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on March 26, 2011
I just bought this jogger and went out for my first time today!! I couldn't be happier for the price. I did check out other joggers that were more higher end in price, such as the BOB and Baby Jogger. I was willing to pay more - I just wanted one that for sure met my needs - I chose this one because:

#1 I wanted a 3-wheel jogger that swiveled and handled rough terrain. Roomy enough for my 3 year toddler - who still goes with me to exercise in the morning.

#2 Lots of pockets and compartments on jogger. I love the basket underneath. It has a divider in it - so it gives a front & back basket. And very large to fit blankets and diaper bag, or jackets etc. . . The front basket is under the footrest for easy access to a jacket or Sippy cup - anything that I don't want to dig in the back for.

# 3 The footrest comes way out - so my son's feet are not dangling off , and cover's the wheel so well that his feet are safe from getting caught in it or anything etc. ..

#4 The seat is wide & tall for a bigger child, and it has a 5-point harness; or you can just use the 3 point one too. The seat lowers way back for a comfortable nap - with a peek-a-boo window in the canopy part.

#5 One downfall - the canopy is attached to the top back of seat. So if you wanted to pull the shade down lower in front you cant because it's attached - I will have to rig something up - maybe clothes pin a burp cloth or something to cover him on sunny days etc. . .

#6 I love the parent tray - the cup holders (2) are deep enough that my water bottle stays in, even when I am bumping along on & off curbs etc. . . It has iPod speakers for your baby to listen too - they're ok - good enough for baby. I still like my own music to exercise too - so I still used my own iPod. It can snap on & off of jogger if you need to take it off to clean.

# 7 It has side compartments on both sides of seat - big enough to hold a wallet, phone, keys etc. . . they Velcro shut. They can be taken off as well - if you need to throw them in the wash.

# 8 The baby tray has 2-cup holders too - deep enough that I put a Capri sun in them and it stood up well over the terrain. It has a play car steering wheel & horn that can snap on to play with - BIG HIT!! Not only with my son - but when I went to the park - the other kids ran over and played with it too. You can take the entire tray off too for easy clean - and or if you child is sleeping and you need to take them out carefully. I believe it accommodates most infant car seat as well.

#9 I put this stroller together myself - instead of my husband. It was soooo easy - I couldn't believe how easy it was. I read the review above and sounds like she was missing some assembly parts. My paperwork told me that I needed 6 washers and I only had 3 - but was only asked to use 2 - sooo not a big deal to me + we have washers in our tool box that I could have used if needed.

Over all - for what I paid - and I would have paid more, I love this jogger. I would recommend it to anyone. Many parents came and checked it out when I was at the park. I love that Amazon gives great deals + free shipping.
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on March 7, 2013
I just go this stroller today, but it isn't the first time I used one. I babysat a handicapped boy who had one of these he was well over the 40lb limit and it still pushed very nicely. I have a 2 1/2 month old, and his Graco infant carrier fits in it very nicely. The toy steering wheel is easy to get on and off of the tray but I don't think a small child would be able to knock it off. The picture shows that the lock button, fold button, and the other different locks are red. They actually are yellow. This was no big deal at all. I have a very large diaper bag that fits very nicely into the basket. The basket in the bottom is separated into 2 parts, a smaller portion in from for the child's toys (or when shoes might fall off!). It also has 2 bags, one on either side of the stroller. The front wheel locks in nice and tightly. It only took me about 30-45 minutes to completely assemble the stroller and the instructions were very clear. I love this stroller.
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on August 13, 2011
I recently purchased this stroller before attending a 3 day- HUGE - festival. (I already own a BOB with a fixed position front wheel) This stroller was SO much easier to maneuver than my BOB. *BUT THIS IS NOT A JOGGING STROLLER* It's perfect for an avid walker though! There were aspects that I loved about my BOB that didn't translate but they were insignificant compared to the benefits of this stroller. The festival served as a baptism by fire of sorts and the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller proved it was a great choice! The color is called "spark"- which is really a bright lime green color- very attractive and unisex. It was a smooth ride over the grassy and uneven grounds of the festival. It maneuvers with ease and folds up very quickly, but is big (as one should expect with real tires) even when it is folded up. The top cup holders are big enough to hold most coffee cups and soft drinks. The lower kid's tray is helpful and fits a couple of sippy cups. My diaper bag actually FITS under the seat in the cargo net. I just loved the convenience of this stroller. My mommy friends also thought it was an awesome stroller and loved the IPod speaker (but it doesn't play very loudly, esp. when you are outside with nature and street noise).

The true test that proved this strollers worth was when my son tried to climb into it after a full day at the festival. He loved it and that's the bottom line. Mommy loves it too. I highly recommend this stroller. $140- 150 is a great price for all the stroller and convenience you get in a Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller!

UPDATE: Almost 6 months later, and I still love this stroller.
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on September 11, 2012
I needed an off road stroller to use with our infant carrier which was the Safety 1st Pegasus stroller system. This one was the only one I found that was compatible. BOB customer service said that none of their attachments were compatible with Safety 1st brand. I didn't need a stroller to jog with anyhow but one that I could walk on dirt trails or through sand with.
This stroller is a workhorse! There is so much storage space! I actually got our folded up pack and play in the bottom when I needed to wheel her inside and didn't want to make a trip back out to the car. Now that she is not in the infant carrier, I wish the sun shade were more substantial but I purchased a ray-shade for it for $10 to fix that problem. The ray-shade fits perfectly and gives her full shade. She really likes the wheel toy controls and all the fun noises and music she can play "all by myself" although it took some time for her to be big enough to reach it. One other thing I didn't like is that she couldn't reach the tray for snacks when she was younger. The size is great now though (2 yrs) and she still has a lot of leg room to grow into. The cupholders are deep and hold sippy cups and our cups securely over rough terrain.

