Customer Reviews: Levi's Men's 511 Slim-Fit Jean
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on April 30, 2010
I've had the same body for probably about the last 20 years - tall, lanky but not really what you'd call "skinny". In fact, I'm kind of pear-shaped around the middle. I never considered skinny jeans before because of that. I've been wearing 505's for years, but have tried various other brands before that - nothing fit right. Pants sit naturally below the waist on me, and at my 36"-38" waist, the legs were always really baggy. I always looked like a wannabe gang member or something wearing jeans - even jeans that were very tight around the waist.

But I tried a pair of these at a store and they fit perfectly! They sit naturally where pants want to sit on me, and there's no extra bagginess either in the legs or the butt. (I have no butt, so this is important.) With a 36" waist, they're cut so they do not look "skinny" with my legs, but they actually make me look thinner. And they look really good with boots. ("Boot cut" jeans look ridiculous with boots in my opinion; boots need a tapered leg, not a flared leg.) In other words, they just fit right!

I bought a pair of the black stretch, which actually get somewhat loose after repeated wearings. I tried a pair of the rigid 511's in a store, and I'll buy them next to compare.

In short, I'd recommend these not just for really skinny guys, but also for guys who have that middle-aged pear shape. At the larger waist sizes, the legs are roomy enough that they just look like regular jeans, and they don't look like you're wearing "dad jeans" like the regular fit stuff can.
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on July 31, 2014
In general, I like this style of pants and the quality and the price, etc. etc. I'm not super happy with my purchase, but this was totally my bad, so still 5 stars.
I bought a pair of 511s at Urban outfitters and loved them, so I decided to get a pair off Amazon (which is about half the cost of buying them at Urban Outfitters, without the hassle of cool, fashionable, in shape kids whose presence makes you suffer the realization that you have much less hair and much more gut than you did in the early 2000s). I bought the "Rigid Dragon" (sounds like the title of a Skyrim themed porn?) thinking that was the same style/color that I bought at the store. Turns out, it wasn't, and this color has 1% spandex (vs. the 2% in my other pants), and is therefore less yielding to my aforementioned declining physique. In hindsight, I think the color I bought at the store was "Rinsed Playa" (sounds like the title of a failed Outkast song). That being said, I do like the rigid dragon style: the fabric is stiffer and more durable, and it's a REALLY dark blue, which I dig. I just wish I would have gone a size larger so I wouldn't have to struggle to roll them over my shapely man-calves or fit them over my boots. Also, less junk-crushing would be good.
So anyway, my point is that even if you are buying the same cut and size of these jeans, they will probably fit differently. The fabric composition of each color is on the description, so make sure you check it out.
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on July 17, 2009
Pros: Available in many sizes and washes, reasonable price, comfortable and contoured fit
Cons: Not true to size

Having unusual proportions has always been problematic for me, and as a result, I have tried many different brands and styles of jeans. At 6'4", finding jeans that have a sufficient length provides some difficulty, and with a very narrow waist for my height (30"), it can seem downright impossible. I have no alternative to online retail for finding jeans that fit, so finding them feels very much like a hunt than a casual dressing room routine.

I have tried 7 For All Mankind, Chip & Pepper, Earnest Sewn, American Eagle, and a whole slew of brands to get a feel for what's out there. I never really considered trying Levi's because they just never seemed to draw my attention. I had no interest in Levi's 501's, because I knew they fit too loose, and simply was unaware that Levi's made slim jeans in my size, particularly the 511's in 32x36. Recently, I discovered this, and decided to give the Levi's 511's a try.

In my limited experience in the past, I knew typically Levi's run slightly long. Although a disadvantage to some, for a person of my height who never runs into a pair of jeans that's actually "too long" (I actually fit a 37" inseam), having that extra inch or so is a blessing. Furthermore, as slim jeans, I presumed that they would fit slimmer in the waist than the size indicated. This may also serve as an issue for some, but considering they will stretch with use to your body, is worth accepting (not to mention it works to my favor with a smaller waist than the indicated size).

I ordered a couple pairs of Levi's 511 as a trial run and found my presumptions of running long and slim to hold true, which certainly brought me relief. While even a bit slim for me for the first day, they quickly contoured to my body and became quite comfortable. They fit well and have no extra baggage, as a slim pair of jeans should. While definitely slim, they are only bordering skinny jeans. I find this advantageous, as truly skinny jeans tend to offer very little breathing room and limit heat dissipation. Furthermore, the tighter the fit, the more frequently you are inclined to wash, as the jeans become stretched out more quickly. I feel that the Levi's 511's fit comfortable and tight in the right places, and offer a perfect intermediate between straight/slim straight and the tighter skinny fits.

Currently, Levi's offers a host of different washes and in many sizes to find a friend in just about anyone who has the hankering to try some slim, but not quite skinny jeans. So far, I am enjoying my experience with the Levi's 511's, and I am sure I will enjoy them for many days coming. I really think you will too.
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on August 5, 2015
I recently bought a pair of these Levi's jeans. Upon arrival, I tried them on and they fit and looked perfect. I then left them in my closet until today where I wanted to wear them. This is when I discovered that the 3 belt loops in the left side were missing, making the jeans basically useless for me because I cannot wear the jeans with a belt!

The return window closed some weeks ago, so I cannot return the jeans. I have tried to find a way to make a complaint to Levi's through Amazon, but it does not seem to be possible.

I hope someone from Levi's or Amazon will notice my complaint through this review and get in contact with me.

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on September 29, 2015
These pants shrank further with the first wash
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on April 26, 2014
Yes, they are technically 511 Levi's jeans, but not what they appear to be. First, waist fits a little tighter, and the overall feel is a little cheaper. I decided to bring them into a Levis store semi near me instead of shipping them back and taking a chance on getting another wrong size (I usually wear 30-32, and these fit more like a 28/29-32). This would have been fine however they did not exchange correctly. Since I didn't have the receipt, they had to scan and give me a exchange for the current price of the jeans in the store (Mind you, I was exchanging for the same jeans (fit, color and size) as they fit better than the ones I bought online). The black jeans were scanned at a mere 19.99 (I bought them for around 35), and the tan ones were 30. Thats when I realized that on touch, these jeans felt cheaper, thinner, and rougher than the ones from the store. If you have the chance, I would just go to an actual store and get them.
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on March 31, 2015
Great product. I am a 30x32 normally however these run a little long. Not a big deal to me at all
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on January 6, 2015
The style is very good, but fade serious, totally unacceptable fade into the water after, sewage water has become an instant fancy Amazon operated stores before buying, very disappointed. Amazon recommends strengthening management, cleaning supply, quality assurance.
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on September 21, 2006
I'm a skinny guy. Finding jeans that fit great is hard. But these fit great at a great price. They hug in all of the right places. Seriously, if you're skinny and want a pair of slim jeans, get these. They are amazing.
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on November 22, 2014
I've always wore a slim fit jean and with the Levi's of old,Levi's was all I would ever wear.I used to buy Levi's 512 slim cut jeans in the size I wore and knew they would fit perfect.They quit making the 512's and moved over seas and now the sizes are all over the place plus the material is some sort of cheap cotton/spandex or something and they don't even shrink right anymore.Nowaday's you wear a pair of jeans one time and they stretch out to be real baggy,at least when they made Levi's in Mexico the fabric was of decent quality plus the sizes were consistant.Bring back the Levi's of old and I will start wearing Levi's again.I wear Lee or Wrangler now.
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