Customer Reviews: Lewis N. Clark Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow, Blue
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on April 3, 2008
Works great, a couple breaths into the valve and it's fully inflated. A small button inside the valve quickly releases air to adjust for comfort or completely exhaust it.

It also folds compactly, has it's own soft case and does not take up much room in a carry-on. Very comfortable, not as comfy as a memory foam pillow but not as expensive or massively bulky as one either. Good price so no worries if it gets damaged or lost. Both my wife and I found it very pleasant to use on long flights.

We no longer take long trips without comfort accessories. We used to just bear it and deal with the discomfort and were just so drained at the end but take just one trip with a neck pillow, your own blanket, a travel pillow (for your head or lumbar support), soft eye shades and some ear plugs and/or a noise-canceling headphone set and you will never just bear it again. Really takes the edge off and you will feel much more energized and ready to roll when you get to your destination, no matter how silly you look all turtled up in your seat.
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on April 18, 2008
So I bought this air pillow after seeing all the positive reviews. I agree with the reviewers on a couple of things: the inflatable factor is very important while travelling so I dont have to carry a bulky load with me, this pillow is very easy to inflate (few light blows of air is all it takes) and deflate (the "on" button works like magic) as well as to fold and put away in its soft carry case.
My gripes however are with the comfort factor. I feel it doesn't support my neck quite enough on the sides, and i wish it had a way to hold the two ends of the "U" shape together. I feel like I have to lean against something just to hold the pillow on my neck, since it will otherwise fall off, and that could be prevented if the ends clipped together around my neck. Also, the behind-head inflation is too wide to rest your head back on a flight seat, so i had to wear it with the ends behind my head to get it to work. I mostly need support on the sides of my head above my shoulders, so the design of this pillow was not too impressive to me.
Will I carry it on my neck flight? Hmmm, not with great joy, I won't. It is easy enough to pack into your hand bag, but it certainly wasnt super comfortable, so I did end up having a neck pain when i got off the flight... So maybe, maybe not.
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on June 15, 2008
I have a severe case of one herniated disc in my neck level C4-5 and two bulging cervical discs below that. I have been living in constant pain for the past two years and totally dread travel, in a car and/or on an airplane. I have tried several kinds of neck pillows for travel, from micro beads to memory foams. Nothing worked for me because most of them were too bulky and too heavy. They cut right on the back of my neck and create excruciating pain that is worse than without a pillow.

After further research, I took a chance on this pillow, thinking that with its price, at least it would not hurt too much if it did not work. I have to say that I am OVERJOYED with my $15 purchase!

The pillow is very smartly designed. It only took me (a petite 5'4", 110lb woman) three puffs to fill the pillow. To release the air is even easier. You just push the ON button and the air comes right out. It folds up to an about 5" X 7" thin pad that fits in a pocket which comes with the pillow. It is the most ingenious design for a travel pillow: easy to use and compact in size.

The pillow is very comfortable and soft to the touch. The cover comes with a zipper which allows it to come off for washing if needed. Unlike most of the neck pillows, the back of this pillow (at the curve) is skinny, which is PERFECT for people like me who have neck pain. (I can't take much pressure on my neck.) It is snuggly and very flexible because of the air. I have used it in the car since I got it a week ago. It helped relieve my neck pain during my driving. Besides me, my two young daughters have tried using the pillow and reported that they could nap better in the car during long car rides. They don't wake up in the car with a sore neck any more. Today, I am ordering three more of the same pillow: one for each in my family, for our upcoming trip to China.
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on March 23, 2013
Generally I liked this pillow. It was comfortable and the valve is superb for quick filling and almost instantaneous deflation. The problem is that the valve has a small black cap that is defective. It is poorly designed and easily separates from the pillow. It's not a matter of whether this will fall off and be lost, but rather WHEN. I managed to use mine for three flights before the valve cover was lost. It had fallen off numerous times before in which I was lucky enough to notice it was missing and found it at my seat. The last time I flew, no such luck.

Even more annoying, I contacted the manufacturer, Lewis N. Clark, at their headquarters in Chicago asking how to get a replacement valve cover. I included a copy of my warranty and my receipt. Shockingly, I received a curt and unhelpful ten-word email reply,

"Sorry we don't sell parts of our items.

Customer service like this is useless and I can't see supporting a manufacturer that can't even sell a replacement for a clearly poorly designed part. Frankly, I would expect them to replace it for free under their "Lifetime Warranty" since it was obviously defective. I'd stay away from this pillow and Lewis N. Clark until the problem is corrected.
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on November 3, 2010
I was hesitant to purchase an inflatable neck pillow since the one I used to have about 10 years ago wasn't that comfortable.
However, I didn't want to let a stuffed pillow take up space in my carry-on luggage, and I decided to try this product.

I'm grad I got it. The valve is awesome. You don't have to bite on the valve when you blow in the pillow. You can inflate the pillow with just a few light blows. The valve is located at the spot that your face/neck won't be touching. Also, the valve has a button that you can push to deflate the pillow, so you can easily adjust the firmness while you wear the pillow. Great.

I like the shape of the pillow, too. The back is narrower than the sides, so your neck won't be pushed too forward.

It comes with a pouch, so your pillow will be stored neatly in your carry-on bag.

The outside of the pillow can be detached so you can wash it when it gets dirty.

