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on March 30, 2017
Could be a fake, not a mate black finish, shiny black, the assembly has more plastic, the reflector has a plastic screw ring, rather then the metal assembly of my 3 cell version. On/off button is gray rather then black, and shiny too. Life+Gear logo is cheaper. Does work at 200 lumens, but the red blinker is useless, not bright enough to engage anything.
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on December 17, 2013
i bought this to put in the car as driving in malaysia can be safer.

solid contruction and there is groove to hold tightly at the end and if you use it to hit someone head, you will definitely paralyse him if not killing him straight away since it is quite heavy that big head.

Please note that the edge of the head (the lotus design) is quite sharp and if carry around make sure your kids (like mine who is 5 year old) head is not near your hand when you walk at night as you tent to swing the touch light when you walk, else it is easy to get them hurt since with their height, their face is close to your hand where you are holding it.

brightness is too bright if you shine 2-3 meters away when walking. I cant compare with similar product with 6 c, but shining on the trees within 50 meters is very clear!!

1 star less as the packaging is really cheapo, and the product is full of DUST out from the box, maybe the goods was sent to Middle east for war and return back :)

Update: 31 Dec 2013
during bbq lately, i used it to shine on the pit as a primary source of light and left it there for about 1 hour+ continuously.... and it suddenly went off!! it was very hot and luckily it still in working condition after i let it has 15 mins downtime, just to let it cool....not sure if this safety mechanism or simply the light cant be used for long hours, and hope nothing damaged inside ..
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on December 23, 2014
Solid, quality construction. Light yet sturdy and well made. These are great. And oh yeah, they're BRIGHT.

I love these flashlights. I can't really compare them to other LED flashlights as these are the only quality ones I've owned but compared to my 3 and 4 cell Mag Lites they really stand out. And compared to all the other cheap LED flashlights that are advertised with some outrageous Lumen rating, these are miles better.

I like the two brightness levels so you can go High or Low depending on your needs. The strobe is good too I guess if you're ever in need of having to disorient someone or something for whatever reason. The three modes toggle in order though so after you click the button to turn it on (starts in High mode) you can tap it once again to go to Low. Once more goes to Strobe. The bummer part is that in order to get from Low to High you have to cycle through Strobe to get there and in my haste to quickly skip through the Strobe mode I sometimes will press too hard and turn it off altogether. Not a big deal but just a tad annoying sometimes.

It also remembers where you left off for a period of time. So for instance, if you're in Low mode and you turn the light off (full click of the button) and then turn it back on in a short amount of time (20, 30 seconds maybe? I haven't timed it), it'll go straight back to Low mode. So you can't go from Low to High by turning it off and back on again unless you wait a while. Again, not a deal breaker.

All said these are fantastic flashlights. Again, I can't compare them to others in this class or category but for the money I'm not disappointed in any way.
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on January 9, 2017
Great flashlight. 200 lms may not be the brightest but!!!!!!! Because of the larger head and reflector it appears much brighter than a 1 inch diameter flashlight. Long throw even beam in the dark woods there was nothing that I could not see, no issues whatsoever and only 9.99. Light years ahead of a maglight no comparison whatsoever don't know why so expensive but I'll take it. The red emergency light makes a great beacon on signaling device. Always liked life gear products.....
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on March 3, 2014
High-quality light, has multi-array of Cree bulbs in head. The case is very sturdy, well-finished Al, heavy enough to carry at night.

The multi-bulb design gives a wide field of light. This is the important part of the advertised light capability: It does not throw a beam any further than an single-bulb Cree flashlight, but it has a MUCH larger beam width. It lights up the sidewalk like a flood lamp instead of an ordinary flashlight. Flood effect reaches out for several yards on a dark sidewalk, very useful if you have varmits in the neighborhood (skunks, racoons, deer, etc).

Well made and designed, it's a substantial weight in the hand. I got mine at the Amazon Outlet - full price seems pretty high for a simple flashlight... but on sale I would buy another if i ever need a replacement.

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on March 3, 2014
I have look at these flashlight for over a year and finally pulled the trigger. I love the brightness, and the case. Though I actually never put them back in the case since I took them out.

