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on June 12, 2015
I don't live in the US but my wife travelled to florida this month, so I ordered the same model and size of this Levi's as the one I ordered Last Year and she will bring them home. To my surprise when she got home I try them on and the Jeans are too tight on the legs....I was cheking all the tags and I realize that the jeans where manufactured in other country, If the jeans are made in a different countries this will affect the size??? What can I do as all the jeans I bought does't fit me???? I don't Live in the US and its not easy to returned them...
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on February 26, 2012
I ordered 2 pairs of these Levi's 527 jeans for my husband, one in the overhaul rinse and the other in indie blue. While we were thrilled with the colours and weight of the jeans when we took them out of the package, once he put them on - well, what a joke! We ordered 36x36 in each jean, which he wears in other Levi's 527 jeans that he owns. But with these ones, he can barely get the zipper and button done up, and the pants do not go past his ankles. I have measured the waist and inseam of both pairs, and neither measures more than 34" in the waist, and for the inseams, one actually measures 33" and the other 34".

These would have been a great deal if their fit was true to size - for genuine Levi's jeans! I live in Canada, and these jeans easily cost $85/pair, so I jumped at buying my husband 2 pairs of these jeans off for the price of 1 pair in Canada. However, now that I have paid $10.40 in taxes and $3.00 in broker fee that I will be losing plus the $20+ dollars to ship these back to from Canada, these are definetly not a good deal as I will actually be out about $45 on a purchase that was delivered in the US for $79.98. This is unfortunate, as it really truly is difficult to buy 36" inseam jeans, and my husband has had great luck before with the Levi's 527 jeans - when bought from an actual Levi's store in Canada that is...

Moral of the story is: I should have trusted the other reviews that I read online through saying that the sizes were off. I mean, I could live with the waist sizing being off a little, but when an inseam is advertised as 36" but actually measures no longer than 33" or 34", that is just unacceptable - and that is pre-wash measurements! I can only imagine if they shrunk AT ALL, given that they are after all 100% cotton.

I don't know if the manufacturing of these jeans has changed, as one pair indicates made in Bangladesh, and the other in Mexico. My husband's previous pairs of 527s were made in Mexico. All in all though, we are very disappointed.
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on April 17, 2011
We bought these in the "medium chipped" color. My husband loves the Levi's 527 style and we have purchased many of these jeans from the store. The ones that we bought here online were a very thin material as compared to all the others we have purchased before. We did not return them since my husband says he will wear them during the summer, but they would never hold up to be work jeans as intended.
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on August 26, 2016
Bought my first pair of jeans online from here. Size was 32 X 30. The jeans fit great when I received them a little big from the waist as I am a size 31 for most pants size 31 fit perfect. I decided to go with 32 just to be safe. Love the pants so much I decided to buy more. This time size 31 X 30 which I though would fit perfectly. I was wrong. They fit Extra small and I could not understand why. unfortunately I bought two pairs and they were both way to small. Aside from being to small the material was way too thin than the normal thickness I know and love about Levi jeans. I thought ok maybe they just came from a different manufacturer and that was the reason why but I still felt cheated. I decided to buy another pair because I loved them that much and they were on Sale. As I was still a bit hesitant to make the purchase I decided this time to buy a 517 as I had read the description for the 527 that they were Slim fit and I through Ok maybe that is why they were too small. So there I went and purchased my 517 31 X 30 cuz you know I'm a size 31. Well I was wrong again. They were still Way to small. I quickly returned and them and decided to go back to the 527 because they are low cut and the 517 are not. There I go again with my purchase thinking ok I am done with the size 31 and will go with the original size 32 X 30 that I fell in love with the first time. Well let me tell you guys, I cannot be more disappointed. These jeans were even smaller than size 31 that I had bought before, they were also longer than a size 30. Incredible, how can they do this to me. I am loosing faith on a product that I love so much. As a troubleshooting technician that I am I had to find out why or what is the difference between these pants. My only conclusion I found is that they were all made in different parts of the world. See the Pictures. The first jeans were made in Cambodia, the second pair in Bangladesh, and the last pair in Haiti. This is my only conclusion on why these jeans are not the same sizes. I feel like I am playing the Russian roulette with these purchases, I will never know what I will receive.
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on December 19, 2010
I'd been looking for a decent pair of non-baggy jeans for some time when I stumbled across these. I love these jeans! I spent 8 months losing 60 pounds, and I didn't do it to wear 'relaxed fit', 'loose fit', or 'comfy fit' jeans.
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on August 29, 2011
Upon receiving the package, everything looks great..the material and stitching seems very similar to the standards of other Levi products as well as past Levi jeans I have personally worn for years. However, the jean material does seem a bit lighter, meaning it feels thinner and lighter weight than previous 527 jeans I have worn. In conjunction to this notion, I have also found the the fit to be a bit tighter around the waist, though the length of the leg seems to measure out fairly. Interestingly, I have found other reviews to also have similar issues.
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on September 12, 2015
All of the 527 jeans sold on this page are not the same! Some washes are 100% cotton and some are so-called STRETCH 527's. Some are quite heavy and thick and some are very thin. After ordering 7 pairs in 6 washes this is what I've found:

