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on January 14, 2016
I was really excited to watch these DVDs with my daughters and husband because I remembered watching then show on television when it was first released.
What I did not remember was how often the same footage was reused throughout the DVDs. I was really disappointed that they used the same footage for so many different parts of the series.
On the other hand, my two year old seems to love it-but then again she would be willing to watch one movie over and over again all day long.
There is some really amazing footage and information in each part of the series but if I remember correctly, when some of the information was repeated.
Bottom line:
There is no way I would be willing to pay full price for this DVD set.
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on February 7, 2013
"Life" David Attenborough Version, Bluray:

This one is truly amazing, a masterpiece. People always compare between "Planet Earth" (which also has close to a 5 star rating) and "Life". It is actually difficult to compare between "Planet Earth" and this one, but my vote goes to "Life". Planet Earth is also an excellent series but it moves too fast between one continent to another without going into the details. To sum up "Planet Earth is Jack of all Trades but Master of None". But, then again it is my personal opinion. I have both the series and they both are truly amazing. Great work from BBC.

Coming back to "Life", please please buy the David Attenborough version. Trust me I have both versions and it is a total different experience listening to Attenborough version. Oprah narration is not very bad, but it is meant for kids- they will love it and it is cheaper too. If you don't want it for your kids and are seriously looking for some knowledge, go for the Attenborough version. It is deep and totally worth the extra money. I don't hate Oprah, but then I never expected anything great from her. It is totally Discovery's fault. Discovery already has spoiled many such series with narration from actors. I bet USA has a lot of good naturalist and scientists, why not use them. "Please Discovery, leave science for scientists".
Also, Attenborough version is about 100 min longer and is entirely in 1080p (even the special features are in high definition) whereas the Discovery-Oprah version is in 1080i and no high definition for special features.

Another thing, Life by David Attenborough is much cheaper in United Kingdom (at least when I first wrote the review), but do not buy it from there. I already did this mistake but was kind enough to refund my money. It has nothing to do with the region coding, but the UK version is coded in 50i or 50Hz which will not play in most of the US bluray players (US players need 60Hz coding). This thing is not mentioned anywhere on the product but their are 2 ways to know it without opening the bluray package- First, US version has a thicker book case as compared to blue plastic case for the UK version. Second, US version has a picture of Flamingos in the back cover and the UK version has a red frog.

Enjoy Life :)
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on April 30, 2017
Meh. This was actually boring. I didn't enjoy it as much as Planet Earth, and I really didn't care for Oprah's narration. I felt as if she were reading a script rather than "teaching" about the planet.
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on April 23, 2017
I purchased this item twice and when I go to play it (on 2 different devices, nothing plays. I meant to return it but it was too late qnd I figured it was a fluke so I ordered again with the same problem.
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on May 11, 2015
I had read about how visually stunning this series (in HD blu-ray) was but I was unprepared for the actual experience. Prepare to be amazed! Filmed in high definition, you get to see some of the most startling and gripping nature film ever created. It is likely that even those who live close to these events never saw them with this much close-up detail. This is what HDTV Blu-ray was invented for. Well worth the price for the experience. Highly recommended!
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on April 22, 2017
The camerawork is very good, but there is less sustained footage of a single situation than in BBC nature documentaries. Also, I don't like Oprah Winfrey's narration. It's stiff and lacks the feeling of commitment to the material that comes with a real scientist like David Attenborough.
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on January 18, 2014
This 4-disc series on the broad subject of "Life" is one more beautiful nature documentary in the BBC's long line of wonderful documentaries. Their photographers have achieved yet another great "tour de force" in filming a sampling of nearly all life forms on the planet (except microbes), often at great risk to their own lives. They traveled to all corners of the Earth to produce these natural histories, and the photography is as creative as it is stunning. Scenes are short, one each on a given species, or pair of species (hunters and the hunted, or symbiotic relationships) - mostly about animals, but one episode on plant life. The treatments are not the slightest bit academic. They cover the basics without going into scientific technicalities or terminology.

There are two different versions of "Life", one narrated by David Attenborough and the other by Oprah Winfrey. Supposedly, the episodes are otherwise the same for both versions. I opted for the Winfrey version, as it was much less expensive. Indeed, Oprah's narrations are very different from those of David's, and for that matter, most other narrators of nature films, something which may take a bit of time to get used to. Her intonations are more - shall we say - theatrical, as one would expect from a professional, broadcast journalist. No humdrum monotones for Oprah. However, this is not to say they are inferior in any way, as some reviewers have suggested.

"Life" is intended not just for adults. These short scenes and episodes would also be ideal for children (or adults with short attention spans) as well, and a great way to inspire young people to consider a career in biology. The episodes are also perfect for classroom use. I have to believe that this was one of the reasons why the BBC produced the series. Indeed, Oprah's readings may very well be more appreciated by children.

When I was growing up, TV and radio ads were performed only by men, for at the time, women weren't considered believable or trustworthy (or whatever). Today, women's voices are heard equally as often, if not more so. So, one more vote for Oprah.

The only thing that I find missing in this series, is at least a mention of life itself. That is, what is life? After all, that's the title of the documentary. One would think that the BBC could have made at least a couple passing comments about the nature of life in general. But then again, doing so would have been "academic", "philosophical" or offensive to some religious beliefs.
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VINE VOICEon December 9, 2012
LIfe is a wonderful show depicting life in many forms, mammals, insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians as well as subjects as creatures of the deep without backbones and predator and prey. This series not only taught me about life around the planet but also some extraordinary animals and plants I barely knew anything about. The photography is stunning and in bluray was brilliant. The narration by David Attenborough was clear and easily understood. I did have to wonder at times as I heard the British pronunciation of some words but it didn't prevent my comprehension, it broadened my knowledge of how we differ, just another part of life! I really enjoyed the series and learned a lot. My memories of chimps, Komodo Dragons and water buffalos are still with me. After each episode, a 10 minute short explains how the most difficult sequences were filmed. A very valuable exercise which made me wish I was there to do it too. Great series.
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on October 2, 2015
Probably should post in the DESCRIPTION or PRODUCT DETAILS that it does not play on US dvd players, NOT in Editorial Reviews. When I check on the details of a product I buy, especially when it's a show I have seen already and know what I think of the show content, I have no reason to look at Editorial Reviews, but I did look in the areas of the Amazon page that describe the package.
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on March 10, 2016
This does not play in my SONY 3D BluRay Player, it is regionally playable on certain UK bluray devices. US buyers need to buy the Oprah W. edition unless you have an Open Region Blu Ray player. This documentary series can be found on Netflix in the USA. (Save some money) Well put together piece but does get repetitive when covering certain animals (over and over again)
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