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on December 10, 2014
I have very large calves so often have to order "boot cut" or other wide leg jeans (relaxed fit is not usually in the leg).

These were shipped clean, free of odor and no damage or stains.

The jeans fit as to their advertised size, and I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about ordering jeans without trying them on (especially with the leg) first - but was very pleased with these.

and the material was not harsh or abrasive - although not as soft was they will be after wearing several times and washed with our home choice fabric softener.

All the seams were done well and the zipper was in good quality. Overall very pleased.

One note: the upper thigh does not have a large amount of extra space in them, so if you are a extreme body builder and work out your thighs a lot, you might want to go with one of the relaxed fit leg jeans instead.

Overall, good buy, and I would order again if I need another pair.
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on July 16, 2016
I like a snug fit, not tight, just a bit snug. The jeans fit fine when I first put them on but get looser and looser. The pocket seem too low and I end up sitting on my wallet while driving. Feels like I am sitting on a rock. Pockets used to ride higher and on the upper half of the butt cheek, not the lower as most jeans do today. Too many learn even ones that say regular fit are designed for todays fashion of loose fitting low hanging jeans. I have bought hear that say regular fit and in an hour they are falling off me. This is nuts. Although the length is 30 inseam, the cut of the jean makes it look like and feel like 32. I shave been taking a 33/30 for some time. I used to take a 32 /30 but that is too tight now. Maybe the jeans will fit better in a few washings. Even regular cut jeans fit baggy these days. I see guys wearing their jeans below their butts and the crotch down by the knees, their underwear shows na sometimes there butt crack. The world is nuts these days. I felt Levi would be a good choice but for me, only average. Please return to the cut of the past not the loose baggy styles of today that are now "regular."
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on March 29, 2017
OK, I would really like these jeans, except they are too long (not too large). The inseam is listed as 32 inches, but it is actually 33.25. Unfortunately, my inseam is 31", but I can work with jeans at 32". Those at 33.25" must be hemmed--extra expense. Otherwise, good look and fit.

Hmm, wonder if the 30" inseams are actually 31.25"?

