honestly wondered if my book was missing pages when I remembered I was reading on the Kindle! Except for the occasional unnecessary violence that pops up in Ms. Brown's books, I love everything about her writing and stories. Mirror Image and Charade are the two that I recommend to anyone who hasn't read her books. I look forward to her books and I'm always satisfied with the mystery, the amount of suspense, and the romance -- always a good mix. Lethal just didn't have what I would call a complete ending -- I know what I think Ms. Brown wants us to think, but I would have liked two more paragraphs, two more pages, something.
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on April 25, 2013
I have read a few paperback books by Sandra Brown. It's been awhile but my memory of her work is such that she can keep you on the edge of your seat, frantically turning pages to find out who done it. Because Amazon thought this was a book I would enjoy, I purchased it to read on my Paperwhite Kindle.

God how I hate a book that took me days to read that leaves me just hanging there. "Use your imagination . . . finish the ending any way you like," it seems to suggest.

The book starts okay with a satisfactory rush of terror when an apparently injured man grabs a pretty, young mother by the throat and forces her into her house at gun point with, one knows, nefarious intent. The mother is frightened to death that the brute might harm her four-year-old baby girl and so agrees to whatever he demands. She learns that he is the same beast television news is blaring about: a murderer who savagely gunned down a dozen men the night before.

The plot of the novel is: the good guy is convinced that the young mother's dead husband, a police officer, might, without any explanation, have discovered crucial evidence against the "Bookkeeper." What is it? "I don't know." Where is it? "I don't know." What's it look like? "I don't know." And so he completely tosses two homes looking for . . . "I don't know." He finally discovers a clue. You won't believe where he finds it even if I tell you. You're going to have to buy the book. The proposed reason the clue is placed where it's found is also absolutely ludicrous. You'll have to buy the book!

Eventually, as the story progresses, we re introduced to all manner of despicable, loathsome characters all under control of the "Bookkeeper". Local police, State police, sheriffs and the FBI all become involved, each displaying a quantum of betrayal and treachery. And what disturbed me were the unlikely ploys used to resolve many exciting passages, a disappointment to Ms. Brown's usually believable style. The four-year-old is sleeping in the immediate areas of several gunshots but never wakens or cries. Hmm? But I could accept all this and enjoy the anticipation of discovery if only the book hadn't ended so dismissively. It's like sex without a climax!
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on January 17, 2015
**Fantastic romantic thriller by bestselling author Sandra Brown that will not only have you captivated but will have you gripping the edge of your seat to the point of no return........Preparing for a birthay celebration in honor of her father-in-law, the last thing Honor Gillette expected was her four-year old daughter Emily to come running into the house yelling that there was a man lying in her mother's flower-bed. As she slowly approached him, he not only became awake, but he grabbed her wrist by forcing her back into the house. Mystified, she soon discovers that this stranger is less threatening than she first surmised. Earlier hearing on the news of mass murders at a trucking company, authorities were assigning blame on this man accusing him of being the killer except in retrospect he was a witness. His name was Lee Coburn and for months, he was working undercover in order to learn the identity of the worst criminal of all, the "bookkeeper". Believing that Honor holds a very important piece of the puzzle,he will not let her out of his sight until he finds it. Once married to a cop who was killed in the line of duty, Lee informs her that her husband was crooked along with every other cop in the county and he will not quit until he brings them all down! Furious with his allegation pertaining to her husband, she agrees to help him to prove he is wrong but through their investigation,Honor never expected the inevitable. People she knew for years were lying through their teeth and more bodies were piling up not to mention learning of neverending corruption that nobody was trust worthy and most importantly, she was falling in love. Now trying to protect her little girl too, Lee and Honor will stop at nothing until they learn the identity of the "bookkeeper" and all its evil doing. When sparks begin to fly between the two, they find themselves entangled in a spicy love affair but just when they thought they knew what they wanted and with who,nothing will prepare them when they finally discover the truth, the whole ugly truth and nothing but the truth!........this book was excellent!......enjoy!......thank you♡♡
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on March 30, 2016
The book was intriguing. The many and varied details impressive. The extremely quick wrap up was extremely judgemental father in law who became reasonable and kind in the blink of an eye, hmmm. Mostly, the lack of a reunion was incredibly frustrating and made me feel as though I'd wasted hours reading this book. Sandra Brown has an impressive skill and enormous imagination but she so drops the ball with the endings. This is the most disappointing finale so far. So much so it may be my last brown book.
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on July 19, 2017
was recommended by a co-worker. I've never read Sandra Brown before and thought the writing style was fine. Co-worker went on and on about the plot twists. Maybe they built it up too much, but the twists were more like slow turns. Felt the characters and story line were too typical, brooding handsome man with dark past but heart of gold and the beautiful woman who is stronger than she realizes thrown together in a dangerous situation where they finally allow their deep passion for each other lead to drawn out sex scene and eventually, the overthrowing of the bad guys. Not sure if this is considered one of the authors better works but doubt I would pick up other books based on this one.
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on February 22, 2015
I enjoyed this book well enough but it seems others found it a lot more interesting than I did.

