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on May 21, 2013
I purchased this for my Lenovo Yoga 13. I love the laptop, but like most screens these days, the manufacturers decide for us that a glossy screen is what we want. Negative! I was hesitant, but went for it. I recommend everyone gets this for their screens. Putting this on my touch screen Yoga has made the system perfect. I was suffering from glare in certain locations. This removes all the glare and keeps the crispness of the graphics as well as the touch interface. It has made my laptop so much better and more enjoyable to use. The other benefit is the accumulation of fingerprints is practically unnoticeable. Presentation wise this is huge. Visual comfort wise, huge. Improvement over glossy screen, huge.

And now, four months later, and another Lexerd screen, I still love this addition to my Yoga. I would purchase this for any screen, especially touch screens. Even my mobile... Why did I get another? A small metal box managed to fall on the screen when laid flat and put a gouge in the Lexerd screen protector. Was my screen ruined? Not a scratch. The screen protector actually worked! Without it, definitely would have taken a gouge out of my pixels and caused irreparable damage, minus a new screen. Yoga defense system (Lexerd), 1. Dastardly metal box, 0.
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on February 25, 2013
The material is absolutely wonderful. I can't tell a difference in clarity on my screen in the least bit. It's a wonderful product.


Installation is nearly impossible if you're a perfectionist. It looks like Lexerd makes screen protectors for many different products, and while it may be MUCH easier on something like a phone, or a PSP/PS VITA, it's a thousand times more difficult with something as large as this. An extra set of hands would be nice, but I applied this by myself (probably a huge mistake). I do like the fact that they provide finger protectors for the application though.

It was very difficult to apply without having something work its way underneath to cause an air bubble. I had to pull it back up at least 10 times and used my pocket knife to remove debris from different areas, but after all the trouble, it's a REALLY great product.

One of the reasons it's getting 3 stars, is because I feel that it's a bit on the expensive side (unless you can put it on without any issues). Even though it's a top quality product, I feel that it would be nice to maybe have 2 or 3 come in a package for the price. That's just my opinion.

I really can't compare this with any other products, just for the simple fact that I've never used any other products for my Yoga. Comparing it to other screen protectors for other devices, this is definitely the highest quality protector that I've seen. The seller was super fast on shipping too.

Bottom line, if you feel confident you can put it on without issues, then it's definitely a wonderful product worth the price. If you do purchase it, be aware of the level of difficulty that comes along with it.
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VINE VOICEon May 15, 2013
I read J. P. Conley's review and I recommend reading his instructions prior to using this product. The product itself is fantastic and I couldn't be happier. Take your time cleaning using the included microfiber cloth, get yourself a credit card to smooth out bubbles, and use the enclosed "finger condoms" to prevent fingerprints as much as possible. I used compressed air and sprayed off as much dust as possible. I have exactly 5 bubbles where specks of dust snuck in while I was putting the screen protector on - but the bubbles are all the way on the edge of the screen bezel (not even on the screen itself). I highly recommend this product, it greatly reduces glare and makes my screen much easier to see.

Just be aware that if you do this right, it will take about 30 mins of your time. Maybe if you get someone to help you it will be easier, but I didn't want to be able to blame anyone other than me if I put it on wrong! I am very pleased with the product, and I would buy again if I had to.
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on August 16, 2013
This product was almost really amazing. It is not forgiving in the slightest bit however you put it on the first time is how it has to be. If you try removing it to re-adjust the thing gains a massive static charge and pulls in dust and whatever else is around it; meaning when you try to re-apply it, it will have a ton of bubbles. The protector is really light and the anti glare worked really well. I made the mistake of trying to adjust the position of mine and it folded on itself creating a little crease. It now sits in my garbage and I'm looking for an alternative option to protect the screen of my Yoga. I'm really sad it came at the cost of 35 dollars to find this out. Big waste of time and money.
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on September 6, 2013
For a product that does an ok job it is way to expensive.

This product is produced for a few cents and it could be sold for a reasonable price. Or deliver more than one! as I would like to change my protector from time to time. But no, 30$ for one screenprotector is a joke!

It is a little bit too short in width, but for that u won't have to problem with placing very exact like most cellphone protectors have. The display quality is decreased a little bit afterwards (sharpness) which is ok for me while working on office applications. On the other hand you can really use it outside and in the sun which is good.
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on May 7, 2013
The Screen protector is slightly smaller then the screen so it is hard to line up but all the spaces for the camera and light sensor line up like they are supposed to. The protector got a couple of light scratches during the installation but they are not noticeable when the screen is on and all i used was the card provided. The protector also got one small crease in it during installation toward the edge but other reviews did warn that it is very thin. The touch capability still works fantastic with the protector on. The protector was pretty easy to install and the finger gloves were very handy. It probably deserves more then three stars but not quite four.
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on September 21, 2013
I received this screen protector the same day my laptop. Before I even turned on my laptop I applied the screen protector, I didn't want any finger prints or smudges to try and clean off. After reading all the reviews I was prepared for it to take me an hour or so. Lexerd supplies you with little finger rubbers which worked great. I had it on in 5 mintues, scrapped the bubbles out in about another 5 minutes and done. Looks great! Very happy with my purchased.
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on February 9, 2013
This is quite possibly the most frustrating product I've ever purchased.

While it may work, it is next to impossible to put on correctly. I've been through 3 of the protectors and haven't managed to get any of them aligned correctly.

The first managed to get 5 or 6 specs of dust underneath on the 6th or 7th reapply attempt. The pair I just got managed to fold up underneath and have the screen side stick to itself.

The problem? The film is too thin. I got the Lenovo brand protector first, it is pretty thick, which allows you to curve the protector so you can line up a side and apply. This one is so thin it curls in on itself at the drop of a hat. I tried leaning the screen at a forward angle (15 or 20 degrees) so I could line up the top, but the bottom kept 'sucking in' due to static or whatever. I tried curling it away so I could line up a side, the 'sticky' side decided to be attracted to itself... and it won't come apart without kinking the film... did I mention it is very thin?

Last one was similar... tried to hold the bottom away while lining up the top edge, yoga propped up and angled in to the top (like a K), bottom actually curled up around my fingers and stuck to itself. Not happy... I've spent $85 on this product with nothing to show for it.

I may go back to a Lenovo branded protector... I wanted an anti-glare screen, but this just isn't worth it.
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on July 30, 2013
Im not satisfied with the product, first of all I tried checking videos or instructions on how to install it, found several other brands that showed the process but nothing from True Vue. Second , after doing the installation, got a blur screen, I can really see a difference in the colors and the way everything looks. definitely will try another brand.
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on February 10, 2013
It does exactly what I wanted it to. Protect my touch screen from getting smudged and getting thumb prints on it.
It was a pretty easy installation, however I still had some trouble getting the air bubbles out. I never saw a rating on this product before, so I leave it now to help others accept it as a valid seller.
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