Customer Reviews: Lexar Professional 800x 8GB CompactFlash Memory Card LCF8GBCTBNA800
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on December 9, 2012
The Read times are accurate but the write times are less than expected. The card allowed only one more shot (Canon 5D Mark III RAW) to be written to the card before filling the buffer than a Transcend 400x CF UDMA 6 CF card (16 with the Lexar 800x vs. 15 with the Transcend 400x).
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on September 18, 2013
TLDR: Bought 16gb 800x Professional CF card, corrupted during a wedding, would not reformat. Nothing would work to fix it, need special card reader that isn't listed anywhere on product descriptions, extremely pissed and down $70

I recently purchased a Lexar 16gb 800x Compact Flash card to use since I shoot weddings and heard that the Lexar brand is the most reliable. I used the card a few times but last week during a wedding I went to use the card and received an error while attempting to format in camera - unable to format card. I tried to format it on a 5dmkiii, then tried my 5dmkii, then my computer. Nothing worked. I was pretty upset that I was down a card but planned to try to fix it when I was back home.

I attempted to format the card in windows using several methods, all unsuccessful (read the email below to see what I tried). I purchased Lexar's image recovery software (about $40) to try and reformat it with no success. I emailed Lexar with my issue and basically they told me that the card reader I was using may have corrupted the card to do incompatibility issues with the CF card being UDMA7 and the card reader possibly being UDMA6 only. I'm not too familiar what the difference is, but I went on Amazon and checked. The card reader I owned made no indication of UDMA6 or 7, other than it supported UDMA. Lexar responded by telling me to only use a UDMA7 card reader. So I looked around, and found that Lexar sells a card reader under their name, however the price is more than double than my current card reader (about $35). On top of that, there is no indication on the product website for the card reader OR the CF card itself that states the card must be used in a UDMA7 reader or it may become corrupt. I ended up purchasing the Lexar brand CF card reader in an attempt to save my 16gb card before I send it back to Lexar for a replacement. This whole ordeal has cost over $70 to attempt to fix an issue that is not listed anywhere on their product site.

I find this lack of information to be extremely deceiving and to be truthfully honest, scary. If I shot a wedding, filled the card, and my card became corrupted, I don't know what I would do. I emailed Lexar expressing my frustration but have yet to receive a reply back.

I know this may sound like I am venting however I wanted to warn everyone about this issue and inform anyone looking to purchase this card to be careful. I'm interested to know if anyone else has had an issue like this. Here's the conversation between myself and the Lexar rep below.

ME: I purchased a 16gb 800x Professional CF Card from Amazon on 6/29/13 I have used the card less than 10 times. During a wedding yesterday, the card was unable to be used and would not format in my 5dmkiii nor 5dmkii. I attempted to reformt via computer and it would not either.
I have tried: 1) Windows format (right click in My computer, format) 2) Windows format through disk management 3) Format through Lexar's image recovery software 4) Format in cameras 5dmkii & 5dmkiii 5) EaseUS partition manager
Nothing works. In the computer, it says current file system is RAW, and the capacity is 31.9MB (megabytes) even though the card is 16gb. Not really sure what else to do here and I have a wedding to shoot in 4 days. I would prefer to shoot with the lexar card instead of the backup Transcends I have.

REP: Hello Mark,
Thank you for contacting Lexar. Please verify that you are using a UDMA7 card reader. This type of issue is consistent with our UDMA7 1000x and 800x cards being use in slower, incompatible, UDMA/UDMA6 card readers. The speed difference eventually causes the cards to become corrupt. Luckily this issue is easily resolved by formatting the card in a UDMA7 card reader.
If you have further questions, please contact our technical support department. Try our 24-hour online chat service at [...] . At Lexar, we are committed to providing high-quality products and reliable service and support.
Have a nice day.
JORDAN SALLEE Technical Support Representative

ME: That's pretty frustrating and confusing. The description on amazon for the cf card reader I own says nothing about UDMA 7 or UDMA 6 other than it supports UDMA. Anker%C2%AE Multi 4 Slots High Speed Support
So then I looked into your cf card reader which is more than double the price and even that description says nothing about compatibility issues with the different UDMA types. Lexar Dual Reader Professional LRW307URBNA
I'm not happy I have to spend $35 on another card reader when I already spent the $40 on your recovery software to try to make it work. I purchased your products because I heard they were the best and most reliable but so far I am extremely disappointed.
I guess I will be purchasing this $35 card reader and hope that it solves my issue and I don't have to send this card in for a replacement.
Extremely dissatisfied, MARC (all caps since you spelled my name wrong in your reply email)
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on November 19, 2013
The card works great, HOWEVER now I know why UDMA 6 cards carry a premium over the newer, faster UDMA 7: not all readers are compatible with UDMA 7, and will actually introduce errors in the memory! I contacted Lexar support about my Lexar Professional ExpressCard reader, and was told that there is a serious problem using UDMA 7 cards which they do not plan to fix. Too bad; so sad. I must say that I am disappointed in Lexar who one would think would like to stand behind their branded products even if the incompatibility is the result of an evolving industry standard.
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on January 15, 2013
I have had 3 Lexar 600x 16gb cards for over a year and love them! When I needed more space I looked at the 32gb 1000x and the 64gb 800x. Space is more important to me than speed. So, I went with the 64gb 800x. I am glad that I did. I love being able to shoot interviews all day without having to change cards! The speed difference is minimal 120mb/s vs 150mb/s.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a fast high capacity CF card, this is the one for you!

