Customer Reviews: Life Gear CC20-6001-BLA Tactical LED Flashlights with Red Tail Emergency Flashers in Aluminum Case, 700, 400 and Two 80 Lumens
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on December 8, 2012
Produces nice even light.
It takes size "C" batteries for longer run time.
Nice case.
Fairly well constructed out of machined aluminum.
Nice balance.
Very large and heavy , could be used as a weapon.

Very expensive.
Not as bright as it could be in the center because you cannot focus the beam.
Solid metal heavy name plate on case. why?
Not waterproof.
Separate button batteries for flasher, which is not very bright.
Very large and heavy. (see pros)
Can't find specifications anywhere.

My LifeGear LG454 1000-Luman flashlight just arrived today. I've been looking forward to it for weeks.

I typically use the Techlite XPG-R4 250-Lumen LED flashlights from Costco that comes in a 3-pack for under twenty dollars. I also just bought the Coast HP550 1000-Lumen Focusing LED Light from Costco that just appeared on store shelves a couple weeks ago. It cost half as much (49 bucks) as this light and it was not on sale (about one third if you consider 139 bucks for the LG454). Both of those lights use AA batteries, 3 in the XPG-R4 and 9 in the HP550.

I went outside with all 3 flashlights. All had brand new batteries. At first I tested the long range of the XPG-R4 & HP550 against a row of trees roughly 120 yards away. Both lights lit up the trees, with the HP550 appearing about three times as bright as the XPG-R4, which lit them nicely. Then I tried the imposing LG454. The overall amount of light immediately seemed less than the HP550, but it had a nice wide beam with no noticeable center spot. I then switched back to the less expensive 1000 lumen HP550 and compared them side by side. The LG454 was noticeably dimmer in the center. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

The LifeGear LG454 has a very wide beam pattern that is very evenly lighted with a brighter but not distinctive center. The inability to focus the beam left a lot of the light squandered in places I was not looking to see. When I adjusted the focus on the HP550 to roughly match the pattern of the LG454 both lights then appeared about equal in overall brightness with the LG454 having a much more evenly distributed light. The 250 lumen XPG-R4 has a fixed beam very much like the LG454 and it appears to be about a third the amount of light as the much larger and powerful LG454 at about 7% of the cost. The XPG-R4 also fits in the palm of your hand.

Up close the LG454 produces a very bright, wide, and even light. If you were walking into a dark room I can't imagine a better light to have. Hands down, this is the best light I have ever seen for that purpose. It would be great for police officers. The light is also very neutral white, which I found pleasing. If you are wanting a light to illuminate objects outdoors at a distance, you might be slightly better served by the $49 Coast HP550. It has a slightly yellowish light compared to LG454, but it's a little brighter when focused down to a small area.

One factor I did not take into account in my appraisal is battery life. The Techlite XPG-R4 will run on high beam for only one hour. This is due to the 3 small AA batteries. It will run for 4 hours on low. The Coast HP550 achieves a better and brighter 2.5 hours at high power on 9 AA batteries and 40 hours on low. Try as I might, I cannot find any run time information on the LG454. Doing a quick and very rough calculation I suspect it will run about 6-7 hours on high and 70-90 hours on low.

The plastic cover on the front of the LG454 is made of a very thin plastic and makes a very cheap unsatisfying noise when you tap on it. It is apparently not sealed or waterproof, but it might be splash proof.

Then there is the case. The case for this light is plush and will protect this light from Armageddon, not that it needs protecting. It is very lightweight and well made except for a couple points. The top of the case is attached by a zipper that starts in the back and ends in the back, in fact you can remove it completely. It's a pointless and somewhat silly idea and you end up with a half a flap holding the top on the case during normal use. It's a minor point, but it bugs me nonetheless. The other peeve of mine is there is a heavy "flap" of metal hanging in front of the case with the LifeGear logo on it. This piece is really annoying as it is attached to the top of the case and hangs down in front of the zipper pull, so you have flip it up out of the way to open the case. I will say it again, this is no small piece of metal, it probably weighs 4 ounces and definitely more than the rest of the removable top. There doesn't appear to be any safe way to remove it without damaging the case as it is sewn in tightly to the seam along the top.

