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on March 17, 2015
bought two pair at same time. wore them a few times each. i ripped the back pocket some how, thought it was a fluke. then i was playing soccer with my 5 year old when i reached for a wide ball the second pair ripped right in front area (good thing for underwear) see attached pics. i remember when levi's would last at-least 2 years
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on April 17, 2011
I have worn Levi's 505 Jeans for 25 years. I even have a box of "34's" in the attic for when I lose a couple of pounds.

I just sent back 2 new pairs of these jeans because they no longer fit as the other pairs I own. I called Levi's to find out why.

I was told that they changed the fit several months ago, without changing the numeral designation. 505's are now only made as "Straight Fit" rather than "Regular Fit". In addition, they have lowered the "Rise" to a "below the waist" fit, rather than the old "at the waist" fit.

Sorry Levi's, you can't do that without losing long-term customers. How can you change something as basic and important as fit, but still call it the same thing?Levi's Mens 505 Straight Fit Jean
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on February 16, 2015
I have been wearing Levi's 505 jeans for as long as I can remember. I have purchased these style of jeans several times over the years online through Amazon. My most recent purchase was completely a surprise. I figured 505 jeans made a few years ago would be the same as 505 jeans sold today. WRONG! Levi Strauss in their infinite wisdom appears to have changed the cut/fit of these jeans. What used to be a comfortable fit is now replaced by a low-rise, snug-fitting pair of pants. Additionally, the front pockets are now ridiculously shallow. I can barely fit my cell phone in my front pocket (and I'm not rockin' a large phone either). This is borderline product substitution on Levi's part. If they changed the cut, they should have given the new pants a new style number. Poor, unsuspecting (and formerly loyal) customers have to find out the hard way that the pants have changed. What a shame. These were great pants that I really use to enjoy. I contacted Levi's via email and phone. I just got canned responses in both cases. Levi's doesn't care about their customers. I asked the rep if Levi's made a comparable fit jeans under a different style number. The response was, "I don't think so". Audios Levis - I'm off to find another manufacturer who makes clothes that fit properly.
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on December 18, 2015
Levi's 505 Regular fit has changed and the fit and sizing is off by an inch and mislabeled. They cut an inch out of the rise from seem above pocket to top of belt loop so they ride low and keep falling down. They are contoured differently. Obviously they are not made in America and quality control and tradition do not mean anything to greedy manufactures who are pissing on their loyal customers and even their own name. I will not but them any longer and I love my old ones because they fit correctly but the new pair I bought here are no dam good. Shame on you for screwing up a classic. Shame on Levi's a brand that you can no longer rely on.

PS. Do not ask if they are too small or to big as the fit is too big and too small in places and add a box for 'Does NOT fit as expected.
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on March 24, 2016
As previous reviews state the fit is nowhere close to earlier Levi's 505s. Too long in legs, too short in rise, pockets too shallow for anything.
Additionally the quality of the material is significantly sub par! I don't know what the weight of the now fabric is but it will never stand up to years of service as previous Levi's. Perhaps planned obsolescence is their business strategy now. A belt loop (one of the reduced number vs earlier style) ripped off the third time I wore them.
Poor fit poor, poor workmanship, poor quality fabric, I'm assuming poor upper management business decisions have relegated a loyal customer to look elsewhere for quality jeans. Shame on an American icon.
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on February 23, 2015
Ordered from Zappos, an Amazon company. For years we have bought the same size and color (" Rinse") of 505 jeans. They almost always fit correctly after the first wash and some shrinkage. This color is dark enough to look almost "formal" at first. Then they get worn almost every day, become faded and eventually develop wear holes. Ironically, they then look exactly like the kind of artificially worn-out jeans that some people pay extra for!.

Anyway, at that point they get retired to housework and other dirty chores, and new jeans replae them. We've done this several times, just bought this same color and same size, and started over. One year, we noticed a difference in the fit between factories -- Mexico fit differently from Lesotho -- but we were able to get the same comfortable fit by returning one place and ordering elsewhere.

