Customer Reviews: Libra Scale
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on November 22, 2010
"Libra Scale" apparently narrates different chapters in the lives of three black superheroes inspired by Ne-Yo's love of comics and sci-fi. Put all that aside and what we have is an album that is an improvement on his last "Year Of The Gentleman".

Opening is the uptempo R&B dance song "Champagne Life" with echoes of Michael Jackson. Shades of Jackson show up again in the finger-snap driven ballad "Know Your Name" and the upbeat "Cause I Said So". "Crazy Love" features Fabolous, and with its languid feel and quivering guitars has echoes of Lauryn Hill.

Other standouts are the midtempo "Makin' A Movie" and "One In A Million", the StarGate-produced swirling trancey Dance number "Beautiful Monster" (a UK no.1 hit) with lovely layered harmonies (reminiscent of Rihanna's "Russian Roulette which he co-wrote), and the beautiful falsetto-sung ballad "What Have I Done?" (think "I Can't Help It" by Michael Jackson. There really isn't a bad track here, and Ne-Yo's singing has acquired more depth and passion than was present in his other albums.
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on November 22, 2010
Ne-Yo is a pure gentleman with this album and I love it! You definitely have to have an appreciation for this talented young man to come out with an album where you can tell he puts his all into each song. It would've been awesome if there was a download of videos and behind the scenes footage available for sale to come along with the album. I love seeing musicians at work, from the beginning stages, to making their ideas come to life, and the final, finished product. Keep doing you Ne-Yo, and thank you GOD for not being damn near naked in your videos, keeping things light & fun, and not constantly talking about what can be done in bed.
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on November 24, 2010
You would think artists get progressively worse with time, but it's vice versa with Ne-Yo. This guy just keeps getting more imaginative/ creative by each passing year.

Loved everything from the MJ vibe to the great collab with Fabolous to just about everything a solid R&B album needs in order to be a success. Almost all songs on this CD are fantstic and bass so good that it sends shivers down your spine. You can tell Ne-Yo poured his heart and soul on this album, it really shows.

Great stuff Ne-YO, thanks for reviving the R&B scene. Definitely a contender for my top 5 albums of the year.
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on January 14, 2015
Just only to been listening to Ne-Yo back when I was younger but really got into his soul lyrics that he would have on worldwide around. Libra Scale is a great album and first one I brought to see how so good it is.
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on January 5, 2014
Libra Scale was Ne-Yo trying to step out of the box and do something different and uncomfortable, he took a risk. And while I still love all the music, I don't think it is quite on par with his other albums as a whole. I feel as though he tried too hard to create a linear story that would match up with all the music videos he had planned and this sacrificed the quality in the music. So if you are just looking for some good quality songs, I definitely recommend this album. If you just want to pick out your favorite songs, well here are my top 5 :)

One in a Million
Genuine Only
Beautiful Monster
Cause I Said So
Makin' a Movie
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on March 13, 2014
Ne-Yo is refreshing, my favorite artist of all time. Love playing all his albums 24/7 and keeping his station on pandora. Can't say anything bad about his music, although the last album "RED" is the best.
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on December 12, 2010
Ne-Yo is one of the most talented and maybe even underrated singers of the new generation. He's a phenomenal writer having penned many hits for himself and others. He's a true performer in that he can dance and dance very well. He does not rely on gimmicks to sell his album or his talent. On top of that he has one of the smoothest voices around that shows shades of the great Michael Jackson more often than you would like to admit. Not to mention he has a sound that is unique to him. However, he never really gets put in the upper echelon of singers and it's a shame.

On his 4th album, Libra Scale, Ne-Yo continues to hone his craft into something worth enjoying and experiencing for many years. The album is groovy and smooth. At ten tracks deep, some may gripe about the length of the album but I find it to be a perfect pace and values the quality over quantity. I like it more when artists make a conscious effort to release an effort that is focused with an overall theme rather than try throw a bunch of songs on the album just because they've been recorded. Libra Scale is said to have a storyline but I don't really hear a clear story line throughout the album and if it's there I think it's really loose interpretation of the word story. Maybe this story is better told through videos.

There's a lot of "sexy" songs on this album including One In A Million, Crazy Love, Know Your Name, and the incredible Champagne Life. There are 8 great songs on this album as I don't really care for the number one single Beautiful Monster because I think it's wack. As many know from my other reviews, I'm not too fond of the whole obligatory European night club techno song that has invaded R&B and Soul artists' albums. Even though I do find the video to make the song better, I find the actual song unnecessary and forced. When a talent like Ne-Yo can create Champagne Life then he doesn't need Beautiful Monster. That right there is my opinion on the matter. Also Cause I Said So is not a great track either.

