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on March 12, 2017
These 517's are the real deal. I've not changed my pants for forty some years. Still wearing Levis! But I was getting close to changing because of the thinner, cheaper denim they've been using lately. I was happy to see as I had been led to believe, that these are the same old sturdy, stiff and thicker denim. They call this "Raw Unwashed Denim". So if you're looking for the original thickness, make sure you order the "Raw Unwashed" version. I knocked them down to a 4 star only because of the price. You can buy them cheaper elsewhere but I paid the higher price because of the return policy. If they weren't the heavier denim, they would have been sent right back.
Hope this helps you!
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on July 16, 2017
The jeans fit like I hoped they would. I'm 6-ft 270-lbs and carry most of that weight above my hips, so I wanted jeans narrow in the butt and hips. I used to wear 505s, but the bigger that style get's in the waist, the baggier they get on me. So why only three stars you ask? The material is not as heavy as it used to be, I don't think. On the inside leg seam there is only one row of stitching where there used to be two, which may or may not effect the durability of that seam. The dye in the rinse version I bought, turned the inside of the washer and dryer a light blue. Wife not happy about that. Hope none of her whites get a blue tint, cause I'll be in deep dodo. I wanted dark colored jeans, but would not order these again. I may try the stonewashed ones that are already faded. I was glad to see seven belt loops. I think all denim jeans should have that many.
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on March 4, 2017
Bought Levi's since I was a kid. These are seconds being sold full price. What are seconds? Miscut, missewed, whatever you want to call them, rejects! Bought them for work pants and they'll do, but I won't take the chance and order pants on line. I can go anywhere that sells Levi's, grab a pair in my size, and without trying them on they'll fit perfectly. Not these! That's how I know they're seconds. Even the belt loops aren't right and smaller.
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on July 16, 2016
I like a snug fit, not tight, just a bit snug. The jeans fit fine when I first put them on but get looser and looser. The pocket seem too low and I end up sitting on my wallet while driving. Feels like I am sitting on a rock. Pockets used to ride higher and on the upper half of the butt cheek, not the lower as most jeans do today. Too many learn even ones that say regular fit are designed for todays fashion of loose fitting low hanging jeans. I have bought hear that say regular fit and in an hour they are falling off me. This is nuts. Although the length is 30 inseam, the cut of the jean makes it look like and feel like 32. I shave been taking a 33/30 for some time. I used to take a 32 /30 but that is too tight now. Maybe the jeans will fit better in a few washings. Even regular cut jeans fit baggy these days. I see guys wearing their jeans below their butts and the crotch down by the knees, their underwear shows na sometimes there butt crack. The world is nuts these days. I felt Levi would be a good choice but for me, only average. Please return to the cut of the past not the loose baggy styles of today that are now "regular."
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on September 14, 2013
I have lived in 501's since the early 70's. Comfortable!
back then, Levis came out with a flared bottom, but was not bell bottoms, but were wider than 501's. they were not todays 517's.
They were skinnier or tighter at the knees, and wider at the bottom,but that was the fashion back then.
I love 501's. My 'thing' with them was the bottom opening was always so small.
ok for tennis shoes, but for wearing boots, they were too small around the ankle, making the entire boot look too long. simply because they were so narrow, the could not go down any lower on the boot. hahaha
I love to wear black biker boots, with a taller 2' heel for easier shifting thru gears. these 517's are wider at the bottom, so the jean bottom rides lower on the boot, only exposing the very top of my round boots, so it looks sexy for a guy. I have had a lot of compliments from mostly women. they seem to like that look for themselves, most people like a smaller foot / shoe profile.
The 517's fit the hips, and butt better too. My 501's always make my butt look flat, these give it a little better shape. I work out, and do leg squats, so my butt is not flat! I wear the boots and jeans to work on our 'lax day' Friday.
Monday thru Thursday, its business casual, at least for us in the office.
This last Friday, I was walking thru the front door, and some guys were kidding me " wheres the guitar?" " you look and dress like a rock star!" hahaha
I love my lighter blue 517's!
the combination of the lighter blue jean, with black leather boots looks tough, manly, and sexy.
I still love the 501's, for pure comfort, but these 517's are in a league of their own.
Thanks to Amazon, the price is great!
OH- size is different! !!!!
my 501's are 34x34. I had to exchange 517's until I found the correct fit due fitting higher on the hip, and longer at the legs.
my 517's are 36x32.
sounds weird, but a few guys I ride with, who also have 517's say the same thing. one size UP (waist)and one size DOWN (length) from a 501.
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on May 9, 2015
Ordered the 517 boot cut stonewash by mistake, thought I had picked the original ridged ones but not a problem, I kept them because the fit was good. My dislike on the stonewash ones I received was that it had 3 different colors of threading, very little original orange thread and the rest was a light and dark yellow which looks stupid ! Just mentioning this to make you aware of what you might receive ordering the stonewash. I do like the fact that they have 7 belt loops like the old days and not 5 like I have received in the past 10 years. This was the most I ever paid for Levis but couldn't find a better price at this time. Last ones I ordered direct from Levis and also from Sheppler's paying from a low of $27 on a 2 pants order to a high of $37, both with free shipping. Amazon's service was excellent on this order. 2017 UPDATE. Switched to Wrangler after 50 plus years and not going back. Levi is double the price and their Quality TOOK A DUMP ! The Wranglers I bought are $20, The fit is Great and the Quality and consistency of the material is spot on. In my opinion you should at least check the Wranglers out before you make your purchase.
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on October 5, 2016
After a few bad experiences with QC (501's; 527's), I was set to write off Levi's forever. Fortunately, I received some 527's and 517's for Christmas (2016) and my faith has been restored. To begin with, I should note that I have the moves and physique like Jagger, and so when comparing with the 527's (slim-boot cut), I prefer the 527's much more for my physique. That said, here are some pros and cons for the 517's.

