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on September 24, 2008
I never thought I'd look for another jeans manufacturer, but the last two pair of Levis left me unable to draw any conclusion other than that the company has allowed its standards to fall drastically in the last five years. I put up with seams that gave way and sewed them back; with pockets that couldn't hold a set of keys without ripping; with button seams that frayed. But on each of the last two pair I purchased, the belt loops popped off at the slightest pull. And Levis have reduced the number of loops from 7 to 5. It's too bad. They always used great material that feels great after a break-in period. But at $30-$50 a pop, they're no longer worth it. The break-in period becomes a broke period. So long Levis.
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on January 7, 2011
Levi's needs to get their act together. I have 10 pair of Levi 550's bought over the past two years. 3 pair made in Egypt 1 from El Salvador 1 from Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Mexico, Bangladesh, one that says "made in Haiti finished in Dominican Republic". And get this one!! Lesotho!!??? Where the hell is Lesotho? Is that next to Petoria?(Family Guy fans)

I usually buy 2 pair at a time from Sears or Levi's Store only. They're all the same size and model number and 1st quality only, yet NONE are the same! Every single pair a cut different. Some are tight, some are shorter than others, label and tag variations. I always get the middle shade of blue, yet there's no consistency in color either. Even in the same store there might be three different countries of origin on the same shelf. But worst of all, the grade of denim is thin garbage compared to years past when they were still made in good 'ol China.

Well, I continued buying them because I had no idea what else to get. 34x36 is almost impossible to find other than Levi. Plus I'm not into styles or fads, I like the basics. WELL NOW THERE"S AN ALTERNATIVE. Costco's Kirkland brand relaxed fit jeans. Their 34 length is equivalent to Levi's 36. There cut really nice, and their made of the old style thick denim. They actually feel like old style Levi's from 10 or 15 years ago. Best of all they only cost $12.99 you can buy 3 pairs for what one pair of overpriced Levi's cost.
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on March 18, 2017
Poor quality--fabric is weak around the rear pockets and stitching fails. These are not the same Levi jeans we had in the 70s. Purchased mine in January, wore about 5 times and noticed holes forming around the top of the rear pockets. I don't even wear a wallet or keep a can of snuff back there. My ass is not overly large either. Poor quality fabric and the location of the failure makes them useless.
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on February 23, 2009
Belt loop came loose second time worn. Will have to send to have repaired. Must be factory seconds.
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on September 28, 2008
I agree. The denim material is flimsy and paper thin. I've been wearing 501's since my teens and now in my 40's, I think I'll switch to Docker's jeans. They are much better quality.
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on September 4, 2012
I have to agree with many of the other low reviews, Levi's are just not the same anymore. I have been wearing them for over 25 years and never found a brand that could compare in quality, that was until the last 2 pairs I just bought. The material is about half as thick, the seams are cheaply sewn, the tag is poorly printed, and so on. A pair usually lasts me about a year or so until the holes are too large. I doubt these will last 3 months, much less two horses pulling them in half. So long Levi, for now.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 4, 2014
Update to the original: I bought a pair of these at our local warehouse/club store and the left rear belt loop broke after about 3 months, tried a pair from Amazon and the exact same belt loop came loose. Levi's used to be good products but the jeans I buy at the local "club" store for $14 last WAY longer and fit about the same as the Levis. No more Levis for me. Ever. Don't waste your $$.
Original Review: The fabric on the jeans seems to be a heavier weight than what I can find locally. Fit is classic Levis. Time will only tell how long they last. I agree with other posters about offshoring the production and the lack of QC but this pair *should* be fine. With Prime free shipping you can't go wrong if you know your size.
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on March 10, 2011
Although I wear Levi 550 jeans almost every day, I unfortunately find myself agreeing with all of the negative reviews below. My wife brought home two new pairs (same size) from a local retailer yesterday, and when I tried them on, they fit totally differently. In addition, the denim in one pair seemed to be thinner, or more heavily washed. I looked at the tags, one pair was made in Mexico, one in Bangladesh. I might as well have bought two different brands, that's how different they were. In addition to sizing problems, the quality I once associated with Levi's just isn't there anymore. I have two pairs right now that are about two years old. (And if you think two years is old, in my HS and college days, a pair of Levi's worn every day lasted a LOT longer than two years.) One pair, made in Lesotho, is wearing quite well. The other pair, made in Egypt, is totally shot. Despite all the holes at pocket corners, etc., I would keep wearing them, but they also developed a rip running from the bottom of the fly into the crotch, so I can't wear them without airing family business, if you know what I mean. By the way, when this pair was brand-new I walked through a doorway and caught a belt-loop on the latch strike. It ripped the belt loop off--in the old days, I think the belt loop would have ripped the latch strike loose. The history of Levi's started with them being made from sturdy tent canvas. Forget that. If you want a good laugh, and a clue to maybe how this has happened, try to Google up a story from the Wall St. Journal 9/2/2010, about how Carl Chiara, Levi's "Director of Brand Concepts and Special Projects," takes care of his jeans. It's not a joke, but you would think it came from The Onion (America's Finest News Source).
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on April 12, 2009
The last FOUR pair of Levi 550 relaxed fit jeans I have purchased have had the second belt loop on the left pop off where it is anchored at the bottom. It just pulls out and leaves a hole in the fabric. No, I do not pull up my jeans up by the belt loop and no, I do not yank out the belt when removing it. You would think that I would have learned my lesson sooner. The quality of this product has declined terribly in the last few years, probably due to someone's brilliant idea of cutting costs. Well, no more overpriced Levis for me. I am done paying top dollar for junk!
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on May 23, 2017
Fit as expected. I like it
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