'Tumbled Rigid' and 'Overhaul' are 100% cotton and are heavyweight denim. On both pairs I ordered a 32" inseam and they were longer than that, fitting like a 34" inseam. The Levi's website indicates that 'Indigo Black' is also 100% cotton and heavyweight denim.

'Highway,' 'And' (or 'Andi'), and 'Medium Chipped' are 100% cotton and midweight denim. The inseam seemed to actually be the 32" that I ordered. The denim is quite thin even though it is called midweight on the Levi's website. They are nice washes but are easy to cut, snag, and tear. I semi-ruined a pair the first time I wore them.

'Covered Up' is NOT 100% cotton -- it has quite a lot of polyester / elastane in it and actually says "STRETCH 527 slim bootcut" on the sticker. I am sending it back. According to the Levi's website some of these other washes are also stretch denim, such as 'Wave Allusions'.

Also, these are made all over the globe. Some say Vietnam, some say Egypt, some say Cambodia. I ordered two pairs of 'Highway' several weeks apart, and the first was made in Egypt while the second was made in Vietnam. So much for consistency!
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on September 19, 2011
Good if you like that sort of thing but some people may not be too keen on it. These are my new favorite jeans.
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on May 26, 2013
Been wearing levis for years and years.This is my last pair.Absolute crap. Not like they were when they were made in USA or Canada. These jeans last months instead of years like they used to. That's what happens when you have jeans made by kids in foreign sweat shops
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on June 28, 2016
It seemed when I first started wearing 527's almost 15 years ago, it was a great jean - I could count on consistent sizing and they generally used quality fabric. Things have definitely changed over the years, as it seems they consistently use a VERY thin, cheap material for all their jeans, and the sizing is pretty random.

After ordering a few different styles last year, I sent back the thin fabric jeans, but kept the thicker ones (the overhaul style) as they fit better and used a higher quality fabric. When I ordered the exact same jeans this year, the ones that arrived were not the same fit/fabric, but rather the same cheap, thin fabric as the different styles I sent back last year.

Sadly, I can only offer two things: 1)For the price, you can surely find a better jean out there, 527's simply aren't worth it anymore. 2)If you decide to order ANY 527 styles, be prepared for a cheaply constructed jean that will potentially be a smaller than expected fit, unless you get lucky and randomly pick a style that uses better material that season.

As for me, after over 20 years of predominantly choosing Levi jeans, regrettably I will no longer be a Levi's customer. No one should have to cross their fingers and hope that they receive a quality product, and after 3 years of experiencing inconsistent material and sizing, I'm done with the 527 line and Levi's as a whole.
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