Shoot 5D Mark ii and 7D
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on December 3, 2013
Horrible Horrible Horrible. I am a professional photographer that actually works full time at photography and video. I shoot hundreds of pictures 6 days a a week and several hundred video clips each week. I am shooting a 5D MKIII and SandDisk Extremes have worked flawlessly. Based the reviews I was excited to try a card with greater capacity. I went out on a job, pictures were great but EVERY SINGLE VIDEO CLIP HAD CORRUPTED SEGMENTS IN THE FILE. I have returned to Amazon and have replaced with SanDisk.

There is NO EXCUSE for this crap. Now I have to explain to a customer why the video isn't as good as I normally produce.

If you need to have a product that works without fail, this sure isn't it.
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on January 12, 2013
I shoot video and RAW stills on a Canon 7D. The 18 megapixel RAW files are generally a little under 30MB each, so I get around 550-600 shots on the 16GB card. I offload them onto my iMac's internal drive using a Sony USB2.0 multi card reader and I really can't complain about the speed. My potentially inaccurate math skills estimate its around 35MB/second, which is just fine for me.

As for video, the 7D shoots 1080P 24 at around 27MB/s which is half the write speed of these cards. You never need to worry about your buffer! I had an older CF card stop after 4 seconds.

All in all, it is a fast and reliable card. Perfect capacity for a day of shooting stills or get a few and swap them out during video shoots. I plan on getting another for when I shoot video.

On top of all that, they look great. I'd feel very proud if a client saw me open a case full of Lexar cards. They're a clean design that doesn't have "Ultra extreme pro super speed" printed all over it in crazy colors. They're fast, reliable and very reasonably priced. Why look any further?
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on February 27, 2014
I tested this card out on a Canon 5D MKIII. There is a good table available by Rob Galbraith (not sure I can link it here) but you can easily find comparable data online for other cards.

This card is advertised at "800x" so you would think it is 80% of the capability of the 1000x cards. Not so. The write speed on this 800x card clocks in for me at 58 MB/second in RAW shooting mode. This is only about 70% of the independently tested speed of the 1000x card and is the same write speed as the 600x card.

Mostly I think Lexar does a disservice by rating this as "800x" but not making it clear that this is for read speed only and that write speed is some random value that they don't disclose, and that the write speeds do not correspond in a straight forward manner between the various iterations of the cards.

So, consider me pretty disappointed, this is more a 600x+ card than 800x. These manufacturers need to come up with an accurate rating system for these cards because what they're doing is bogus and close to false advertising.
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on March 30, 2014
This compact flash card writes fast, and it downloads fast! I also own the Lexmark Dual Slot reader, so when I ingest the card into Photo Mechanic, it rips through my images and I'm starting my processing within 30 seconds. Very good for photojournalists.

The write speed is also excellent in the 1D X. I have never run out of buffer. I don't spray and pray, instead I tend to pop fire when I need successive shots to capture a critical moment. This has not corrupted any files, nor is it slow at writing, I think this is a better deal for the money than the 1000x version.
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on June 15, 2014
The card arrived in time.
This card does not work with my camera (No media error) and cannot be formatted in the camera. PC formatting is possible, but card is not compatible with my camera. I was not aware when purchased. Manufacturer advised to await a firmware upgrade for the card which is UDMA 7, UDMA 6 would work but is not available by this manufacturer. I will keep this card until a firmware upgrade is prepared. Manufacturer of camera is aware of this problem.
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VINE VOICEon March 19, 2014
So good I now own 8 of them.

I bought this to shoot NY Fashion Week, and it works perfectly on the runway for both a 5D MarkIII and a 1DX.

I need the fastest cards I can possibly get to shoot fashion week, and every card I have used previously did a terrible job in the write speed to the card, causing me to miss shots.

If you don't yet own these cards, and you shoot fashion shows or other gigs where you need the images to get to the card pronto, like sports etc., buy them now - you will not regret it.
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