It kept my interest well enough to keep reading and finish but I was never so caught up in it I couldn't put it down to get a cup of tea, and I never got involved to the point that I felt any tension. A thriller is supposed to provide some tension at some point, so that was a little disappointing.

The hero character worked, the heroine mostly worked. The plot was sound - I didn't have to put up with inane plot contortions designed to "force" the two characters together into a romance - thank you Sandra, thank you so much. That rubbish always gets on my nerves, and is one of the biggest reasons I avoid most romance (and John Ringo novels). The sexual attraction and tension grew out of what was happening, without taking over the story and the behaviour of both characters rang true for the most part.

I wouldn't have minded some more action, and a bit more grit to the action there was. But this is where I think the problem with genre creep comes in - no thriller reader would comment, like one reviewer, that there was too much violence. That was a romance reader straying too far from their comfort zone. I, on the other hand, am a thriller reader and there was not quite enough "thrill" for my taste.

Depending how you look at it, Ms Brown got it right as a cross-genre novel, or didn't quite get it right for either.

Strangely enough it was the ending - the one that seems to have annoyed so many people? - that I appreciated most. Up until that point it had been predictable and even bland in parts - but that ending lifted the overall tone of the book for me.

It is possible that Ms Brown is on the verge of moving from "romance with some thriller" to "thriller" and is temporarily at a stage where neither genre group is fully satisfied. I have not read enough of her novels to know. If she does move to straight thriller, I think they will be more to my taste. In fact as I write this I am hoping she does and I find myself looking forward to what she might come up with.

I will read another Sandra Brown book, maybe even another couple, looking for books of hers with more of that feeling at the end of the book.
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on February 18, 2017
An excellent book. I was not disappointed in this tangled Web of twists and turns. Honor Gillette has no idea of the information her deceased husband left her after a fatal car wreck which was murder.....not an accident. You will be stunned as the story unfolds and all the players are exposed. You won't be disappointed
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on March 5, 2017
Good book, lots of surprises, but as other reviews have said...the ending was disappointing. Still a good book...hopefully another book with the same characters is coming. Hint, hint to the author.
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on March 30, 2017
This is Sandra Brown one of my favorite writer's of all time. She is a master at story telling. She get's you invested in her character's. She builds up the the suspense and !!Wham!!!. Then leaves you with and ending you never saw coming. Just pure genious!!!. I would recommend this book and all her books to anybody who loves great story telling with a twist.
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on July 7, 2016
For readers who enjoy a story that packs a punch, a bit of nail-biting, some romance, and a what the heck!! fall off a cliff, then Lethal is your weekend read. Promise you won't put it down and then when it ends, it's one of those stories you wish would go on and on. Ms. Brown is one of my favorite authors and this book just goes to prove why.
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