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on January 17, 2015
After riding and considering several of the top spin bikes, I chose the GX. It has the best combination of features and quality for my purposes.

First, as a triathlete residing in the great Northeast, I have to include indoor training as the worst of winter rolls in. The classic indoor trainers that you fit your bike into are frustrating to me in a few ways. They tend to be noisy. They burn through tires. They stress your bike fame when you really stand up and crank. The inertia of the flywheel tends to be too low. Also, they are a bit of a pain to share with family members (switching out bike, skewer, more worn tires, etc). So I wanted a good spin bike that I could get to match my tri bike geometry, would operate smoothly and silently, would have a nice heavy flywheel for natural feeling inertia, and be easy to share with the other triathletes in the house.

I rode the PelotonCycle, the Keiser M3, and the Schwinn AC Performance Plus. All terrific bikes. All offer something a little different. I was intrigued by the CycleOps bikes as they seem the most "road-like", but was turned off by lack of magnetic resistance. At this price point, I'm NOT going to get a friction pad bike.

The Peloton Cycle is a unique product. It includes a large tablet computer that links the rider to live and recorded spin classes (for a subscription fee). I love the concept, but the price is a bit steep and the included computer is locked so that you can't view other content such as YouTube or TV shows. But what really ruined it for me was that this otherwise excellent bike had no fore-aft handlebar adjustment and no aerobar. So despite it being a very well built machine with heavy flywheel, belt drive, and magnetic resistance, I just could not make it fit like a tri bike. Deal breaker.

The Keiser M3 is quite nice. It is the bike that my local spin studio uses. It looks beautiful. It has silent belt drive and magnetic resistance and an elegant "gear" lever for adjusting said resistance -- which I prefer to the clunky knob found on most bikes -- a holdover from the old friction pad design. It is a solid bike, though like the Peloton, it lacks fore-aft handlebar adjustment. The M3+ adds this feature, but in doing so, loses the classic handlebar with aeros for an awkward design that is not aerobar-like at all. Fine for a spin class. Not so good for endurance training. Additional notes; the flywheel is somewhat light compared to the competition and the Q-factor (distance between the pedals) is especially wide on the Keiser. Next...

The Schwinn AC Perf Plus. So close to perfection. I very nearly bought this bike. I've ridden it at Flywheel spin studios. It is rock solid. Heavy flywheel. Magnetic resistance. Great handlebars with fore-aft adjustment. But... I didn't want a chain driven drive-train. The silence and maintenance free operation of a belt drive are important. Schwinn has answered this need with their Carbon Blue belt drive. I never got a chance to try one out. But after reading all the user reviews I could find, it seems clear that the Carbon Blue belt, which has teeth to simulate the "grab" of a chain, makes an audible buzz as it operates. I really wish I could have tried it first hand to see if the noise is truly bothersome. This is a fine, fine machine. But for lack of knowing, I kept my options open and finally tried the GX.

I am fortunate that a local shop had the Lifecycle GX on the floor for me to try. I hopped on and got a feel. Hopped off and made a few fit adjustments. In a brief moment, I got it close to my tri bike fit. Plus it has a check in every box; belt drive, magnetic resistance with lever adjust, aerobars, fore-aft adjustable bars, built like a tank, great flywheel inertia, backed by an industry leader. The included computer is great, though I wish there were a true power reading in watts (the Schwinn offers this for extra$$). I am a new owner, but will update this review as necessary. I would give the Schwinn ACPerf+ the edge in terms of ruggedness, but not by much. This is a solid bike. The GX is much better looking than the Schwinn, but that is a very minor consideration. Finally, the GX was delivered to my driveway with computer and extended warranty for the same $$ as the Schwinn Carbon Blue with no computer. So it is a better value.
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on October 24, 2017
Expensive but so, so worth it.
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on February 21, 2017
My new lifecycle GX is great...quiet, stable, adjustable for my wife. I only have two small complaints: 1) there is no heartrate detection; 2) there is no readout for WATTS. Years ago I owned a lifecyle HR (used) so I'm a bit spoiled. Yet this new one is far better for a seriour bike rider due to its comfort and ajustability. It fits very much like a good road bike.
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on August 1, 2016
awesome bike. very solidly built, its whisper quiet. I got this for my wife she is 5' 2" and it works great for her. Its a little pricey but its worth the money
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on May 3, 2015
Solid build fully adjustable, my wife is petite and I am the opposite:0) easy and quick to adjust and set up for either rider. Be xcareful on delivery should get two boxes , the shipping company missed the consol, had to Oder the part and ship separately , hassle vita axon was great!
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on September 8, 2014
I did not buy the Lifecycle GX through Amazon for reasons that I will explain later. Online reviews are nice to a point, but fortunately the local college gym has the Keiser 3m, the Star Trac eSpinner, and the Life Cycle GX, so I could test these side by side. I would have liked to try the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus, but it was simply not available, and I did not want to order without testing.

The Keiser is a very smooth machine, and because of the way it feels I decided to focus on the magnetic eddy braking mechanism. However I was put off by the 3m's handlebar arrangement (discussed in other reviews), and the adjustment mechanisms for seat and handlebar heights seems lightweight. A newer 3m+ model features front/back handlebar adjustment that is not available on the 3m.

The Start Trac is also very good and is probably the most frequently ridden machine in our gym. People who want to program a workout love the large computer display. The machine is comfortable to ride, but the braking mechanism consists of a friction pad on the flywheel,and I can feel slight resistance irregularities with each rotation of the flywheel which I can't ignore. Other reviewers have noted that resistance is not stable and fades as the braking mechanism warms up.