Ne-Yo's Libra Scale is an album that is definitely worth adding to the collection. It's well produced, written, and performed and the songs are highly enjoyable. A few missteps prevent this from being a classic but as it stands it's still an extremely good album. If you've liked Ne-Yo before then there should be no hesitation regarding this album. You won't be disappointed one bit. 4 Stars.

**The Deluxe Edition comes with a DVD, which features all 3 videos released so far and a 15 minute interview/BTS with Ne-Yo. It's nice to have, well done, and worth seeing at least once in my opinion but it's nothing essential. **
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on December 11, 2010
December 11th, 2010

Libra Scale (Deluxe Edition)

ONE: CHAMPAGNE LIFE -> I like the extended version of this already great song which comes on the album. An exceptional celebratory song. Cheers to life! B+

TWO: MAKIN' A MOVIE -> This track really flows well too. Production by Derrick White is absolutely top-notch. One of my absolute favorites. A-

THREE: KNOW YOUR NAME -> Laid-back as hell. Dreamy production by The NeXmen and Paul Dawson and has Ne-Yo stretching and giving his vocals a workout towards the end of the track. A-

FOUR: TELEKINESIS -> This song has Ne-Yo sexing a ladie's body and mind. Another great, great, laid-back track. B+

FIVE: CRAZY LOVE (feat. Fabolous) -> This one is good but not great. It features the often missing-in-action early 2000's rapper, Fabolous. B-

SIX: ONE IN A MILLION -> An absolute breezy mid-tempo. I love the African drums. Great lyrics and marvelous flow to it. A

SEVEN: GENUINE ONLY -> This is a excellent (and underrated) track to switch things up just a little. It has a lot of bass and the hand claps just fit. A love song of sorts, but it's also somewhat upbeat. My new favorite track on the album. A+

EIGHT: 'CAUSE I SAID SO -> My least favorite track of them all. Doesn't quite feel like Ne-Yo but still OK. Just not the greatest. B-

NINE: BEAUTIFUL MONSTER -> A dance track and Ne-Yo's lead off single. A number one hit in the UK and on the US Dance chart. Otherwise, not a favorite but growing on me. B-

TEN: WHAT HAVE I DONE? -> A track of self-reflection about doing someone wrong and turning them into a monster emotionally. I have a feeling some won't appreciate this great track. I especially love the bridge. A-

This album is quite spectacular. One of the definite greats of 2010. Ne-Yo (as usual) took the time to co-write all of the tracks present and the songs fit his voice. The harmonies on many of the songs are bananas and most of the time, he seems really into what he is doing. You know, engaged in the material.

I bought and have heard his first two albums in full and they just don't compare to this one. 2008's Year of the Gentleman was probably a good release too seeing as I heard about half of those tracks and liked most of them but so far, this is the album of Ne-Yo's career.

The main disappointment, even with the deluxe edition's extended versions of the music videos for "Beautiful Monster", "Champagne Life" and "One In A Million" is that there were no bonus tracks to help make this album feel a bit more fleshed out and us, a little less ripped off.

Now don't get me wrong, the album feels complete and very cohesive but 10 tracks just isn't enough these days when I'm paying 12.99 for the download at iTunes. The videos were great but I would prefer extra tracks.

All in all, a great purchase and the tracks are quite worth it. But some just won't be able to get over the fact that no matter what edition you get, you only will have 10 tracks. However, if you can get past that, this disc/collection of songs has VERY HIGH replay-ability and I am very, very proud to say that I purchased this album.

"A-", 4.5 stars or a 9/10.

"Genuine Only"
"One In A Million"
"Makin' A Movie"
"Know Your Name" &
"What Have I Done"

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on January 4, 2013
Considering it is only 6 songs long, that's a pretty depressing statistic. All of the songs sound the same and Ne-Yo doesn't do anything new or interesting with his music. I was a fan of some of his earlier stuff, but this CD just left me with a sense of regret.
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on September 17, 2012
I must say that I really like the story concept that goes with the album. Champagne life kicked off the album well I must say. Ne-yo got his own style and he keeps away from the other pack of singers, no matter what song he sings he soothes someone with his voice. My favourite on the album is Telekinesis, I can never listen to it once, must hit replay any time I hear that song and I don't regret buying the album, great work to Ne-yo. Really looking forward to the next album... Hope to never be disappointed by his music...
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