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on November 21, 2009
I have been buying the sized 501's (not the Shrink-to=Fits) for my husband for nearly 15 years. Starting almost a year ago it is an absolute fact that these jeans no longer hold up for years the way they used to. In the past (at least up until 2 or 3 years ago) my husband would have about 4 pairs of jeans, so he might be washing them farily frequently. It was not unusual for a pair to last at least a couple of years. But since a year and a half ago or so, his jeans have been wearing through in about 4 to 6 months. He has many more pairs, so they do not get washed as often and are not subject to stress from the washer and dryer. The seams split at the crotch and down the legs and the seat wears. He does not give them rough wear. He is a college professor who is on his feet a lot, but not in a physically stressful job. Levi's just are not as good as they used to be and any one who says differently hasn't been buying them or wearing them as much as we have.
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on September 8, 2009
Real 501's are made of 14 oz canvas-like material. These "Iconic Rigid" jeans are made of some sleazy, much lighter material that takes on a carefully contrived set of wrinkles to make them look like they'd been worn to bed soaking wet and dried out overnight. If you want real 501's stay away from these. I sent mine back right away.
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on May 26, 2012
I bought 501 dark stone wash jeans. Levis always been my fav brand for jeans but this recent purchase made me so unhappy. The area between my legs wore off just after 4 months of wearing and there was a hole in the back pocket where I used to carry my keys.
I guess I will have to find another brand now.. these are not strong enough now a days.
here are the photos!
review imagereview image
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on June 26, 2011
Can't believe it, but I guess times change and as a CPA I understand cost and profit issues in business, but it is still sad that I tried 3 times to order my favorite Levis jeans only to find they changed styles and cuts amounting to using less material since the waists are shorter and of course the thin, light weight denim. I would much rather have paid a higher price and have them left things the way they were, but I guess they would not get the volume of sales to support such a concept. I dread having to find another brand, but have no choice.

Good bye levi's, after more than 4 decades. I will miss you.
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on July 8, 2016
One pair of jeans arrived with labels and all packaging and in new condition. The second pair arrived in a plastic bag with no labels and the color was several shades lighter than the jeans should have been. When I opened the packet I saw that there was a 4 inch fray in the crotch area, several oil stains around the jeans, a large stain on one knee and obvious signs of being worn and washed multiple times. The fray in the crotch area is so bad that I could put several fingers through it. Negative reviews are not my norm but I'm disgusted. I've attached the photos so that everyone can see.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on July 5, 2017
Bought a 501 Rinse 40/30; received an Egypt made pair that's not even close to being a 40, at best a 36. Rough around the edges, badly finished...

I had bought Levi's before here on amazon, on the big famous auction site and on different brick and mortar stores around the world and I had never seen a pair like these.

I wish I could return them, but I had them forwarded from the USA to my country and sending them back would cost more than buying them again. An absolute waste of money :-(

I attach photos to compare this 40/30 to a rarely used 36/30 made in México (same size!) and a 38/30 also made in México but with a bit more use (the Amazon-purchased 40 looks like 4 sizes smaller than the 38!!!)
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 2, 2017
I have been buying Wranglers because they are cheap. Some last over a year. Others have something like a belt loop failure after 6-12 months. It's a little annoying, but I figure that's what you get for buying cheap jeans.

Recently I decided to splurge and get a pair of Levi's. They looked great and fit great. Since they were my "fancy" jeans, I did not wear them for yard work or anything, just two days sitting at a desk and one wash every week.

Imagine my surprise when, after six weeks, the belt loop failed! About two weeks after the return window closed.

I suppose I will figure out some way to patch them, but they sure aren't my "fancy" jeans any longer.

I thought I could buy more expensive (assuming higher quality) stuff and buy and discard it less often, have better stuff and help the environment a little. However, in the case of jeans, it looks like I need to buy the cheapest acceptable product and replace it frequently, treating it more like a consumable, Oh well, Wrangler, here I come...
review image
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on January 29, 2018
Technically, these are jeans: they are blue, have rivets, belt loops, and are made from fabric that resembles denim. However, I think my daughter's American Girl Doll jeans are better quality (and cost less) than these. The material is thin, looks cheap and is scattered with snags and small holes. The stitching is poor and uneven and some of it is green. Why is it green??? The crotch has an unfortunately awkward cut, and there are only FOUR flimsy buttons in the fly (including the waist button). Even the red tag is sad and misplaced. They look ridiculous.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 25, 2018
UPDATE - Yeah these are garbage. They are Levi's in name only and don't carry the quality you'd expect. These are going back and my hunt to find a reputable denim company to replace my 505s continues!! I'm only rating 1 star so i can leave a review. Otherwise they should pay me for the time I've taken out of my day to review their garbage.

I'm not impressed at all with these 501s. Normally I wear 505s and when I say normally I mean I have 1 good pair of jeans that i wear regularly, they are old, they are "broken in" and they are Levi's 505s. I've lost some weight recently so i decided to purchase a new pair of Levi's and went with the classic 501s. Wow the quality seems to have really taken a dive.

These Jeans are stiff. No, not like new jean stiff. I'm talking I could stand them up on their own without any support. While unfolding them I joking thought to myself "these jeans are so stiff they might crack!". Stiffness aside, the jean material feels much cheaper than my previous pair which have been worn hundreds of times and is still a much better quality than these brand new 501s.

I've washed them twice in a effort to get off the extra die and to try and loosen them up. They still feel crunchy and stuff. I'm going to wear them around a couple hours to see if them relax and break-in at all. If not, these are heading back.
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on December 24, 2016
Started buying 501's in 2011 when I started college, but I wore strictly Levi's growing up. I still have three old pairs of 501's from that time. Two prewashed and one pair of shrink to fits. The fit on all of them is similar, but the ones I worked outdoors in and washed and dried more had a slimer fit in the legs. I spent a year & a half in the shrink to fits but overall: they are alittle less comfortable and less flattering. Of all of them, the last pair I purchased, ablack pre washed with dark gray rivets and regular patch, a combination they no longer make I think, are the only ones I still use, now that I can fit into them again. For a while I switched to Wrangler 13wmz's after I gained some weight. I wanted to buy some new 501s since I've been getting alota use out of those old ones. I went to a local Levi's retailer to try some on to determine just was size I should buy online. I'm glad I did because I found that 501s are not what they used to be. Now, I've heard from my dad, my old boss, and other loyal Levi's customers that Levi's used to be made with a more stiff, durable denim fabric, and from the vintage Levi's I've collected and seen, I can say that's the truth. But as long as I have buying them new for myself, they've been kinda lightweight (Good for the weather here in Texas), with a distinct smoothness after significant wear, and still pretty durable. Today, the fabric feels completely different, although I can't speak to its durability. My biggest complaint is with the fit. Pictures of the aforementioned folks during the 70's & 80's show a jean that looks similar to the jeans I used buy. I can't really say that's still true. These new 501's don't have the roomy seat that I associate with the cut, they sit lower on the waist, and the pewter riveted buttons on the fly and waist are smaller and more delicate than they used to be. The crotch it's more comfortable now, sure, but I liked the snug, old school, cowboy look that they used to have. They basically fit like a slightly relaxes skinny jean now, and personally, I think skinny jeans look absurd with western boots, on both men and women, and that's usually what I wear. I have always loved Levi's, and think that the old 501 cut will always have a nostalgia and elegance in design that other jeans just don't have, but they have lost my business with these recent changes.
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