Heavy duty denim. The stonewash is the same heavy duty denim that you were sporting back in 80's junior high school. No stretch or thin denim here.

Fit. Unlike my Wrangler boot (not cowboy) cut jeans, which I really like, these jeans will not be too tight for you. Nor will they be too loose. They fit perfectly over my boots.

For the reasons listed above, I find these to be a great pair of work jeans. They'll hold up, and you'll be comfortable while getting stuff done.

Appearance. With my physique, I was very pleased when the modern fit became popular again. I don't necessarily feel too trendy while wearing the 527's, but I feel comfortable and normal. When i wear these 517's, I feel like I look my dad and grandpa 100 years ago. When they wore jeans like this, we all thought nothing of it because there were no other options. But now, with the 527's available, I prefer those. These seem just a little too roomy/boxy for my taste.

All in all, if you do not care for slim fit jeans or you're simply getting jeans to work in, these are a good choice. If you want to look a bit more modern, then perhaps consider the 527's.

Final note: if you want to know the weight of the denim jeans you are buying, you will have to head on over to the Levi's web site to figure that out.

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on November 5, 2013
I've been wearing Levis all my life. Switched to 517s a while back. I have ordered several of the 517 rigids in blue from Amazon and love them. This time I decided to order a pair in Black.. They arrived quickly and they are VERY black, which I loved. I took them out of the bag things didn't look right. The patch above the hip pocket looked...cheap and not printed in the dark red ink like my blue 517s. Still have a blue pair with the labels on them so I compared them. Nothing matched. I check the inside take and it siad they were made in Nicaragua. ALL my blue 517s (and 550s) are made in Mexico. I held the two pairs up to one another and the length looked right, but the waist on the black pair was way small, over an inch smaller. I decided to call Levi's 800 number and got a nice lady and I asked her if I could have gotten a counterfeit pair. She couldn;t confirm or deny the presence of a plant in Nicaragua. After about 10 minutes on the phone with her i decided that they are probably genuine Levi's. This pair was too small in the waist and I sent them back and Amazon promptly refunded my credit card. I'm leary to order another pair because I don't have to go through the return process again if they are still wrong.
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on October 20, 2015
The jeans I received had a faded line along the edge of the fold, where the jeans had been folded into the package. This faded line did not disappear or fade with washing. I have worn Levi's jeans for years and this is the first pair that have been disappointing in quality.
review image
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on February 6, 2018
I was able to order this pair of Levis using sizing from a pair of 517's at home that fit well. Things that I liked about this order included: (1) the promptness of the delivery, (2) the excellent packaging, (3) the fit of the garment, (4) the color of the jeans, and (5) the boot cut tailoring that will not become "high water" after a few washes. I was hesitant to mail order jeans since I usually have to try on a number of jeans at the store to find a pair that fits. No disappointment here. Thank you.
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