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on April 12, 2011
Anyone who is a long time fan of the levi's 569 beware. Levi's have decided to completely change the cut of this jean and not change the number, so what used to be the 569 is very different from what they are selling now. They are a great deal tighter in the seat and thigh, so the relaxed fit is not nearly as generous. Also they are much lower at the waist almost making them low cut jeans.. For some, this may be exactly what you want, but for those who are long time buyers of this style expect to be disappointed. Shame on levis for pulling the switch. I think if you change the style you should change the number so people know what they are getting. Unfair and confusing of them to keep the number but not they style. I am shipping mine back immediately.
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on December 2, 2015
LEVI's 569s are no longer 'Loose fit'! They are Skinny Jeans with a little extra room in the ankles!
These things now hug your thighs! I attached a picture with an older pair of 569s lined up exactly, and
everything lines up great except that at least an inch of material has been removed from the inner thigh area!
The jeans look nice, I want to wear them, and I've worn LEVI's since I was a child,
but I refuse to have a skinny jean induced vasectomy! LEVI's were the 'Originals', yet now they seem to be more concerned with
chasing down trends! Old trends at that; what is up with making even your 'Loose' Jeans into SKINNY JEANS?!?
So disappointed!
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on December 8, 2017
The jeans fit very well, nice and loose, and it's my go-to jeans in addition to the Wrangler Authentics loose fit jeans. Good to see there's still manufacturers out there that caters to people that want to dress normally, and want their male genitalia to grow normally. However, I'm writing this to let everyone know of a discrepancy with the Ice Cap jeans. Not sure if it's the manufacturing process, color, etc.

What I do know, is that the Ice Cap have different leg measurements. If you look at my photo, it's a 32x32 Ice Cap, lined up against a 32x30 Kale. They are EXACTLY THE SAME, which isn't possible. Additionally, I also have a Ice Cap 32x30, which is SHORTER than all my other 32x30 jeans in my wardrobe. The waist is the correct size. I'm not certain if this translates into other colors as well, but of the ones I have purchased, Ice Cap, Static, and Kale, only Ice Cap seems to be a bit short on measurements. I recommend you double check the size of the jeans with the ones you currently have to make sure they're at least close to each other. As always, wash the dark colored jeans in cold water, not warm. It will not shrink much, if at all, as long as you don't use warm or hot water to wash them. Jeans aren't meant for that.
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on February 10, 2018
Color look good. Style and fit is fine. These are definitely a thinner jean material. My developed several small holes that grow each time I launder them, however that could very easily have been my fault from laundering with the wrong things or even moths making small holes that were unnoticeable at first but grew with washing and wearing.

My biggest gripe with these is something really odd to me. So, the stitching that goes down the side of the pant, from the cuff to the waste. That stitching line seems fine enough when standing however whenever I sit with bent leg it wants to naturally move towards the top of my knee. Not the biggest issue in the world, sort of a rich person problem I suppose really but still, it eventually annoyed me enough that these have made my donate pile. Can't remember this ever happening with any other jean, and I have been wearing Carhartts for years. I only stopped wearing Carhartts after mine wore out and apparently skinny jeans are a thing now and relaxed cuts are seemingly difficult to discover in a heavier ounce. At any rate, this seems to happen with my left leg to a slightly more drastic amount than it does with my right leg. I purchased 5 pairs of jeans from two manufacturers at the same time and two of the five pair do this. Both of them that have this odd, what I can only assume is an proper cut, are Levi's.

By the time I noticed this, and figured out that it wasn't how I was sitting or what I was doing and which of the two pairs of five I purchased it was...I felt it was too late for me to bother with returns. Just a heads up, this might happen with every manufacturer these days but thought I'd share here in case it was this specific 'style line' so that you could watch for this as soon as you wear them.

Oh and I hear Carhartt is finally bringing back some of their relaxed jean lines as of 2018 anyway.

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on March 15, 2016
I have only ever given a 1 star review for a product that was horrible false advertising, so I feel sort of bad about giving these jeans such a poor review, but I feel like they deserve it.