Good Luck
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on February 1, 2014
I can only give these Levis a 2 star rating because of two main reasons. 1. They have not been the color that they are supposed to be. I realize that each batch of material will be a slightly different shade, but the color of (medium stone wash) that I have been ordering the past couple of years has been a total different color, that I do not like. The have been very dark in color-getting that kind of dirty look to them as they become a few months old. They are definitely not that medium pretty blue that I have purchased for decades. Keeping their medium rich blue color even after years of washing- only getting slightly lighter in color over time. 2. Levis quality has really gone down over the years. I cant say that I know much about the exact type of cotton material that is used and how it may have changed over the years. But I can tell you that I still have several pairs of Levis that I wore as a teenager decades ago. They are still heavier/thicker than the brand new ones that I can purchase now. Back then it would take years of heavy wear and real abuse to wear holes in my Levis. With the Levis that I by today, within a year or so they have holes and weird patchy wear marks on them. The scattered little holes that develop in the Levis remind me of the holes that I would sometimes get in my jeans back in the 1970's when I worked in a junk yard. But those holes were caused by battery acid or from using a cutting torch. If I was running the Levis company I would be ashamed of the poor quality in the present day Levis. I don't even do physical work anymore, and my jeans wear worse than when I used to do heavy physical labor. Not to mention that the price has risen about 350% and they are no longer made in the USA. I will however note one positive change. The zipper pull tab on my most recent pair of Levis is larger, making it easier to grasp a hold of. Thank you for that Levis!
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on September 11, 2016
I've purchased at least six pairs of these jeans in the last year, year and a half and never wrote a review.
For the most part I am extremely satisfied with all my jeans except some fit better than the others but not enough to complain about. It all depends on where the jeans were made; I checked the labels and all the pairs from Indonesia fit perfectly. A couple of others have too much material in the front area around the zipper that detracts from the slimming effect this style that I like about 517s. With six pairs I try and rotate each pair and the errant pair doesn't surface right away. Just something to keep an eye on in buying these jeans. Not all are created equal; some are more equal than others ;). If I remember to segment the odd pair out next time they show I can provide more info if you like.
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on July 30, 2017
I purchased these for my son to show his horse in (equestrian team). He is in between adult and boys sizes but needed something with extra length. These were perfect. I was disappointed that this size cost more than the typical sizes, but all in all they were a quality pair of jeans.
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on April 1, 2016
got these bootcut cause i will wear w/boots, but any type works for that if you add an inch to length. the problem: the 517's are tight in the thigh by the time i get the waist small enough to fit my waist size cause my body is more athletic build.
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on December 2, 2014
The 517s are not available at a lot of local, brick & mortar stores now. I've owned several 517s in the past. They are wearing out. They need replaced. I know what to expect in size and fit from past pairs of Levi's 517s. I did not want to "experiment" in buying/ordering other blue jeans. 517s look and "feel" like what I think I want to wear. I wish Levis were more colorfast and their knees wear out too soon. Levis could make the front of the legs' from heavier fabric than the back of the legs. The front pockets could be made from heavier (more wear resistant) fabric material than currently. My Wranglers are a little more comfortable for working in the yard, can be less expensive, but look a little "baggy." Also, I wish Levi's and Wranglers blue jeans had one or two more belt loops. I may remove old blue jeans' belt loops and sew onto newer ones.
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on September 30, 2014
These boot cut jeans are simply my favorite. I know I can order my size and they will fit. And sure enough this is what happened again. Of course I know of no women that can do this, but most men, I believe could do this with Levi 517 Boot Cut Jeans. I think once a women found her levi size, she could do the same. LOL, but I wont argue the point.

These jeans are well made and are consistent in size and workmanship. I wear cowboy boots (yes, and ride a Harley-Davidson Fatboy, 2012). It's important to me to feel like I look my best and be comfortable. This is what I get from wearing Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jeans. I just don't know how you could go wrong.

I got my best price on Amazon (though, other places may have same price, I got a better deal, since I am an Amazon Prime member. So, here you can get the best and get a bit more by being a Prime member, it has more than paid for itself already). Plus I did not have to go anywhere and look for my size (36 inseam is not always easy to find).

I recommend Levi's 517 boot cut to all and recommend Amazon Prime to those that like to shop from home for an even better deal, no driving around either. Levi has been consistent with these jeans for a few years now, so I am a happy camper and you will too if you try it out.

Also, these jeans when new can look great. I recently went to my wife's class reunion which since it is a small school the dress for their events varies from jeans to suites ~ your choice. Well, I choose a new pair of black 517 with a crisp white shirt, my polished cowboy boots and a black leather (lamb) travel coat and was told I looked great and I did feel great too.

Thanks and best regards.
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on May 9, 2015
Ordered the 517 boot cut stonewash by mistake, thought I had picked the original ridged ones but not a problem, I kept them because the fit was good. My dislike on the stonewash ones I received was that it had 3 different colors of threading, very little original orange thread and the rest was a light and dark yellow which looks stupid ! Just mentioning this to make you aware of what you might receive ordering the stonewash. I do like the fact that they have 7 belt loops like the old days and not 5 like I have received in the past 10 years. This was the most I ever paid for Levis but couldn't find a better price at this time. Last ones I ordered direct from Levis and also from Sheppler's paying from a low of $27 on a 2 pants order to a high of $37, both with free shipping. Amazon's service was excellent on this order. 2017 UPDATE. Switched to Wrangler after 50 plus years and not going back. Levi is double the price and their Quality TOOK A DUMP ! The Wranglers I bought are $20, The fit is Great and the Quality and consistency of the material is spot on. In my opinion you should at least check the Wranglers out before you make your purchase.
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