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on November 25, 2014
Okay, I know these are "Slim" jeans and I know everyone says one must be, well, slim in order to wear them. Right? And to some degree this makes sense: Slim guy, slim cut jeans. Larger guy, larger cut jeans. Well my husband is in his late 60s and things have sort of "shifted" around over the years. Specifically, everything from his butt and thighs has been redistributed to his abdomen. He is usually very, very hard to fit because most pants that fit around the waist are huge, baggy and sloppy looking everywhere else. Enter the 513; absolutely the best fitting pants I've ever seen him wear. They fit perfectly. Everywhere.

So what's the deal? Why do these jeans fit so well and look so good? I really had to think about it and it took me many tries before I caught on. Since my husband refused to go to the store to buy some jeans, I was left to my own devices and I learned a lot about men's jeans (and Levi's in particular) in the process.

I'm oversimplifying a bit (I'm not including rise) but there are generally two things that describe the way a pair of jeans will fit a man, aside from the waist size and the inseam. First, there's the "cut." This is how the pants fit in the rear and thighs. Levi's has eight general cuts, going from "tightest" in the rear and thigh to "loosest" in the rear and thigh: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Original, Regular, Relaxed, Comfort, and Loose. Second, there's the look and style of the leg. Levi's has four leg cuts: Skinny, Taper, Straight and Boot.

So, add this all up and there are four variables:

1. Waist size;
2. Inseam (or length);
3. Cut; and
4. Leg style.

For the most part Levi's simply mixes and matches the cut and leg style. So there is the 504 "Regular Straight" and the 508 "Regular Taper." Or there is the 559 "Relaxed Straight" and the 513 "Slim Straight," etc. Generally the "cut" is listed first followed by the "leg." ALL of the Levi's styles come in virtually any waist size and in virtually any length so as long as you get the right waist size, it will fit around the middle regardless of the cut (or the leg).

So for an "average" proportioned guy, the 513 "Slim Straight" will run slim or close fitting in the thigh and seat. For my husband however, they fit like a "normal" pant would since he's so much smaller than average in the seat and thighs. Make sense? All of this assumes you get your correct, actual waist size so guys, don't skimp there even though it's tempting.

Example: If I were trying to fit a short guy (say 30"L) with a small waist (say a 32"W), but with large thighs and a big rear end, I would probably start with something like the 550 "Relaxed Taper" or the 559 "Relaxed Straight" because the "Relaxed" cut will look "normal" on him (because he is larger than average in the seat and thighs). If the 550 and 559 are too tight in the seat and thighs, I'd move onto the next largest cut.

I hope this helps those of you who are not of "average" proportion and are struggling to find a pair of normal fitting jeans. My husband never looked better and for the first time in FOREVER he actually likes his jeans.


Once we discovered how well the 513s fit my husband, I was left with the task of finding the right wash. I was very surprised to discover that there are differences both in the materials that make up the denim and the weight of the denim itself. Some of the 513s are 100% cotton while others are cotton and 1% to 2% elastane (Spandex). Still others are a blend of polyester and cotton. Finally, the weight of the denim varies. Some 513s are "midweight" and others are "heavyweight."

Based on my research here on Amazon and other websites (including Levi Strauss), I've compiled the following list of colors/washes, their materials, and the weight of the denim where possible.

1. Quincy: 100% cotton.
2. Lexicon: 78% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 6% Elastane. Stretch heavyweight denim (12 oz.) treated with a garment rinse.
3. Bastion: 98.6% Cotton, 1.4% Elastane.
4. Cash: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane. Stretch heavyweight denim (12 oz.) treated with a garment rinse.
5. Bellingham: 99% cotton, 1% elastane.
6. Levine: 100% cotton.
7. The remaining washes/colors are all 98% cotton, 2% elastane according to another well known online retailer of Levi's (starts with a Z).

I can personally tell you that the weights of the denim vary from medium (10 oz. to 11 oz.) to heavy (12 oz) but it appears as though Levi Strauss is no longer manufacturing many of the washes available here on Amazon and the information is no longer available on Levi's website.

My husband ended up with three pairs of jeans: "Bastion" (a relatively dark rinse), "Sequoia" (a dark rinse with some minor distressing/lightening in areas), and "Quincy" (what I would call a medium blue shade). He originally balked at the idea of elastane/Spandex in his jeans and I assumed he would prefer the Quincy (the only one of the three that is 100% cotton). As it turns out, he doesn't wear the Quincy at all and prefers the Bastion and Sequoia. The addition of the bit of Spandex does a number of things: the jeans are much more comfortable because the Spandex helps them to move with you; the overall fit is better because the Spandex helps customize the size; and the jeans do not stretch out as much as 100% cotton, therefore retaining their shape and looking "fresh" for a longer period of time. You cannot tell by looking at the jeans that they contain Spandex.