For such an expensive flashlight the LG454 should have a more intelligent switching circuitry. You are forced to cycle through all the options to get to the one you want. Other expensive flashlights remember the last setting you used and if all you do is normally switch it on and off it will remember the setting. These flashlights typically achieve other settings using double-clicks and such. The LG454 does have a momentary on function (pressing switch half-way down), which also cycles through the options, so if you want to quickly get to the flasher you would half depress twice and fully depress on the third press to lock it on the flasher.

All-in-all the LifeGear LG454 is a very nice flashlight if you don't mind the weight and the expense. I would not pay full retail price for it, but if you can catch it on sale for around 100 bucks like I did it might be worth the money to you.

I hope this review can help others in deciding if this is the light for them.
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on April 11, 2012
I bought the 4-flashlight combo, 700 lumen, 400 lumen, and two 80 lumen. The build quality is excellent. The 700 and 400 ones definitely feel & look like it's well worth over $100 each. With that said, I would not buy these flashlights if I had to pay $100+ each. Not because they are not worth the money...only because I am not really into fancy tactical flashlights. The only reason I bought these is because I got an excellent deal at $120 for the combo from a membership warehouse.

The benefit that these flashlights use commonly available C & AA batteries cannot be overstated. I've had a $40 Smith & Wesson compact flashlight that uses a more specialized battery, which costs over $10 each battery. So, beware of flashlights that use specialized batteries.

I will be putting the 700 underneath the bed for both emergency lighting and even self-defense because it feels like a police baton on steroid. Also, I read it somewhere that when in strobe mode, it can blind or disorient an attacker.

The 400 one is just the right size for frequent use. Comfortable to hold in hand firmly and it's almost as bright as the 700. Finally, the two 80 lumen ones are good to store a car's glove compartment. I do think the size of 80 is a bit large for it only takes one AA battery. It can be a bit smaller.

Finally it's dark and I played with these flashlights. I eyeballed the brightness of 400 at about 70% or 80% of the 700. BTW, I don't think the visual perception of brightness rating is linear. So, don't expect a 800 lumen to be twice as bright as the 400 lumen. My other $5 flashlight with 150 lumen looks (visual perception) about 50% as bright as the 700. So, before you spend $100+ to buy a 700 lumen flashlight, keep this in mind.
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on May 19, 2012
I like the flashlight for the most part - it's sturdy and seems to be high quality. The light is really bright as expected. However, I don't think the price justifies the product - there are several other lights that are just as bright but much cheaper. I also feel like this is way longer than it really needs to be; I wish they used D batteries and less of them instead of the 6 C batteries which make it real long and more inconvenient to store.

