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on November 9, 2014
These are not the same pattern of 560 that was available 10 years ago. I have two pairs of 560's I bought about 10 years ago, but wasn't able to wear. Now I'm able to fit in them and they are very different from the new 560's. The legs are wider and longer now. The legs of the new 560 match up to the 550 style ones I have. Basically 550 jeans with 560 labels. Attached pic shows 10 year old black 560 compared to new blue 560. Both have the same size on the label.

At least the three I ordered are all the same size. Usually they are different lengths. You can feel the lighter weight material on the new ones.

I've always worn Levi's. Now may have to find another brand.
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on December 25, 2014
I received these at Christmas 12-25-2014, washed and dried them, when I put them on they were VERY tight, something was not right. In my photo, the top label is the real one, the bottom label is the fake one, it did not take much research to discover the issue. I am pretty darned pissed about the whole ordeal, not only do we have to buy another four pair of jeans, my wife is not very happy about getting ripped-off for Christmas, kinda puts a sour twist on today.
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on November 12, 2015
Levis used to be the only Jeans I bought however due to continuous quality issues, which ironically seem to occur within a couple of weeks after the Amazon return period is over. I have Levis jeans in my closet that are 10+ years old and although the dye has worn and have some minor wear, they are still wearable and I love them. My issue with jeans made in the past couple of years, is that the one or more belt loops pull out from the material at one end of the loop - see attached photo - this belt loop pulled out completely within a day. Recently sent to Levis 3 pairs of jeans that have this anomaly - which was the maximum number of Jeans that they would accept through the warranty program - even thought I mention having 6 pairs of jeans with the same issue. After 6 weeks, I received 3 replacement jeans from Levi, however within 3 weeks the jeans that they sent to me had the same failure. Icing on the cake ...

I'm now through with Levis - bought several pairs of Cinch jeans which I am thrilled with.
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Top Contributor: Petson November 19, 2017
These are a great pair of jeans.

If you are looking for a jean to wear while cleaning around the house, doing yard work, going to a BBQ, or going out someplace casual, this is the style for you. I am a fan of the 560 Comfort Fit jeans; they don't hang baggy but are still loose everywhere you would want while still having a hint of the cling you expect from jeans. They are not slim fit or tapered, which are both styles I don't understand the appeal of, but instead just look like classic jeans. The color stays true despite multiple washes, the zipper and button are attached well, and the belt loops are reasonably well attached.

My only minor complaint is that the quality control on these jeans seems a bit uneven. I've had pairs that were tough and lasted a while and other pairs that wore through the fabric quickly or had the belt loops tear too easily.

Assuming you get a pair that met the correct quality control standards, these are great jeans that most adult men are going to find comfortable and versatile.
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on January 10, 2016
I can only repeat what so many others have written. These jeans are of exceptionally poor quality and do not fit like normal 560's. They are too long and too wide. I bought my normal size which is 33x32. The pair I received fits like a 34x36. I have to roll up the leg bottoms to prevent them from dragging under my feet. I then tried a 32x30 figuring that should do the trick to get the right fit. What I received was too tight and too short. Apparently sizing depends on where the jeans were made so buying online is a waste of time. You have to go into a store and try them on to know if they will fit but of course, the new generation doesn't wear comfortable jeans so finding these in a store is impossible. And don't think that a loose pair will shrink to fit. I've never found that to happen with these.