Again, I hope the information I've provided helps all of you, especially those with less than ideal proportions.
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on May 18, 2017
These fit me nicely and have a bit of stretch to them, which works well for me. I have a leanish/athletic build and prefer this fit to any of the other Levis styles I have tried (505, 501, 514, etc.). These are not skinny jeans, but are appropriate for a trimmer middle-aged person such as myself (I am in my 40s). The Hunters Moon is a nice shade of very dark blue, which is what I wanted. I highly recommend these pants to anyone in my demographic looking to appear mature but still stylish.
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on April 18, 2016
I own a few pairs of 513s in the same size. Despite being the same style and measurements, these jeans are NOT the same. The pair I just bought (gray) are mammoth when compared to my khaki pair in the photos. According to the tags they're the same style and size... But there's no way. Buyer beware.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 6, 2016
Fit same as other 513 jeans I have - fine fit. Color is as pictured and what I wanted, a soft red, although it is called "Chocolate Truffle/Bull Denim." Color is in no way chocolate or brown - it's a nice gentle shade of red.
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on November 16, 2015
I love the Levis 513s, and have worn them for years. The size/cut/fit I get always stays true for me, so I trust that when I order online, and generally don't ever have any issues. Did the same here, picking up three new pairs recently. Two of the three were fantastic - exactly what I expected, and I am very pleased (colors on those were Bellingham and Bastion).
But I also ordered a pair of the Bowman Lakes. And they look awesome! Was very excited. But, there is something wrong with the fit. It's as if the crotch/hips area was cut/sewn too tightly or maybe some sort of manufacturing error. I am not sure if all the Bowman Lakes are like this, but these are just too tight in the hips and will not get much use from me. Can barely move in them. Which is very unfortunate, because I didn't discover this until it was a little too late to return, so now I'm just stuck with a pair of really nice looking jeans that I can't really wear. Unfortunate, because I do love Levis so much, and every other pair Ive had have been great with no fit issues like this. That said, I want to be clear - I am definitely still a fan of Levis and will continue to buy and wear them! But if you are buying the Bowman Lakes, just be aware. Again, not sure if I just received a fluke pair or what, but I am a bit disappointed because I initially had selected a different color and only changed it to the Bowman at the last second. Wish I would've stuck with what I originally planned, or could be compensated somehow. But hey, what do you do... not the end of the world. Life goes on, lesson learned.
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on January 10, 2016
I ordered a pair of the brickle bush and they are probably the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn! Liked them so much I ordered a second pair and thought, why not, I'll get a couple others in different colors. Ordered one of the Bishop, and they are not the same fit at all.

Though both are 32x34, the bishop is much, much tighter. Might send it back because it's rather uncorfortable.

If you notice in the description, each pair of jeans is listed with its fabric composition; because they aren't all the same. The bishop has 1% elastane where the brickle has 2%. Wouldn't think much of it except its very noticable. Just a heads up that these will NOT fit the same between washes.

But when they do, they're amazing.
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on September 16, 2017
I probably won't buy these again- notice in the description how they're 40% polyester? I didn't. But it means they can get stifling hot. I've never worn pants this uncomfortably warm. Next time I'll get one of the 98% cotton washes.

They look kind of cool though. It takes three of four washings before they fade into what they look like in that picture - the first few times they come out just looking like dusty black jeans.

I like the cut - no complaints about that.
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on March 17, 2015
A little disappointed.

As noted by another reviewer, the description for Ice Cap says 99% cotton and 1% spandex which is erroneous; it does NOT mention that the pair has a 'rigid' special treatment and therefore does not contain spandex. I bought another, khaki-colored 513 pair at Ross for $19.99 in a size 30x32, and the fit was outstanding. That was before I noticed the comfort and mobility provided by the 2% spandex blended in (something I initially scoffed at when I noticed the 'stretch' label after I had already made my purchase).

I can't say the same for this pair. Both the length and the waist size (despite being 30x32, the same as the pair bought at Ross) were slightly smaller. The length I could deal with, but not with the waist being a little too tight, enough to reveal your socks when simply taking a seat.

Okay, so there's an issue with the sizing so I could just size up 1 or even 2 inches to better contour to my waist and compensate for any wash shrinkage and everyone's happy right? Well, I also noticed that the denim quality was subpar. Unlike some of my other Levi's pairs these felt paper thin, and although the material was comfortable and the color doesn't feel like it was spray-painted on, it made me worry that they would not stand the test of durability.

Shopping online is convenient, but maybe shopping for clothes is best left to visiting the outlets and trying before buying. I will return this pair and be wary of my next garment purchase.
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on April 8, 2017
Didn't like the color. The style 513 has a small percentage of stretch thread used in the fabric weave which is nice because the jeans material gives a little when you are sitting or kneeling down. But because of this, the jeans run a little large, so consider going one inch smaller than the size you normally wear. I'm a size 34" waist but had to return the pair I ordered and get a size 33" instead which fit great.
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on March 1, 2017
Incredibly warm, itchy, uncomfortable material (stretch twill)
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