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on December 2, 2015
LEVI's 569s are no longer 'Loose fit'! They are Skinny Jeans with a little extra room in the ankles!
These things now hug your thighs! I attached a picture with an older pair of 569s lined up exactly, and
everything lines up great except that at least an inch of material has been removed from the inner thigh area!
The jeans look nice, I want to wear them, and I've worn LEVI's since I was a child,
but I refuse to have a skinny jean induced vasectomy! LEVI's were the 'Originals', yet now they seem to be more concerned with
chasing down trends! Old trends at that; what is up with making even your 'Loose' Jeans into SKINNY JEANS?!?
So disappointed!
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on May 21, 2015
I love 569's. I'm 34 yr. old male who used to wear really baggy pants in my teens/ twenties. As I've grown older I've been trying to find jeans more suitable to my age without loosing the comfort of baggy jeans. 569's are right on the money! They aren't really baggy/goofy looking, but don't hug you tight in all the wrong places. I still want loose fitting jeans, but want to look like a respectable adult. I purchased two pair of these at a store a few months back and they are my favorite jeans. So I ordered a different color from Amazon and they fit exactly the same (maybe a bit more give to this this color, considering the elastene) Not sure what the reviews were all about calling these skinny jeans. Definitely not skinny jeans. Don't listen to the bad reviews. These jeans are awesome!
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on January 10, 2016
I received a knock-off... so minus another star! I bought the black 569's for my brother who was going on trip. Upon his return, he laundered them. To our chagrin, the jeans came out the wash completely discolored. We've worn Levi's all our lives so we knew that a real Levi's would not fade after one wash, further more upon further inspecting the jeans we found many other signs that these jeans were a knock-off. I've included pictures for your review and comments.
The follwing link will help you spot them.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 2, 2017
I used to love Levi's. I've been wearing 569's for over 20 years. I have several pair still that I bought over the years, and when one finally wore out, I got these. The dramatic loss in quality is astounding. The material is so thin, it's feels like it'll tear at any point, and it's much noisier than previous purchases. Levi's needs to get their act together and go back to being a quality brand instead of a fashion brand.
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on October 31, 2016
The jeans were great for the first two uses, then I leaned over to tie my daughters shoes and rip they did, right on the left seam of the right rear butt pocket. It is obviously a flaw due to the way the jeans are washed, and the weave of the cotton. Having worked for a very large and well known international jean manufacturer and retailer for many years, I do know my jeans and the cotton process. This tear occurred due to the lower quality of cotton, the poor weave and the wash the jeans had. I consistently see a wide variety of cotton and thickness use, that varies by which country of origin the jeans come from. Usually Mexico and sometimes Guatemala have the best quality jeans that last the longest, versus Bangladesh or one of the other Indonesian countries. I would sincerely like Levi's to do me right and change the jeans at no cost to me. I only wear Levi's 569, and have for more than more or less 20 years. Loyalty is not a question, continued support of an ever lowering standard of quality is getting harder to do. @levis, @levijeans
review imagereview image
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on January 26, 2018
One star because they are not the size they say they are. I don't know how else to say it. I cant say enough good things about Levi jeans in general, but do not buy these on amazon. Go pick up in store.
I wear a 569 31x32. I have worn that size for about the last seven years. They are a pain to find. I typically have to go to multiple stores or to the outlet to find a pair, and buy a new pair once every year or two. They're great jeans.

So I get the bright idea to buy them on Amazon. I was happy to be able to select my size and get them on my doorstep in the usual two days.

I knew something was wrong immediately when I put them on, but I didn't trust myself. I assumed they would relax after a few washes. Wrong. They're about an inch short and feel like they're one or two sizes too tight.

Purchased a pair of 569 31x32s from a store in person and boom, they fit like always.

