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on September 12, 2015
All of the 527 jeans sold on this page are not the same! Some washes are 100% cotton and some are so-called STRETCH 527's. Some are quite heavy and thick and some are very thin. After ordering 7 pairs in 6 washes this is what I've found:

'Tumbled Rigid' and 'Overhaul' are 100% cotton and are heavyweight denim. On both pairs I ordered a 32" inseam and they were longer than that, fitting like a 34" inseam. The Levi's website indicates that 'Indigo Black' is also 100% cotton and heavyweight denim.

'Highway,' 'And' (or 'Andi'), and 'Medium Chipped' are 100% cotton and midweight denim. The inseam seemed to actually be the 32" that I ordered. The denim is quite thin even though it is called midweight on the Levi's website. They are nice washes but are easy to cut, snag, and tear. I semi-ruined a pair the first time I wore them.

'Covered Up' is NOT 100% cotton -- it has quite a lot of polyester / elastane in it and actually says "STRETCH 527 slim bootcut" on the sticker. I am sending it back. According to the Levi's website some of these other washes are also stretch denim, such as 'Wave Allusions'.

Also, these are made all over the globe. Some say Vietnam, some say Egypt, some say Cambodia. I ordered two pairs of 'Highway' several weeks apart, and the first was made in Egypt while the second was made in Vietnam. So much for consistency!
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on August 26, 2016
Bought my first pair of jeans online from here. Size was 32 X 30. The jeans fit great when I received them a little big from the waist as I am a size 31 for most pants size 31 fit perfect. I decided to go with 32 just to be safe. Love the pants so much I decided to buy more. This time size 31 X 30 which I though would fit perfectly. I was wrong. They fit Extra small and I could not understand why. unfortunately I bought two pairs and they were both way to small. Aside from being to small the material was way too thin than the normal thickness I know and love about Levi jeans. I thought ok maybe they just came from a different manufacturer and that was the reason why but I still felt cheated. I decided to buy another pair because I loved them that much and they were on Sale. As I was still a bit hesitant to make the purchase I decided this time to buy a 517 as I had read the description for the 527 that they were Slim fit and I through Ok maybe that is why they were too small. So there I went and purchased my 517 31 X 30 cuz you know I'm a size 31. Well I was wrong again. They were still Way to small. I quickly returned and them and decided to go back to the 527 because they are low cut and the 517 are not. There I go again with my purchase thinking ok I am done with the size 31 and will go with the original size 32 X 30 that I fell in love with the first time. Well let me tell you guys, I cannot be more disappointed. These jeans were even smaller than size 31 that I had bought before, they were also longer than a size 30. Incredible, how can they do this to me. I am loosing faith on a product that I love so much. As a troubleshooting technician that I am I had to find out why or what is the difference between these pants. My only conclusion I found is that they were all made in different parts of the world. See the Pictures. The first jeans were made in Cambodia, the second pair in Bangladesh, and the last pair in Haiti. This is my only conclusion on why these jeans are not the same sizes. I feel like I am playing the Russian roulette with these purchases, I will never know what I will receive.
review imagereview image
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on April 3, 2017
I usually wear size 30x30, but somehow these jeans run a bit small. I had to return and reorder 31x30. Aside from the unpredictable size, these jeans look and feel amazing. I already own about 8 pairs of Levi's, bootcut or slim bootcut, these will add to the pile.
I'm really glad that this Levi's model is still in stock (from Amazon). I have been trying to find these at the stores (retailer and outlets), but none of them carry the Bootcuts or Slim bootcuts. They said that this design is no longer in style. I literally told the salesperson "bs." That these are very good looking jeans and that the current skinny jeans are just a fade. Skinny jeans look great on women, but on men they are extremely weird. Anyway, long story short, get these and you can't go wrong. But be patience with the sizing.
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on June 28, 2016
It seemed when I first started wearing 527's almost 15 years ago, it was a great jean - I could count on consistent sizing and they generally used quality fabric. Things have definitely changed over the years, as it seems they consistently use a VERY thin, cheap material for all their jeans, and the sizing is pretty random.

After ordering a few different styles last year, I sent back the thin fabric jeans, but kept the thicker ones (the overhaul style) as they fit better and used a higher quality fabric. When I ordered the exact same jeans this year, the ones that arrived were not the same fit/fabric, but rather the same cheap, thin fabric as the different styles I sent back last year.

Sadly, I can only offer two things: 1)For the price, you can surely find a better jean out there, 527's simply aren't worth it anymore. 2)If you decide to order ANY 527 styles, be prepared for a cheaply constructed jean that will potentially be a smaller than expected fit, unless you get lucky and randomly pick a style that uses better material that season.

