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Lewis Black: Black on Broadway a very good HBO Comedy Special and some great jokes for the time period it came from 2004 on back of the DVD. Plus the fact that this was his first special and in my viewpoint laugh very hard at multiple jokes of his nearly fell off my bed on a few of them, even though I believe he went a tad over the line on a few bits but still a solid performance by a good comedian. I got tired of my other comedy specials so I looked up some new comedians or old ones with new specials about to come out and thought I give Lewis Black a chance to make me laugh and he did lot. I won't ruin the special for those who don't own this special yet but I laugh so hard on the milk and water bits truly a fun special.
Jokes somewhat dated because 2004 but still laughable and enjoyable a must have to start your Lewis Black collection stand up.
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A man with many hats, outrageous, ranting comedian/author/playwright/pundit, Lewis Black is simply amazing. His dry, pointed rants are one of the funniest stand up performances since comedian George Carlin did his `seven little words'. Recently on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, here he gets to cut loose in his first HBO solo special - first but hopefully not his last. Filmed before a live - and very entertained - audience in Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York City, it's one hour of absolute perfection! No frills mind you, but then would Lewis really have frills? I am sure he could do a routine about he told the HBO executives what to do with their voice-overs and behind the scenes segments!

From where is Global Warming where you need it?; US Government Deficit - and no one explaining where over 5 Trillion dollars went!; Lewis chows down on Republicans and Democrats alike; Homeland security; tax-cuts; coupons; travel to New Zealand; Corporate Greed; how to stretch you money; milk that isn't milk; bottled water and it's nutritional values; where cold air comes from; why his government stopped lying to him; George Bush; diet; how to live longer; and Martha Stewart's body parts!

His razor-edge humor is dead bang on target and requires repeated viewing because you are laughing so hard at one joke, you might miss part of another!!

Hey, my cat even loves Lewis! Seriously, she watches him like he is the god of Catdom! Maybe he is because he sure is the cat's whiskers!! lol.
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on October 7, 2015
Lewis Black is one of the great comedians that hadn't had the big time recognitions, but is coming into play now. I couldn't figure out why unless it was his own doings. I saw Mr. Black live at the Rialto theatre in Joliet, il. My sides were hurting from laughing not just because of his humor, but the man's style is one of a kind. For me there was George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Lewis Black. There is a ton more that I really like, but for me the first fab 4 ( Sorry for using The Beatles handle) , but that's the fraze that came to mind.
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on July 4, 2017
Lewis Black, always amazing, and this is yet again another fabulous LB show.
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on April 13, 2015
Lew Black can make you laugh but the way he arrives on stage. This guy is roll on the floor funny. I've never seen anyone who can be so totally entertaining when he is - according to him - so totally pissed off at everything he sees and does and everyone around him. I have watched Lew for years and because he applies so much contemporary material into his show, the shows never get old. He is an entertainer for adults so don't sit your early teen aged - or younger - children in front of the TV and not expect the language to be offensive - it is.
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on May 15, 2015
Well worth your time. Even though the political references are of the time, the humor transports the viewer right back to those times. This is early LB so the persona is borderline edgy/irate versus the more recent material that leans in the direction of totally incensed and ready to kick someone's backside. The segment on health was particularly enjoyable. I am a public health professional & found myself trying to think of how I could use pearls from Black's thinking in deadly dull meetings to perk folks up.
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on April 29, 2009
Lewis Black is absolutely right on the mark with adult comedy that is based on true facts. In these difficult economic times when people have lost their lifetime savings and investments often over a million dollars, it's very difficult to find anything to laugh about.

However, life goes on and with Lewis Black, you can sort of work your way through the hatred for the stock market collapse, the bank failures, the housing market collapse and all the bailouts, and start to find a dose of medicine to get you smiling again. It doesn't fix the economy, it doesn't bring crude oil back down to below $18.00 a barrel, which by the way, is the only thing that will stabilize world economy.

Lewis Black covers a vast array of subjects that all fit with today's failing economy and brings a bit of humor out of it all. Lewis Black is absolutely refreshing and a Lewis Black DVD is by far a lot less than the cost of a mental therapist or an extended stay at a mental hospital for any economic stress you might be going through right now.

In these difficult times when people have lost their retirement savings, their money in their 401K plan has been stolen by greedy CEO's, their dreams of a retirement home have gone out the window along with the jobs that moved to China and Mexico, well Lewis Black can bring tears to your eyes, tears of joy and laughter, something we can all use a lot more of right now.

With a Lewis Black DVD you can take off the oxygen mask and start breathing again.
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on August 10, 2017
Always enjoy his shows.
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on January 10, 2017
Funny stuff from the Bush era. An awful lot of 'f#@k's" though (be prepared).
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on April 30, 2017
great! Lewis Black gets angry at all the right things. He is as much political and social critic as he is a comic. One of the best.
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