I am not a small guy, I'm 5' 10'' and 250, and have lost weight over the years. I've always been smart about picking out a pair of jeans I knew would fit, and I thought for sure these would be some really quality jeans, they are from Levi's after all... However after just 2 weeks of use a belt loop tore off as I hitched my pants up. I've owned a lot of jeans, some brands I don't remember, thrift shop jeans, old navy, american eagle, just about everything, and never, in my 15ish years of wearing jeans have I ever experienced a broken belt loop. I felt pretty cheated, maybe it was just a bad pair of jeans, or maybe I had just been getting lucky all these years... I was at 350~ lbs at one point before losing weight, and even then I never had a belt buckle break, and let me tell ya, I was hitching my pants up by the belt loops a plenty. Either way I figured no big deal, at least it was just one, and it didn't make too much of an impact. A week later a second belt loop went, I mean really? Sigh. Two loops was just too much, so I was going to refund my jeans, then I find out I'm past amazon's return window by just 5 days! Wonderful. I really expected some sturdier build quality out of Levi, especially for a loose cut jean, which I imagine they must be aware fatter people tend to use.

As for actual fit, I feel like they fit mostly as expected, maybe a little small around the groin and in the thighs.

I feel like for a company a successful as Levi they could afford some better construction.
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on November 21, 2017
Absolute Junk. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I have been buying Levi's 569 jeans for years and have always insisted on them because the quality WAS so good that they would last me years. The last couple pairs the belt loop would give out after 6 months or so, but now they have changed the material or thread count on them. When the most recent two pairs arrived I commented to my wife how much thinner the material was and yep... here I am TWO WEEKS after receiving them and they just split in three different places. They are loose on me, which is how I like to wear them, and I wasn't doing anything strenuous. I felt something cool on my leg and looked down to see a 4 inch split in the right thigh and several 1 inch splits. I am so disappointed that after years of loyalty to Levi's I doubt I will ever buy another pair of jeans from them.
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on January 5, 2018
Got the Levi’s as a Christmas gift, for my son-in-law. He Wore them 1 time (before washing). After 1st washing shrunk so bad he could barely get them on & they shrunk about 2” in length. Since policy is you can’t return after use, needless to say I’m very disappointed & out my money!
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on July 27, 2017
The levis was a different size than what I ordered. However they will fit my son, so a return will not be needed. However I have to order a another pair, and hopefully they can get it right the next time around.
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on October 31, 2016
The jeans were great for the first two uses, then I leaned over to tie my daughters shoes and rip they did, right on the left seam of the right rear butt pocket. It is obviously a flaw due to the way the jeans are washed, and the weave of the cotton. Having worked for a very large and well known international jean manufacturer and retailer for many years, I do know my jeans and the cotton process. This tear occurred due to the lower quality of cotton, the poor weave and the wash the jeans had. I consistently see a wide variety of cotton and thickness use, that varies by which country of origin the jeans come from. Usually Mexico and sometimes Guatemala have the best quality jeans that last the longest, versus Bangladesh or one of the other Indonesian countries. I would sincerely like Levi's to do me right and change the jeans at no cost to me. I only wear Levi's 569, and have for more than more or less 20 years. Loyalty is not a question, continued support of an ever lowering standard of quality is getting harder to do. @levis, @levijeans
review imagereview image
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on September 6, 2016
A little background on me. I've been wearing Levi's since I was in my late teens, I'm 45 now. I started with the 550's back when the peg leg and rolling jeans was all the rage. The 550's didn't give me the room in the thighs that I liked so I switched to the 560's, still with the tapered leg. In my late teens, the peg leg lost its flavor and I graduated to the 569's and then to the Silver Tab Baggy, which I thoroughly loved and enjoyed wearing throughout my twenties and early to mid thirties. Then something terrible happened. The skinny jean craze. With that, I lost the comfort of my loose fitting Silver tab baggies and 569's. Levi's in their ultimate wisdom <sarcasm> decided to change the cut but keep the same jean designator. No longer do my jeans give me that roomy feeling in my thighs. While they don't fit like true skinny jeans, they still don't provide that "roomy and baggy" fit of true 569's. They hug the thighs too much for my taste. I have a pair of original cut 569's and a pair of original cut Silvertab baggies that are almost 11 years old and I am babying them with my life. Sadly, the leg cuff is showing serious signs of age. I was hoping, based on the latest reviews, that these jeans were closer to the original cut. Sadly I was wrong. They still fit tight in the thighs....and they are pretty low cut. No where close to the original cut except in the butt and the leg opening.

When ordering, be sure to order at least a size if not two sizes smaller. I'm a 34 but ordered a 32 and they fit perfectly. This has always been the case for me when I buy Levi's.

I ordered the vintage light which is a thinner more stretchy material and the rugged which is a slightly heavier, non-stretchy material. I'll keep them because I have given up hope of ever finding original, loose fitting, baggy Levi's.

So if you remember the baggy, loose fitting Levi's of the late 90's and early 00's, you're not going to find them with these jeans.....keep looking. And by all means, if you happen to find the unicorn of Levi's jeans, please reply and let me know where you found them.
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