Customer Reviews: Levis Men's Levi's 517 Jeans Rigid Boot Cut Indigo 35W x 30L
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Size: 35W x 30L|Color: Rigid|Change
Price:$44.49+ Free shipping
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on April 22, 2009
I have worn the 517 for over twenty five years and Levi's exclusively over 50 years. Two years ago, the cut changed and all 517's were relaxed fit. Send back and change size because they were too big. SO I ordered the same thing but now 517's are "slim cut". Doesn't work on me, I need some extra room. Now the number is 557 for the relaxed fit and I get to pay the postage to return the wrong cut jeans. Shame on Levi's: they should not have changed these 2 years ago and then change again this year.
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on November 28, 2011
Quality is no longer the same and the fit varies from wich country it is made and the mood of that worker that day!!! One day hopefully we'll start making are own merchandise like the old days, with quality and pride!!!
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on February 8, 2015
Noticed that the dye used for jeans was on my hands. Long story short, I've washed and the jeans five times and the dye STILL comes off in your hands.I usually get 501s and this never happend before! unwearable!!
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on March 29, 2010
The fabric is not the same as it use to be, it is much thinner. If you have a blem or a loose weave (small fabric loop) esprecially in the front thigh area, it will be the place that the fabric fails. You can feel these if you rub your hands along your lap. If you have light dye spots sometimes almost white, these too can be a quick source of fabric failure. These jeans will deteriate very quickly once the fabric weave fails. Amazon was great concerning returning one pair out of four ordered, but the replacement has it's issues and will show problems before the exchange window expires. They are made in Mexico and lack the old "MADE IN USA" quality. I would rather see Levi's keep the old standard and charge me more because they would be worth it. They should offer a "Heritage" fabric option. Other than the fabric, they are the same. I still love my Levi's and have been wearing them for over 35 years!
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on March 16, 2010
I've been wearing 517's for a good, long time now, and I love 'em! The problem is that most of my local stores that sell them--and very few of them do--price them highly and also drastically limit the selection compared to the more popular 501's and 550's. Additionally, these jeans are often skipped over when it comes to the big sales. Well, shopping for them on Amazon is a decision I should have made long ago. The price here is hard to beat.

As for the jeans themselves, they are of the rugged quality that Levi's is known for. They fit like the product photo shows: more or less a straight leg with the smallest hint of a boot-cut flare at the bottom. Of course, I don't wear boots, but I like the way the cut of the jeans look with either sneakers or casual dress shoes.

The "rinse" look is nice. It's a dark blue that looks close to brand new "rigid" jeans, yet it has the softer feel of the rigids after they've had a couple of washes. That's perfect for me. They're pretty comfortable right from the start, and yet they're still dark enough to stay looking nice for a long time. I expect a lot of wear out of them.

The only thing that might be a drawback with buying any kind of clothing online is the fact that you can't try the clothes on (which of course is not a knock against the product itself in any way). However, of the two pairs of these jeans that I bought through Amazon, both had a perfect fit. I'm very pleased, and this is the way I'll be buying jeans from now on.
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on May 26, 2010
Not exactly a slim fit in the thigh. The 29" length is actually 30.5 . Width of back pockets now range from 6" to 7" depending on the pair. The 7" back pockets look like big butt Farmer Jones jeans. Unfortunately this has been going on ever since they left the USA. (oh my god, I must be a protectionist) Maybe washing will help a little but I think I'm done with Levi. I've only been wearing them since the 50s.
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on December 27, 2009
DO NOT buy new 517s if you are looking for the slim, fitted, look of the classic Levi's 517. That's been left in the dust. Apparently Levi's thinks only fat people wear jeans now.

These jeans have so much extra fabric it's almost comical. I bought a pair online, set the jeans out on the floor, and even with a 29 waist, there is so much extra fabric they look like women's jeans! It's like they have room for hips or something.

Gimme a break, someone who buys 517's is not going for the baggy gangster look, they're 517s!!!

Thoroughly disappointed with the direction Levi's have taken the fit of their jeans, I will never buy a pair again.

Don't be fooled by the other reviews that say these have a classic fit. They have a baggy, frumpy, 'modern' couch potato fit.
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on January 17, 2013
I always had to keep pulling up my previous pairs of Levi's (any model) because they only had FIVE belt loops. A key ring and cell phone are not that heavy. I remember growing up with Levi's having SEVEN belt loops and a heavier canvas. I was pleasantly surprised to see the 'new' Levi's 517 now have seven belt loops again. I started to buy a different model, but they still only have the five loops.

I just bought a couple of these pairs from Amazon. I did check online at Kohls and their current batch of 517's still show 5 loops. I will have to wait until I go to the store to see if their stock has been updated. Kohls prices are higher than Amazon, but I will recheck when they go on sale. I still check Amazon first for almost all my purchases.

Overall, I like my new Levi's jeans. I will compare them with older ones to see if the canvas really is slightly thinner. Outsourcing manufacturing almost always results in poorer quality and non-standard sizing. It has 100% results in putting Americans out of work. I try to buy American whenever I can--hopefully it will catch on.

There is another issue appearing after I washed my new jeans with my old ones. It shouldn't have made a difference, but the new ones are now covered with fine fluffy hairs. I will have to use a lint brush when I take them out of the dryer for now. Although it may just be a 'break in--first washings' issue.

Overall, I rate these jeans 4 stars. I will have to wait for a few machine washings to see how the color holds up. I may be old fashioned, but buying jeans looking like they are 1/2 wore out or have holes in them is 'less than optimal'.
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on July 4, 2014
I have worn Levi 517s for 5 years, so I know this product. The 517 "cut" fits me well, and it does on these 2 pair as well; but that's the only positive thing about them. What's wrong? Where do I start? Over 2 months, I had to buy 8 pair, 2 at a time, and exchange 6 of them, to get 2 pair that were less defective than the others. The die is unstable and bleeds or transfers onto everything including my hands when I even touch or handle them; whether wet when laundering or dry when being worn. People at work would asked me, "Why are your hands blue?" The belt loops were sewn on crooked or askew on several pair. Other pairs would have one leg 1/2 to an inch shorter or longer than the other. Others would be a different waist or length size than that which was marked on the label or tags. The fabric is much thinner than others I have purchased at retail stores over the last 5 years and stretches out of shape more readily. Even now, 5 months after purchasing them, the die has faded so much that they look worn in the knees and seat. And that is after I soaked them in both vinegar and salt, SEVERAL times, when they were brand new; and always wash them in cold water and hang dry. I don't do hard labor in these jeans, I sit at a desk all day; so they shouldn't wear out this quickly. I will purchase elsewhere next time.
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on August 28, 2006
I ordered a pair of 517 jeans using a size I had used for years. The jeans mailed to me showed the size on the Levi's patch, however they were several inches too long and the waist was much wider than normal. This was definitely not the size stated on the label.

Very frustrating, especially after we were eagerly anticipating their arrival 2 weeks after the order was placed. I hesitate to mail-order jeans again after this experience.
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