I also love how we can easily fit all of our groceries in it to bring into the house from the car in one trip. This is a huge plus if you have to do this task with your toddler by yourself especially with a gallon of milk and laundry detergent or other heavy items to carry. She helps me push all the groceries into the house.
We also added a "warm fuzzy" to it which helps her take naps in it comfortably.
I have never used the ipod attachment. I think it requires batteries but I have never tried to get it to work.
Overall we really like our "workhorse" stroller.
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on November 24, 2012
I really love this stroller. It is so smooth to push and my little one is very comfortable in it. It is a bit heavy and awkward to open, but that doesn't detract enough for me to rate it lower. My only real complaint is that the shoulder straps become twisted easily. I absolutely love the color and the storage. I have extra diapers and wipes in one of the side pockets, and bags to pick up after my dog in the other. The bottom basket really holds a lot and I LOVE that the front one catches my little girl's shoes when she kicks them off on a walk. I wish the ipod thing was optional because I would have liked just a regular storage compartment there instead. We've mostly used it for walks around the neighborhood, but we've taken it "off road" too and it handles bumps and rough terrain beautifully.
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on March 26, 2012
This stroller was purchased to replace another that was lost. It is a good stroller, albeit a bit bulkier than the old one. It drives smoothly and handles rough terrain well. I have taken it 4-wheeling with very little problem, and it's even hit a few nasty bumps without making my son flinch. Before, I either hit them hard and he'd cry or I had to pop a wheelie to get over them. They are really a couple nasty ruts in the sidewalk of our neighborhood.

I love that it has lots of pockets and plenty of space to store things. I especially like the basket in the front on the bottom, because my little man likes to drop his sippy cups and now instead of landing on the ground, the basket catches them.

The speaker for MP3 Player is nice, and I even used it to talk on teh phone while walking, but I wish it had a volume control because even with my phone or MP3 player volume at full, it's not very loud which is really bad for outside.

This stroller isn't well designed for a child my son's age though, and ordinarilly I wouldn't buy multiple strollers for him. It was only bought to replace the lost one. You should be able to adjust the snack tray, since that's where the toy goes. My son loves the toy, but even sitting up completely straight, he can't play with it. He can barely touch the bottom of the steering wheel. So, for children his age, which is 1 in a week, it should be able to be moved closer. However, if I detach the toy and give it to him, he loves it!

Overall a good stroller, especially in its price range, but a few quirks. Maybe it'll get fixed in a later model.

Oh forgot to mention it handles bumps and four-wheeling well due to its large, bicycle style wheels. They get a little bulky, but small price to pay for an extremely smooth ride!
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on December 5, 2012
after reading up on alot of more expensive models and reading more and more reviews, we chose to go with this stroller. It was a fraction of the price of more 'popular' models but in my opinion performs just as well. I live in a neighborhood with a park that is literally on a mountainside and needed something to accommodate the varying sidewalk surfaces here and often rougher terrains. We often use it for our walks to the grocery store and around. We bought this knowing it was heavier and not compact, but I really don't think any of these larger 3 wheel strollers are that light nor are they compact when folded due to the wheels. We have had no problems with flat tires or with things breaking at all on this stroller and it fits really well with our infant carseat. Looking forward to using it without in the future.
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on April 29, 2013
I've looked at and bought multiple strollers. This one is worth buying, no question. The only thing is that the music plug in part where there is a speaker is very cheap. You would never be able to hear the music outside the house unless you were somewhere that was dead silent. Of course the cord that plug into your music device is very cheap as well. I don't even use it. The whole music box thing is removable. There are no speakers anywhere else except on this music box. There is ample amount of basket space. Not many stroller have much basket room. I like to walk to the store and such so I like to have room for everything I need and buy. It is definitely not as heavy as many others made it seem in other reviews. I mean these woman must be sticks because I definitely have minimal arm muscles and I really don't have much trouble putting it in my car. Maybe it's cause I have an SUV. Four cup holders and pockets on the sides. This stroller really does the job.
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on March 28, 2012
I was looking for a jogging/all-terrain stroller for our daily walks with my 5 months old son. Because I'm not a serious runner or jogger, I didn't care to break the bank and have a $300 or $400 stroller, just something that would work for fast-paced (4-4.5mph) walks. This stroller works perfectly! I've jogged with it and it seems to work great for that but I typically use it to walk and it's such a smooth ride. My 5 month old loves it and has no problem getting comdy enough to fall asleep. The front wheel can be locked for all-terrain or jogging use or swivel for daily activities. It has 2 HUGE storage bins underneath, one in front and one in back. It opens and closes easily and was super easy to assemble

This stroller is large and awkward when folded up and I can't imagine lifting it into my car, but as our outdoors only stroller, we don't have to worry about this.

The only con that I've found are a small canopy that is fixed to the handle bar, however, I spent $17 and bought a extra large stroller canopy that sheilds my baby from the sun with no problem. Since I only spent $140 on the stroller, I didn't mind having to buy an accesory and it was all totally worth it.

This is a great buy for an outdoorsy family who needs something for all-terrain or outdoor walks.
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on July 14, 2012
The stroller itself is awesome. I originally had a different stroller but after borrowing my friends Jeep for a walk I wanted to upgrade so I bought the Jeep stroller and a new car seat so I could sell my travel system as one unit. I have a safety first infant car seat and it works well with the Jeep. I love that the wheels aren't plastic. The air tires absorb alot of the shock. I would buy this stroller again except next time I wouldn't waste the money on the upgraded model with the ibaby music system. That part is a piece of junk. Lots of static. Now I use my phone as my music player so i prefer those speakers. Never hooked an iPod up to it. The only other thing I would change is to have the viewer be vented.
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