Customer Reviews: Levana Oma Powered by Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Audible Alarm (32040)
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on October 12, 2013
I am re-writing my review 2 weeks after buying the Oma. Instead of having my original review with a bunch of updates I figured I'd just redo it and summarize my experience up to this point.

I have a 3 month old who was born 2 months early. He doesn't have breathing problems or anything but he has trouble sleeping on his back. During the day I noticed that he sleeps really well on his belly, so my wife and I wanted to find a way to let him sleep on his belly during the night. We got this product solely for the purpose of sleeping him on his belly and giving us peace of mind because of the SIDS risk. Normally you are supposed to use this for a baby sleeping on his/her back, however in the FAQ section of Levana's website there is a question about sleeping a baby on his/her tummy and they give some advice for it, so they imply that is an acceptable use for the monitor.

Overall I am very happy with the function of the movement monitor. The interface is simple (only 2 buttons) and you'll get the hang of the functions really quickly. The monitor works as described, and the alarm is very audible so I don't have to worry about sleeping through it (in another room with the door cracked). If you are worried about hearing it you can use it in combination with an audio monitor.

There are a few minor things that I am disappointed with:

1. They don't include a manual with the product, only a quick start guide with basic instructions. There is a manual but you have to access it form their website. Initially I didn't even realize there was a manual because the only mention of it is in fine print at the very bottom of the quick start guide. Because of this my initial impression involved a lot of frustration because I didn't have all of the instructions. I really think the manual should be included. If you wake up in the middle of the night and need to know how to change a setting on the monitor, you have to go out to your computer, go online, download the manual, and finally get the information you want. It would be so much easier to have a hard copy by your bed for quick reference.

2. On a related note there isn't one single place where I could find all of the information about the monitor. The Amazon description has some info, the manual has other info, and other random pages on the website have even more info. I think it should all be in one place (probably the manual). For example, I wanted to know how long the battery was supposed to last, but the manual just says "The life of the replaceable battery depends entirely on usage." After talking with customer service I was informed that the Amazon page lists the battery life as 4383 hours. Why isn't this information in the user manual?

3. The suggested method of attaching the monitor to the baby limit the usefulness, especially for my situation where I want to sleep my baby on his tummy. You are supposed to clip the monitor to the front of the diaper waistline, with the soft part of the monitor resting on his belly. That's fine unless your baby sleeps in more that just a diaper. If you baby wears a sleeper, you are supposed to put the monitor on the diaper under the sleeper. That will work except if you need to access it (to turn it off or stop the beeping) then you'd have to undress your baby. We feed our baby several times during the night and the monitor under the sleeper would get in the way as we hold him for feeding/burping, and I don't want to undress him for every feeding. If the baby is in thin clothing like a onesie they say you can clip the Oma to the diaper over the layer of clothing, but this is nearly impossible. This would require you to have a large fold of cloth stuck into the diaper for the clip to go over, and unless the outfit is 2 sizes to big you won't have that much loose material. Plus, I don't want his clothes inside the diaper, I feel like they could get soiled easily. I think there should be an elastic/velcro belt that you could put over the clothing and clip the monitor to. I am going to try cutting off the waistband from a large diaper and try using that over the clothing. Until now I have been pinching a small fold of fabric on the outside of the sleeper and letting the sensor rest on his back. The connection isn't great and it has fallen off several times and alarmed but I just go in and put it back on, not a big deal to me. To be clear, this is not a recommended way of using the monitor, but for me personally it works, and I figure the worst result is more false alarms. I don't see how this would in any way prevent it from alarming if he actually did stop breathing.

4. The Oma I bought gave a low battery alert less than 2 weeks after I bought it. However, customer service was very helpful and got me a replacement right away. I don't think it's very fair for people to judge a company harshly when there's an unexpected problem. I believe that how the company responds to a problem to make it right is what is most important, and on that front Levana was great. But I mention the battery issue in case other people have the same problem then it would be useful to see if it's a common problem. I also mention it because I noticed that they ship the monitors with the battery already installed and no tab or sheet that you have to pull to make the battery connect. It seems like with every piece of electronics I've bought before the battery either is shipped separately or has a plastic tab that must be pulled out before it will make a connection. I think this is because even with a device powered off the battery can still be drained over a long time of sitting on a shelf. So since Levana has the battery already installed that might have contributed to my premature low battery.