I let my husband try it, and immediately he asked me to buy him one.
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on March 4, 2015
Arrived with the valve broken (necessitating fishing the red stopper & plastic holder out of the inside of the bladder); once I finally repaired it (AFTER the trip where I needed it) I was indeed able to blow it up with just two breaths... but the resulting pillow is misshapen and very uncomfortable around the neck (it's as though the bladder is twisted 90-degrees so one side is fine but the other rotates and pokes you). It's now in the trash - wish I could've rated it 0-stars.
review image
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on June 2, 2012
Finally decided a travel pillow would be a good purchase with a long trip looming. I bought four different pillows to compare. One I ordered from China for $2 (with ear plugs and eye cover on eBay), one was the Lewis N. Clark travel pillow available here on Amazon (~$14), one was the cheaper $7 Samsonite travel pillow available here, and the last was the Samsonite inflatable neck pillow with cover for $12. I'll preface this review to say that I've only tested these at home in airplane-like chairs; I have not flown with them yet.

The $2 pillow actually wasn't terrible. If you were careful with it chances are it would work fine. It's a little small, and no washable cover. It is some kind of vinyl or PVC that they coat or spray with something like velour to give it a somewhat fabric-like texture. For $2, not bad in a pinch - and it uses a pinch valve for air insertion (you pinch, squeeze, or bite the valve together partially and then blow in it to inflate it). The $7 Samsonite pillow Samsonite Travel Accessories Inflatable Neck Pillow is essentially identical to the cheap pillow I got from China, except Samsonite put their name on the side of the pillow. Otherwise no different. Really. $5 more for their name. Needless to say, no reason to get this one. My last choice of the four.

The Samsonite Luggage Inflatable Neck Pillow Samsonite Luggage Inflatable Neck Pillow with Cover that includes the removable cover for $12 isn't bad. It is definitely of better quality than the two cheapies. The air bladder is better built, and a removable cover is always nice. It also has a little pocket on it that you can stick an iPod and earphones into, or keep earplugs in. It is also a little bigger than the other two. I'm not a fan of the material they used on the cover (I would also suggest avoiding the Pagoda Blue color as well, which is what I have here). It's kind of a velvet material. It reminds me of a material that a young child would think was great. It is very soft, but it doesn't remind me of sheets or a regular pillow at all, and I wonder how that material will look after it is used and washed a few times. But this is really just my personal preference; perhaps you would like it better. To put air in this pillow you have to unzip the cover and get to the pinch valve, same type as the ones above. This is kind of a pain, and you will have to do this again to deflate. But otherwise this pillow is perfectly functional, and again, of somewhat better quality than the first two.

The Lewis N. Clark adjustable pillow Lewis N. Clark Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow is a little more money (I paid $14), but I quickly decided that if one isn't going ultra-cheap, it is the pillow of choice. It has several advantages. It is a little bigger. It has an agreeable and removable (and therefore washable) fabric cover. It also includes a little case to stuff it into. But best of all, it inflates in like two seconds - literally. No little pinch valve to pull out. Instead you pull off a cover over about a 1" diameter valve and blow into it. One or two blows, depending on your lung capacity, and it's full. And once you fill it up you can adjust the firmness quickly just by pushing the little button at the back of the valve opening. I'm not sure how well I'm describing this, but just know that this system really works well. Near instant inflation and adjustment of firmness to your liking. It is much better than the pillows that have the little pinch valve. It is enough better that even a cheapskate like me is going to pay the extra money for it.

All of these pillows are of essentially the same type shapewise, although their size varies a little. I can't help with comparisons to the long, thin pillows that you wear across your body. I don't fly enough to justify the expense of those type of pillows.

What I cannot comment on yet is the durability of any of these products. However, my impression looking at the pillows initially is that all of them should be handled with care. I would expect the two cheapest to be least durable, and the Lewis N. Clark to be the best. I will be keeping the Lewis N. Clark and the cheapy $2 pillow. If I have any issues I will update this review. I will also post this review at the other product pages for the items from Amazon.

Wishing you all a little rest on your travels...

3/14/16 - Update:
Since Amazon has reminded me that folks are still occasionally looking at this review, let me just follow up by saying that I am still using the Lewis N. Clark pillow are remain pleased with it. Definitely a good purchase for me.
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on April 26, 2008
This is surprisingly easy to inflate, deflates pretty easily as well, and fits easily into its travel pouch, though I can never get it into the same shape as it was when it came to me. I used this in the car and slept well and comfortably for hours (not while driving, of course). I then took it onto a plane and found that it was great for most of the ride, but I had to re-inflate it a little bit a few times once we began our descent. It never lost any air during my lengthy car ride, so I suspect that the change in cabin prssure is what kept affecting it. If I'd decided to leave it at the level to which it had deflated, it still would have been completely fine, and for some people, just the level of cushion they want. I happen to like it being completely full of air and firm, though, and because it didn't stay so, this gets 4 stars from me instead of 5. Had I never flown, though, and only driven with it, 5 stars it would have been.

If you plan to use that little button to lessen the amount of air, do so very lightly as pressing on it even a little bit releases quite a bit of air rather quickly. And let's face it, this thing only costs 15 bucks, so it's not going to blow itself back up with that same little do-hickey which means that if you take too much air out of it, you'll have to take it off and blow into it again.

All in all, a great product, and I'm glad that I bought it.
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on September 8, 2011
I am a frequent air traveler and I have gone thru many, many air pillows. This is my favorite one so far, as it is very comfortable, durable and the valve allows for a two breath inflate and deflates in seconds.

Update: Purchased on May 6, 2011 and failed on October 10, 2011 after about 20 uses. Inflate vlave no longer works properly and leaks air. Very dissapointed.
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on March 29, 2011
After reading the mixed reviews, I rolled the dice and ordered two neck pillows for me and a friend to use on our flight to Africa. Her pillow worked perfectly and I watched her sleep blissfully with her neck cradled in her pillow. Mine would barely inflate and then leaked until it was too flat to do anything except make my neck sweat. There is no excuse for an inflatable pillow that won't inflate and stay inflated. I wish I could return it but I tossed it out as soon as we arrived because seeing it just made me feel annoyed.
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