The Life Cycle GX has the features I want. The belt drive is very smooth and quiet. Early in the morning I can ride and watch and listen to my TDF DVDs without having the volume so loud that I wake my wife. We can also carry on a conversation while I ride. For the first hour or so I noticed a subtle "tic" that seem to originate in the belt (not in phase with the pedals), but that resolved, so I suspect that something was stuck to the belt that eventually fell off. At one cadence I sense a subtle vibration that is not annoying. The magnets provide very steady and reproducible resistance which is adjustable, using a small lever that extends back from the handle bar post, in 20 small increments all the way to lock up .

The GX offers a wide range of front-to-back amd up-and-down adjustments for the seat and handlebars, and the seat post accepts other standard saddles. The up-and-down adjustments are in 1/2 inch increments, and the large knobs and locking mechanisms are robust and easy to use. (I marked the seat post with a felt pen so we can quickly set our different saddle heights.) I am 6'4" tall, and there is still six inches of seat post available for taller riders.

The computer is adequate and displays cadence, riding time, calories burned, and resistance level, the latter being important for on-the-fly specific changes in resistance because the printed scale is hidden by the bar stem unless I take my hands off the bars and sit upright. It will also accept input from a heart rate monitor which must be purchased separately.

The unit is solid and stable, and I have no qualms about standing and pedaling. I have not detected any creaks or rattles in the frame, although I need to turn the knob for the front/back adjustment of the handlebar quite tight to prevent any movement there. At 111 pounds, it is lighter than some other brands, and I can easily roll it around the house. We both appreciate the low step-through height. To my eye the handlebar is minimally turned to the left, a deviation I noted on two separate units, so I suspect the welding jig is slightly out of alignment, something that would only be noted by a very fussy person like me.

The unit requires minimal assembly out of the box. Unlike some other brands, the flywheel is already attached. Turn a few bolts to attach the transverse legs, drop in the seat and handlebars post, insert the computer, and the unit is ready to ride.

Even though the positions of the seat and handlebar can be adjusted, this is not a machine designed to simulate a regular bike except maybe a track bike. There is no freewheeling, there is no sound of the chain going over the gears, and resistance does not increase with faster cadence.

The online price does not seem to vary between different sellers. I was about to order online, but luckily I stopped into an athletic equipment store in another town where they had the unit on sale for nearly $200 less than the usual advertised price, so even with state tax I paid less than I had anticipated. The store also provides on site service for the length of the warranty, a big plus for me.

I previously used a trainer with my bike attached, but I much prefer this new setup.
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on June 19, 2017
Love this bike. use it at the gym and really use it at home too.
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on September 22, 2016
I had a stress fracture in my foot and needed to switch to biking from ellipticals and treadmills. Spinning on this bike is so smooth it feels like swimming in oil - viscous (based on resistance) and whisper quiet, with essentially no noise or mechanical feel during the pedal stroke. I have never experienced such a smooth ride! The paddle tension control is much better than the traditional knob that must be turned, making it much faster and easier to move from one resistance level to another. The ride computer is useful and provides easy to read resistance, time, and rpm. This bike was worth the price - I love it!
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on January 15, 2017
I don't always post reviews ....but when I do it's for great products.
I am in my late fifties and a passionate cyclist. I like indoor cycling as much as outdoors (road). Had bought a refurbished gym exercise bike 8 years ago and it's still running well, but it's not a spinning bike. Having a second place to live now I was looking for a spinning bike and bought the lifecycle gx a year ago. Did my due diligence on reading reviews of all bikes and since I am a frequent business traveler I was able to test almost every contender myself during trips, be it the peloton, Schwinn, Spinner, Kaiser M3i, etc. I bought the gx assembled at my nearby fitness store for 2 k$ and hauled it home with my pickup truck. A bit of a challenge to unload by myself but managed. Now to the bike: on average I ride 5 times per week (at least 30 minutes to one and half hours), sometimes even twice a day if I have to shed off weight (as this month after the holidays). This bike is solid built, very nice finish, steady, adjustable in all possible ways for you to find the most comfortable / sporty position. It's drive train is smooth, silent, and the resistance can be easily adjusted with the lever underneath the handle bars from 1-20 (I only ride 10-20 but 20 is pretty hard, I would not need more). All other bikes I rode are good too and I could get adjusted to them but none has the smooth ride, comfort feel and great look as the gx, it's just the best package.
The console: I don't use it, except for seeing in with gear I am. Nothing else. Calorie burn is way off ( too high) as others have stated as well. I use a heart rate monitor and an app for iPhone (iBiker, can only recommend, use it for more Jan 3 years now).
The handlebars: they are the best in class. You can store 2 bottles of water, hold outside handle bars but also go down in a racer like position grabbing the inside u shaped handle bars. I like that the most, resting my forearms on the middle bar, holding on to the u shaped bar with my hands. However, when I started to do this, I quickly wanted to have a more comfortable ( e.g. softer) rest for my forearms. Have a look at the pictures. I used a swimming pool flooting bar (cheap at Costco), cut it to fit the width of the handlebar, put a towel around it and taped it to the handlebar with Velcro straps. It works for me and I have a much more comfortable forearm rest while riding and can stay in position for a long time.
Pedals: I swapped the stock pedals ( which are good, don't get me wrong) to the pedals I use on my road bike. Much more connection, great improvements. Easily done.
In summary: the gx is worth the investment. It's a genuine spinning bike and it really depends only on you to make best use out of it. I have enjoyed every ride on it and would not want to have another bike in my home gym collection.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on May 20, 2017
I purchased two bikes, smooth ride, great quality. Amazon delivered right to my door in 3 days!
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