All those issues aside I still think the product is great and I use it every night. One last note: One of the product photos shows a finger bending the soft part of the sensor. Of course the first thing I do when I get the sensor is push on the soft part to see what its like. Pretty neat, except that later when i look in the manual they specifically say not to do this. So it's sill to show someone doing it in the product photo.
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on October 11, 2013
I love this so much! It gives me peace of mind and I can finally get some sleep! My little one was born 6 weeks early and I worried she may stop breathing in the middle of the night so I would wake up and check on her every 2 minutes. I could never rest! Now that we have this I feel so much more relaxed and if for some reason she would stop breathing I would know with in 20 seconds and would have the opportunity to do CPR and get her some help. Definitely worth every penny just for the peace of mind.
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on November 15, 2014
This saved my babies life. When my daughter was a couple weeks old, she somehow got her swaddler over her face in the middle of the night and was suffocating herself. Fortunately, I had the Levana Oma. It detected that she wasn't breathing, and the alarm woke me up.
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on July 28, 2014
I have been using this monitor with my baby for approx. two months, starting when he was three months old. It has gone off twice. The first time was human-error, I put it on the outside of his swaddle instead of on his diaper, and it fell off. When I rushed into his room, he was a startled little baby (the alarm is loud). The second time was in the middle of the night, 15 minutes after I had put him down after breastfeeding. This was very different and alarming. He did not wake up at all, his body was extremely floppy, but his color was fine. After stripping him down to his diaper, shouting his name, and moving him around, I was able to get to the point where I could see him breathing again and he was less "floppy". As the alarm goes off after only 15 seconds of not breathing, I will never know if this was a real emergency or very shallow breathing/deep sleep that would have resolved on its own, but I am very thankful for the alert. If it goes off again, I will take him to the doctor. Now, I think about this harmless little clip as any other useful sensor I have around the house, like a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide. It alerts me to a potential problem, one I wouldn't notice on my own. I have had no problems using it or with the battery. It costs as much as two packages of diapers, and maybe it saved my baby's life.
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on July 23, 2015
This little monitor has been a lifesaver. With my first son, I was so terrified of SIDS that even when he would sleep I would stay awake and check on him every couple of minutes. If I was super exhausted I would go so far as to set an alarm for every 5 minutes so I'd wake up and check on him. Needless to say, I never slept. I was miserable and exhausted for months but it was worth it to know he was safe. When I found out I was pregnant again I knew I couldn't do that and still be able to function as a parent for my now 5 year old so I started researching options and that's when I came across the Levana Oma. This thing works perfectly. I've been using it every night for about 5 months now and the battery it came with is still going strong. We have had only a couple false alarms due to his diaper being too loose and it losing contact with his skin but that's it. It's easy to program. The default is 15 seconds of no movement and it will go off but you can program it to go off in I think 18 or 20 seconds if no movement. I just leave mine set on 15. It can also detect irregular movements, meaning if your baby moves less than 8 times per minute then the movement indicator light will flash and a different alarm will sound. I've tested all of these features and every single one works exactly how it's supposed to. Sometimes my son wears a thin onesie to sleep and I can still easily press the buttons through it. It's only tricky if they're wearing a thick body suit or if they're swaddled. The only downside with this monitor is that it came with no instructions or manual. You have to go to Levanas website to access the quick start guide that will show you how to program it. But you can easily save it and print it out for future reference or even just save it to your phone.
Overall, this monitor is great for peace of mind and has been a life saver for me in that I can sleep at night knowing he's ok. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
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on October 1, 2014
I have had this for about five months now and initially I loved it and thought it was the best thing ever. Every night before I put it on my little one I would test it on myself either by holding my breath or putting it down on the counter. We have only had two false alarms and that was because it came off that happen once he started rolling around more. But as of recently it has started to act a little funny. One day it will beep and tell me the batteries low and then for weeks the battery light says that it's good. Last week the alarm went off in the middle of the night I looked at his video monitor and saw that he was in the same exact position that I had put him to bed which means he didn't move to make it fall off so I panicked. Turns out he was fine however the next night when I woke to change him the alarm was not attached to him and was down by his foot in his footie pajamas and it never went off which was cause for concern. It has gone off any time it has fallen off of him and was not rising and falling with his chest so how come it didn't go off when it was by his foot? Initially it gave me great peace of mind like I said I would test it every night but since it's been acting a little funny I don't trust it at all which is unfortunate. I also find when I'm changing him in the middle of the night lately and I put it down on the dresser it doesn't go off after 15 or 20 seconds of not being on him like it used to. I could try changing the batteries but the battery was suppose to last a year with a lot more use that he uses it for according to their website. I think it's a great added measure but like I said it cannot be trusted 100% not that you should ever rely on just that to watch monitor your baby.
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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a Police Chaplain for twelve years I dreaded the late night or early morning calls that would come in about a "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" case. These were always heart wrenching and difficult cases. How do you console a mother who's child stopped breathing and they didn't know it until it was to late.

Enter the Levana Oma Clip-on Baby movement monitor. This little device is small, easy to use and does it's job well. You clip it on to your infant when you put them down for a nap or for the night. As long as you put it on correctly it will monitor the breathing of your child through monitoring the movement of their abdominal muscles as they breathe.