On a side note, I am really disappointed by what appears to be multiple dishonest reviews (there are several reviews by people who have only reviewed items made by this manufacturer over a short period of time). Real fishy and unethical if what I am suspecting is happening. In any case, I returned the item for the reasons explained in the first paragraph and don't plan to buy Life Gear products until I see more reviews from real customers.
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on May 22, 2012
I will be honest, I originally ordered this flashlight for my younger brother for his birthday, it seemed a little spendy but he is an avid outdoorsman and I know how he loves cool gadgets. It arrived shortly after I ordered, I removed it from the box to make sure everything was in order, and I was immediately blown away. It looked like something that Batman would carry, sleek, sturdy, but not too heavy. I purchased batteries for it, the tail flasher had batteries included. I inserted the "C" batteries, returned it to its box, put it in my truck, and headed to work. I worked my bartending shift, returned home after midnight, and pulled in my parking area, and saw my elderly neighbor standing in the darkness looking completely distraught. Her sixteen year old dog, Buddy, had gone missing and she was worried sick. We live in the mountains of Washington, near the river, right next to the golf course where deer, bear, coyote, and her worst fear, cougar, are often spotted. I assured her I would look for him and remembered my brothers' gift lying on my passenger seat...unbelievable!! I took out this flashlight, walked to the edge of the woods and fenceline next to the golf course and struck what I can only describe as a bolt of lightning. I couldn't believe the beam that this thing cast. I shined it out over the golf course and toward the river and the world in its path was illuminated...I could see everything!!...I mean everything...for what had to be more than a mile...and almost instantly several hundred yards away I could see Buddy's eyes reflectling that light as he wandered aimlessly near the rivers edge...I really couldn't believe it! I retrieved him, returned him to my neighbor, and spent the next hour roaming the golf course using this awesome device. Now I love my brother...but you gotta know...this baby is mine...I will order him another!! I wish I could give it more that 5 stars, that doesn't seem adequate...and I know Buddy, and my neighbor Marion would agree! Great product!!! Sincerely, Chris Kelly
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on December 27, 2012
I got the combination set of a 700, 400 and two 80-lumen lights. I'll start at the bottom and work my way up, but first a few overall comments:

If the appearance of a flashlight is an important thing to you, the Life Gear Highland series lights are aces. These are by far the coolest looking lights in my arsenal. They are very solidly put together and are a pleasure to hold on to. If there ever came a time that you needed to strike someone with one of these (particularly the larger two), you would be well equipped to do some serious damage.

Also, as another reviewer pointed out, the fact that these lights use standard C and AA batteries is a nice advantage. Of course there are drawbacks associated with using alkaline batteries over lithium cells like a CR123, but at the very least, these batteries aren't difficult to get your hands on and are substantially less expensive.

The two 80-lumen lights are by far the least spectacular of the lot, and not just because they boast the lowest luminous flux. They look like scaled down versions of the larger lights and as such are not lights I'd want to carry with me. They would be extremely uncomfortable in a pocket and I expect they'll spend their entire careers in a glovebox or drawer seeing infrequent use. Streamlight's Stylus Pro is a smaller, brighter light that I would pick any day over these guys.

The 400 lumen light is the only one that actually came with the two CR2032 batteries the product description claimed for the red tail light. The size is comfortable and is what I'd call a good around-the-house light. My complaint about the 400 lumen is the switch, which requires you to press it all the way to cycle through the different modes. Other tactical lights allow you to do a "half push" on the switch to cycle through, but this one requires full clicks. It's not really that big of a deal, but makes it kind of a pain to use. Personally, I'm not a huge believer in using a flashlight as a weapon, but if you were trying to quickly shine this in strobe mode in someone's eyes, I predict it would take a lot longer than you'd like.

The 700 lumen light is - I won't lie - pretty cool. It was possibly worth the price of admission. If you shine it next to the 400 lumen light, it isn't shockingly brighter, but it is brighter. Its switch DOES act like a tactical light by letting you cycle through the different modes with half pushes instead of full clicks. It did NOT come with the CR2032 batteries for the tail light as advertised. If this light has a drawback, it might also be its greatest virtue, and that is its size. This thing is very large. It's 18 inches long and, with batteries, weighs every bit of three or four pounds. If I were doing something and someone strobed me with this or threatened to hit me with it, I would probably stop whatever I was doing immediately. It looks, acts and feels a lot more like a weapon than something to read a book by during a power outage.

(Just to be very clear, if reading during power outages is your purpose, these lights are not for you.)

As I said, depending on your application, its size could be a serious problem. I would NOT want to carry this light around with me over a lot of distance. It was clearly not made with travel in mind. There are other lights out there with the same lumen output that are much smaller.

I wish Life Gear would publish some sort of technical info on the lights (performance curves and the like), but an internet search for this information has produced no such literature. I also wish they came with the batteries they said they would and all had proper tactical switches. Fixing any one of these issues might convince me to bump them from three stars to four.