As for me, after over 20 years of predominantly choosing Levi jeans, regrettably I will no longer be a Levi's customer. No one should have to cross their fingers and hope that they receive a quality product, and after 3 years of experiencing inconsistent material and sizing, I'm done with the 527 line and Levi's as a whole.
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on November 1, 2017
I hadn't seen wais 33 with slim fit boot cut before, so I jumped at this chance. It fit my waist and legs perfectly. However SOMEbody LIED when then put a tag and label as inseam 30. I have sewing machines and I know how long an inseam is!!! These pants were NOT 30 inch inseam. They were at least 6 inches longer than that. So 33 waist and 30 inseam is really 33 waist and 36(+) inseam. Also, when I order from J.C. Penney's, I get to/have to, choose between several different version of denim - rigid, pre-washed, stone washed, etc. This one gave no choices, so I expected regular (clean) denim. It seemed like somebody had worn it for a week or more, then turned it in for sale. Kind of a slightly dirty denim. It was softer than the two types of denim I usually order, and intially more comfortable, but didn't look as good as what I usually buy.
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on April 25, 2017
if you love your current 527s then beware when ordering these! seems the pattern and size is different for each color. i stocked up on some 31x32 527s a few years ago because they fit so great and now with them getting holes i went to get more. So naturally i order the exact same size as before. I bought multiple colors and found that not a single pair fit the same as before. The darker colors were incredibly smaller in size, the lighter ones fit the same in the lower legs as before but the waist got tighter and the back pocket area got bigger and droopier. Not sure what is going on here but if they bring back the old pattern i will buy more, I'm left soured and steering away from levis now sadly because of this. also there are some cheap things on these jeans, like the trademark back red levi patch on the back pocket is blank instead of reading "levis". The brass rivets are cheap quality and levis isn't stamped on them. So much wrong with these
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Top Contributor: Babyon November 21, 2017
I've been wearing 527's for years now. I still have the first pair I ever bought, which is pushing 7-8 years easy, maybe longer. Like most Levi's, they're very durable and will withstand numerous trips through the washer and dryer. This really old pair I have has been washed hundreds of times. Still no holes or tears. No pre-faded jeans for me; I like to take care of that myself. Tumbled Rigid color will age nicely over time. The only problem I ever had with these is that the front pockets are a little shallow. That's the only thing preventing me from giving them a 5-star rating. Levi's 517 are also good. Thicker denim and bigger pockets but the style is a little different. Still bootcut, though.
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on November 8, 2016
I like Levis low rise jeans because the waist fits me properly without having a massive wad of cloth between my thighs due to sagging, but the inseam on these jeans are way too long meaning I have to hem them. I can do a crappy job on my own or pay to have it done. I'll pay.

I don't think this is a matter of mis-labeling because I also bought a pair of Levi's Men's 514 Straight Jean, 38Wx30L that are also long. I also run into the same length issues with Levis in stores. So really, these $40 jeans are closer to $50 all said and done.

Men's low rise jeans are surprisingly hard to find, so I'll keep them, but I'm less than pleased.
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on February 5, 2018
Oh, Levi's. Fit, fit, fit...will you ever get back to consistent sizing across the same style? (If you're a lifelong Levi's customer like me, I think you'll know what I mean.) I bought a pair of these 527s in the exact same size (30x32) as a favorite older pair, assuming they'd fit just right. These, however, while fine in length, are so roomy in the waist that after a half day of wear, I can literally slip them down my hips to my knees without unbuttoning or unzipping.

A caveat emptor here: These are "Stretch" jeans, and though I washed on hot and dried hot to get them to shrink up as much as possible, once they're on, they stretch and loosen considerably and quickly. They go on tight after that wash and dry, but they don't stay that way.

I'd recommend going down AT LEAST an inch in waist size from your normal if you're getting the Stretch fabric. Had I known this, I'd have bought a 29x32.

Other than that, I do love the vintage color and cut and of these jeans.
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on October 9, 2017
Before starting off I will say that the Levi's 527 Slim Bootcut style is the only style I have worn for years and years as long as I can remember. I own four pairs already, two of which are at least four years old and they're my favorite jeans. That being said for the last couple months I have been trying to find a pair that fits like the jeans I own now. I have purchased different waist sizes and different lengths all to no avail. These 527s are not slim anymore. When I measured them compared to my current 527s that I own they are bigger in every way, even though they are the same style, same waist size, and same length. The legs are 2 and 1/4 inch wider in the legs all the way down. They seem more like the normal style Levi's I don't see how these are considered to be slim fit. Slim is supposed to be an in-between skinny and regular fit, to me these are pretty much a regular fit. Basically if you are new to this style you may like them but if you've been wearing them for years the style has now changed. Unfortunately. If someone could give me some insight as to where I can find the old style 527 slim bootcut stretch let me know.
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