One concern I had was whether or not the monitor would give a loud enough warning that you wouldn't sleep through it yourself. It is plenty loud. But if you want to be sure that you won't miss it place a baby monitor in the room that will amplify the alarm to your listening device in another room where you sleep. It will work just fine.

The device does not come with a manual. It has a quick guide and Levana feels that this will be enough to help you understand the device. While that is true a small manual with some helpful hints would have been nice.

So, here are some helpful hints.
1. Also use a baby monitor in the room so that the alarm will be louder in the room where you sleep.
2. If using this during a nap time please don't turn up your music really loudly, or your TV really loud and by all means don't wear headphones, especially the noise reduction ones.
3. Be sure and change batteries every three months or sooner. Don't think it will go six months, you don't want to find out the difficult way that the batteries died.
4. Double check your monitor to be sure that it is clipped on securely and that it is also clipped on correctly so that it monitors the muscle movements.
5. Remember that if the device does set off the alarm that means the baby has not taken a breath for at least 15 seconds. So, don't delay going to check on your baby.
6. If you have not taken a CPR course, especially one that taught you how to do CPR on an infant, enroll in one as soon as possible with the Red Cross and get that training.

I really hope I haven't alarmed you, but I just want you to think through the uses of this device. It is a great little product and very helpful and used correctly will give you some peace of mind.

God bless you and enjoy your baby's first year!
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on February 10, 2015
I purchased this for my almost one year old since he will be transitioning to his own room in a couple weeks.
I am a paranoid first time mom and want to make sure my baby is safe. I felt stupid for buying this so late in the game but I figured if it didn't work out I could pass on to a friend so it wouldn't be a big deal.
I thought about purchasing the angelcare monitor but after the recall and my concerns over the cords with my crib con artist I decided on this.
There was one review that I read for use after a year so I am definitely posting for those overly cautious mom's of babies over a year.
We used this for two naps yesterday successfully and last night. He is a mover so I was worried it would fall stayed on even as he was belly sleeping.
We did have a "false alarm" or what I thought was a false alarm at about midnight while he was sleeping on his back. Scared me to death! I'm hoping it was just from where his diaper was wet. We are keeping a close eye on his now in case it was something else or he was just in a deep sleep.
This gives me some peace of mind and has kept me from running in every 15 minutes to disturb him and make sure he's breathing okay.
He will be moving to his own room in a couple of weeks so I'm happy to have this!
As far as noise and being in another room. We have upgraded to a video monitor but I was in the bath when it went off. I heard it through the closed door and on the monitor so it's audible.i would just make sure your monitor is turned up on High volume if baby is sleeping in their own room.
Sids is a big concern and from what I have researched it can happen to babies even after they are one and even if this doesn't prevent sids it gives me the peace of mind to know my son is breathing ok.
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on July 28, 2016
After my daughter went into respiratory distress at 5 days old and was life flighted to a children's hospital, I lived in constant anxiety. I was afraid to go to sleep and would watch her all night long. A friend recommended this product and although it seemed pricey (especially with our enormous medical bills) I had to try something.

I am so glad I bought this product! It is very simple and easy to use. The monitor clips on the diaper (we go back and forth with disposable and cloth and it has gone easily over either). Sometimes, I will also just clip it on the pants instead of the diaper and we haev had no problems with that either.

The green light flashes so you know baby is okay just by taking a quick peek over at them. We had a couple false alarms with the monitor sliding off a couple times, but it was fine. Well worth the sleep I was finally able to get once we started using this.

The battery indicator works well. I am now using it with my third child and the battery started to die. I bought replacements here on Amazon:

So battery life I would put at about 15 months of regular use. Quite a long time.

IT WENT THROUGH THE WASHING MACHINE. I about had a heart attack and may or may not have cried. I thought it was gone for sure. I took the battery out and placed it in a bag of rice. The next day, I tried to turn it back on but it kept alarming and acting up. So I changed out the battery with a new one. No problems since. It still works! I'm finally getting to a point where I am more confident without it, but I admit I was completely dependent on it for a long time. It is worth the peace of mind for sure.

I would buy one for every mom I know if I had the means. As a new mom, you can't really put a price tag on sleep and peace of mind.
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on August 13, 2014
This turned to be a complete pain and we will be returning after 4 days of trying it. We have premature twins, with one on an apnea we were really hoping this would be a more portable way to monitor them both during the day.

While there are no complete directions, they aren't really needed. It's kind of dummy proof, if it actually worked consistently. There is a major design flaw...the baby HAS to be laying completely flat on his back or tummy. Can't move, roll over, lay at an incline.

A better design would be for the unit to sense movement where the clip meets the diaper so that it has leverage to remain flush to the babies skin.
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