It's a shame that an American classic goes down the drain because of corporate focus on profit. Levi Strauss would be so ashamed to have his name on rubbish jeans like these. The CEO of Levi Strauss Co. (Chip Bergh) clearly has no idea of the junk his company offers.
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on July 19, 2017
Good lord do they have a problem with sizing. Order two pair of 33x32 560's and what I got were two pair of 33x32 560's. The only problem was that one was massively larger than the other. At least an inch longer and wider in the waist. Hopefully somebody just mislabeled one because if Levis considers both of these the same size then they a massive problem.
Beyond this the one pair that fit is comfortable. This is a baggy style and perfect for those of us with bubble butts. If you have a flat butt just move along.
The sizing issue is too much for me so this will be my last pair of Levis. I have moved over to Prana jeans. A little more expensive but quality is high and I can have a clear conscience as they are environmentally and worker friendly.
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on May 26, 2018
My husband will only wear this kind of jean and has to be Levi’s. But, this past year the quality in the material is just not as it used to be. His wallet wears through after a couple of months. I just got rid of 5 pairs with that problem. Weren’t even worn more than six months. Tried putting iron on tape inside the pockets at worn through area, but it comes loose. I have since bought him a wallet that zips and hoping that it was his wallet doing the damage. We’ll see. It never happened in the last 35 years or wearing Levi’s , but have to try something. I’m just not into replacing pockets by sewing at my age anymore. They are expensive to just wear for 6 months, with 6 other pairs he rotates wearing. Please try to buy better quality jean material, and don’t stone wash them all before making them. I really don’t consider Levi’s to be a throw away item after 6 months. A few years maybe, or at least.
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on March 10, 2015
Levi's no longer offer this cut of garment in most department stores. I was completely disappointed when I walked through my last pair of 560's and found that out.

That being said, These aren't 1990's and early 2000's Levi's. Durability and quality of garment has gone down significantly since the prior era. It's possible that they were built "too well" and provided too long of a life for a garment that "should" wear out...and I understand that. I'm upset by this, as price hasn't changed, but durability has.

But - These fit, they're consistent, and I'm comfortable buying these without trying them on, knowing I'll receive an identical fitting product with each purchase. If "90's Levi's" were an option, I'd be buying those. Since they're not... I'll probably be a return customer.
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on November 3, 2015
Been buying this fit for years, but they've been difficult to find in stores. Found them on Amazon. They fit properly, were sewn straight. Happy.

update as of May 2017
Levi's seems to be slacking on their quality. After only about two months of wear, these jeans are already getting holes in them. The holes are primarily around the corners of the back pockets. This is a very difficult area to patch or sew. The bigger issue, though, is that I shouldn't be having to patch or sew 2-3 month old jeans. My husband wears them in an office, not out in heavy manual labor environments. He doesn't even keep his wallet or phone in his back pockets. So, by no means are these jeans being "abused". And, we have about 6 pairs of these, so they are only worn and washed about once a week. These jeans used to last him a year or two. While the price hasn't gone up much on them, they have become extremely expensive jeans with replacement being necessary so often!
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on October 4, 2014
I just received from Amazon 1 pair of Levis 560 in black. I am very pleased to say the least. I have tried for a very long time to buy the 560 black made with the old quality and now I have succeeded. I compared these new 560s to a 10 yr.old pair of black 550s from Dillards , of top quality, size 36x 32.5. The length of 32.5 is because my wife fitted the old jeans and the new 560s actually measure 32.5 in. I weighed both pairs of jeans. The 550s weigh 25.5 oz. and the new, that have been washed, weigh 28.5 oz. The make of the black cloth looks and feels identical in both pairs. Because there is more material in the 560s they weigh more BUT the same quality is there. The color of the stitching thread in both pairs is dark gray with the new pair showing a little more. In the past 6 months I have purchased from Amazon 550 Levis and now the 1 pair of 560s. They have been of top quality and to me compare to the old Levis. I purchased from Levis on line in January 6 pairs of black 560s which they listed on their web site at that time and they were of such poor quality and different description that I sent them all back. I hope Amazon can continue to supply us with quality Levis jeans. For what its worth, these 560 jeans were made in Mexico. Today I received 560s in dark stonewash blue which fit better than any jeans I've owned which were on sale for $32. I tried to order more but that price is off. I hope they go back at that price. These are even nicer than the black ones. Today is 3 Jan 2015.
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