Overall, I'm fairly satisfied with these lights. There are a horde of worse lights out there than these, but if you're willing to do some research, I think you'll also find a few better.
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on June 2, 2013
The flashlight only works for about 1 minute before going dim. Tried various batteries and had them tested; no problem with the batteries. I emailed Life Gear twice to get information/feedback about the problem, but did not get any response. So, I have a nice looking flashlight that doesn't work and no help from the company.
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on December 30, 2012
Life Gear CC20-6001-BLA Tactical LED Flashlights with Red Tail Emergency Flashers in Aluminum Case, 700, 400 and Two 80 Lumens


1. Advanced Technology. Super bright LED.
2. Good features, functionality and design
3. Overall, good quality constructions (Aircraft Aluminum)


1. Poor craftsmanship on smaller detailed construction.
2. Positive metal contact for the button batteries are not good quality steel and not sanded down properly.
3. No warranty card and registration online for your purchase.
4. Carry case, average quality.
5. Negative coil contact for the C cells was poorly finish. Scratched up the bottom side of my rechargeable batteries.
6. The print (Life + Gear) on the body of the flashlight was done with cheap silk screen and not with high quality laser edging. Prints already starting to come off.
7. Made in China or USA??? It does not say. If made in USA, I am sure Life + Gear would have it in big print.
8. Incorrect info on the model of button lithium battery use for the Highland 400 and higher. It comes with the CR2032 and not CR2025.
9. Only one year limited warranty. Mag-Lite and Surefire offer lifetime limited warranty.

You might think I am super critical about this product. You are right and I am. If the item is retailed at a high end price of $ 289.99, Life + Gear should expect it.
Take a look at the Mag-Lite. Their technology might be far behind from all current competition since the 80s. However, their detailed workmanship is still far superior.

I have been in the business of manufacturing products in China for more than 10 years. All I can tell you are 99% of products produced from there is about cutting cost in material and workmanship. They are all about making higher margins and no priority for quality.

If Life + Gear want to be in the Ferrari category with their tactical flashlight, they need to treat it as such and not short cut the cost for part of their products. Maybe have it made in Japan, Korea or USA instead of China.
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on January 1, 2013
First - I love these lights - so don't get me wrong. But for the price - I expected a little more. First - the big light is not even as good as the 1000 lumen one they sell in the same size. I felt they skimped out because it was part of a kit. Second - the SOS feature is a little tricky to activate and it seems lame that they are on different batteries.
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on April 8, 2013
Purchased two of these in January based on the great reviews. One stopped working after 6 weeks, just past the return window. It just stopped. Changed the battery, twice, nada. The second one had a longer life span, 2 months. Same thing, just stopped working. Very disappointed.
One could be considered just bad luck, got a lemon. But two?
EDIT 06/13/13
After reading a comment to my review asking if I contacted the company since there was a warranty, I did indeed shoot off an email to Life Gear explaining my disappointment with their product. I got an extremely speedy response informing me that the warranty was indeed in effect and that they stand by their products, and they would like to fix this situation. They requested I return the defective units.
Unfortunately, I had trashed the defective units because I didn't realize the warranty existed. DUH! However, I do believe this company would have made things right and my inability to send them the units was my fault and cannot be blamed on them.
Based on their response and willingness to make things right, I would be willing to purchase their product(s) in the future. I would like to upgrade my review to a 3 because while the units I received were crappy, the customer service appears to be exemplary and to me, that is half the value of a product.
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VINE VOICEon May 11, 2012
Very bright, well made, certainly durable. Flats so it doesn't roll. Comes without C batteries. Downside, no wrist strap or hole to install one. No focus, though the "dim" setting seems to be a broader beam. I prefer this to the LED Maglite because the flats prevent rolling. Not sure what the "disk" below the head is supposed to do, seems superfluous.
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