The current pair are worn out, must be a couple years old, so we ordered the replacements as usual. Like many people have complained before, we find the front pockets to be too shallow. It is hard to understand why they would make front pockets an inch or more shallower, just when people are putting bigger and bigger things in those pockets. Also one gets the feeling that keys or pocket change or other stuff will fall out if one happens to relax too far in the couch or whatever.

Unlike other people, we found the fit to be nearly perfect, the fabric seems sturdy, the color is correct, and there are the same seven belt loops as always. It is thus very frustrating, that the jeans are exactly what we wanted -- except for the front pockets. What a weird and stupid surprise.

We will almost surely send them back, and we are already shopping for alternatives. Unfortunately, so far we are finding compromises of one kind or another in nearly every brand. Fabric is thinner, or back pockets are too small, or the fit is not as good...

We have not ruled out the idea of simply making some alterations on those stupid pockets, so they are as deep as before, as this is a lot easier than any other alterations one could make on a pair of jeans. But obviously one is then nervous whether the alterations will hold up.

Levis, what on earth were you thinking? We would have paid 50 cents more -- which is probably more than you saved by reducing the pocket fabric. I notice that many recent reviews are from people who seem happy with the current product, but I assume they've never seen the "real" 505 jeans of just 2-3 years ago and more. These would have been 5 stars if they had left the pockets at a useable depth. But they didn't...
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on March 3, 2010
I've been buying 505's for many years; I could hardly believe my recent order was supposedly the same product. The material is *much* thinner than it was even a couple years ago, and overall they look like flimsy knockoff copies of the genuine article. If you are considering buying these, don't just take my word for it, look at the other reviews that discuss the dramatic recent drop in quality; ignore these only at your own peril, like I foolishly did. The only consolation is that for $22 a piece, they are not such a bad deal for generic casual pants and as such I will probably not endure the hassle of returning them, but had I paid anything close to list price I would have felt royally ripped-off. They will certianly be the last Levi's I ever buy, however. Too bad, it feels kind of like losing an old friend.
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on December 24, 2013
I haven't tried Levi's in years, but the brand I've been wearing no longer fits because they have gone the skinny jeans route. I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs with a 32 inch waist and 30 inch inseam. I have relatively muscular thighs so I can't wear skinny jeans. It's also difficult to find pants that fit properly in the crotch--most have a rise that's too long since I wear my jeans beneath my belly button. I know some consider that too low as the "natural waist" is around the belly button.

These 505s fit perfectly. Comfortable in the waist, correct length inseam, no sagging in the crotch, and not too tight, not too loose in the thigh. I tried 559s as well. They're good, but but a little on the loose side.

If you're shorter than average and you wear your jeans beneath your belly button, you'll probably like the rise length on these. And for those with a little meat on their thighs, they don't fit like skinny jeans.
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on April 19, 2012
These Jeans are pure rubbish! Cheap, thin demin that feels like it is made from newspaper pulp. I swear, I think they contain some percentage of newspaper pulp, just so Levi's can cut down on costs. They lose their colors in just a few washes and the fibers start fraying as soon as you wear them. They crush your crotch, they slide down and need to be hiked up every minute. Levi's has obviously been taken over by a Bunch of MBA's with degrees in worthlessness. MBA should stand for Master's in Business Assassination, because that's what they actually accomplish in the end. Look what MBA's did to apple before apple wised up and fired them all. Apple was nearly killed by MBAs! I am frustrated because I cannot find any Jeans that fit on the waist like normal jeans do. I mean, what are these elitist upper management asswipes thinking, that by reducing the rise in their jeans, Men can wear them? We have balls and we do not like crushed nuts. Also, this stupid low rise jean trend needs to die already. What kind of guy likes to have crushed nads, and have his pants hanging off his ass at the same time? I guess American Has become Snookie Stupid, because looking like a douchey asswipe is consider cool.

I've spent months looking for jeans that fit like normal jeans. I went to LL. Bean but all their jeans look like something an elderly man would wear diapers with. I am 30 years old, and I just want normal jeans. Anyone know of any replacement brands for Levi's?
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on February 6, 2015
I am a 4'10" woman with a 29" inseam.
I weigh 120 lb.
The Men's 505 all cotton, 30" waist, 29" inseam is PERFECT!
I hate stretchy women's jeans.
These are perfect for my 30" waist and 38" hip.
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