I have two issues both with the button\switch. The buttons do not always work properly. the three way switch seems to be very cheap. Some times you click and nothing happens. For the price this is unacceptable. I use them daily and it can be frustrating. Never had this issue with a MAGLIGHT.

The second issue is the rubber button on the 700 and one 80 ripped. Their is a plastic piece in side that seems to occasionally shift and pinch the rubber. It has eventually cut the rubber button making the flashlight useless. We will see how the warranty support is on such an expensive flashlight.
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on July 6, 2012
This seems to be a rugged light. It is a bit on the long side, but if you need to break a car's glass, the length is conducive to a nice strong hit. I was surprised to find that it runs on 1 single AA battery. Not sure how long that would last. I did walk around with this in the front pocket of my jeans for about 1/2 hour before we took the car out, and I did forget it was there. I will keep it in the driver's side door storage bin, and keep an extra battery or 2 there...just in case. Over-all I liked this flashlight.
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on December 16, 2013
I opened one of the two boxes containing the Life-Gear LG511 Highland Series 400-Lumen Tactical LED Flashlights.
Of the six functions, three for the 400 Lumen main light, and three for the red flasher, only one function worked.
I did take out the round plastic barrier between the two cells for the flash part of the product. I did install three new C batteries.
The product did not function as advertised.
You would be better off going to Costco and purchasing a set 2 500 Lumens flashlights made by Duracell. You'll end up spending 25 dollars instead of 90.
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on April 26, 2013
I love Life Gear flashlights. I bought a 360 lumens about a year ago. I have had no problems with it. I was suprised at how bright it
is, made my Mag Lights obsolete. The 1000 lumens blows me away. This light is crazy bright its like having a spot light as a flashlight. I took it outside aimed it at my garage,you could see everything in the garage through the window. I have never been able to see the contents of a garage in the dark. My garage is at the end of my lot( looked like daylight in my garage). I aimed from my house. You have to be careful where you aim the light it will blind you. This is more light than you will ever need. The head of the flashlight is huge make a great weapon. The light is not heavy not like the mag lights. Life Gear lights are great flashlights to have and worth the price. My 360 lumen is still on its original batteries
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on March 16, 2013
+ To give you an idea of the brightness: shining the large flashlight up at the ceiling in a medium to large room in pitch black will light it up and easily allow you to read a book. They cast a bright beam outside at night that you can see very far away with as well.
+ The larger 2 flashlights have a nice weight to them, but I wouldn't consider them to be heavy.
+ Except for the lengths, the larger 2 flashlights are nearly identical as far a light output. The larger one is definitely brighter in a side by side comparison, but on their own they're still both pretty powerful.
+ All of the flashlights feel well built and seem as though they'll last a very long time.
+ The strobe mode is very bright and can be disorienting when shined in someone's face, which gives it a good defense use. Unfortunately you have to cycle through high/low/strobe to do this.
+ Comes with a cool metal case that has a mold to hold each flashlight (think of the movies where the sniper has a metal case that has all the parts of his gun in).

- You must cycle turning each flashlight on/off to go from high/low/strobe, with about 5 seconds before the timer sets. Once it does, the next time you turn it on it'll be on high.
- Though it should last a while, I would have liked the bottom red light to be powered by a more standard AA or AAA battery. The unit that houses the red light is also the battery cap for the main light, and is large enough to have held a standard size battery.

Other Thoughts:
- Though I do not condone vandalism or violence, I think it would be fairly easy to smash thru a window with the bulb end of the larger 2 flashlights in the event of an emergency. If you need a place to put any extra flashlights, it might be nice to keep one in your car for self defense as well (strobe + baton).
- I power each of these flashlights with Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries (with a C spacer on the larger ones). After a couple hours use, the larger 2 flashlights are notably dimmer, so I just swap them out with a fresh set and save money/the environment from disposable batteries.
- If you're not sure what to do with the smaller two flashlights, give them to someone you know so they can keep them in their purse. They're not as bright as the big ones, but they're still pretty decent and nice to have in case of an emergency.
- Contrary to other reviews I've seen, the red lights actually contain 3 bulbs.
- I never really owned any flashlights before these and just used my iPhone's flash whenever I needed some light, but I actually find myself using these fairly often.
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