So I don't know if these are incorrectly labeled, or rip offs, or what, but the pair I bought will be donated to a smaller person. Waste of 30 bucks.
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on February 11, 2017
Not too happy. I have purchased previous Levi's and they are fantastic and the only jeans I wear. These jeans. although I wear them on occasion I am not happy.
#1 they are not pre-washed. Which I understand the water saving practices.
However, DO NOT SIT ON A WHITE COUCH, or white anything. Do not rub against white walls. Do not rub them with your fingers. Do not wear white underwear. Do not wear white sneakers. Even after 1 wash the color still transferred. For example, if my leg was itchy I would scratch my leg. Or sometimes I would just feel my leg through out the day. I don't know... It sounds odd writing it, but it just happens. My finger tips turn a little shade of blue and my nails got blue on them! After a few washes this seemed to stop, but It was still a shock.
#2 They are small!!! They fit my waist well. But i have a size 32 leg and they feel like capris... I cannot believe it. I normally wear ankle socks with sneakers even with jeans on and these jeans make me feel very awkward because they are not long enough. My other Levi's are size 32 leg and they fit just fine. These are much shorter.
#3 They are thin. Much thinner than I thought. I mean it's not like I was buying skinny jeans. Those I expect to be thinner. However, these were much thinner than I would have anticipated.
And yes I will say it, much thinner than my other pair of Levi's which I also purchased less than 3 years ago.
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on December 12, 2017
I hate these pants so much.
Be warned that the dark color denim jeans are all Raw Unwashed Denim and Amazon didn’t bother to specify that on their site.
What is Raw Unwashed Denim?
Basically, it’s a very thin sorry excuse for a pair of Levi’s. Some hippy at Levi’s Co decided it would be a good idea to sell pants that shrink four inches if you wash. Not to mention how the color fades.
“Oh but you’re supposed to NEVER wash these and spot clean only”.
What? Really? I have to put them in the freezer overnight if they smell? What kind of garbage is this? They’re paper thin. I’m sorry if I work for a living and might get my pants dirty but I guess I’m not going to get this shade of blue unless I buy onto all this water conservation nonsense and sacrifice durability for a companies conscience. If you want to save water you should build a company reservoir or use a well instead of producing garbage and telling me it’s for the greater good. My pants were made in Cambodia. I stayed there two weeks last year. It rained everyday.
The package was delivered on time so my disappointment was sudden and shocking. Thanks for nothin.
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on December 2, 2014
Levis 569's were once my favorite cut of jeans. I am down to my last pair, which was bought around 2009. I recently tried to buy some more, but I don't know what happened. The cut is completely different. I bought two pairs, and both had similar issues. This is the difference in the 2014 version now:

1.) The jeans are very tight in the crotch area, and the jeans sag lower on your hips. You can't pull them up because they just get tighter in the crotch area.
2.) The pockets are tiny. So, if you have big hands, you'll have a hard time comfortable using your pockets to carry items that can be easily removed, or if you want to comfortably set your hands in your pockets.
3.) Legs are now tighter.
4.) Material is thinner. For both pairs it was thinner. For the Ice Cap color, the pair was ~7 ounces lighter than another pair I bought at the same time, which was thinner and therefore lighter, as well. The Ice Cap color did not even feel like denim. I had to check the label, but it still said 100% cotton. It feels like a thin cotton blend.
5.) The pants have a goofy cut that gets tight at the bottom, while the waist is huge. I was smashed into the pairs I tried on, while the waist was so baggy, I had to use my belt to try to pull about 2" of slack out of them. I have no idea what body shape these are cut for.

Overall, I am VERY disappointed, as I really don't know where to start for replacement jeans. I guess I'll have to go back to the fun of trying on a few dozen pairs of jeans to find one that fits. However, when I do, I'll likely buy 10 pairs.

Judging by many of the most helpful reviews on this product, it looks like I'm not the only one having problems with the "new" Levis.
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on February 12, 2018
Ok here is the deal - I have been trying to replace a 10 year old pair of 569 Levis. I still have the old ones so when the new ones came they felt appreciably lighter weight. Put them on a scale and sure enough the were much lighter. Old 569s : 1.45 oz. New 569s 1.25 oz. about 15% lighter which means they feel cheap compared to the original ones I have.
I could have lived with that, but for some reason jean companies insist on narrowing the distance between the waist line and the crotch ( Like Girl Jeans ) so they sit almost right on the hip. And leave no comfortable room in the areas that count. Newsflash Levis - We're not all 20 year old men.
I returned them yesterday.
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