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on June 11, 2015
WE LOVE Liberty's Kids at my house! The 1 star review is for this particular item/seller/manufacturer.

Our original L.K. DVDs were getting worn out, so I came here to replace them. I could not believe the whole set was only $5 and Prime! It has since gone up in price a bit... but anyway. I didn't bother reading the low reviews because it never occurred to me these would be any different than the original manufacturer's.

Our previously purchased L.K. DVDs were much better quality. These are a cheap knock-off.

My son likes to choose which episodes to watch, and this set makes that much more difficult. It continues to play from wherever you start it.

I would recommend Liberty's Kids to anyone! But buy it from the original manufacturer.
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on December 12, 2014
I loved this series as a kid and was so excited when I found this DVD set.

There are a couple of small details that are annoying enough for me to not give this 5 stars:
1. The 4 DVDs are not separated out into sections. There's one little place for the disks and they stack on top of each other, so you can't access any of them at any given point, but instead have to remove the first three to get to the fourth, and so on. A lot of unnecessary handling of the disks.
2. There is only one DVD menu option on each disk that says "Play All". There's not an "Episodes Menu". You cannot skip around to different episodes within each disk without playing and fast forwarding. With 10 episodes per disk, that's a bit inconvenient.

These are minor details in the long run, but they are still slightly annoying. Other than that, this is a great product and I would highly recommend it.
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on September 13, 2008
As a Homeschooling mom this is been a dream come true. It provides the informations in a fun fact filled way that kids really understand what our founding fathers and our people went through to become the United States of America.
I would recommend it for kids ages 4-101! I love watching it too.
To get the complete series in one set is great because watching the individual episodes online at KEWL cartoons is hard because they only offer 5 at a time and generally out of order.
We own a few of the DVD's which were hard to find and we watch them over and over. So, I'm really thrilled to get the complete set all at once and I'll use it in my lesson plans for our Homeschool co-op too.
I know no one who buys this will be disapointed except if your a History Major or professor and you'd only be disapointed that it didn't last longer into the Civil War and the War of 1812.
Maybe they'll carry on at a later date.
My 2 cents thanks for the read.
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on June 2, 2014
I am a teacher and I love the Liberty's Kids series. The students gain a ton of U.S. history in the episodes. I highly recommend them for grades 3 to 6. I just purchased the series for a niece who had just graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education and hope she can use them in her classes. I had watched them before I traveled to Boston a year ago and was amazed myself how much I knowledge I had gained from the Liberty's Kids. My class loves to sing the theme song and it is so cute to hear them shout out their favorite line of the song. "Red, White and Blue, never give up, you represent America!" It is a good dose of patriotism for the students and a chance to see how America democracy came about and what is so special about out country. :)
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on April 25, 2015
I bought this DVDs series for $5. Where else can you get an educational deal like that! We homeschool and this series has been great for helping my 10 year old with US history. We watch the DVDs, discuss them and sometimes look up additional information. The only difficulty I've run into so far was my daughter sorting out which characters are real (Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, etc...) and which are fictional (Sarah, James, Henri, and, Moses) We both also wish they had stuck with the intro music from when the series was on PBS. We liked it much better but obviously that has nothing to do with the quality of the videos, they are excellent and I would absolutely buy them again.
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on August 28, 2016
I ordered this as a teaching supplement. I just opened it, and am missing the 2nd disc. These are the titles that are not there WASHINGTON TAKES COMMAND

I would be happy to provide a 5 star rating if I am able to get the 2nd disc or get the set replaced. Thank you!
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on July 19, 2013
If you are looking for a great show to help your kids learn about the American Revolution, this is it. It is engaging, entertaining and dramatic, but geared towards a younger audience. If they are younger than 10 (like my kids are), you should probably watch it with them to help them with some of the terminology and to help them understand historical context and the sequence of events. But even with that, my kids still love it, and I am learning details about that period that I didn't know before.

The reason for the three stars is that this particular DVD product is poorly done. There are 4 DVD discs all crammed inside a single DVD disc case. All four discs are stacked on top of each other and jammed onto one DVD slot. Hard to get out and hard to put back. Also, the description from under Editorial Reviews says "Also included are Benjamin Franklin’s Newsbytes, Continental Cartoons, Now and Then, Mystery Guest Game, original pencil tests, a 40-page booklet with a historical timeline, and a pullout poster with a United States map." Total fabrication - none of those are present. There is no insert in the DVD case at all, and the DVDs contain only the episodes WITHOUT the 'commercial' breaks (Newsbytes, Now and Then, etc.). Honestly, I don't really care about the booklet or timeline or map. But I am upset that the other cartoon bits are left out - they made a great break in the action, the defined a lot of words that appear in the episodes, and they provided good historical context for the events. It is the loss of a great part of this teaching tool, especially if you are getting these for younger children.
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on March 29, 2017
I purchased the 4 disc set. My daughter is 5 (almost 6) and she LOVES this series. She is all about American history right now and this show is perfect! I love how it gets her thinking and asking questions about people, places, events, etc. Highly recommend Liberty Kids for anyone with kids at home who are budding history buffs or just to expose them to history.
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on August 23, 2016
We love the Liberty's Kids Series. The content is accurate and my kids love the show. I have used this within my homes school curriculum to help teach the American Revolution. This is one way to get the kids interested in history! This is a definite buy! The 40 episodes are distributed among the four DVD's in the case. Each episode is twenty three minutes long. Each episode also has a mystery guest. The episodes are as followed:
Disc One
1. The Boston Tea Party
2. Intolerable Acts
3. United We Stand
4. Liberty or Death
5. The Midnight Ride
6. The Shot Heard Round the World
7. Green Mountain Boys
8. The Second Continental Congress
9. Bunker Hill
10. Postmaster General Franklin

Disc Two
11. Washington Takes Command
12. Common Sense
13. The First Fourth of July
14. New York, New York
15. The Turtle
16. One Life to Lose
17. Captain Molly
18. American Crisis
19. Across the Delaware
20. An American in Paris

Disc three
21. Sybil Ludington
22. Lafayette Arrives
23. The Hessians are Coming
24. Valley Forge
25. Allies at Last
26. Honor and Compromise
27. The New Frontier
28. Not Yet Begun to Fight
29. The Great Galvez
30. In Praise of Ben

Disc Four
31. Bostonians
32. Benedict Arnold
33. Conflict in the South
34. Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution
35. James Armistead
36. Yorktown
37. Born Free and Equal
38. The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
39. Going Home
40. We The People
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on May 12, 2014
My daughter has loved this series for years, and still puts it in the DVD player. Her knowledge of historical figures has been increased a great deal, and without her even being aware that she was viewing a history lesson. I recommend this for all children from 3 or 4 years of age to early teen years and beyond. Homeschoolers can take a break without taking a break!
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