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on January 29, 2016
Others have covered these jeans in detail and advised us to order the 501 shrink to fit Rigid Indigo, amazon labels it "Rigid STF".... I am here to tell you these are now down to 9oz denim and are in no resemblance to quality 501 STF from yesteryear.

I once was in a Levi's store and asked them why they still mark the red tags with "XX" on shrink to fit when this was historically the mark of the weight of the denim, so 20oz denim when you convert the Roman Numerals to denim weight. They looked confused and had never heard of that before. I was confused they were confused, I wasn't the one working at the Levi's store. The inside pocket now states to look for the "XX" to ensure you are getting authentic Levi's top quality denim.... but it is only 9oz. They are also running TERRIBLY smaller and I wish I ordered a longer inseam, but again as others have noted the sizing depends on where they are made, mine were made in Mexico.

Quality issues:

The red label was not stitched on correctly, or the tag is so cheaply made (feels like paper) that it tore out of the stitching within 3 days with a belt on. See picture.

I ordered size 32 x 34. I measured the new NEVER shrunk inseam because it seemed way to short, it was only 32", maybe 32.5" if I was being generous with the tape measure... it should be at least 34" minimum! I posted a picture next to my old STF 32x34s (they are black and behind the new jeans and have been shrunk) you can clearly see if I shrink the new ones I will lose about 2+ inches and have high water pants as they are only about .5 inches longer than the shrunk jeans.See second Picture.

Terrible quality control

Here is what I am frustrated about. Levi's knows how to make fantastic denim, they just aren't anymore. Levi's knows how to make consistent, uniform sized, reliable jeans with far and above the best materials, they just aren't anymore.... why? The pricing hasn't changed, so why has everything else.

In my search for quality denim at lower cost (it is not hard to spend $100+ on raw denim jeans) I found something in my local Kmart that may help some of you out. They are NOT shrink to fit but are likely the most inexpensive unwashed denim you can find. They are Rustler Indigo jeans (only the Indigo appear to be raw unwashed, I have only found them at Kmart). They are at least 13-14oz denim. There is only one cut (boot cut).

Their cut is actually fairly similar to the 501 if it had a zipper, a little too wide at the bottom though, buy the size you actually need, maybe even a little smaller, not like the Shrink To Fit sizing. They stretch out over time a little bit assuming you aren't washing them. For the price if the fit isn't right have someone tailor it, still cheaper than Levi's and you can feel the difference in the quality of denim Rustler is using.

Now for the best part.....they are only $12 and go on sale for $10!!! Also they have a 1 year warranty where they will send you a new pair if it fails. They age VERY well and show nice wear marks (again assuming you are buying what they label as "Indigo" which are unwashed and stiff raw denim). Don't wash them, treat them like shrink to fit or raw denim. Once they are nice and worn in you can do a soak, freeze them, etc... lookup how to take care of raw denim. Not nearly as cool as Levi's, I know, but Levi's is forgetting their entire history as an American icon and really loosing reputation. No I do not work for kmart or rustler, just a guy who likes jeans that don't fall apart in a month.
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on December 6, 2017
I ordered up 1 size in the waist and 2 sizes in the inseam. I could have done 1 size up in the inseam, because I have to cuff them. It's a regular sized cuff, but if I try to wear them uncuffed there's too much break in the pants & they're just a tad too long.

For $35 raw jeans, you can expect imperfections based on mass production: the seams are off on these things and it's really annoying me now. Too bad I didn't notice until after I washed & dried them. The left leg is fine, but the right leg of my pants has a twisted pant leg. The outer seem is turned towards the front of my leg, and I only noticed this after I cuffed my jeans and saw the seam. Pretty disappointing, but they are $35, so I guess that's what you get.
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on September 6, 2017
I've been searching for pants for dudes who lift. I did as recommended and bought two sizes too big in length, normal size in waist, soaked in hot water for 20 min, and let them dry while wearing. They're about right in length now for me: a full break without a lot of stacking. Material is thicker than the cheap ass jeans I've been wearing apart for too long. They fit pretty well compared to my non STF pants. The dark denim looks unremarkable; hopefully they don't look too much like dad jeans. remains to be seen how well they wear.
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on November 11, 2017
Soaked in hot water. Shrunk to fit my waist. Was still a little long, so I washed in a machine on hot and rough. Shrunk a little more in length. Only thing, the legs' circumference didn't shrink much, so it is more like a relaxed fit. I'd say the 36 34 became 34 32 and a half.
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on June 23, 2017
I've five bought pairs of this style. The colors are vibrant and the fit is great for my 6' 4" 170 lb. figure. Definitely on the slim fit side. As a tall, lanky person I found these very flattering. Washed one pair in the machine by mistake, don't do that. Levi isn't joking about the wash-to-fit. Follow washing instructions!! Shrinkage aside, these are well-made jeans worth the money.
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on March 2, 2017
I am so content to have found these pants on Amazon, I was never able to find my size at any of the local retail or outlet stores, I need the 38" length. Since I have found these on Amazon, I have made annual orders past 3 years. At first, I was skeptical of the quality and material but these are truly like the 501's that I used to get years ago, not like some of the ones that you find in the stores consisting of stretch denim or other type of lightweight denim. Be sure to follow the directions in order to determine the correct size to order, they'll arrive stiff like canvas and a bit large but given time, they will soften and form to your body, eventually to fit you like a glove. I usually order two pairs a year as they start out as my "going-out" jeans then transition to my work jeans. I see myself continuing to purchase these 501's in the years to come.
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on November 8, 2017
Let me say I wear Levis 511s all day long, and have LOVED them for years. Though these would be a nice, looser fitted version of the 511 Rigid Dragon pair I have and love, but the quality of 501 SFT is absolutely terrible. And I can echo what everyone is saying about inconsistent shrinking. Really the entire concept of shrink to fit is absurd. With so many cuts from Levis and other manufacturers, why go take the risk these won't shrink correctly...just buy something that fits off the shelf.
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on November 26, 2017
The size shrinked after the first washed. It will not fit after wash i bought extra an inches in my size 34x34 it sxtra but after washed I can't fit it in the pant tiny and it go over my ankle. The wait lost at least 3 inches. Bad bad bad. I thought this only happen in Việt nam 30 years ago where cheap sida clothing sale on the sidewalk. . .
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on January 5, 2017
The jeans shrunk a whole lot more than just two sizes which we accounted for when purchasing this. We soaked in cold water and let it hang dry afterwards. It's stiff as a board and shrunk about 4 sizes in length... and the color marbled. Won't purchase a shrink to fit ever again. The risk of it coming out the wrong size is too high. I'm sure if this is done by a pro it would work which is why I still gave it two stars: it's a good quality jean but there's just too much that can go wrong with shrink to fit even when following the directions.
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on November 19, 2015
This is my second pair. They're very comfortable and fit great once you get the shrink out and wear them in. I've been a little disappointed in the durability. I bought a pair about a year and a half ago and the seams at the crotch started to fray. They were just about the only jeans I'd wear, for weeks at a time between washing so maybe I just wore them out but I had expected to get a lot more use out of them before seams started fraying. It makes me wonder if some heavy duty handmade jeans in the $100+ price range would just be more durable.
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